30-day Bootcamp

The Legendary Marketer 30-day Bootcamp

I haven’t updated I Hate Working in a while as I’ve been busy building my online business elsewhere. I decided to partake in the Legendary Marketer 30-day Bootcamp and decided to document my progress here at IHW!

I’m writing this post as a part of the 30-day challenge of content creation, so I aim to publish a new post here or a new video on YouTube every single day for the next 30 days, so wish me luck.

I decided to join the 30-day Bootcamp because I’ve heard good things about it from several online marketers I trust and I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with content creation here at IHW and I was getting bored with another site I’ve been working on most of the year.

So I thought to participate in this challenge would be a great opportunity to both learn new stuff and to push myself to create new content that you will hopefully find useful.

I thought I’d start by introducing the 30-day challenge and Legendary Marketer to you and talk a bit about my motivation for committing to this challenge.

What is Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer is a company that’s essentially an online education platform for marketing. It’s founded by David Sharpe.

Sharpe has built quite a reputation in the online marketing world as he has built three multi-million dollar businesses in a relatively short time.

Before Legendary Marketer, he was involved in the now infamous and bankrupt Empower Network that got slapped by FTC for MLM marketing schemes.

Fortunately for Sharpe, he had walked out of the business before it took a wrong turn and the other co-founder drove the company in the wrong direction.

Dave founded Legendary Marketer as his new business, originally with the name of Duplicate Dave. Unlike Empower Network, Legendary Marketer isn’t an MLM or a pyramid scheme.

It’s an online marketing training platform with a strong inclination for marketing their own products through their own affiliate program. That said, the training they offer is universal and can be used for marketing any other business or product online.

The business model they offer with their own affiliate program is a one-level affiliate program, meaning that you only get commissions from the affiliate that you refer to and whatever they purchase but you won’t get any commissions from the members they refer.

Considering the MLM history of Empower Network, it’s great to see Sharpe has stuck to a legit and honest business model. He definitely knows his marketing, so it’s a good thing he is using it for building an honest company.

I’ll write a more thorough review of Legendary Marketer in the upcoming days, so check back soon if you got interested!

What is the Legendary Marketer 30-day Bootcamp

Typically Legendary Marketer involves participating in a 15-day challenge before applying for membership. Previously only Legendary Marketer members have been able to join their 30-day Bootcamp.

This year they did something different and offered the 30-day Bootcamp for people outside of their own membership network. I was subscribing to Daves’ e-mail list and got an invitation to join and thought why not and that’s how I got involved with the challenge.

So I’m not actually a paying member of Legendary Marketer, I’m just participating in the Bootcamp to see what I can learn from it and I will share my experience with it with you.

The 30-day Bootcamp involves 3 webinars and 18 education videos plus a content creation challenge that involves both written and video content.

While the Bootcamp is aimed mainly for beginners, the people involved definitely know their stuff and offer valuable information that you’d have to pay good money for elsewhere.

While I’m not exactly a complete beginner, I’m still definitely a pro either so, I take on humbly any opportunity to learn new skills in online marketing.

The boot camp is all about learning new marketing skills FAST by throwing you into the deep end. If you want to succeed in online marketing or making money online any other way, you will have to learn new skills, apply them and work hard every single day.

A challenge like this forces you to accomplish all those on a day-to-day basis. If you don’t create 30 pieces of content during the challenge, you can’t blame anyone but yourself. So it’s great for creating accountability for yourself.

Of course, life can get in the way. I’m still working full time in a demanding position as an engineer and I have other life beyond work and online business but I plan on doing my best to accomplish the challenge.

I should actually be sleeping right now but I can’t give up on the very first day now can’t I? 😉

Why I’m committed to the challenge

So WHY I want to participate in this challenge? You have to understand that the decision to participate in this challenge will actually take away pretty much all the time I currently have to spare for my online endeavors.

This is especially important now because the reason I haven’t updated I Hate Working for months is that I’ve been busy with one of my other sites. The first successful actually, and it’s progressing quite nicely. I’m actually making monthly income on it.

So every hour I spend on this Bootcamp challenge is away from working on that successful site so this actually costs me money.

That said I love I Hate Working (you have to love that sentence :), it’s what I want to improve the most in the long run. It’s definitely the most personal of my sites.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to work on it and quite honestly I’ve been having a bit of trouble finding interesting topics. I’ve been also running out of ideas and to be honest started to get really bored with the other site I’ve been working on the whole year.

It’s funny how you can run out of motivation even when you are seeing great results. But that got me thinking that it’s the perfect time to take a little break and focus on IHW and this challenge just happened to emerge at the right moment.

So my greatest motivation is to push myself to create new content here but also to take a break from my other project and of course to learn new skills.

While I presume the content will be relatively beginner level, I’m sure there will be nuggets of information I will find useful. What intrigues me especially is the video creation part.

In this day and age, you pretty much have to make videos to be an effective marketer. And guess what I dread? Making videos.

Firstly I get awkward in front of the camera. Secondly, my spoken English is nowhere near my reading and writing abilities and thirdly I hate listening and watching myself on any media.

I also have done minimal video editing and I don’t think I really have the artistic eye for editing, music, CGI and all that fancy stuff your average YouTuber uses these days.

But I see this as a huge opportunity to grow. Shooting video with myself talking in English is something that is so out of my comfort zone that if I accomplish shooting just one video that I feel comfortable publishing, this challenge will be worth it. I’ve been putting off video creation for a while now so this is a good excuse to pull the plug.

Finally, the content creation challenge has some pretty great prizes ranging from iPads to all-inclusive trips to Mexico and Legendary Marketer yearly memberships.

The prizes are drawn and you just have to accomplish the challenge, so I guess quality doesn’t really matter. But it matters to me, I don’t want to publish any low-quality fluff.

This piece was supposed to be a minimum of 500 words but I managed to bang out around 1500 words. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading it and found some new information or got interested in Legendary Marketer.


So that’s it for today. I will be writing a lot in the next few days and I have to learn how to make videos, so wish me luck, I’m going to need it!

If you got interested in Legendary Marketer, check back later on for my review as I plan on making a thorough review after I get some experience first.

Meanwhile, you can subscribe to my newsletter to receive my free 7-day course and eBook on two proven methods to make money online (you should get an annoying pop-up).

Now I have to wrap this up and head to bead so I won’t be completely useless at work tomorrow. Oh and I have to write another piece of content after work…

See you tomorrow!

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