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What Is The Point Of A Blog? [Blogging in 2020]

what is the point of a blog

Blogs have been around for a while and you likely know someone who runs a blog. But what is actually the point of a blog? Read on to find out.

In the early days of the Internet creating websites requires serious technical skills and know-how. Ranging from writing HTML, Java, Flash, and CSS to transferring files through FTP and understanding about server protocols.

This meant that personal websites were few and far between and created by people who had the necessary technical skills. Most websites were created by companies and if you had no technical skills your ability to interact online was limited mainly to discussion boards, forums, and chats.

In the turn of the Millenium, blogs changed the way content is created online. Suddenly anyone could create content over their favorite topics with almost zero technical skills.

This meant that there was a sudden influx of content around almost anything you could imagine. No matter how small of a hobby or otherwise exotic topic, someone knew about and was writing about it.  Blogging essentially exploded the Internet.

What Is A “Blog”

So what exactly is a blog? Well, that depends a bit on who you ask but the common definition of a blog is that it’s an abbreviation of the word “weblog”. Meaning a personal log that you keep in the world wide web also known as the internet.

So originally blogs were intended as personal logs. Often they were written in an informal diary format and about personal life and experiences. This is what they mostly were in the late ’90s and early 2000s.

The thing that set blogs and other types of the website apart was the introduction of blogging platforms like Blogger and as well as content management systems like WordPress.

They made content creation online possible for anyone who could write and click a few buttons. Before that, you pretty much had to know at least HTML and how to use FTP to create even rudimentary content online.

Suddenly creating content online didn’t require a lot of technical knowledge. This meant that suddenly people from all walks of life could create content online for others to find without the hassle of learning the technical skills.

At some point blogs that were built around certain topics (aka niche) became popular. It soon became clear that both readers and search engines loved content that was built around relatively specific topics.

These days a blog can often simply mean website run by an individual for their own purposes instead of a website run by a company. The line between blogs and other types of websites has become very vague, but generally speaking, a blog will still have chronologically ordered posts instead of static web pages.

In reality, a blog can have both and many small business sites, online marketing businesses and niche websites are built around a blog or on a blogging platform.

What Is The Point Of A Blog

So what exactly is the point of a blog? Well, it can be anything ranging from the original personal log or project diary to politics and hobbies.

In reality, the reason why most people create blogs is money and influence. It’s no secret that having a successful blog can produce significant income and create a real following you have influence over.

This can be used for personal interests, political influence or improving business. These many blogs are either personal brand building or well planned out niche websites that have the single purpose of producing an income to the owner.

Typically people decide to create a blog when they have enough knowledge and expertise around a topic they feel could be useful for other people. Some people start out from a simple desire to help others but financial interests as inevitable on a successful blog.

So if you know someone who is either blogging as a hobby or for a profession, they are very likely doing it to earn an income. There are of course small hobby blogs where people simply want to share their knowledge and help others out.

These types of blogs might never really grow because they are not created with making money in mind. Instead, they offer useful information to people interested in the same topic and can be a creative outlet for the creator.

How To Make Money With A Blog

So how do you exactly make money with a blog if that is what most people create them for? Well, there are many ways to actually monetize a blog but let’s start by looking at what it requires to create a successful blog that can create an income.

If you want to make money with a blog, there are two things you have to accomplish. You need to create original, useful and valuable content and then you have to get people to see it.

Without quality content you can’t make money. And if no one sees your content, you can’t make money. These are also connected by the fact that you usually need quality content to create traffic.

A successful blog will typically have a niche (and are sometimes referred to as niche websites), which means a general topic that the blog posts revolve around or are somehow connected to. This can be broad like “shoes” or very specific like “running shoes for men”.

You then need to create articles around topics people are actually searching for. This requires keyword research that is done with keyword research tools.

You then create content in the form of blog posts around these keywords and search engine optimize that content. This means doing certain technical things on the actual post as well as marketing the post and creating backlinks.

If you do everything correctly, your blog posts will eventually start popping up in people’s Google results and they will visit your blog. When they do that, you better make sure your posts are interesting and full of useful information.

If people like your content, they will likely come back and start trusting you. This is the secret to making money with a blog. You need to have consistent traffic (influx of people) and create trust.

At this point, it’s possible to monetize the blog. This can be done in many ways ranging from selling your own products, offering sponsor space, running ads and probably the most common one, affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money on a blog because it can be completely automated and doesn’t require time-consuming tasks like customer service, handling orders and shipping, reaching out to sponsors, etc.

Learn How To Make Money Blogging

So now that you know what is the point of a blog. If you would like to learn more about blogging and how to make money through blogging, my number one recommendation for educating yourself is Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s an affiliate marketing education platform that has all the tools you need to run a successful online business that’s based on a blog or blogs. The business model they teach is essentially niche blogging combined with affiliate marketing.


That’s it for today. I hope I answered your question about blogging but if anything was unclear, you can ask me literally anything about blogging in the comments section below. I promise to do my best to give you an answer even if I don’t have a clue about the thing you ask for. I’m nice that way.

Blogging is definitely a viable business model still in 2020 so if you like writing and have a topic in mind that might be in demand, I recommend you go through the free training at Wealthy Affiliate and learn the basics and do some keyword research.

If you pick a lucrative niche it’s only a matter of getting the right education and putting in the work consistently to see success. Don’t let anyone tell you blogging or running an online business isn’t hard work. It takes time and serious effort to see results.

But the good news is that you get to decide when you work, where you work and how you work. You are responsible for only yourself. This, of course, means that you can’t blame failure on anyone else either so the question is are you up for the challenge?

See you next time!

Creating Content For Online Marketing [Simple Tips]

Creating Content For Online Marketing

If you are just getting started with online marketing, content creation can feel like a daunting task. Today I’ll share my tips for creating content.

Ever since I started my online business, I’ve been creating content almost every single day. When you are just getting started you won’t even realize how much content you can create over time and how much you actually need to create to see results.

That’s why in the beginning the most important thing is to get comfortable with creating content, be it written, videos, Instagram posts or whatever your main content is.

You have to get into the habit of writing almost daily if you want to succeed with a blog. The same goes with a YouTube channel, you have to produce at least three videos per week. That’s just the way it is these days.

Let’s look why content is so important for the success of your online business.

Why Creating Content is So Important

There is this rule in internet marketing that goes along the lines that 10% of your content will create 90% of your income.

What this essentially means is that you can’t know beforehand which pieces of your content will end up making big revenue and which will never produce real traffic or sales.

Doing research can, of course, improve your odds but it’s likely that most of your work will go unnoticed by the audience and search engines.

But this isn’t a bad thing. All you need is a few successful posts or videos to make it big time. But you have to create a lot of content to improve your odds of creating something really successful.

Consistent content also creates authority on your site or channel. If you don’t have enough content or don’t post consistently, especially in the beginning, you won’t show up in the search results even if your content is spectacular.

So content serves the purpose of both improving your odds and creating authority. This is why it’s important to form a habit out of creating content.

This might seem hard at first but I promise you will get better at it over time. If you write a post every day, or even most days of the week, you will create hundreds of pieces of content per year.

Which site do you think will be more likely to succeed after one year, the one with 30 posts or the one with 300 posts?

Now don’t get me wrong, quality is very important. If those 300 posts are short, less than 1000 words and add no value to anyone and the 30 posts are super long and valuable that’s a game changer.

But if you keep a decent quality and post length on those 300 posts, I can promise you that that site will see much more success.

Just remember to produce value, keep a minimum of 1000 words and vary the length. Beyond that it’s much more important to get done than get perfect.

How To Keep Creating Content Daily

So if you are going to create content daily you either have to be very enthusiastic about the stuff you are writing about or stubborn. Or both.

I’m not going to lie to you. Unless you are creating content about your true passion and you find that writing or creating videos your second passion, you are going to have to force yourself to work at times.

No matter how excited you feel, writing and editing videos can be a handful when you do it every day. The good thing is that it comes easier as you gain experience.

I can easily write the same amount in one sitting that took me a whole day or two a year ago. That still doesn’t mean it’s enjoyable all the time. I just have to get it done and go to work.

This is the attitude you need when you decide to create an online business. If you are hoping to work for an hour or two in the weekends, look elsewhere.

That said, if you have the work ethic, choosing the right niche makes content creation that much more easier. If you can solve the actual creative part of content creation it simply a matter of mechanical work to get things done.

The easiest way is to write about something you are passionate about and know a lot about. Another option is to create content on something you are professional at, even if you don’t feel passionate about it.

This way you don’t have to research and learn every topic, you can simply create content from the top of your head. Of course, you will eventually run out of things to talk about but it’s much easier to learn new stuff about a subject you are interested in already.

This way you can also provide much more value to your followers. If you can share actual experience and kowledge it’s much more useful than to create superficial content based on little research.

How To Find Keywords For Your Niche

Content creation itself won’t get you far unless there are actual people looking for and interested in the content you create. This is why keyword research is so incredibly important.

You can essentially create the same piece of content that is optimized for a profitable keyword or without optimization and no-one will find it.

This is where keyword tools like Jaaxy are very handy. You simply type in a topic and start scrolling through the suggestions and you will soon find better keywords to base your content around.

Another great way to find keywords is to follow other successful bloggers or YouTubers in your niche. See what they are writing about and use keyword research tools to estimate the competition.

Successful content creators will base their content around keywords that are in high demand and usually with low competition. There is no shame in copying ideas of your competitors, this happens in the real world all the time.

But there is shame in copying other people’s content. Be original, add value and create better and more thorough content than your competitors and you will see success.

Tools like Neil Patels’ Ubersuggest are great for digging a little deeper on your competition keywords and traffic. You can instantly find keyword ideas by just throwing in your competitors’ URL in there.

Where To Learn More?

If you want to learn how to do effective keyword research and content creation, my recommendation is to start with Wealthy Affiliate. You can find my review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

They offer free training that teaches the basics of effective keyword research and content creation. The advanced training requires you to become a paid premium member but they are not at all pushy about joining their program so definitely check out the free resource!

I can recommend the premium membership for anyone who is starting out with online marketing. It’s not just an education platform but actually has all the tools you need to build a successful business.

Above all the premium subscription at Wealthy Affiliate includes a hosting service with great technical support, so you don’t have to get a separate hosting service and learn how to install and use WordPress, etc.

The premium membership also includes the keyword research tool Jaaxy, two complete training programs and a great community that really can help you stay motivated and when you feel stuck.

There are also a ton of community-created pieces of training, blogs and tips that are just pure gold. I haven’t found as much useful information on online marketing under one roof anywhere else.


I hope you enjoyed my tips for content creation for online marketing. I know content creation can feel hard and daunting but it’s all about creating a habit.

If you stick with it for a month, you will find it becomes much easier. You start to form a habit out of keyword research and content creation.

I want to emphasize that most people don’t aim to create content endlessly. The whole point of online marketing is to achieve passive income for most people.

But you have to realize there is not really passive income, you are just putting the work in beforehand. You will reap the results later on. That said online marketing can be much more profitable than regular day jobs.

If you found this post useful, please subscribe to my newsletter, bookmark my site and share it in social media!

See you next time

Learn Affiliate Marketing Basics (Free Resource)

Learn Affiliate Marketing Basics Free

Today I’m going to talk about the best resource for learning affiliate marketing for free. So if you want to learn affiliate marketing basics for free, this resource is for you!

Affiliate marketing is one of the most convenient and profitable business models that you can do online. Working as an affiliate takes away a lot of the risk, work and financial investment of selling your own products or becoming a vendor.

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is or how it works, don’t worry! I will show you in a second. For now, you just need to remember it’s essentially working as a middle man between a company and the customer for a commission.

Affiliate marketing is so popular in the online business world because it can be completely automated, which allows building a system that creates passive income 24/7.

This means that instead of having a linear income where you get paid once for your work, you can get paid for almost indefinitely for the same work. You can use your time to increase these income streams to get cumulative income over time.

The best part is that some of the affiliate programs are extremely lucrative. You can earn anything from significant supplemental income to full-time income or even fortunes if you work on it long enough.

Have I got your attention already? Great! Because today you are going to learn how to use affiliate marketing to create a successful, automated online business.

I’ll Teach You How to Succeed With Affiliate Marketing

There is really nothing mystical about creating a successful affiliate marketing business. It’s only a matter of learning the necessary skills, applying them and staying consistent with your work.

The great thing is that there are a million ways to build an affiliate marketing business, some are common and some are not even invented yet.

The mistake most beginners make is that they try a little everything, overindulge in information, buy several products and end up failing because they are spread too thin.

The only, and I really mean THE ONLY way to move forward successfully is to learn a proven method, apply it and stick with it until you see results.

Don’t try to learn new things until you have mastered the previous thing. I can’t underline this enough. The longer you keep searching for information, the more confused you will get.

The internet is full of both free and paid programs for teaching you affiliate marketing. Some are legit, others are scams, some are something in between.

The problem is to know which ones to trust and to actually apply the information. You can’t really apply advanced tactics either if you don’t know the basics, so you need to stick to something simple in the beginning.

My recommendation for learning the basics for free is Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a beginner-friendly, free to start training platform for affiliate marketers. You can read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

What is Affiliate Marketing

So like I said in the beginning, affiliate marketing is essentially working as the middle man between a company and a customer. You earn commissions by referring customers that buy products from the company.

The great thing about this is that you don’t need to worry about things like inventory, customer support, reclamations, logistics, storage, and office space, etc. All that is taken care of by the company whose affiliate you are.

This means that you can earn an income with minimal investment on your behalf. Of course, you won’t make as much profit as the company does, especially if you market physical products, but you do get a significant piece of the pie.

Let’s Talk Money

How much exactly? Well, that depends on the products. Physical products have much smaller affiliate commissions because they have a lot smaller profit margin and the vendor has to make a buck as well.

Digital products, on the other hand, can offer up to 60% or 70% commissions on the sale. While this might seem ridiculous at first glance, it’s actually very profitable to the product maker as well because affiliate networks can increase conversions at an incredible rate.

Since digital products don’t involve as many expenses as physical products, they have much higher profit margins. By offering the product to affiliates at a high commission, you increase your reach and create a win-win situation.

Products to market

So what can you market with affiliate marketing? Almost anything. Seriously. For example, you can market affiliate products from large online stores, including Amazon. That’s hundreds of thousands of products alone to choose from.

You can also find digital products like online courses, ebooks, and software on affiliate marketplaces like ClickBank and JVzoo. Many companies also offer direct affiliate programs so your favorite companies very likely already have affiliate programs for marketing their products.

This is great because to become a successful marketer, you should know the products you market and it also means you can turn your passion into a profession!

Love playing the guitar? You can market guitars, guitar courses, amps, etc. Love fitness? There are tons of weight lifting and fat loss programs and products you can market. I’m sure you can think a couple things right away you would love to market. Exciting isn’t it?

So, how does this all work in practice?

Marketing strategies

Affiliate marketing is essentially connecting people with products they are looking for or are interested in. This can be done in several ways. Free and paid.

Virtually always the affiliate sale is done through an affiliate link. This is how the vendor knows who referred the customer. To get people to click your affiliate link and make purchases, you need traffic.

You can work as an affiliate marketer for free or almost free through content creation. If you have a popular blog, website, YouTube channels or significant social media following, you are already set. You can market relevant products to your followers.

The other way to go is by paid ads. You can use the well-targeted advertising platform on Facebook or YouTube, for example, to drive traffic to your sales page.

But the real magic is to build systems that are completely automated. Let’s look at how they work!

Automated marketing

The simplest form of the automated process is search engine optimized content (Blog post, YouTube video) with affiliate links. You target a certain keyword or keywords and include affiliate links to the products in your content.

When someone looks for the keyword in Google, for example, your content comes up in the search results. If you’ve done several things correctly, you might be on the first results.

Once you are there, it’s relatively easy to stay there. People will constantly flow to your content through search engines, some will click on your affiliate links, some will buy something and you will earn commissions on automation.

A bit more advanced strategy is to use an e-mail autoresponder. You get people to join your e-mail list by offering them something valuable. You can then use the autoresponder to automate your follow up email that you can use to recommend products.

You can combine these two tactics to form an extremely powerful, fully automated money-making machine that earns you an income even when you sleep.

Get Started Today!

So if you are interested in affiliate marketing, I really don’t think there’s a better free resource than Wealthy Affiliate. I’m not going to lie to you. If you want to build a successful online business, it takes serious effort and work, just like a regular business.

But the great thing about online business is that it’s a lot less financial risk than most (if not all) regular businesses to start and the rewards can be much greater.

The important thing to know is that it takes time to both learn and to grow your business. The income will not be gradual. It will be exponential.

This means that you will earn nothing at first, then you start gradually earn a bit and soon the income will grow at an increasing rate.

This is why I recommend you get started today! The sooner you start, the sooner you will see results. Just don’t expect overnight results, work hard and trust the system. You will succeed!

So if you are truly interested in affiliate marketing, download my free 7-day course to making money online and join Wealthy Affiliate today. Not tomorrow. Today! It’s time to take action.


I hope you found learn the affiliate marketing basics from the piece and checked out the free training at Wealthy Affiliate. I think their free training is top-notch for understanding the whole affiliate marketing process.

Affiliate marketing isn’t really that difficult once you learn the process. Learning is just like any other skill. First, you need the information, then you need to apply and practice it until you master it.

There are a lot of nuances and technical details to this but it’s not really that complicated. You don’t need technical skills like programming or graphic design skills.

The tools that many marketers use are very easy to use these days so all you need to do is to apply the knowledge and create your own content.

If you found this piece useful, please subscribe to my newsletter for more thorough affiliate marketing training and bookmark my site. Social shares are much appreciated as well!

See you next time.

How to Become Depressed (It’s not what you think!)

How to become depressed

Having a hard time getting depressed? You’ve come to the right place! I’ll show you just how to become depressed in a few simple steps.

Depression is so common these days you have to be really unlucky to not have experienced it first hand. Hell, even the economy is enjoying depression so it’s not fair you are being left out. Let’s see what we can do about that!

I have 6 tips that can improve your odds of becoming depressed in case your life has thus far been only exciting, fun and full of enjoyable experiences. I truly get that you feel like you are missing out on something big.

So if you are happy with your life, you might have to make a fresh start to truly succeed in becoming depressed. So consider your life choices thus far to see where you went wrong and start applying these tips today!

1. Get an education you don’t like

The first step to becoming miserable is getting an education in a field you aren’t really passionate about. The best way to go about this is by listening to the recommendations of your parents or friends.

If their recommendations seem too interesting, it’s always a good option to just think about the money. Find a career plan that pays well but is mind-numbingly boring and stressful. Like law school!

Whatever you do, don’t trust your gut and intuition. Let society, media and your loved ones pressure you into something you don’t find interesting. Essentially, let someone else make the decision for you!

The best thing about education for getting depressed is that it costs a ton and it’s just the bare minimum to even get employed. Some times we depressed people wish there was an option.

2. Find a boring job

So you got an education in some mundane field. Great! The next step is to get a job that is either so boring it sucks the life out of you or so stressful that you start to hate every minute of it. Bonus if you can combine both!

Work stress is really efficient for bringing out depression, so if you feel like it, you could consider taking on a second or a third job.

You could pick one that is boring, one that is super stressful and one that messes up your sleeping patterns for the full effect.

The main thing is that it should be something you feel like you have to do instead of wanting to do it and it should sap you out of energy just enough that you can’t really enjoy your free time.

This way depression should be inevitable eventually. But we have to take a few more steps to ensure you succeed!

3. Get in debt

There are few things that take away your free choice as effectively as being in debt. And we all know that depression likes to hang around with desperation.

In case your education didn’t leave you in big enough debt to make you feel depressed, my advice is to get a mortgage or two.

For depression, it’s best to invest in real estate in places where the values are only going down so that you are stuck with the mortgage and the real estate for life. This way you can’t escape depression by selling your assets and getting a nicer job.

If you are determined to get depressed you can go the extra mile and find a house with water damage. Nothing gets your depression going as well as a little mold-induced asthma!

5. Work too much

Yeah I know I skipped point 4, but that’s kinda what it feels like being depressed. You either forget things or don’t feel like doing them in the first place. Let this be your first-hand depression experience, a gift from me to you.

There is no better way to get to experience depression than by working too much for too long in a job you hate. It literally sucks the life out from you.

If you applied the previous steps correctly, you have a good change achieving this out of necessity. You have to pay the bills somehow to get out of debt or simply make the ends meet.

If you still feel like you have too much cash, you could try getting expensive hobbies and commodities that you never have time to use. Having them around will increase your anxiety which usually helps with becoming depressed.

6. Try to be witty when in reality you likely have below-average IQ

This one is just a reminder for myself. Carry on.


So there you go! 5 or 6 or something tips on how to become depressed. Who has the energy to count?

If you made it this far, congratulations! People are actually searching for information on how to get depressed online so I thought why not share my tips. You gotta love SEO.

Tell me what you thought about my tips and share your own in the comments section below! The best tips will be awarded (whatever the hell that means over here)!

Oh, in case you did stumble here through a search engine, don’t get depressed, do this instead!

See you next time (yeah right…)

P.s. All joking said, If you are depressed, please get help. It’s a serious condition that can be treated. I can’t give you medical advice but if you for some reason found my content instead of the authority site, I suggest you head over to MayoClinic.


Successful Online Businesses (Ideas)

Successful Online Businesses (Ideas)

Today I want to talk about successful online businesses and share ideas about how to create one for yourself. So if you are interested in working for yourself, read on!

I’m sure you have heard about different kinds of online businesses and opportunities, ranging from e-commerce stores to education platforms and from dropshipping to affiliate marketing.

Or maybe you just know someone who makes living blogging. No matter what the online business model, you can be sure there are a thousand unsuccessful ones for each successful one.

That’s why it’s very important to know which model to choose if you are just starting out. The odds for success are not for good with most of them.

But if you follow proven footsteps and put in the work, some of the business models are almost guaranteed to succeed. It all comes down to choosing the right path, sticking to it and putting in the hours.

We are living in a time of information overload, so it can be next to impossible to find all the required information and actually sort through it.

That’s why I have a very simple request for you. Since you are looking for information on creating successful online businesses, make the decision to find a proven system and stick to it.

Endless research will not make you any more likely to succeed, quite the contrary actually. The sooner you make the decision to stick to a proven plan, get started and take action, the sooner you will succeed online.

But what business model or program to choose from the sea of endless promises? Well, let me help you out.

The Most Successful Online Business Model

Before we get on with my recommendations, let’s look at what business model should you choose to improve your odds in succeeding in creating a successful online business.

My number one recommended business model is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing has several benefits over other types of online businesses that make it superior, especially for beginners.

If you are new to this stuff, affiliate marketing essentially means marketing other people’s products. They can be digital or physical products as many online stores (like Amazon) have affiliate programs.

When you refer a customer that makes a purchase, the vendor pays you an affiliate commission. This process is fully automated in the online world. All you need to have is the correct link to point your customers to the vendor.

So in essence affiliate marketing is a form of revenue sharing. It’s worth it for the vendor because they get paying customers and it’s worth it for you because you get a piece of the pie. Simple as that.

Unlike running an actual e-commerce store, affiliate marketing doesn’t require you to handle all the costly overhead of labor, storage, shipping, customer service, etc. It takes a lot to run even a small online store.

With affiliate marketing, you just refer the customer and get paid. That’s it. Even if you would do dropshipping, where you skip the physical overhead, you still have to handle customer service, complaints, etc.

How about selling your own digital product? Well, that’s a great option. If you know what you are doing. The problem is that most beginners don’t know what they are doing.

It takes serious effort to create a high-quality digital product and take it to the point that other people will actually want to market it. Even then you should offer it to affiliate marketers with high commissions because you will increase your sales to another level. But to even get started you need to create a professional product people actually want to buy.

Because affiliate marketing doesn’t require you to do any of that, it frees up time. You can focus all your efforts on the actual marketing and producing traffic.

The best part is that affiliate marketing can be completely automated. You just create content that people can find, include your affiliate links and the system works on automation even when you are sleeping.

That’s why I recommend it to beginners. You can use the skills you learn doing affiliate marketing to market physical products as well once you have the experience and capital if you still have an interest in such opportunities.

Of did I mention that it doesn’t require any real capital to create a successful affiliate marketing business? You do need some money to get all the necessary tools and training but we are talking about hundreds of dollars here, not tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands like in regular business.

My Recommended Programs

So you want to learn affiliate marketing to create a successful online business? Great! I can recommend two programs for you that will definitely help you succeed if you follow through with the training.

They are Wealthy Affiliate and Legendary Marketer.

Both of these programs are great and which one you choose depends much on your preference. Both have their pros and cons and for the best results, you should actually combine them.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an online marketing platform that focuses on teaching sustainable affiliate marketing that works in any niche. It covers everything from training to web hosting and includes tools like keyword research tools, community help, and feedback system.

You can get started with Wealthy Affiliate for free but to get the full training and all the tools, you will need to get go premium, which is only $30/month.

Considering that you would have to pay much more than that to just get a high-quality hosting service for your websites and a decent keyword tool, I think WA Premium subscription is a no brainer.

I’ve used the system to build a successful website that produces money on automation even if I don’t touch it for several weeks, so I can vouch for the program.

Wealthy Affiliate mainly teaches how to do affiliate marketing through search engine optimized content creation, e.g. blogging. The idea is to create content around keywords that people are looking for on the internet.

If you can get your content into the search results, people will come to your site where you introduce your affiliate links. Wealthy Affiliate is actually much more than that as there are ever-increasing training by both the creators and the community.

The community is actually one of the best parts of WA as it helps you stay motivated and can help you out when you feel lost.

Read my full Wealthy Affiliate review here.

Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer is another affiliate marketing training platform that focuses on faster results than Wealthy Affiliate. Legendary Marketer was created by CEO David Sharpe as an education platform for marketers looking to create fast success online.

Dave has created several successful online businesses in the past and really knows what he is talking about. The focus in LM is on traffic sources that don’t rely on time-consuming SEO. Instead, they focus on traffic sources that provide fast results.

This includes paid traffic from different platforms, e-mail marketing and using high authority content creation sites like Medium for leveraging their SEO value and reader base for faster results.

I’m just getting started with Legendary Marketer but from all, I have seen and heard I have no doubt it’s a very effective program.

You can read my initial review of the Legendary Marketer here.

How to Succeed in Online Business

So there you have it. Two ideas and recommendations for creating a successful online business. I’ve seen first hand that both methods work, so it’s all up to you if you succeed using the information and tools they provide.

This why I want to give you the only three tips you need to succeed in your online business:

  1. Take action. Nothing will happen unless you decide to take action right now and do so every single day until you see success.
  2. Be consistent. Choose your direction, make a plan and stick to it by working consistently towards your goal every day. This means taking the right kind of action every day.
  3. Don’t expect overnight results. This stuff takes both work and time. But if you put in the work consistently, you will eventually succeed. So expect it to take several months or even over a year to see real success. It takes guts to stay consistent that long and that’s why most people fail.

So if you take action every day, do it consistently and stick it out long enough success is inevitable. The question is are you up for it?

Just remember that every single successful affiliate marketer was exactly where you are now at some point. You have to start somewhere.


That’s it for today! I hope you found these business ideas useful and intriguing. If you have anything to ask about affiliate marketing or Wealthy Affiliate and Legendary Marketer, don’t hesitate to contact me in the comments section below.

Affiliate marketing is simply a superior form of online business as it can be automated and you can do it from anywhere in the world.

One thing I forgot to mention that you might be wondering is that you can market almost anything. The product possibilities, both physical and digital are almost endless.

I have seen people succeed with evergreen topics like weight loss and fitness as well as with micro-niches like football snack helmets or drones.

That’s another great thing about affiliate marketing. You can create content on things you are passionate about and find suitable products. There is always something to market so it’s up to you to get creative!

See you next time

Is Legendary Marketer Legit? (Review)

is legendary marketer legit

Product name: Legendary Marketer

Product Founder: David Sharpe 

Product Type:  Affiliate Marketing Training Program

Price: $7 to Get Started, $30/month 

Best for: People who want to learn how to build a successful online business with fast results. 

Summary: Legendary Marketer seems to be a legit online marketing platform with a lucrative affiliate program. They teach fast and effective marketing strategies like leveraging high authority content creation sites, social media and email marketing instead of time consuming SEO.

Pros: High quality training, affordable basic training, possibility for fast results

Cons: Doesn't actually teach building your own site (online real estate) as far as I can tell, the high ticket additional products seem pricey 

As a part of the 30-day bootcamp challenge, we are required to make a review of the Legendary Marketer program. So, is Legendary Marketer legit? Read on to find out. 

Before I go any futher I want to bring it to your attention that this review is purely based on my first impressions through the Bootcamp, Dave Sharps e-mail list and my research on Legendary Marketer.

I am not currently a paying member, but that might change soon. If I do decide to become a member, I will update this review accordingly and let you know. 

I just wanted to be straight with you as I hate reading reviews about programs people haven’t actually tried but are pretending like they did.

That said I have quite a good grasp on online marketing trainings and I have followed several marketers I trust that have recommended LM (Legendary Marketer). That’s how I ended up subsribind to dave and eventually joined the Bootcamp.

What is Legendary Marketer

Legenadry Marketer is an online education platform for teaching beginners and intermediate marketers online marketing. They focus on providing effective methods that produce fast results.

Legendary Marketer was founded by David Sharpe, a succesfull online marketer that has built several multimillion businesses. This is important because his results show that he knows what he is talking about and that his training is valuable.

One of the more unique approaches Legendary Marketer takes is that it they provide each memeber with a personal coach that guides you along with your training and pushes you forward in creating your online business.  

The education starts from the very basics and advances gradually over time to more demanding strategies. You can get started for almost free, as the 15-day business builder challenge costs only $7. I’ll talk more about the pricing later on.

Legendary Marketer also provides a community, which is incredibly important especially in the begining of your online journey. A community can help you by asnwering questions and by motivating you when you feel lost.

Who is Legendary Marketer meant for?

Since LM is an online education platform it’s meant for anyone who wants to learn how to make money online. They start from the very basics and you don’t need any previous online marketing exeperience to get started.

Because the marketing methods they teach are quite universal it’s also suitable for existing business owners that are looking to take their business on another level.

It is my current understanding that they teach both free and paid methods of acquiring customers and traffic. This is important because getting the right kind of traffic is the number one requirment for success in online marketing. 

If you don’t have product or business of your own, you can use the skills they teach at LM to market their own product through their affiliate program. 

While their affiliate program is pretty good with the pay outs, it either requires you to buy more expensive products or make intial sales without commision on the higher ticket items. So be prepared to make some investments. I’ll talk more about that in a minute.

You can also use the methods and strategies they tech to market your own business and products of course. It’s my understanding that even the basic level memebership will give you very good tools for this.

I still get the impression that the whole system is definitely designed for marketing their own product, so I would wager that you would get superior results with using their affiliate program vs. marketing other products. 

The truth is that you can only find out by trying. There are no guarantees and it all depends above all else on yourself. How diligently you can apply what you learn and how consistent you can stay with your business. 

The fact is that people have seen great success with Legendary Marketer, so the methods they teach definitely work. It’s up to you what you use them for and how effectively. 

Pricing of Legendary Marketer

So what does this all cost? Well here it gets a bit complicated. Legendary Marketer consists actually of several porducts of different prices. Each product is essentially a course that is designed to be an addition to the previous education.

That said, It’s my understanding that you can learn prettym uch everything you need to run a succesfull business through the main product, Legendary Marketers Club. 

In addition to the main products Legendary MArketer also has live events and masterminds from time to time. Here are all the main products:

15-day businees challenge ($7)

The 15-day business challenge is desgined to give you a taste of what Legendary Marketer is all about. It costs only $7 dollars but it offers quite a bit of value as the aim is to help you make your first sale online. 

The course actually used to be free but they decided to add a small fe to keep off people looking for freebies. The thing about LM is that they actually want to see you succeed. That’s why they actually pick their customers, they know their training works, so they don’t want people who don’t take action to blame the system for poor results. 

This is why even in the 15-day challenge you will need to talk with your personal business coach who will map out a personalized business plan with you.

The challenge consists of 15 daily video lessons with daily tasks you will need to perform tho launch and grow your online business.    

Even if you are not interested in Legendary Marketer otherwise, I think you should consider this challenge as it offer great value for the price. You will also gain access to it as a bonus of any othe LM product.

Legendary Marketers club ($30/month)

The Legendary Marketers club is the actual core product you pay for in Legendary Marketer. It’s a membership program, so there is a monthly fee which is very reasonable at just $30. 

They market it as the “Netflix of marketing training”, meaning that there are tons of included training and new is constantly added. There are also weekly live Q&A webinars from exeperienced marketers. 

The Legendary Marketers club also gains you access to the very profitable affiliate program of LM. You also gain access to the Legendary MArketer community and your personal coach which are very useful for any questions you have when you feel stuck.

Traffic Rolodex Bundle ($247)

The traffic Rolodex Bundle is an advanced training that contains 8 video modules that cover different paid advertising strategies. The Traffic Rolodex is a one time payment of $247

The module covers getting paid traffic from Adwords, Facebook ads, Google, Instagram Ads, Landing Pages, Native Ads, YouTube and Twitter Ads.

Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint ($2500)

A business blueprint for creating a succesfull affiliate marketing business with all the tools and training you need to get started. 

Digital Products Business Blueprint ($2500)

A business blueprint for creating your own digital products. It teaches you how to create a professional digital product in written, audio or video format from scratch. 

Coaching and Consultin Business Blueprint ($2500)

This business plan teaches you how to turn your expertise or passion into a service by becoming a coach or a consult on the subject. 

Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint ($2500)

Inside the Events and Masterminds Blueprint they teach how to plan, host and profit from a live event. The training includes how to save on costs, who to hire and where to host your events. 

Affiliate program of Legendary Marketer

Like I mentioned earlier, Legendary Marketer offers a very profitable affiliate program. It also seems that the whole training is geared towards using their own affiliate program. 

There’s of course nothing wrong with this as they offer a program that clearly works but I think it’s important to note that they don’t push you to market their products and the training works for other business as well. 

I want to make this clear because I hate the idea of a business that is simply about marketing a program that teaches people how to market that same program. I see this all the time in the online world and it’s this crazy vicious circle that doesn’t add value to anyone. Well except money to the top.

But what I’ve seen about Legendary Marketer, they are not doing this. They just teach very effective strategies of online marketing that you can combine with their higlhy profitabale affiliate program. 

There are two levels to the affiliate program. A free Basic program and a paid Pro program. The paid Pro program is $29.95 / month. 

The comissions vary between 5% – 30% on the free Basic program and between 20% – 60% on the Pro program. If you have a blog or a popular channel that allow you to drive high amounts of traffic the Pro program will likely pay itself back in no time. 

Besides higher payouts, the Pro affiliate program allows you to integrate your own email autoresponder, earn addtional stream of income, introduces private traffic sources and offer addtional advanced affiliate training.

I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that to market the higher ticket items you need to buy them yourself. I couldn’t confirm this trough the information on their affiliate product though, so don’t take my word for it.

But if it’s correct, I actually like this aproach, because it means you have at least tried the product before recommending it. Something that many affiliate marketers don’t do. They just recommend products with good comissions and a decent reputation. 

I also think I read somewhere that you can also get comissions from products you don’t own after you have referred a few sales. So you can actually market the more profitable products by givign away few comissions. 

I bet the comissions and the price of the program are pretty close so by actually buying the product you would get to use it yourself

How to succeed with Legendary Marketer (and with any other program)

So can you make money with Legendary Marketer? I’m certain you can because I’ve seen plenty of people I trust make good money with it.

But it all depends on yourself. You see, the number one reason people fail online is because the fail to take action. And if they do take action they don’t do it consistently and expect immediate results.

It simply doesn’t work like that. No one can say if you will or will not succeed and how long it will take, but I can guarantee you that you won’t succeed unless you apply what you learn.

So if you want to succeed with LM or any other proven program, you need to make the following steps. 

  1. Actually go through the training. You wouldn’t believe how many people pay thousands of dollars for training and never finish it. I’ve done this in the past myself as well. Learn what you pay for!
  2. Apply the training. Learning won’t accomplish anything if you don’t apply it. This means taking massive action. Understand the training, apply it and don’t skip anything!
  3. Get things done. It’s much more important to get things done than to make them perfect. The truth is your content will never be perfect. But if it’s not published, no one will see it. 
  4. Stay consistent. You need to work on your business daily to see actual results. If you watch a training and apply it once a month, you can’t expect much results.
  5. Don’t give up. You need to realize this is a long term commitment. It takes time to build authority and consistent traffic. That said Legendary Marketer is one of the few programs that teach you fast ways to make your initial sales.

So basically if you apply what you learn, work hard and stick to it, you will eventually see success. How fast and how much? Now one can tell, maybe you’ll make a nice side income in two years or maybe you’ll be a millionaire in 6 months. It all depends on your work ethics, skills, choices and even luck. 

Just look at me. I don’t think of myself as an especially good writer or marketer. I actually think my writing is pretty dull and boring to read, but I try to improve it and I keep at it. I don’t give up. 

It took me over a years to start producing consistent income online and it’s still not enough to pay the bills. But it will be eventually because I know what I need to do to grow it. 

So if you are just starting out online, start creating content today. What’s the worst thing that could happen? 


I hope you found this Legendary Marketer review useful. I definitely think LM is legit and people are seeing great success with it. I’m considering joining the program myself and if I do, I will update this review as I progress with it.

So keep in mind that the information in this review is based on my research, Legendary Marketers bootcamp challenge, Dave’s e-mails and their websites product info.

That’s it for now, I’ll update this piece in the future if I decide to stick with the program after the 30-day bootcampl challenge.

See you next time! 

Typical Sales Funnel Stages (Simple guide)

Typical Sales Funnel Stages

All right, today we will talk about sales funnels. You will learn what exactly are sales funnels and what do the typical stages of sales funnels look like.

Many people who are new to online marketing think that getting traffic to your site or other content is the hard part. This is not actually true.

While traffic, either natural or paid, is mandatory for successful online business as you can’t run a business without conversion it’s as important to have the right kind of customers and convert them to buying ones.

Which do you suppose is more useful for your business, having ten thousand visitors to your offer in a month but none of them are interested in buying or having ten visitors that are all interested in buying?

It’s actually much harder to get the right kind of traffic (meaning people that are interested in buying) and then actually have them make the purchase decision (converting) than to simply get traffic.

This is why the first part of a sales funnel is always picking the right customers. Now I do understand that the more visitors you have, the more likely you are to make sales, it’s a numbers game. But the point I’m trying to make is that quality matters over quantity.

In the online world picking the right customers is the first part of your sales funnel. I’ll tell you in a second how you can get the right customers, aka targeted traffic, but let’s look at first why you need a sales funnel.

Sales funnels are a must for customer conversion

I hope I convinced you that simply having traffic is not enough to make sales in the online world. To run an actually successful business you will need to have a sales funnel for converting leads into buying customers.

But what exactly is a sales funnel? The purpose of the sales funnel is to move the potential buyer through different stages of building trust and lead them towards a purchase decision.

The whole idea of a sales funnel is to first acquire traffic that is pre-selected to be interested in your offer, then turn that traffic into leads you have direct contact to. You can then build trust with those customers to providing value for free.

Once you have built enough trust with the leads, they are much more likely to convert into buying customers that will buy from you in the future as well.

So a sales funnel guides a customer through a series of steps and offer that are aimed to make a sale. They typically contain upsells and down sells to make sure you convert as high a percentage of your leads as possible.

Yesterday we talked about value ladders. A sales funnel is essentially how you apply your value latter in practice. If you only have a single product with a single price, you could be leaving money on the table.

Let’s look at this through an example. Let’s imagine you have three leads that are interested in your product that costs $50 for example.

The first lead has the $50, is interested in the product. He decides to make a purchase. BOOM! You just made a sale.

Now the second client is on a budget. He really doesn’t have $50 to spare at the moment but is definitely interested in your product. If you don’t apply a sales funnel with down-sell, you will lose this customer.

But if you do offer a down-sell, that still offers a solution to their problem, they are much more likely to make a purchase since they were already interested in your main offer.

Now let’s take the third lead. This time we have a buyer who has a problem and plenty of cash. He might be willing to pay $200 for a more complete solution to his problem. If you only offer the $50 you will leave tons of money on the table.

It’s wise to have a system in place that takes into account all these situations. A well thought out and set up sales funnel takes care of this.

So the sales funnel essentially has two functions. To turn lead into buying customers, and to optimize the revenue you get from a single lead by moving them along the value ladder based on their interest and funds.

Typical sales funnel stages

So now that you understand how important sales funnels are for your online business, let’s look at the typical sales funnel stages in an online context.

There are essentially four main stages that can be divided into smaller chunks. Let’s look at each stage and how they might look like in online marketing with examples.

Typical Sales Funnel Stages

Stage 1: Awareness

The first stage in your sales funnel is spreading awareness. After all, no one can find your business and your offers unless you put it out there.

Building your brand is part of building awareness. A recognized brand will have authority, reputation, and trust. Treat your online business just like you would treat a real business. All your actions need to be in line with your brand.

There are many ways to spread awareness in the online world. Basically they all boil down to content creation as the content is what people consume in the online world.

The most common ways to build awareness to drive traffic are search engine optimized content (i.e. blog), paid ads on different platforms, social media, and YouTube.

There are pros and cons to each. In my opinion, it’s pretty much a preference and resource question which way you want to go.

Search engine optimized content on a site you own is great because it produces passive traffic streams but the con is that it takes a lot of research, time and patience to get good results. You need to build authority for your site.

Paid ads on Facebook or YouTube, for example, can produce great results but you need to know what you are doing. If you don’t know how to create compelling ads and target them properly, you risk losing more money than making.

Social media and YouTube presence and the following can also be great ways to drive traffic to your offers. The downside is that it takes time and talent to become an influencer, your content needs to be good these days.

You also have to produce new content constantly to keep your followers and acquire new ones, this takes a lot of time. But if you enjoy it, it can be very effective.

No matter what your preference is, awareness is the point where you preselect your customers. You want the traffic to be interested in your offer in the first place, so only offer products and services that are relevant to your niche.

So if you create content on a blog or a website, target keywords that are relative to your niche and offers so that the people who find your content through search engines are already interested in the products you promote. Reviews are great for this.

With paid ads, you can, of course, target the traffic depending on the offer, and this is crucial for success with ads. The same goes for YouTube and social media, your following is likely interested in products related to your content.

Stage 2: Leads

The next stage of a typical sales funnel is converting the traffic you create through awareness into leads. Leads are essentially visitors that have shown enough interest in your content and offers that they voluntarily follow you.

The most common way of gathering leads is by building an e-mail list. To get people to join your e-mail you typically use a squeeze page, which is simply a page whose only intention is to entice people to give you their e-mail address in exchange to a tempting gift.

The opt-in offer can be anything from a free ebook to video course or infographic. It can also be an exceptionally good discount of a higher-priced product.

In social media and YouTube also subscribers that receive notifications from you can be considered leads because they have shown enough interest in your content to opt-in for notifications of new content.

Stage 3: Prospects

Every single people that joins your e-mail list is a prospect for sales. This is the third stage of a typical sales funnel. To improve the odds of making sales, you need to treat these prospects with respect.

Before you start selling, you should establish trust by providing additional value to your subscribers in addition to your opt-in gift. This can be anything from tips to personal stories that makes them feel that you are actually a real person that’s communicating with them.

This is typically done with an e-mail autoresponder like AWeber by the way. This way you can automate the whole e-mail follow up process and you don’t have to actually send thousands of individual e-mails. That just wouldn’t make any sense, you know?

Once you have established trust and connection with the prospects, it’s time to introduce your main offer. At this point the people who so your initial content or ad has come a long way closer to trusting you.

If you have managed to build a relationship with them, they are much more likely to buy from you at this point compared to if you would have simply tried to sell them offer at first contact.

If you remember what I said about the value ladder, this is the point of the funnel where you can offer upsells and down-sells as well, which is actually Stage 4 of the sales funnel.

Stage 4: Sales

The final stage of a typical sales funnel is further sales. The best time to offer a down-sell or an upsell is directly after a purchase decision is made.

So a typical sales funnel will have automation to offer a down-sell in case a prospect hits the back button or attempts to close the check-out page.

The same goes for upsells. If a prospect makes the purchase there is usually automation to offer a higher-ticket item like a membership.

Besides direct upsells and down-sells, typical sales funnels will introduce additional offers to existing customers to increase value (remember the value ladder). These could include memberships, loyalty programs, and customer specials.

It’s always valuable to keep in touch with existing customers as they are much more likely to buy from you again compared to new prospects.


That’s it for today! I hope you found this simple guide about the typical stages of a sales funnels in online business useful. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section and I’ll get back to you soon!

I’m sure that by now you see the value a sales funnel can provide for your business compared to presenting offers directly. Building a relationship with potential buyers is an extremely powerful tactic for increasing conversions.

Just always remember you are dealing with real people. Be honest, be respectful and treat them like you would like to be treated yourself and they will trust you.

Oh, and only recommend products and services you believe in yourself of course. Nothing breaks trust as bad as getting conned to buy a crappy product that doesn’t offer actual value.

If you found this post useful and want to learn more about online marketing, SEO or simply want out of the rat race, subscribe to my newsletter and bookmark my site. Social shares are always appreciated as well!

Time to wrap this up.

See you next time!

What’s a value ladder? (And why you need one in online business)

what's a value ladder

It’s very important to have a value ladder in your online business to see actual success. But what’s a value ladder exactly? Read on to find out.

I won’t keep you in excitement for the whole article in case you are in a hurry. A value ladder is essentially a customer ascension model.

You see, customer generation is the most difficult part of running a successful business. You simply can’t run a business without buying customers, you need revenue.

How many customers you need depends on your overhead, the value of your products and how well you can convert those customers to buyers. To produce a profit, your profit has to exceed your overhead.

However, simply getting customers is not enough. To be truly successful you need to establish a trustful relationship with them.

So, when you do get a customer, it’s crucial to get them to make the initial purchase and stick with you after that.

This is because a customer that bought something from you once is much more likely to trust you and buy something from you again.

A value ladder is a concept that after the initial customer acquirement you can increase the value of the customer to your business by offering gradually higher value products.

As the customer ascends the value ladder, you generate a higher profit.

This concept applies to both offline and online business but in online business the opportunities for high-profit sales are much higher due to minimal overhead compared to brick and mortar businesses selling physical products.

This is why it’s very important in online business to do your best to build a trustworthy relationship with your customers, so they are more likely to move up the value ladder.

Confused yet? Let me explain how a value ladder works in online business through an example.

Step 1:  Customer acquisition

The first step of the value ladder is getting people to see your offer or offers. So basically acquiring customers for your online business.

It’s really not any different on a concept level than getting customers for a coffee shop for example. No one is going to buy your products if they don’t know they exist.

Of course, the actual acquisition happens differently in the online world. There are several ways to get people to see your offer. Both free and paid.

In the online world customers flow is called traffic. You can get traffic by paying for ads in services like Facebook and other social media, YouTube and Google.

Just remember that paying for ads will increase your overhead so you need to make more sales to make a profit.

That said, paid ads can be extremely effective as you can laser focus your audience these days so that only people who are already looking for your products and services will see them. Naturally, they are much more likely to buy than people not interested in your offers.

You can also get traffic freely by producing content on a blog or social media, that people can find through search engines and through your following.

Naturally, nothing is truly free, you need either time and talent or money to produce content people actually want to see.

If you, for example, run a website, you can create posts/articles that are search engine optimized for certain keywords. If you do things right, people will eventually find your content through Google without you actively doing anything.

This way in the online world it’s possible to create passive customer streams that are pre-selected to be more likely buyers. I’m sure you can see the potential in this compared to regular business.

Step 2: Initial sale

Once you have traffic for your site, video or other media,  you have two options. You can try to sell them something for a single commission through an affiliate link for example.

But if you want them to climb the value ladder, you need to get them hooked someway so you can offer them better offers. To achieve this, one of the greatest ways is to offer value by providing a free gift in exchange for an email address.

If you are unfamiliar with email marketing, it’s a very powerful way of directly communicating with your customers. By using an autoresponder you can automate your email marketing campaigns so that you don’t have to manually send emails to your customers.

To get your visitors to join your email list you will need some kind of incentive. This could be a valuable e-book, a course or some form of training. You can offer it for free or for a significant account.

I suggest giving free offers because this way visitors are much more likely to join your list. On the other hand, if you ask a small fee like $5, the people who do join your list will be much more likely to actually purchase something.

Both strategies offer benefits but in my opinion, you should do your best to convert as many visitors to subscribers as possible because it doesn’t really cost you extra and you can always clean your email list afterwards.

If you have a huge brand with people waiting in lines to buy your products it might be worth it to put a small premium but if you have a new online business just stick with the free gift.

After you get people on your list it’s all about creating trust. Remember you are dealing with real people here, not some automated bots from cyberspace.

You need to provide value to them so that when you eventually introduce a higher paying product, they will trust you enough to make the decision to buy that product as well.


Step 3: Upsell

Once you have them hooked by your initial offer, it’s time for an upsell. People who trust you enough to make a purchase are much more likely to make another purchase in the future.

They are also much more likely to make a purchase to a higher value product you offer later on. This is called upselling. You can offer an upsell at two points.

The first point is when they are making the original purchase. They are on the buying mindset and they have their credit card out. If you can provide additional value at this point, it’s much more likely they will buy the additional product or service at this point when compared to just trying to sell the additional product individually.

Another opportunity to upsell is when a customer has made a purchase and has tried the product for a while and finds it useful. If they bought the product because you recommended it, they will very likely trust you for future recommendations.

If you at this point recommend a more valuable product that is relevant to their problem, they are much more likely to buy it.

Step 4: Scaling the ladder

After you have built the initial trust and have buyers that actually trust you enough to take on your upsells, the sky’s the limit for scaling the value ladder.

The idea is to produce even higher ticket offers to these buyers. The higher you climb the ladder the less likely it becomes to make a sale.

Since in online business your overhead will be very small, it’s worth the effort to try and climb the ladder. The profit is worth it.

A typical example of a value ladder might look something like this:

  1. A customer visits your blog
  2. He/she makes takes up on your free offer of an ebook and joins your email list.
  3. In addition to the free gift, you should provide valuable tips for several days before selling anything.
  4. After a week or two, you recommend an affiliate product. At this point, you have created enough trust to make a sale.
  5. You continue providing valuable free tips for a while.
  6. You recommend another product, this time a much more valuable one. The customer will likely trust you enough at this point to also buy this one.
  7. You repeat the cycle. On each cycle it gets less likely to make a sale as you will recommend even pricier products. But the important part is that someone might always take you up on the offer.

Just remember this. It’s easier to make one sale of thousand dollars than a thousand sales of a single dollar. 


That’s it for today! I hope you found this article useful and will see the value of using a value ladder to improve your profits in your online business.

If you are interested in getting out of the rat race, creating an online income and learning about business opportunities please subscribe to my newsletter and bookmark my site. If you found this useful, social shares are also very welcome!

See you next time!

Why To Start an Online Business – My Story

why to start an online business

All right, it’s day two of the Legendary Marketer Bootcamp challenge. Today I want to share my story on why to start an online business.

I’ve written about this topic before on my about page but I thought this would be a great chance to share my background and motivation for creating IHW and other sites of my online business.

I thought I’d begin by talking a bit about my background so you can get an idea about my skills and interests. This is important for me because when I first learned about online business it was very eye-opening to realize that people from all walks of life were doing this.

I’ve seen plenty of young people without formal education create successful online businesses and the same goes for experienced professionals from different industries and also retirees.

Realizing this gave me the confidence to start with my online business. If all these people were succeeding, why wouldn’t I? I’ve always had a bad habit of undermining myself and not trusting my skills. So this was the push I needed.

The great thing about online business is that you can get all the education you need online, your background doesn’t really matter. People of all ages, sexes, and backgrounds are creating successful online businesses as we speak.

Of course, having English as your first language helps a lot as does the ability to read and write fast. But these are all skills you can learn.

English is not my first language, but I’ve had the luxury of learning and using English from a young age so I can make due. I want to share this in case you are someone who can read English, but is unsure if you can succeed, not being a native speaker. You most definitely can. Trust yourself.

You can create a successful online business in pretty much any language, so all it really takes is the ability to learn the necessary skills, which are mostly taught in English. But I’m sure these days you can find the same information in almost any language.

But enough about the language barrier, time to get on with my story!

My background

So, as I told you already, I’m not a native English speaker. I’m from Finland and have lived there most of my life. If you are not very familiar with Finland, here’s the scoop:

  • We live up north so the winters are long and dark, summers are short and bright (and beautiful)
  • There’s only around 5 million of us Finns, we have plenty of countryside and forest and only a few larger cities.
  • We have a very good educational system, for which I can partly thank my skills for.
  • We are not a socialist/communist satellite state of Russia like some Americans seem to think. We lean towards the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Norway and Denmark
  • All in all, we are a relatively wealthy and technologically advanced small country.

I just wanted to share this so you know where I’m coming from. All the points I brought up are somehow related to how I ended up starting an online business.

Growing up I was always interested in understanding how things worked. I was also very interested in computers. I had the privilege of having parents that supported my interests and were very modern for the times.

Growing up in the 80s we already had a PC with a modem that my father was using for banking and connecting to the university’s server. This was before the internet may I remind you.

I actually learned English by learning to use computers and by watching American TV which we, fortunately, don’t overdub but have subtitles instead. I basically learned English by accident and were pretty proficient with it by third grade when the formal teaching of English began in our school. This is actually pretty common in Finland I guess.

Without going too much into details of my school years, I eventually ended up going to high school and after that to a university of applied sciences and eventually got a bachelor’s degree.

While studying I did all sorts of odd jobs from construction to driving a forklift in a warehouse. For the past years, I’ve been working in a specialist position, a comfortable office job. I make a decent living but I often find myself thinking of options.

During my whole career, one thing has been very clear to me. I was not going to do full-time work for someone else for my whole career. I’ve always wanted to become an entrepreneur eventually.

We are living in uncertain times (like they ever were certain?). It’s only wise to diversify your income sources and not be dependent on a single paycheck. If you create your life around that monthly paycheck, you become financially dependent on your employer.

This is the reason I got interested in online business. I don’t want to position myself so that I’m completely dependent on my monthly paycheck. It’s simply too risky, you never know when the economy tanks and budget cuts make your job obsolete.

My background and skills gave me the confidence I could make it in the online world as I learned that people with much less education and experience had succeeded in the online world.

But how did I learn that you can make money online?

When I learned about making money online

I can’t say exactly when I heard about making money online for the first time but I remember when I started looking for the information actively for the first time.

I was doing a research project in 2011 for the university and I was sitting in front of this dust generator (yes, that’s a thing), grinding dust to a ventilation pipe that was set up for the research experiment. We were researching cleaning construction dust from ventilation if you are wondering.

I had been running the experiment for several weeks at this point and it involved a lot of waiting. There was literally nothing to do while waiting for the test run to finish. I was bored out of my mind. I had just gotten my first smartphone and just decided to Google “earn money online” or something along those lines.

Just like that, a new world opened before my eyes. I started reading about the first page hits and was soon researching and consuming huge amounts of information on my free time. I soon became convinced people were actually making money with honest work online. I just had to learn how to do it myself.

I soon learned about affiliate marketing and passive income and all these intriguing ideas of making big bucks on autopilot while you were sleeping.

How it turned out

Well, my enthusiasm was short-lived. It did not turn out so well, unfortunately. In 2011 I built my first niche website without any real training.

I used stuff I found on Google and YouTube as guidance. I got a cheap hosting service, a domain and did some keyword research with Google keyword planner.

I think I posted around 5 to 10 posts before giving up because I wasn’t ranking in Google or getting any traffic. Had I known what I know now, I would have kept pushing for much longer. Back then it would’ve been much easier to rank for many niches.

Maybe a year later I gave it another go while abandoning the first site completely. I was having an exceptionally bad situation at a temp job and I wrote “I hate working” to Google.

Right at that moment, a lightbulb turned on my head. I realized there must be thousands of people like me, frustrated with their jobs and looking for a way out online. Maybe I could show  the world of options out there and offer some hope? To make things clear, I don’t hate working, not most of the time at least. I actually work hard and enjoy seeing results. But I bet most you reading this can sympathize with the feeling.

I checked out free domains and found That’s how this site got started. Originally I simply shared tips on how to make money online, without really having the experience to back up my advice.

Not so surprisingly, after a year or so I had no results with IHW and gave up on it as well. My online dream seemed to perish. I got busy with work and life.

New try

I forgot about online business for over five years after the early failures. I focused on my actual career and accepted that this is the way it’s going to be until retirement. For a while.

In 2018 I started researching online business again and stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate. After doing some serious research I decided to take the plunge and became a premium member.

I actually built several sites in the beginning as I was lacking direction. A couple of them were new, but I Hate Working was actually a domain that I had kept all these years on a cheap hosting service.

At first I wasn’t seeing any real success and that was partly because I wasn’t giving my 100 %. I was building small niche websites and documenting my progress at IHW. I was simply spread out too thin and didn’t understand the process well enough.

At new years eve 2018 I made a promise to myself. I will build a successful site in 2019. To me, this meant building a site that gets consistent traffic and actually produces an income. It didn’t have to produce a fulltime income, just some consistent income.

If I didn’t achieve that in 2019 I was ready to give up on online business. But I wouldn’t do it without giving it my everything first. I had to know if I had it in me. So since the beginning of this year, I’ve been creating content almost daily.

I created a completely new niche website on a niche I was enthusiastic about, I focused all my effort on that site for most of the year. And guess what? Right around 3 months I started to produce traffic and made my first affiliate sale soon after. The traffic has been growing consistently and I made almost $ 100 last month. I know it’s not much, but it’s a start. Above else it’s proof of concept. I’m not going to give up.

Now I’m looking at some new opportunities while working on the site. That’s how I ended up participating in the Legendary Marketer Bootcamp challenge. Let’s see how it goes for the next 30 days!


Phew! This became much longer than I originally intended. I think I overdid the first part and had to compress the last part because of time constraints. I’ll leave it as it is for the time being as I finished my goal for the daily challenge.

I love sharing this type of homespun, completely transparent content, so please leave a comment if you enjoy reading it. I like it how I kinda have to make this up as I go, as I don’t have time to really hone everything.

While this might make the reading experience a bit fickle, I bet there are people who like reading honest and not overly edited text.

On the other hand, I don’t actually care that much about what other people think, It’s my personal blog after all! That said I do value my readers, so I do have my standards and I am open to feedback.

Time to wrap this up. I hope you found reading my story interesting and useful! I also hope it gave you the courage to move forward with your online endeavors.

Just remember this when you are doubting yourself: The only true failure is not taking action!

See you tomorrow.

The Legendary Marketer 30-day Bootcamp

legendary marketer 30-day bootcamp

I haven’t updated I Hate Working in a while as I’ve been busy building my online business elsewhere. I decided to partake in the Legendary Marketer 30-day Bootcamp and decided to document my progress here at IHW!

I’m writing this post as a part of the 30-day challenge of content creation, so I aim to publish a new post here or a new video on YouTube every single day for the next 30 days, so wish me luck.

I decided to join the 30-day Bootcamp because I’ve heard good things about it from several online marketers I trust and I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with content creation here at IHW and I was getting bored with another site I’ve been working on most of the year.

So I thought to participate in this challenge would be a great opportunity to both learn new stuff and to push myself to create new content that you will hopefully find useful.

I thought I’d start by introducing the 30-day challenge and Legendary Marketer to you and talk a bit about my motivation for committing to this challenge.

What is Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer is a company that’s essentially an online education platform for marketing. It’s founded by David Sharpe.

Sharpe has built quite a reputation in the online marketing world as he has built three multi-million dollar businesses in a relatively short time.

Before Legendary Marketer, he was involved in the now infamous and bankrupt Empower Network that got slapped by FTC for MLM marketing schemes.

Fortunately for Sharpe, he had walked out of the business before it took a wrong turn and the other co-founder drove the company in the wrong direction.

Dave founded Legendary Marketer as his new business, originally with the name of Duplicate Dave. Unlike Empower Network, Legendary Marketer isn’t an MLM or a pyramid scheme.

It’s an online marketing training platform with a strong inclination for marketing their own products through their own affiliate program. That said, the training they offer is universal and can be used for marketing any other business or product online.

The business model they offer with their own affiliate program is a one-level affiliate program, meaning that you only get commissions from the affiliate that you refer to and whatever they purchase but you won’t get any commissions from the members they refer.

Considering the MLM history of Empower Network, it’s great to see Sharpe has stuck to a legit and honest business model. He definitely knows his marketing, so it’s a good thing he is using it for building an honest company.

I’ll write a more thorough review of Legendary Marketer in the upcoming days, so check back soon if you got interested!

What is the Legendary Marketer 30-day Bootcamp

Typically Legendary Marketer involves participating in a 15-day challenge before applying for membership. Previously only Legendary Marketer members have been able to join their 30-day Bootcamp.

This year they did something different and offered the 30-day Bootcamp for people outside of their own membership network. I was subscribing to Daves’ e-mail list and got an invitation to join and thought why not and that’s how I got involved with the challenge.

So I’m not actually a paying member of Legendary Marketer, I’m just participating in the Bootcamp to see what I can learn from it and I will share my experience with it with you.

The 30-day Bootcamp involves 3 webinars and 18 education videos plus a content creation challenge that involves both written and video content.

While the Bootcamp is aimed mainly for beginners, the people involved definitely know their stuff and offer valuable information that you’d have to pay good money for elsewhere.

While I’m not exactly a complete beginner, I’m still definitely a pro either so, I take on humbly any opportunity to learn new skills in online marketing.

The boot camp is all about learning new marketing skills FAST by throwing you into the deep end. If you want to succeed in online marketing or making money online any other way, you will have to learn new skills, apply them and work hard every single day.

A challenge like this forces you to accomplish all those on a day-to-day basis. If you don’t create 30 pieces of content during the challenge, you can’t blame anyone but yourself. So it’s great for creating accountability for yourself.

Of course, life can get in the way. I’m still working full time in a demanding position as an engineer and I have other life beyond work and online business but I plan on doing my best to accomplish the challenge.

I should actually be sleeping right now but I can’t give up on the very first day now can’t I? 😉

Why I’m committed to the challenge

So WHY I want to participate in this challenge? You have to understand that the decision to participate in this challenge will actually take away pretty much all the time I currently have to spare for my online endeavors.

This is especially important now because the reason I haven’t updated I Hate Working for months is that I’ve been busy with one of my other sites. The first successful actually, and it’s progressing quite nicely. I’m actually making monthly income on it.

So every hour I spend on this Bootcamp challenge is away from working on that successful site so this actually costs me money.

That said I love I Hate Working (you have to love that sentence :), it’s what I want to improve the most in the long run. It’s definitely the most personal of my sites.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to work on it and quite honestly I’ve been having a bit of trouble finding interesting topics. I’ve been also running out of ideas and to be honest started to get really bored with the other site I’ve been working on the whole year.

It’s funny how you can run out of motivation even when you are seeing great results. But that got me thinking that it’s the perfect time to take a little break and focus on IHW and this challenge just happened to emerge at the right moment.

So my greatest motivation is to push myself to create new content here but also to take a break from my other project and of course to learn new skills.

While I presume the content will be relatively beginner level, I’m sure there will be nuggets of information I will find useful. What intrigues me especially is the video creation part.

In this day and age, you pretty much have to make videos to be an effective marketer. And guess what I dread? Making videos.

Firstly I get awkward in front of the camera. Secondly, my spoken English is nowhere near my reading and writing abilities and thirdly I hate listening and watching myself on any media.

I also have done minimal video editing and I don’t think I really have the artistic eye for editing, music, CGI and all that fancy stuff your average YouTuber uses these days.

But I see this as a huge opportunity to grow. Shooting video with myself talking in English is something that is so out of my comfort zone that if I accomplish shooting just one video that I feel comfortable publishing, this challenge will be worth it. I’ve been putting off video creation for a while now so this is a good excuse to pull the plug.

Finally, the content creation challenge has some pretty great prizes ranging from iPads to all-inclusive trips to Mexico and Legendary Marketer yearly memberships.

The prizes are drawn and you just have to accomplish the challenge, so I guess quality doesn’t really matter. But it matters to me, I don’t want to publish any low-quality fluff.

This piece was supposed to be a minimum of 500 words but I managed to bang out around 1500 words. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading it and found some new information or got interested in Legendary Marketer.


So that’s it for today. I will be writing a lot in the next few days and I have to learn how to make videos, so wish me luck, I’m going to need it!

If you got interested in Legendary Marketer, check back later on for my review as I plan on making a thorough review after I get some experience first.

Meanwhile, you can subscribe to my newsletter to receive my free 7-day course and eBook on two proven methods to make money online (you should get an annoying pop-up).

Now I have to wrap this up and head to bead so I won’t be completely useless at work tomorrow. Oh and I have to write another piece of content after work…

See you tomorrow!