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The internet is a hoax!

The internet is a hoax

If you stumbled upon here I bet you just typed “the internet is a hoax” to a search engine. How do I know that? Because this post was created with just one thing in mind, to be found with that keyword.

Hold on! Do not hit that back button! Just give me two minutes. You won’t regret it. I promise!

People are making money on your searches

Here’s the thing. Almost everything you look for in the internet is manipulated by companies, content creators, internet marketers, website owners and the search engines themselves. When you type something in to Google, you can be sure most of the pages shown on the first page of your search results will be there because someone knew you (or someone else) would write that exact search term into Google.

So in a way the Internet is a hoax. It’s not this completely organic system where people just create content about what ever is their interest and then someone else can instantly find that information if they are looking for it, like many people seem to think. Sure, in the beginning days of the web this was normal but the internet has evolved into such a vast organism that randomly created content will never even end up to the search engines results.

People make money on internet searches

You can rest assured people are competing fiercely for the first page search engine rankings as there’s money to be made. The search engines offer paid advertisement services to get your ad to the top of the search results, as you have surely noticed. So essentially all your search results end up being manipulated and are there for a reason.

These days you have to do plenty of research and quite a lot of work to get your content in front of people looking for information on the internet. The search engine giants Google, Bing and Yahoo pretty much dictate what content is even possible to be found, Google being the largest by far. The pages they show are only a fraction of all the content in the internet. That’s why companies and content creators spend a lot of time and money to find out what people are looking for on the internet.

This is called keyword research in SEO (search engine optimization) terms. Why and more importantly how someone might know you’re looking for that exact term? Let’s answer the why first.

Why keyword research is done

There are many motives for a site or content creator to target a certain keyword. Keyword rarely means a single word, but rather a complete phrase like the one in the title of this post. That’s the keyword this post is aimed to rank for in the search engines like I told you before.

The biggest motive to finding out what people are looking for in the internet is of course money. If you can rank your page or YouTube video on the first page of Google for a popular keyword, it means traffic and traffic means money. Of course there might be organizations just trying to spread their word and this might be their main motive, but the traffic is as valuable in that context.

Keyword research is important

As the amount of internet users has grown to incredible numbers (billions), keyword research is mandatory for getting your content on the map so to speak. If we take this post as an example, the internet is a hoax was a low competition keyword with decent monthly searches, that’s my only motive to use it as the main keyword for this post. My real goal with this post is to intrigue your interest in how the internet works and how you can use this information to make an income online.

I have no idea if people looking for this keyword will be interested in my post or site but it seemed like a fun topic to write about and possibly rank for in search engines. is dedicated to helping people to get out of jobs they don’t like and to take matters in to their own hands. If you’re someone interested in this kind of stuff, please read on.

How search engines choose what to show you

When the first search engines came to life somewhere in the beginning of the 90s they simply looked for the keyword in the HTML code of the site without any concern if other content within that site. People quickly learned how to leverage this in unethical ways by keyword stuffing and using black hat tactics like hiding same colored keywords in the background.

The search engines quickly evolved and started ranking the sites based on things like domain and URL relevance, page rank, back links (links pointed to your site from other URLs). This was a step to the right direction but gave old sites with better page rank an unfair advantage.

It was also possible to rank low competition keywords with exact match domains and bought back links very easily. This led to creation of site and blog networks aimed only to provide back links in exchange for money. This is something the search engines do not want to feed and fortunately they have once again evolved.

SEO is important

These days it’s all about content relevance. Google and other search engines have evolved to the point they can essentially understand what your content is about. Things like keyword stuffing and unnatural back link creation are frowned upon and the search engines look for things like semantic keywords related to the searched keyword. The search engines also give credit to things like social engagement and page comments as these things show the site is providing real content to real people and not just spamming the internet with marketing sites looking to make a quick buck.

How keyword research is done

Keyword research is mainly done through Googles own Keyword Planner tool or with special keyword research tools that use the data from search engines to determine certain parameters of keywords.

The Google Keyword Planner used to be more usable for marketers but these days its use is limited to running AdWord campaigns as it only shows competition in that category. That’s why you pretty much have to use a third party keyword tool.

I use a keyword research tool called Jaaxy. It’s a very sophisticated keyword research tool that uses the information gathered from the search engines to show simplified parameters, which make it super easy to determine how viable the keyword is. These parameter include the average monthly searches, the number of sites competing for that exact keyword and the general competition associated with that keyword.


There are a few simple rules to remember:

  • The keyword has to make sense (content and grammar)
  • Aim for low competition, the lower the better (in Jaaxy, use QSR <100)
  • The keyword has to have some traffic. Not much is needed, but there is no point in writing for no one.

For a new site it extremely important to produce quality content on low competition keywords. As this content starts ranking in Google it will increase your site authority which in turn will make it possible to rank for keywords with more competition. If you want to succeed with a new site you will need to spend time with keyword research. This is the one tool you can’t really succeed without in the online world!

How you can start making money using keyword research

There are thousands of regular people, just like you and me, without prior knowledge in building websites using keyword research and focused content creation to make money online with affiliate marketing. It does take work and you are going to need guidance but it can definitely be done.

It does take real work and takes time to start producing results. If you are looking for quick ways to make money without work, this is not for you. But if you are willing to dedicate couple hours a day for months on in keep reading on.

What is so great about online affiliate marketing if it takes work like everything else? Well, you get to choose what, when and where you want to write about. That’s the kind of freedom you can’t achieve in any job.

The other great thing is it doesn’t require any real investments to get started. If you don’t own a computer you will need one as you can’t simply write enough on your smart phone or tablet. The only other thing you need is an internet connection and a hosting service for your site.

I highly suggest investing in an education and hosting platform like Wealthy Affiliate. The investment is really nothing compared to starting a brick and mortar business. You couldn’t probably cover your first months rent with the yearly costs of affiliate marketing.

How affiliate marketing works

The biggest thing about affiliate marketing however is the income structure. Once you create content that ranks in Google it will potentially produce residual income for years to come. So instead of getting paid once you get paid for a very long time. And meanwhile you are creating more content that will also produce residual passive income. This can result in a situation where you are banking $3000, $5000 or $10000 (YMMW, just examples) monthly on complete automation.


That’s pretty much how the internet works these days. I hope I gave you something to think about. This is of course the tip of the iceberg as I barely mentioned social media or YouTube which are getting bigger by the day and in the future might replace search engines as the main tool used to search information on the internet.

So what do you think? Is the internet a hoax run by con men or is the current state of things just the result of natural competition? Drop a comment below and I promise to answer any questions you might have.





Is A Scam? – My honest review

Is a scam?

If you've been looking for ways to make money online, you might have stumbled upon a site at and might be wondering "Is a scam?".

I was wondering this myself just a few months ago. The short answer is simply no, it's not a scam. If you want a longer answer you should read on for my comprehensive review.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Summary 

Product name: Wealthy Affiliate

Product type: Online education platform and hosting service for marketers with a community and tools.

Price: FREE $0 Starter Membership, $49/month or $359/year

Quick summary: Wealthy Affiliate is an online "university" or an all-in-one solution for affiliate marketers or anyone looking to make money online. They have a very clear and comprehensive step-by-step training for a business model that has been proven to work by thousands of their users. They provide hosting services for your websites, keyword research tools and everything you need to start a business online. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

My Rating: 9/10

Recommended for: Anyone looking for success in online business. Or actually to anyone looking to become an entrepreneur or a home-based business opportunity. If you want to join Wealthy Affiliate

BONUS: I trust the program so much that I'm going to give you a free bonus if you create a free membership through that button and upgrade it to premium within the first 7-days, you will receive a huge discount for the first month (only $ 19). You will also receive my full support and all the secrets for succeeding as fast as humanly possible. I will personally contact you in Wealthy Affiliate on how to receive the bonus when you create your account.

Also, if you are serious about succeeding in online business, check out my free 7-day course. It will offer you additional insight on how to succeed with WA.

I originally learned about online affiliate marketing a few years ago by looking for ways to make money online on Google.

 I found the information scattered here and there and being enthusiastic about the idea I decided to create a site, or two actually.

I literally had no idea what I was doing so those sites were destined to be failures.

More recently I decided to give online affiliate marketing a new try, but this time I knew I needed guidance.

I did some research and kept running into a service called Wealthy Affiliate at

Everybody was praising the service and recommending it for beginners (which I was) especially.

Since it was free, I decided to take the plunge. I went premium the first week and have not regretted it for a second.

I have been a part of the phenomenal Wealthy Affiliate community for some time now. I have gotten to know personally many regular people just like you and me that are making a full-time income online.

Some are even earning over $10 000/month and many of these are folks that had no prior knowledge about online marketing before joining WA. Or anything to do with the online world really.

I have also created a successful income producing website with the training. It produces income every single month even if I don't touch it. 

That just goes to show how well the system works when you can turn from a complete beginner to a successful entrepreneur just by following their step-by-step program.

It's time to pay back to the community, so I'm making this comprehensive review. I will tell you anything and everything you ever wanted to know about Wealthy Affiliate.

I will also give you my personal tips on how to make the most out of the service and it's tools when starting out.


What exactly is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is, in essence, an online business education platform. But education is just a small part of their service.

They also offer all the tools you need to run a successful business online under the same roof.

This includes top-of-the-line hosting service for running your website or sites, keyword research tools, content creation tools, domain registration tools, and many others.

I will go into more detail about all the tools and features a bit later on.

Big part of why Wealthy Affiliate is so successful and why the system works so well is the community.

People help each other out with problems and things like getting comments on your content. This is important, as I will show later on.

To a complete beginner the most important thing is the education. The main training is executed in a very easy to understand step-by-step fashion with videos, text and tasks for every lesson.

The lessons and tasks are chopped up in to perfect length so you can get something concrete done every time you "take" a lesson. You will have your first site up and running before you even realize it.

The previous lessons can be accessed at any time if you need to go over things.

They are also constantly updating the lessons as the internet is an ever-evolving entity so you can rest assured that the lessons are always up-to-date and not filled with outdated knowledge.

Besides the two main training anyone with a premium subscription can add their own training after they've been a member for three months.

These are pure gold as people are adding them almost daily and there's probably a tutorial to any problem you might run into.

I can't even count how many times these community-driven training have saved me from a problem that's kept me from moving forward.

Some of the most liked features of Wealthy Affiliate are:

  • Completely free to get started
  • Personal mentoring from successful online entrepreneurs and millionaires
  • Two complete, easy to understand certification trainings
  • 24/7 online support
  • Incredible helpful community
  • State-of-the art hosting platform for running your sites

Kyle and Carson

Wealthy Affiliate was founded by Kyle and Carson 13 years ago in 2005.

Success stories in Wealthy Affiliate

There are literally thousands of people who have had success with Wealthy Affiliate and are using the methods taught there every day to make an income online.

Success is of course relative. To someone creating a site and getting some traffic is enough while someone else might consider making $50k/year a success.

The biggest factor in the success you will have with Wealthy Affiliate is you. No one else can make them work for you and the harder you work the more results you will see.

Let me share some of Wealthy Affiliate success stories so you can see what can be achieved (click the images to see the full story):

success story 1

Success story 2

Success story 3


--> Get started FREE creating your own money making website <-


Wealthy Affiliate membership options


There are three membership options in WA. Free, monthly premium and yearly premium.

You can sign in for a free membership without registering a payment option. This is something that truly impressed me.

I don't know many companies that don't try to force an automated monthly subscription from your credit card if you forget to cancel your subscription.

Not Wealthy Affiliate. They give you all the time you want to get to know the service and its functions for completely free.

There are no constant bombardment of up-sells and they are very up-front and honest about everything concerning their business.

I originally registered for free membership but decided to go premium after three days' or so because I couldn't wait to get my first site up and running.

There are of course some limitations to the free starter subscription, as shown below:

What is not shown here is that if you join through my link, the premium membership costs only $19 for the first month which gives you a very affordable chance to see if you like the premium service.

 After that it costs $49/month or $359/year. The yearly fee might seem steep but when you do the math it's actually $229 cheaper per year than the monthly subscription.

If that's not a big discount, I don't know what is. So the sooner you go yearly the more you save. Pro Tip: On Black Friday you can usually get the yearly subscription for $299!

How do you make money at Wealthy Affiliate?

So how exactly DO you make money with Wealthy Affiliate? The process is actually very simple.

The business model is essentially Search Engine Optimized content creation, combined with affiliate marketing. 

Don't worry if you don't understand what it means. It's a lot simpler than it sounds. 

It involves creating a niche website with posts aimed for low competition keywords. Those posts will then rank in search engines and you will be getting traffic.

You then monetize that traffic by using something called affiliate links.

If a visitor clicks your affiliate links and decides to make a purchase, you earn a commission.

It's as simple as that. I covered the whole process in a post I made with an example niche and site.

Here are the main parts of the process taught at Wealthy Affiliate:

Choosing a niche for affiliate marketing

The very first thing in the training and in your affiliate marketing career will be choosing a niche. A niche is essentially the topic or category of your site and the market space you are aiming at.

Your niche should be something you are familiar with as you will be writing a lot of content on it.

It can be hard to come up with niche in the beginning but this is where Wealthy Affiliate really shines.

There are tons of tutorials for getting ideas for a niche and what niches are profitable. And if you are still having trouble coming up with a good niche you feel comfortable with, you can always go with the Affiliate Bootcamp training which is aimed for creating a site focused on marketing Wealthy Affiliate.

Choosing a domain and building a site

Once you have niche, you will need to choose a domain for that niche to run your site. Wealthy Affiliate allows you to make two websites in the free membership plan.

These are called SiteRubix websites with a .siterubix domain. In all honesty I think they are probably very hard to rank in google and you should definitely get your own domain.

You can register a domain through Wealthy Affiliate for a very competitive price of $13.99 to $15.99 depending on the domain.

In the premium plan you will have the option to host 25 different .siterubix sites and 25 of your own domains.

Building a site

Once you have a domain picked it's time to install the WordPress content management system on it.

This is one of the great benefits of WA, you don't need any technical expertise if you host your website there.

WordPress can be installed with a one click and WordPress settings accessed with a click as well.

All you need to do is to install activate couple plugins and delete the test posts. Wealthy Affiliate premium membership offers thousands of WordPress themes to choose from.

Keyword research

Before you start creating your content you need to do keyword research. These days' it's pointless to write content without keyword research on a new site as the chances of that content ranking in Google are nonexistent.

Jaaxy lite

This is one of the great features of Wealthy Affiliate as well. It comes equipped with the Lite version of the best keyword tool on the market, called Jaaxy.

The free membership allows to make 30 searches on it but in the premium there are no search restrictions. 30 searches is really nothing so the free membership is only for trying out.

You might find 5 to 10 great keywords with 30 searches but that's it. You can't really build a sustainable business with the free membership only.

Creating content

Once you have your niche chosen, a great domain purchased and a site up and running it's time to take your keywords and start writing content.

The content needs to be easy to read, specific to your keyword and long enough. The minimum standard these days' is 1000 words per post buy you should aim for more.

Creating content

Adding affiliate links is the last piece of the puzzle. Once you have some great content up and running it's time to add some affiliate links to products or services related to your niche.

There are affiliate programs for almost anything and if you can't find one you can bet someone in the Wealthy Affiliate community can help you out.

The Wealthy Affiliate training

For beginners in online affiliate marketing, the training is one of the most important parts of Wealthy Affiliate.

Without guidance, it's almost impossible to fit all the pieces together and run a successful affiliate site.

The process outlined before is pretty straight forward but it's all the small little details that everything works together. And you quite simply have to know these details and that requires education.

The training at WA is incredibly well organized step-by-step courses with videos showing exactly what you need to do next and tasks for the days' lesson.

You can usually complete one lesson and the tasks related to it in an evening. Some take longer than other but in general, you should be able to complete even the longer lessons in 3 to 4 hours.

There are two Certification courses in Wealthy Affiliate:

Online Entrepreneur Certification

The online entrepreneur certification is aimed at building a niche site of your own choosing. The niche can be almost anything you wish.

The training is divided in to 5 blocks: Getting started, Building your own traffic producing website, Making money!, Mastering social engagement and Achieving maximum success through content creation.

The free membership allows you to complete the Getting started block which is very good but won't allow you to learn everything about creating a succesfull online business. 

Online entrepreneur certification

Affiliate Bootcamp

The Affiliate Bootcamp training is aimed at promoting Wealthy Affiliate and other services in the Make Money Online niche.

The training is divided into seven blocks: Getting your business rolling / Content, keywords, and Conversions / Giving your site social value / Get visual. Get aesthetic. Get a brand through media. / Knowing your audiences and catapulting your referrals / Bing, Yahoo & The power of PPC / How to scale successful PPC campaigns.

Like in the other training you only get to go through the first block in your free membership.

As you can see, the two training are quite different in their details. The main process is the same but there are major differences.

As you can see from my screenshots, I am actually completing them both.

Affiliate Bootcamp

Training HQ and classrooms

Besides the two official certification training in WA, there are tons of tutorials, classrooms, and training for anything concerning internet marketing.

These are mostly produced by experienced premium members and they are very helpful and informative in current topics like GDPR legislation.

Training HQ


The Wealthy Affiliate hosting and tools

The WA premium membership comes equipped with a state of the art hosting service and content creation tools.

Everything you need to run a successful online marketing site. In the past you had to pay for multiple services and take several steps that required technical knowledge on how things work in order to run a site. You needed:

  • a hosting service,
  • knowledge on how to install WordPress manually (or create content some other way)
  • a keyword research tool
  • a spell checker tool
  • a way to get interaction on your site

WA has combined all that and more under the same roof. Let's see what's included.

Wealthy Affiliate websites

Site Manager

Under the Site Manager, you can access your websites and see a quick overview of statistics like a number of posts, comments, and Google Indexing.

Site health

Here you can also find the Site Health service which shows crucial info about your site. Site health tells you how well your site is doing.

It's important to keep your site healthy good to rank in the search engines and this is one of my favorite features of WA.

You don't have to guess if you are doing everything correctly as you can check it right out. As you can see on this site's screenshot the health is pretty good.  I'm sure it will increase in due time.

Site Domains

Under the Site Domains menu, you will find the tools for finding, registering and managing your domains. This is pretty straight forward really.

Site Content

Under the site content, you will find the content creation tools of Wealthy Affiliate. WA comes equipped with a very nice writing platform with a complete grammar and spell-checks tool.

Writing quality content without this tool would be gruesome for me as it's impossible to write fast without making mistakes.

This tool has saved me many times from embarrassing mistakes and I love to write all my content in the Site Content manager.

Other great things about writing in WA is you can access it anywhere with an internet connection and it automatically saves all your work and created drafts so you will never lose any content in case of computer trouble.

Site Comments

This is a great tool for getting comments and engagement on your posts. This is something Google and other search engines look for when ranking your content so it's important for SEO.

It works on a give and take principle, you give two comments to earn credits that you can then use to buy comments for your own posts.

Site Feedback

Site Feedback is a service for getting feedback on your from the Wealthy Affiliate community. This is critical for running a successful site. Don't get offended by critical feedback, learn from it!


The cons

Now not to make you think Wealthy Affiliate is all bells and whistles it's time for the dirt. There are some things you should know when thinking about joining Wealthy Affiliate.

Nothing is perfect and you need to have a certain mindset to get most of your Wealthy Affiliate membership if you decide to join.

First of all, it takes work. Quite a lot of it actually, to see some initial success. It's been estimated it takes on average 20-30 quality posts with low competition keywords to start seeing good rankings in google.

If you can produce a post or two in a week it adds up to several months of work before you should expect any real results.

Here's a great example by Kyle (the founder of WA) of what your journey might look like: Wealthy affiliate journey

After a couple of months in the community, you will realize most people fail to even get started. There are thousands of forgotten accounts.

Out of the million members, maybe 50 000 are truly active. The training won't work if you don't put in the work.

If you decide to join and go premium, make sure you will not fail to get started. Do something every day! You need the right mindset.

 If you work hard and follow the training I guarantee you will see success!

Since the internet is always evolving and there are a million ways to make money online, not everything is covered in the training.

There are other important things you could learn by spending your time elsewhere.

But as a novice it's important to have a plan and stick to it, that's why they don't try to teach you everything. Instead, they focus on teaching you one tried and true system.

The only thing I would learn more than is covered in the training is SEO. You can find more info on SEO on the member trainings as well though.

Conclusion + A Bonus!

I can promise you is not a scam. The service they run is top-notch and to be honest, I could not have believed how much I can achieve in a few months before joining them.

I have created two sites and become very active in the community. I start all my days checking my Wealthy Affiliate contacts and my site comments and traffic. It truly is something special.

BONUS: I trust the program so much that I'm going to give you a free bonus if you create a free membership through that button below and upgrade it to premium within the first 7-days.

You will receive a huge discount for the first month (only $ 19) and my full support and all the secrets for succeeding as fast as humanly possible. I will personally contact you in Wealthy Affiliate on how to receive the bonus when you create your account.

Also, if you are serious about succeeding in online business, check out my free 7-day course below. It will give a huge head start and I will share with you all my secrets to success. 

In conclusion, here are my basic tips if you decide to join:

- Ask questions and interact in WA

- Use very low competition keywords in the beginning

- Write over 2000 word articles

- Create social media accounts for your site as early as possible

- Get comments and share your content in social media

- Learning everything you can on SEO, everything is not covered in the training IMO

- Focus on one site at a time

- Go for yearly premium, this way you will save $200 dollars/year and you will make a commitment. If you don't get results in a year it's time to evaluate your motivation and goals.

If you have ANY questions about Wealthy Affiliate, please ask them in the comments section below. I promise to answer every single one!


How To Start Making Money Online At Home?

How to start making money online at home


Looking for a way to make money online at home while chilling on the sofa with your laptop? Maybe you’re tired of the 9 to 5 rat race or just looking to supplement your income. Or maybe you are unemployed or a stay-at-home mom looking for something productive to do? No matter what you incentive is, you have come to the right place.

Today I will show how to start making money online at home with a step-by-step guide so you can start working towards that goal today yourself. But let’s first take a look at the ways people are making money online these days.

If you are in a hurry, check out my free 7-day course that will help you set up your own money producing online business.

Also, check out my Wealthy Affiliate review. Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation for training and resources for creating a successful online business.

Realities of making money online

You may have heard that there is no money to be made online these days as the markets are saturated and there are only scams about making money online. This could not be farther from the truth.

You might have also come across some of the make money online scams and maybe even got burned by one. It is true there are a lot of shady businesses and entrepreneurs in the make money online business. That doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to make money online ethically without using questionable business strategies to essentially con people. You just have to know what you are doing.

Realities of making money online

The amount of users on the internet is greater than ever before. It is estimated that in 2018 there are over 4 billion internet users. There are also more people making an income online than ever before. With such an incredible amount of users the market is far from saturated.

During the last decade content platforms like YouTube and Instagram have exploded and made it possible for people to make a living simply sharing their day-to-day life with their followers. This is getting rarer however, as the competition has gotten much tougher as there are big bucks to be made. That’s why you need to know exactly what you are doing to be noticed by the search engines and services.

This includes things like keyword research, social media sharing, guest blogging and other joint venture projects. Essentially Google, YouTube or any other service will give zero attention until you have enough quality content, followers and engagement.

This makes it very tough to get started. You may have to keep pushing for months before seeing any sort organic traffic. Then one day you might find your blog post on the first page of Google or your latest video on the featured videos of YouTube and your traffic just explodes. More typically, your traffic slowly increases as you produce more content until eventually you will have significant amount of traffic that allows you to earn an income from your content.

Internet marketing takes time

There are exceptions to the rules as always. We have all heard the overnight online fame stories. This usually requires exceptional circumstances and luck to happen. Maybe a lucky video that just goes viral in social media or a celebrity shares some of your content. These are things you should not account on when starting a business online. If something like that happens, great, let it happen. But don’t expect it, earn your traffic with hard work.

Next I would like to talk about the model I am using to make money online. It requires consistent work and it won’t make you rich overnight. However it’s fun, you can do it anywhere with an internet connection and it’s not very expensive to get started. And once you get the ball rolling and start getting organic traffic you can earn quite a nice income, there are thousands of success stories using this exact same method.

Affiliate marketing

The method I’m referring to is called affiliate marketing. More specifically the method involves building a website or sites around a niche and then creating content around keywords related to that niche. Once you have the basics down it’s possible to expand your affiliate marketing to YouTube, social media or what ever is your thing.

Affiliate marketing essentially means referring customers to companies’, that then pay you an affiliate fee if the referred customer makes a purchase. The products can be anything from real commodities to information products and software. Affiliate fees can be anything from 1 % to 80 % depending on the subject.

The great thing about working as an affiliate marketer instead of selling directly to customers is the fact that you don’t need an inventory, expensive stock, employees handling and shipping orders etc. All that expensive and arduous stuff involved with a typical brick and mortar company.

Business is hard

Instead you work as the missing link between a company looking for buying customers and customers looking for product or solution to a problem they are having. Armed with nothing else but a computer, an internet connection and a hosting service for your site you tap into that flow of currency.

You might be wondering why do companies’ offer affiliate fees to marketers when they could be scooping in the cash themselves? Well the magic is in the word marketer.

Companies use big bucks in conventional marketing like TV and radio commercials and ads in papers. This is proven to increase sales but it isn’t very efficient. One ad costs the same, no matter if it nets you 10 or 1000 sales.

In affiliate marketing the marketers do the “dirty work” for the companies’. They pre-select customers that have already displayed an interest in the companies’ product and are looking to buy. They then reference those customers to that companies products and if they decide to make a purchase it’s a real win-win situation. The company gets a sale, the marketer gets a fee and the customer gets what they were looking for.

The companies’ know that it’s lucrative to offer affiliate fees instead of spending that money on conventional marketing as they will only need to pay for the sales that happen. And if you make it profitable for the marketer, you can rest assured you will receive a lot of buyers to your products as you will have thousands of people referring customers to your company online 24/7.

How to build an affiliate marketing website

Next I will tell you step-by-step the basic to creating an affiliate marketing site. This is essentially the same blueprint taught at Wealthy Affiliate, an online education and hosting service designed for marketers. I wrote a comprehensive review about Wealthy Affiliate here.

Choosing a niche

The whole process start with choosing a niche. A niche essentially means the topic or subject of your website. It should be something quite specific as too broad of a niche will make it hard to create a competitive authority site in a reasonable time frame.

So let’s say you want to market shoes. Your niche should not be just shoes, but let’s say tennis shoes and specify that even more, like tennis shoes for men. You probably get the drift, the options are endless.

I suggest you pick something you have interest in and feel passionate about as you will be writing a lot of content about the niche. This makes research easier and writing funner!

Now you have nice specific niche where you can find tons of products to review and topics to write about.

Building a site

After you have a niche it’s time to choose a domain and build a site around that. Most marketers use a content management system called WordPress (don’t mix this with the free blog platform WordPress) which requires no real expertise in running a website. If you are an experienced webmaster, you might choose something else.

Before you start building your site, you need a hosting service. I personally use the one provided at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a state of the art hosting platform for a very reasonable price, considering you get everything you need to run an affiliate website, including keyword research tool. There are of course many other hosting services available that require different levels of expertise.

So you now have a hosting service, great. Before you create your site you of course need a domain. There are basically two ways to go about this. Either choose something relatively short and brandable or choose a keyword related to your niche. The domain should be a .com or if that’s not available .net and .org are acceptable.

Choosing a domain

So to our tennis shoes for men niche our domain might be something like or (the brandable domains are tough to come up with so give me a break here :D).

After you have bought your domain and have a hosting service, it’s time to install WordPress on that domain and create the site. There is no real magic here. In the beginning you can have a pretty standard looking site that you can design more personal as you start getting traffic to your site. For now, it’s all about the content. If you are using WordPress you do want to ad an SEO plugin and an image optimizer to mage in page SEO easier and your site fast as possible as this affects Google rankings.

Keyword research

Next we need to start thinking about creating content for our website. This always starts with keyword research. Keywords are not actual singular words but phrases that people type to google while looking for stuff.

Keyword research

In our tennis shoe niche, this could be something like best tennis shoes for men (our domain name), tennis shoes for men over 50, Nike (or any other company) tennis shoes for men or most comfortable tennis shoes for men.

There are rules to what makes a good keyword. These days you basically have to have a keyword research tool to get the critical metrics on keywords while doing your research. I use the Jaaxy lite that is included in my Wealthy Affiliate premium subscription. Jaaxy is an incredibly effective tool and even the lite version offers all the data you need to make an informed decision while choosing a keyword.

Since Jaaxy is the only keyword tool I’m really familiar with, I will next go through how to find a great keyword with it. In Jaaxy there are essentially three metrics we are interested in. The first one is the avg, which stand for average monthly searches, traffic is the amount of traffic you can expect to receive if you rank on the first page of Google and lastly the most important, QSR or quoted search results, the amount of competition with this exact keyword in Google.

When you are starting to build a site you want to find keywords with as little competition as possible. It’s OK if the traffic is low, as long as there is some. This makes it possible to rank in Google even though you haven’t built any real authority yet. Once you have enough content ranked with the low competition keywords you can start to go for the higher competition ones with higher traffic. Going straight for them you won’t stand a chance with a new site.

Different people use different rules for the Jaaxy values but I generally look for keywords with traffic of around 15 to 100 and QSR of less than 50. The tennis shoe examples I made out from the top of my head before are all actually pretty good keywords and the most comfortable tennis shoes for men is actually great with a QSR of 13. Feel free to use them.

Jaaxy tennis shoes

You can try Jaaxy completely free for 30 searches by the way. Feel free to try it below for ideas as well:

Writing quality content

Now that we have a domain, a site installed on that domain and some great keywords it’s time to start creating content. Your content needs to be relevant, easy to understand and engaging. The posts and pages you write need to have enough content to seem significant to Google. This means over 1000 words per post, I prefer over 2000 myself.

This is the toughest part of creating a successful affiliate marketing site. I’m not going to lie to you, it takes tens of posts just to start getting noticed by Google and probably hundreds to truly dominate a niche with an authority site.

Writing quality content

This essentially means you have to be willing to put in the work of writing every week to be successful, this is not a get rich overnight scam. It takes actual work The good thing is that once your content it takes a lot less effort to keep it there. So you should think of the time you put in the beginning as an investment. You reap the benefits later or.

The other good thing about writing is that it gets easier. I haven’t been doing this that long and already the writing is faster and more natural than it was in the beginning. And I’m not even writing in my native language. So you should not be afraid of the writing. You don’t have to be an excellent writer, there are tools to help you correct and check spelling and punctuation. It’s actually better to write in a casual down-to-earth style that most people can relate to. Remember, you are trying to establish trust with your audience.

Interaction (comments / social media)

Once you have content on your site it’s important to share that content in social media. Google and other search engines look for engagement and social interaction when they are ranking your content. Naturally, for Google, Google+ is very important so you should network at least in there and share all your content as you create it. (Update: Google+ has been discontinued).

Social media marketing

Another important thing is to get comments on your posts to tell about engagement. This can be hard before you are getting organic traffic as someone has to see your content before they can comment. This is the other reason social media is important for new sites. You can also get help for comments in Wealthy Affiliate if you decide to use their service.

Adding affiliate links

So you now have let’s say 30 great, engaging, 2000+ word posts on your tennis shoes for men niche website, targeted on low competition keywords. Google has noticed you and you are receiving organic traffic daily. What next? It’s time to make money.

To monetize your content you will add affiliate links to you posts. In the tennis shoes for men niche Amazon would be a great affiliate partner as there are thousands of tennis shoes for men in their inventory. So let’s say you have some reviews where you compare popular tennis shoes and are receiving traffic to those reviews.

Next you simply add affiliate links to Amazon so that your visitors can order the shoes from Amazon if they wish. If they do, you receive a 5% to 8% affiliate fee for the purchase. If they purchase something else while on Amazon, you will be credited for that too. It’s not unheard-of that someone buys a smart phone or a computer at the same time as they buy something completely different.

Let’s do a bit of math here. Let’s say you are reviewing $200 tennis shoes and your review receives 500 monthly visits on average, out of those 500 visitors 2 % decide to make purchase, if I understood correctly Amazon pays 7 % affiliate fee for apparel. This would equal 500 x 0.02 x $200 x 0.07 = $140. That’s what you could be earning very realistically on complete autopilot from one single review post every single month for years. And you could have tens or hundreds of posts with similar or better results. I bet you can see the potential here.


Well there you have it. A proven way to start making money online at home. It takes work, a little bit of investment to run a site and few months to a year to climb the search engine ranks. That’s about as fast you can expect to start to make any real money online. Anyone promising instant results is lying to sell their product, sorry to break it to you.

If you are in an instant need for cash and looking to make money online I would suggest eBay or Craigslist to sell some of your belongings. If you are just looking for employment and not running your own site you can easily find freelance online jobs in places like Fiverr or Freelancer.

There is always the odd chance you might be the next YouTube hit and could find success in creating content there, especially if you dread writing. Just don’t expect any miracles, it takes probably way more work to rank in YouTube than with the Wealthy Affiliate method.

If you have any questions about affiliate marketing or Wealthy Affiliate don’t be afraid to ask, I do my best to answer all the comments I get.





Best sales jobs of 2018 – Jobs for natural sellers

Affiliate marketing

Are you good at selling stuff? But you don’t have a college degree and are having tough time finding work? Or maybe you are a hard-boiled sales veteran looking to change employer and want to find the best sales jobs of 2018?

No matter what you situation is, it’s a fact that finding decent work is getting harder by the day. Even though salespersons are always needed, the requirements and competition have gotten harder in sales work in recent years.

Customers are moving online and you can’t get by with sleazy sales pitches and aggressively pushing for a sale like the telemarketers and car salesmen of the past.

In the modern day sales are all about creating trust and customer satisfaction. This leads to a positive customer experience which leads to good reviews and recommendations.

Sales job

This can have a real snowballing effect that can raise a business to a complete new level. On the other hand just a few negative customer experiences can ruin a company because in the internet word spreads pretty much instantly.

That’s why companies are very picky when it comes to choosing their sales personnel these days and landing a good sales position usually requires good recommendations and some proof that you know your stuff. They can’t risk hiring a person that might jeopardize their customer satisfaction since damage control can be very expensive and embarrassing for a company.

Career in sales

Experienced salespersons are a very sought after resource and they can usually pretty much choose where they work. Or choose to work for themselves and make good money on their own terms.

So if you are and experienced sales person or planning to become one, you might wonder what are the best sales opportunities in the modern world.

The options for sales jobs are endless as you can easily find out by looking at any job ad listings. They are full of sales jobs. The hard part is finding the good ones with the best benefits and good money.

So today we will talk about what makes a good sales job and take a look at some of the best sales jobs in 2018.

What makes a good sales Job


I truly believe that for you to be happy in your work you need to do something that is of interest and matters to you. In sales, it’s easy to wind up selling something you really don’t care about, just to make a good buck. There’s nothing wrong in making a living but this site is about making living and enjoying doing it.

That’s why the most important part about a good sales job is that it has to be interesting to you. If you hate cars there’s no point in selling them even if it might make a good living. So you should aim for a field you find interesting, this will make selling more fun.

Time efficiency:
This one is important. Essencially this means the time it takes for you to make a sale. When it comes to sales time truly is money. Big commissions can be tempting but if it takes you months of marketing and negotiating to close a deal, the big commissions won’t seem that big anymore.

That’s why it’s important to know how much time and effort it takes on average to make a sale in the industry you are looking into. Small commissions can also be lucrative if you can make sales effortlessly.

Sales job time efficiency

In the online world this works a bit differently. It usually takes more time and effort to set up your sales ad, page or video but once it’s up it will do the selling for you. That’s one of the reasons marketers are moving online: the time efficiency and passive sales you can get from a single successful sales pitch.


This one is a no-brainer. A good sales jobs needs to pay well if you put your efforts in to it. Usually the best positions pay mainly in commissions and there is no base salary or it’s very modest. In turn the commissions are very generous. This means you truly get paid for your efforts.

Money in sales job

Most people who work in sales are motivated by money since sales career is one of the few lines of work where you can make good money without years of education and experience. I’m not saying those don’t matter in sales but some people are just naturals when it comes to selling. They know how to please the customer and seal a deal. That’s why It’s safe to say a good sales job should pay well.


Since many sales jobs are paid by commissions it’s important for a good sales job to have a reliable demand and customer base. It doesn’t matter if you make $ 20k one month if you receive your next commission 6 months later because there simply isn’t demand.

Anyone experienced in the sales biz will tell you that it’s up to you to make the sales. Mostly that is true but some industries are more prone to fluctuations in the economy than other.

Realestate business is a good example of this. Fortunes have been made during economic growth and it’ impossible to make a sale during the recession in some areas.

A good sales job will have enough stability to offer reliable income when you are putting the effort in.

Which gets us to our first real sales job.


The Realestate business

The economy is recovering from a global recession and now is a great time to get in to the real estate market. It’s been estimated by the Department of Labor that the real estate sector will grow faster than any other sales sector in the upcoming decade.

Real estate business

You can work as a real estate broker or an agent. Realestate brokers are licensed to run their own business while agents need to work with a broker. Most real estate brokers and agents are self-employed.

Population growth, urbanization and economy growth are the driving factors behind real estate market that will guarantee employment for real estate brokers and agents in the future, especially in larger cities.

Since apartments and houses are big acquisitions the commissions can be quite hefty. But as you surely know the selling times can some times be long which can lead to instability in income and low time efficiency in making the sale.

pros: Big commissions, versatile field, flexible working hours

cons: Instability of income, working nights and weekends, high competition, low time efficiency



Insurance sales

Everyone needs an insurance. If they think they don’t, they just need to be educated. As the population is getting older the need for long-term care insurances and health insurances will rise.

Insurance sales

Available jobs in the insurance sales sector are expected to increase by 12 % in the upcoming decade. This means there will be positions available for foreseeable future for anyone looking to land a sales job.

pros: Easy to make sales, lots of open positions in the future

cons: Relatively small commissions, hard to make big bucks, high turnover rate


Software sales

The fact is we live in a digital society. Every single smart appliance from you stove and fridge to you bathroom scale require software to operate.

If you are technologically savvy and want to make big bucks in the industry of the future, software sales just might be for you.

Software sales

Sales agents in companies like IBM, HP and Microsoft can make upwards of $ 300k a year. But there’s a reason for the high commissions. The work is very demanding.

First of all you have to hit your monthly sales quota in most companies or face losing your job. Secondly the jobs involve long hours and you basically have to be headhunted to even land a position in a big IT company.

pros: Extremely good commissions, good benefits, industry of the future

cons: Demanding working environment, long hours

Online affiliate marketing

If you are good at selling, why not work for yourself? The professions I just introduced to you all involve working long hours in the office or on the road.

What if I told you there is a way to make sales on the internet on complete automation writing about anything you find interesting? And doing so anywhere in the world at any time of the day.

I’m not talking about some make money instantly scam. This stuff takes actual work and you have to dedicate time to it like any business. Especially in the beginning. But once you get the ball rolling you get to enjoy from passive income as the work you put in is doing it’s thing on automation.

I’m talking about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing essentially means referring customers to companies through links. When the customer lands the companies sales page through your link and makes a purchase you receive a commission.

The hard part of course is finding the customers and getting them to click your links. If you want to get people to click your links you essentially have to offer a solution to a problem they are trying to solve and create trust. This is easy to do with products you can stand 100 % behind of.

There are many ways to get traffic to your links. You can use social media to share interesting content, you could create YouTube videos in your niche, you can buy traffic through Google to your sales page. The options are many.

But the best way is to create content (be it a site or a YouTube channel), around specific keywords that people are looking for in your niche in Google. This way you will rank your content in Google (if you know what you are doing) and get traffic on complete automation.

Let’s make an example

First you decide on a niche. Let’s say you love producing music and now everything about audio interfaces for computers and decide that will be your niche. You niche can really be almost anything, I’m just choosing this as an example as I have an audio interface sitting next to my keyboard.

Audio interface

Next you need a domain for your website and decide to use something rather generic that might be a keyword in itself like

Next you will do keyword research. Looking for keywords searched in google with some traffic but low competition. The lower, the better really. And the keywords should make grammatical sense as search engines don’t like nonsense.

You then write, let’s say 10 posts, targeted at low competition keywords to rank your site in Google. They might be articles discussing what makes a good interface, audio interface reviews or just something related to audio production that might attract readers looking for audio interfaces. To get bigger notice you also share all your content in social media.

In those 10 posts you have affiliate links pointing to Amazon or some of the large music stores that sell audio interfaces and offer affiliate programs.

After a couple months some of your posts start to rank on google, someone finds them and you make your first sale through an affiliate link. Someone clicked your affiliate link and purchased a $ 200 dollar audio interface from Amazon. They pay you a 5 % affiliate so you only net $ 10. But soon someone else makes a purchase also, and buys something else on Amazon for $ 500 and you credited for that also because they were referred through your link. You are doing sales for them just like you would working in a brick-and-mortar business!

You start to create more content and before you know it you have several posts or reviews that are bringing in $ 200 bucks (just a random, totally achievable number) every month. On automation. For months or years to come. And once your site is ranked it only gets easier to rank your new content.

I’m sure you are starting to see the potential here? Let’s just say there are many millionaires in this business but you need to have realistic expectations. The income will rise as you grow you business with time. But figures like $ 2000, $ 5000 or $ 10000 are very realistic and achievable if you are willing to work hard and consistently.

Wealthy Affiliate

This is actually just one of the many models of online affiliate marketing you can use. It’s the one I use myself and the one taught at Wealthy Affiliate, a complete education and hosting platform for affiliate marketers. They offer all the tools you need for keyword research, content creation and hosting you site.

There’s a very active and helpful community in WA that help you with any questions you have. The best part is the top-of-the-line training that shows step by step how to choose a niche, create a site and rank that site in google.

The service is completely free to register and if you decide to go Premium – which you will need to do, to be able to advance in the training and host a site – costs $ 19 for the first months and then $ 49 monthly or $ 359 yearly. That might seem steep but it’s actually dirt cheap when you take in to consideration that’s what you pay for a decent website hosting service anyway and Wealthy Affiliates hosting service is top-notch. You basically get the incredible training and community as a bonus.

If you got interested in Wealthy Affiliate I will soon make a more thorough review of the site. For now, I recommend you go ahead and check their service out, it won’t cost you a thing. That link is an affiliate link by the way. I will receive a small commission if you decide to register and go premium. I want to be completely upfront about that, since I believe in their service 100 % and use it myself. If you want to check out their service without leaving me a commission, you can go directly to their website without clicking my links.

So let’s recap the pros and cons of affiliate marketing.

Pros: You can choose your interest, very time efficient once rolling, there is no limit to the money you can make, reliable source of income, complete freedom to choose when and where to work

Cons: Takes many months to a year to get income, requires some technical know-how, takes hard work and dedication like everything in life.


Well there you have it. The Best sales jobs of 2018. Tell me what you think about my selection in the comments section below. If you have any questions about affiliate marketing, Wealthy affiliate or sales jobs don’t hesitate to ask. I do my best to answer all the comments I get.





Why don’t I want to work? – 5 reasons you dislike work

Why do I hate working?

Asking yourself the question “why don’t I want to work?” usually means you are really discontent with your career or maybe even unemployed.

Asking yourself this questions can leave you feeling ashamed since you are essentially confessing your own weaknesses to yourself. It can make you feel like you are lazy and stupid for feeling this way, while everyone else seems to do just fine – or at least won’t admit otherwise.

That said, this is a question millions of people around the world ask themselves every day. And I’m here to tell you it’s probably not your fault you don’t feel like you want to work and it’s completely normal to feel this way. It also doesn’t mean you are lazy or stupid. It can actually mean quite the opposite.

I’m also here to tell you that you should do everything in your power to change this by unlocking your inner potential. You will not become truly happy until you do. I’m going to give you five reasons that have made me feel like I don’t want to work and I also want offer you a word of advice – it is actually possible to start enjoying work.

I will also share with you how I found my motivation to work by starting to work on my own terms and how you can do it too.

Reason 1: Wrong profession

Many people don’t know what they want to do when growing up. They end up choosing a profession based on their personal interests or on what they did best in school.

The problem is that you have to make these long-standing decisions without any experience in real work or without truly knowing yourself or your passions. Some lucky ones find out their passions and callings when young, but many don’t.

Wrong profession

Even if you have an education in your dream profession, the job you want to do might not be available due to many reasons and you just have to do something to pay the bills.

If you don’t know what you really want to do, it means you have not found your passion. Just doing something usually doesn’t work in the long run.

Sure, you can spend your whole career in jobs that don’t really mean more than a paycheck for you. There’s nothing wrong with this but in all likelihood you will never be truly happy doing this. It can make you feel like you don’t want to work when you are actually lacking motivation due to being in the wrong profession in the first place.

I have found my true passion in helping people by writing in the internet, working from home. That is what this whole site is about. Options for people in the same situation as I am. Writing this doesn’t really feel like work, while it actually is.

Reason 2: Your job is too demanding

I know from experience that too demanding job leads to chronic work stress. If you are stressed out all the time, you can’t really think clearly and might not even realize you are actually suffering from stress.

There are many ways a job can be too demanding. The workload might be simply too much to accomplish within the time frame. You might have to deal with extremely demanding customers or the job might be physically too demanding for your health.

Too demanding job

What ever the reason is that makes your job too demanding, you can’t keep pushing on forever. Eventually the workload and stress will force you to hit the brakes.

Prolonged work stress can lead to a state known as burn out. Main symptoms of a burnout are lack of motivation, fatigue and depression. You can suffer from these symptoms for years without realizing before collapsing.

Burnouts rarely happen overnight and lead to a complete nervous breakdown with long sick leaves, like you see in the movies. Instead, they creep up on you and cause all sort of mental and physical ailments that take a long time to heal from once the source of stress has been removed.

In addition to the symptoms I mentioned before you can also suffer from unexplainable headaches, muscle aches (especially back), insomnia and stomach discomfort.

As you can see, it shouldn’t come as a surprise, that you might not want to work if you’re suffering from stress and work is essentially making you sick.

Reason 3: Your job is not demanding enough

boring job

The fact is most people truly enjoy work only when they have just the right amount of sense of accomplishment, with enough down time to not feel constantly stressed out and busy.

This means a job can be too easy or monotonous to not offer any real sense of accomplishment once everything becomes routine. That’s why you usually try to progress in you career to more demanding and more rewarding positions as your experience and knowledge grows.

Especially smart people can get easily bored in mundane jobs. This can lead to procrastination and feeling like you are lazy, when you are actually bored out of your mind and can’t simply push yourself to perform the tasks required. This will lead to low self-esteem and resentment towards your job, which makes you feel like you don’t want to work. This is typical for creative people in manual labor jobs, where they can’t apply their true passions.

So, feeling like you don’t want to work, can actually mean you are a smart and creative person that has not had jobs that offer true sense of accomplishment.

Reason 4: Social anxiety or depression

If you suffer from social anxiety or from other anxiety disorders going to work can feel like an insurmountable task. Almost all work these days requires social interaction with other people and if you get anxiety from it, you can really start to dread going to work. You might think you don’t want to work, when actually you just don’t want to interact with all the people because of the anxiety it gives you.

Social anxiety and depression

You can also be depressed without realizing this. Depression can really crush your self-esteem and make you think you are not capable of performing your tasks. This can lead to thinking you don’t like work when you are actually suffering from a mental disorder that distorts your thinking.

Both of these disorders can be helped with medication, therapy and experience. If you are suffering from these disorders I highly suggest you see your doctor to discuss your options.

Reason 5 prolonged unemployment:

After a while you really start to question your competence since being unemployed can really affect your self-esteem and make you think you are not a good employee, since you can’t find work.

This can lead to loss of motivation as you start to second guess yourself. Before you know it you are actually afraid that you will be invited to an interview and get a job. You start to think you don’t want to work.

Prolonged unemployment

I think this is a kind of self-preservation process that takes place. You accept you don’t have a job and start building you self-esteem and life on other values than work. Eventually you start being afraid of work and because of the change it will cause in your life.

If you have been unemployed for a while and feel like you don’t want to work, please don’t give in on the feeling. Trust in yourself and find work. Unemployment can make you lose focus in life and is a big cause for depression. In the conclusion I will offer you a solution if you want to think about starting to work for yourself.

In conclusion & my tips

There you have it. The five biggest reasons why I didn’t like work. They might be the reasons you don’t like working also and I hope they can offer you some insight on your own situation. As promised I will offer you an option on how to start working for yourself.

I actually found out years ago that there are people making full time livings online with affiliate marketing. I did some research back then and even built a couple of sites in 2012 or so, but didn’t really know what I was doing and soon got sucked in to the working life and just didn’t have the time or motivation anymore and lost interest.

I didn’t really think about affiliate marketing or making money online seriously until earlier this year when I was frustrated with my job and remembered there were options available. Learning from my earlier mistakes, I knew I needed some guidance if I truly wanted to make a living online. You can’t really make it online if you don’t know what you are doing.

So I set out to find the best education available for making money online and stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a complete education and hosting platform with a very helpful community with thousands of users. After reading some reviews I decided to try their free plan and soon decided to go premium once I realized how incredibly much you can get for such a small fee.

I will soon write more about Wealthy Affiliate, but if you would like to learn more about it yourself,you can visit the site here. That’s an affiliate link by the way. It means if you go to WA through that link and decide to join in and go premium, I will receive a small fee. It will not cost you in any way. You can sign in completely free without any credit card or payment information to check out what it’s about and how the system works.

Affiliate marketing is what WA is all about and you can do it in pretty much any niche, you don’t have to market their own program and it’s not even something they push you to do. But that’s a topic for another day.

Please drop a comment below if you have other ideas for reasons people don’t want to work or if you share my experiences. Also, if you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate or making money online, don’t hesitate to ask. I’d love to help!