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Creating Content For Online Marketing [Simple Tips]

If you are just getting started with online marketing, content creation can feel like a daunting task. Today I’ll share my tips for creating content.

Ever since I started my online business, I’ve been creating content almost every single day. When you are just getting started you won’t even realize how much content you can create over time and how much you actually need to create to see results.

That’s why in the beginning the most important thing is to get comfortable with creating content, be it written, videos, Instagram posts or whatever your main content is.

You have to get into the habit of writing almost daily if you want to succeed with a blog. The same goes with a YouTube channel, you have to produce at least three videos per week. That’s just the way it is these days.

Let’s look why content is so important for the success of your online business.

Why Creating Content is So Important

There is this rule in internet marketing that goes along the lines that 10% of your content will create 90% of your income.

What this essentially means is that you can’t know beforehand which pieces of your content will end up making big revenue and which will never produce real traffic or sales.

Doing research can, of course, improve your odds but it’s likely that most of your work will go unnoticed by the audience and search engines.

But this isn’t a bad thing. All you need is a few successful posts or videos to make it big time. But you have to create a lot of content to improve your odds of creating something really successful.

Consistent content also creates authority on your site or channel. If you don’t have enough content or don’t post consistently, especially in the beginning, you won’t show up in the search results even if your content is spectacular.

So content serves the purpose of both improving your odds and creating authority. This is why it’s important to form a habit out of creating content.

This might seem hard at first but I promise you will get better at it over time. If you write a post every day, or even most days of the week, you will create hundreds of pieces of content per year.

Which site do you think will be more likely to succeed after one year, the one with 30 posts or the one with 300 posts?

Now don’t get me wrong, quality is very important. If those 300 posts are short, less than 1000 words and add no value to anyone and the 30 posts are super long and valuable that’s a game changer.

But if you keep a decent quality and post length on those 300 posts, I can promise you that that site will see much more success.

Just remember to produce value, keep a minimum of 1000 words and vary the length. Beyond that it’s much more important to get done than get perfect.

How To Keep Creating Content Daily

So if you are going to create content daily you either have to be very enthusiastic about the stuff you are writing about or stubborn. Or both.

I’m not going to lie to you. Unless you are creating content about your true passion and you find that writing or creating videos your second passion, you are going to have to force yourself to work at times.

No matter how excited you feel, writing and editing videos can be a handful when you do it every day. The good thing is that it comes easier as you gain experience.

I can easily write the same amount in one sitting that took me a whole day or two a year ago. That still doesn’t mean it’s enjoyable all the time. I just have to get it done and go to work.

This is the attitude you need when you decide to create an online business. If you are hoping to work for an hour or two in the weekends, look elsewhere.

That said, if you have the work ethic, choosing the right niche makes content creation that much more easier. If you can solve the actual creative part of content creation it simply a matter of mechanical work to get things done.

The easiest way is to write about something you are passionate about and know a lot about. Another option is to create content on something you are professional at, even if you don’t feel passionate about it.

This way you don’t have to research and learn every topic, you can simply create content from the top of your head. Of course, you will eventually run out of things to talk about but it’s much easier to learn new stuff about a subject you are interested in already.

This way you can also provide much more value to your followers. If you can share actual experience and kowledge it’s much more useful than to create superficial content based on little research.

How To Find Keywords For Your Niche

Content creation itself won’t get you far unless there are actual people looking for and interested in the content you create. This is why keyword research is so incredibly important.

You can essentially create the same piece of content that is optimized for a profitable keyword or without optimization and no-one will find it.

This is where keyword tools like Jaaxy are very handy. You simply type in a topic and start scrolling through the suggestions and you will soon find better keywords to base your content around.

Another great way to find keywords is to follow other successful bloggers or YouTubers in your niche. See what they are writing about and use keyword research tools to estimate the competition.

Successful content creators will base their content around keywords that are in high demand and usually with low competition. There is no shame in copying ideas of your competitors, this happens in the real world all the time.

But there is shame in copying other people’s content. Be original, add value and create better and more thorough content than your competitors and you will see success.

Tools like Neil Patels’ Ubersuggest are great for digging a little deeper on your competition keywords and traffic. You can instantly find keyword ideas by just throwing in your competitors’ URL in there.

Where To Learn More?

If you want to learn how to do effective keyword research and content creation, my recommendation is to start with Wealthy Affiliate. You can find my review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

They offer free training that teaches the basics of effective keyword research and content creation. The advanced training requires you to become a paid premium member but they are not at all pushy about joining their program so definitely check out the free resource!

I can recommend the premium membership for anyone who is starting out with online marketing. It’s not just an education platform but actually has all the tools you need to build a successful business.

Above all the premium subscription at Wealthy Affiliate includes a hosting service with great technical support, so you don’t have to get a separate hosting service and learn how to install and use WordPress, etc.

The premium membership also includes the keyword research tool Jaaxy, two complete training programs and a great community that really can help you stay motivated and when you feel stuck.

There are also a ton of community-created pieces of training, blogs and tips that are just pure gold. I haven’t found as much useful information on online marketing under one roof anywhere else.


I hope you enjoyed my tips for content creation for online marketing. I know content creation can feel hard and daunting but it’s all about creating a habit.

If you stick with it for a month, you will find it becomes much easier. You start to form a habit out of keyword research and content creation.

I want to emphasize that most people don’t aim to create content endlessly. The whole point of online marketing is to achieve passive income for most people.

But you have to realize there is not really passive income, you are just putting the work in beforehand. You will reap the results later on. That said online marketing can be much more profitable than regular day jobs.

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