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Is FunnelXpress Scam or Legit? [FunnelXpress Review]

is funnelxpress scam

Welcome to my FunnelXpress review. Is FunnelXpress a scam or a legit way to increase your sales? Read on to find my take on it.

First of all, it's great to see you are doing research on this product. The online marketing and make money online space is just full of scams so you need to be careful with every purchase decision.

I encourage you to be skeptical about every single review you read in this niche, including mine. Especially if you are a beginner.

The sad fact is that a huge portion of this business is based on ripping off unsuspecting beginners.

It's very easy to mislead people with unrealistic promises of overnight riches that magically appear to you with a push of a button.

So if you are a beginner to online business, you have made a very wise decision to do research. Never trust the marketing talk and the testimonials, they are meant only to make you the decision to buy.

That said, I want you to know there are completely legit and ethical ways to make money online. It's not just a huge cesspit of scam artists preying on unsuspecting newcomers.

You can actually make a full-time income online and more, but it always takes work and learning. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Now that we got that out of the way, let's move on with the review. Before we start I want to be completely honest. I haven't tried FunnelXpress myself.

I'm also in no way affiliated with them, so this is not a pitch to sell you FunnelXpress. I do however recommend other products, I truly believe in, so my content does contain affiliate links.

I'm basing this review on their marketing material, third party information and my own experience. It presents my opinion on the product based on this information. Nothing more, nothing less.

FunnelXpress Summary

Product: FunnelXpress

Product Type: Done-for-you Affiliate Funnel building software

Price: Full price $97, $23.97 as of writing this


I can't recommend anything that is done-for-you because you will never succeed as an online entrepreneur with that mindset.

You need to learn the skills yourself and once you understand the process and have the money to invest, you can outsource some of the work.

But first, you have to learn the ropes. You can find my top recommendation to do that through the button below.

FunnelXpress seems to be a legit software for creating sales funnels with ready picked affiliate products.

The funnels look professional and the products are good so I have no doubt they would work pretty well.

The problem is that I can't tell how you are supposed to get traffic to these funnels. Apparently the product includes some traffic training (third party information) but this is actually the hardest part of making sales online.

That said, I could possibly recommend this product for creating effective sales funnels once it's a bit more established. Currently, it's very new so there are not many users' experiences so it's hard to evaluate how trustworthy it is.

What Is FunnelXpress

FunnelXpress is a cloud-based software that claims to be a completely newbie friendly affiliate system that can create your income with few clicks of a button.

In their commercial (that's not an affiliate link) they talk about how 95% of affiliate marketers fail but how the top 5% make tons of money by finding profitable niches, finding the best-selling products in those niches and by using affiliate funnels to collect leads as they profit. Finally, they drive traffic into their funnels.

They also talk about how hard it is for a beginner affiliate marketer because you need to learn a ton of new skills, an ongoing budget and to drive traffic to your offers. And how this adds up to a lot of time, money and effort.

They offer you a proven solution that is apparently 95% done for you.

  • They pick the niches for you
  • They pick the products for you
  • They provide ready-made funnels for you
  • Hosting and the traffic is included
  • All you have to do is to pick a niche and product, add your links and launch your funnel in minutes.

So it's essentially a 95% ready-made affiliate marketing funnel system that supposedly makes you money with a few clicks.

The regular price seems to be $97 but they are running a launch and the price is at the time of writing this $23.97. One-time payment.

Sounds great, if not a bit too good. Let's see how it actually works.

How Does FunnelXpress Work

They show in the commercial how FunnelXpress helps you create a money producing affiliate marketing funnel in five steps:

  1. Pick from 30 most profitable prequalified niches, including SEO, Affiliate marketing, Fitness, Offline marketing, List Building, Dating, etc.
  2. Choose a funnel from 60 preformatted templates
  3. Fill in the blanks. I suppose this means your affiliate Id's, possible personalization information, social links, etc.
  4. Choose from 50 evergreen products to promote. Evergreen means they are always in fashion, i.e. make money online, weight loss, etc.
  5. Turn on your FX traffic generation and watch the traffic and sales roll in.
  6. I know it said five but the final step is Rinse & Repeat.

Their service also offers hosting so you don't need to invest in hosting or domains. They even gather your leads and create an email list for you in every step of the funnel. Sounds pretty good so far!

You can check how the software looks like from this Demo Video by Rash Vin:

If you are new to this stuff, the key things to look for here is how they are producing traffic and is the price of the product reasonable compared to the claims.

They seem to be using something called FX traffic generation to produce traffic to your funnels. I could not find any information on what this actually means.

On the video below Jono Armstrong mentions that FunnelXpress comes with a bit of traffic training, but no actual done for your solution.

Also, they are asking less than $30 for a service that hosts your funnels, collects your leads (an email lists), provides traffic and builds your sales funnels. And that's a one-time payment.

A hosting service is easily $20/month, and email autoresponder that is scalable starts at $20/month, a funnel building software about $20/month.

Traffic can be had for free through SEO but it takes work, time and patience. You would have to invest a lot more than $20/month to get significant sales from PPC campaigns.

Even with the regular price of $97 FunnelXpress would be phenomenally affordable. Downright cheap.

This begs the question of how can they offer it for such a cheap price if the product is legit?

Is FunnelXpress Scam Or Legit?

FunnelXpress doesn't seem to be a scam. It seems to do what it promises, it builds funnels for selling affiliate products. It does this on cloud-based software that doesn't require you to invest in your own hosting.

But I don't recommend it to you. Why? Because you are not creating an actual sustainable business for yourself.

You are completely at the mercy of this software. It's like running a real business without any real assets of your own.

They host your funnels and they gather your email list. Those are assets you should never let someone else own.

Well, at least you can download your email list as a .csv and the funnels to host at your own website from FunneXpress, but having an automated system keeps you from actually learning these skills yourself.

The only thing you really get is the possibility of affiliate sales. Now if you can make more money on the FunnelXpress than you pay for it, it would actually be a phenomenal product.

Sure, you wouldn't have an actual business but you would essentially have software for printing money so who cares!

But here's my question. Why would they sell that information?

It seems just a bit too good to be true to me. I've learned it the hard way there are no "free lunches".

Get rich quick schemes and money-making systems that don't involve any work just don't work.

If they did, why the heck would they be selling it to you for such a low price instead of taking all the profit themselves? Just think about it.

I'm not claiming this is the case with FunnelXpress because I haven't used it. but I would be extremely cautious because they claim fast income with virtually no work. Feel free to share your results and convince me otherwise.

I actually think the funnels and products they create are legit but I would guess the hardest part with this system would be producing converting traffic. Which is usually the case with similar products.

What if I told you that if you change your mindset a bit, you could create a successful online business you would actually be proud to show to people?

My Recommendation

If you are serious about learning how to make money online, you need to change your mindset into creating an actual business that provides value to people, your customers.

Using automated funnels to sell products other people have created is not adding actual value to your customers even though it's completely possible to make some money that way.

If you want to make a living from online marketing, you need to think long term. You need to think in terms of assets.

A website is an asset. An email list is an asset. A YouTube channel can be an asset. An Instagram account can be an asset.

You need to create assets you own and you need to leverage assets owned by others (i.e. YouTube and Instagram). You need to diversify your income sources.

The sad truth is that pretty much every single product out there that promises to produce income on automation doesn't really work.

Usually, it's because you can't get traffic to your offers. Even if the product has some kind of system in place traffic, it rarely converts well.

This is because targeted traffic is the holy grail of online marketing. It's expensive to get traffic. It requires either money or labor or both.

I struggled for years to make money online. I tried a ton of products that offered easy money.

The second I decided I'm going to take this stuff seriously and follow a proven step-by-step training I started seeing success.

Well, actually it didn't happen instantly. It took several months of consistent work. But I actually felt proud, unlike when chasing easy money.

That's why my recommendation to you is to make the decision to start taking this stuff seriously, learn the necessary skills and start working for your future.

If you can do that, you will be rewarded with the freedom that online business and affiliate marketing provides.

You can work from anywhere, you can take holidays when you want, you don't have to answer to anyone, your business will produce income even when you sleep etc.

If this is something you truly want, you can find my top recommendation for learning the skills by clicking the button below.


I hope you found my take on FunnelXpress useful and it answered some of your questions. If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact me through the comments section below.

I have no reason to suspect that FunnelXpress wouldn't do what it claims to do. That is building affiliate marketing funnels with automated affiliate products and links.

The good thing is that they actually have included hosting your websites and gathering your email leads. They even allow you to download both of these so you can use them on your own site or import to another

But i'm extremely suspicious of the low price and I think you should be too. If the system creates sales even without paid advertising, why on earth would they give it away for so cheap?

If you have used the product, please feel free to convince me it works. I just might try it myself.

You have to also keep in mind this product is very new. Well, actually they claim they've used it since 2011 but I couldn't find any older reviews about the product.

That's why I recommend you learn a system that has been proven to be successful by thousands and thousands of successful affiliate marketers. You can get started by signing up for my free 7-day course.

If you found this post useful, please subscribe to my newsletPrimerica Reviewter, bookmark this site and share it in social media!

Thanks for reading and see you next time!


Instant Success Site Review – Is It A Scam?

instant success site review is it a scam

Welcome to my Instant Success Site Review. If you are looking for information on the product and wondering if it's a scam or a legit product, you are in the right place!

Instant Success Site is a WordPress plugin and software that promises to create content for your website. Content creation is one of the hardest parts of online business, the actual work, so this is something especially beginners will find interesting.

Could it be possible to create all the content for your website with the click of a button? Read on to find out.

To be completely honest, I have not tried the product. I'm not also in any way affiliated with the product or its creators.

This means my review on the product will be unbiased but it only presents my opinion based on the marketing material and research, not actual experience with the software.

That said, I do have enough experience in real-world SEO (search engine optimization) and content creation that I feel like I can give you valuable insight on this product.

So without further ado, let's get on with the review!

Instant Success Site Summary

Product: Instant Success Site

Product type: Content creation software (WordPress plugin)

Creator: Dan Green

Price: $27 + upsells


I have no reason to doubt the Instant Success Site wouldn't do what it promises, which is populating your site with content and sharing it in social media for traffic.

I still really can't recommend using automated content creation tools. The truth is that Google doesn't like them these days and neither will your visitors.

I can't really evaluate how high-quality content the plugin creates but keep in mind that quality content creation services are expensive, so it doesn't make sense a software would be sold cheap if it could create high-quality unique content on automation.

My recommendation is to get over the fear of creating content yourself. It takes work but it's the best way to succeed as a beginner in online marketing.

That said, I don't recommend to start creating content blindly. It's important to know what you are doing so people actually see your content.

That's why I recommend following a proven step-by-step training. You can find my top recommendation by clicking the button below.

What Is Instant Success Site?

Instant Success Site is a Warrior Plus product created by Dan Green. It's a WordPress plugin automation content software.

You can check the Joint Venture site that talks more about the features and the commission plan they are offering to affiliates. Which I'm not.

It claims to do the following simply by installing the WordPress plugin and selecting a niche (selection of top converting niches IM, dieting, fitness etc.) with just one click:

  • Daily content relevant to your niche
  • Full detailed reviews of Clickbank products related to your niche including videos
  • Automated ClickBank Id insertion to Buy links
  • Automated social media sharing including FB, Instagram and Pinterest for targeted traffic
  • Essentially content, magnetization, and traffic done with a couple of clicks.

How Does Instant Success Site Work?

So how does this work in practice?

Well the process is apparently as simple as:

  1. Install the plugin
  2. Choose a Niche
  3. Add your ClickBank Id
  4. Press Go and watch the software create content for your site on automation

Sound simple doesn't it? Not too hard to complete.

Well, of course, they are presuming you have a website set up with WordPress and you know how to use plugins. That's a reasonable expectation.

Since this product is clearly targeted for complete beginners I just thought to point that out so you do realize that you need a website hosting service, a domain, and a WordPress install to this software operational.

They do have a demo video on the JV site so I might want to check that out. The resolution on the video isn't great, but from the content I could read, it actually looks very decent.

Another important thing is that you don't seem to be able to input post titles and other important parameters for SEO, the content is fully automated as it claims.

Another thing they didn't mention right away is that you will, of course, need to insert your social media user ID to get the social media integration working.

Once you insert them, the plugin will create social media posts on automation about each post.

Is Instant Success Site A Scam Or Legit?

Since I haven't actually used the product, I'm not going to claim it's a scam. I actually have no doubt that the product does what it promises. That is creating content on automation.

The problem is that the content has to come from somewhere. Google doesn't like duplicate content and you just can't copy other people's content without permission.

This leaves essentially a couple of options for the source of the content. These are just my guesses, I might be wrong so don't hold my word for it.

First is that the software fetches content from creative commons, i.e. material that is copyright free. This is OK to share but duplicate content that will not likely rank in search engines.

The second is that it searches for relevant websites, takes the information here and there and uses some sort of algorithm to spin it into a coherent article.

No matter what the source is, let's assume it's something that doesn't cause copyright infringements.

There are still problems. Google is very smart these days. It can definitely differentiate spun content from unique, well-written content.

Google wants to produce the most relevant content with the most comprehensive answer to the search. All it cares about is user experience.

Do you think that spun or duplicate content without any real insight will provide a good user experience? I'm not claiming Instant Site Success does this but automated content creation has to come from somewhere.

Just think about it this way. There are copywriters for hire in several places online. You can get a really crappy copywriter for about $5 / 1000 words (usually almost incomprehensible copy) and a really good one for about $100 / 1000 words (publisher quality).

On a single post, you will need at least 1500 words these days to rank well in Google. More is better generally.

A typical money producing niche site will have at least 50 blog posts, usually several hundred these days.

If a piece of software costs less than $100 bucks, even per month, you can rest assured it doesn't write you high-quality content that will replace human writing.

If it did, they wouldn't be selling it for that cheap.

But here's the interesting thing. Their software relies on social for traffic instead of SEO.

He shows in the demo how the Facebook page starts to create content through clicks.

The one thing he doesn't mention is that you would have to have followers on the FB page to actually get clicks. This means that to make this strategy work, you will need to grow your FB page.

This can be done pretty fast with paid traffic IF you know what you are doing. But I don't see it working on automation unless there is some additional automated social outreach build into the software. Just my observation.

My recommendation

So you want to make money online but want to make it fast. You want to find the shortcut that will get you rich quick so you can quit your job maybe. I understand this very well, I was you once.

But here's the thing. You can succeed online and generate a full-time income and more. But you need a change in mindset a paradigm shift.

You need to change your focus from getting quick sales in any way possible to providing valuable content that people find useful.

Please hear my advice. When I first learned about online marketing I tried a ton of products promising quick riches because I dreaded putting in the work.

Not surprisingly none of these products really worked. I even bought a ready-made website and sales funnel that was supposed to make money simply by driving traffic to it.

I think it did make me $35 after spending about $100 on traffic and over $100 on the product itself.

The people creating these products are in the business of making money from unsuspecting n00bs.

Want to know when I started to see success online? The second I got over my fears and started working my ass off.

In all honesty, I was afraid. What if my content sucks? What if I can't produce it enough? What if people will laugh at me?

Get this into your head. There. Are. No. Shortcuts.

Success requires effort and getting out of your comfort zone. I know you don't want to hear this but it's something you have to accept if you want to see success.

The silver lining is that you get to help people, grow as a person and create a thriving business you can be proud to show to your loved ones. And of course all the freedom online business offers.

So tell me, do you want to keep chasing shortcuts or become serious about this stuff? If you are willing to learn and to apply what you learn, you will succeed.

The key is to follow a program that is proven to work, apply it and to stay laser-focused on it until you see success. Don't let anyone tell you that you can succeed without work, they just want your money.

If you want to learn a proven method that I and thousands of other successful people online are using, check out my free 7-day course you can access by submitting your email below.

You can enroll for the 7-day course by submitting your email address into the form below. I will not spam your email and you can unsubscribe anytime. There are no hidden costs during the 7 days. 


I hope you found my Instant Success Site review useful and it helped to answer your questions. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to leave them in the comments section below and I'll promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

Instant Success Site likely does what it promises. It creates content to your website with the click of a button.

Unfortunately, it's very unlikely this content will be unique, high quality and. I.e. the kind that Google and other search engines appreciate and want to show its users.

I guess you could, in theory, create spun copyright-free content on automation and mass market it through social media or PPC campaigns and get a sale here and there.

The problem is that to make money, the content quality becomes even more important than for SEO. People can spot spun or irrelevant content in a second.

Would you trust clearly automated content that has illogical sentence structures enough to buy something "it" recommends? I know I wouldn't.

Creating content on automation is not a sustainable business strategy. You either have to create valuable content yourself or pay other people to do it. There's no way around it.

You should always remember that you don't necessarily have to write. You can create videos or images, i.e. Instagram or YouTube for example. But you need to create content if you want organic traffic.

If you have the cash to spend, you can set up landing pages and sales funnels and drive paid traffic to them to get over the content creation hurdle.

But be aware that this is a business model that takes a lot of experience and is risky. A beginner can burn through money like paper if they are not careful.

That's why I recommend you learn to master SEO and organic traffic first and then expand to paid traffic. This way you got all your bases covered.

If you want to learn both business models in a simple step-by-step process, check out my completely free 7-day course that will get you started.

If you found this post useful, please share it on social media and bookmark my site!

See you next time.


Is 1st Page Ranker a Scam or Legit? [2020 Review]

is 1st page ranker a scam

Welcome to my 1St Page Ranker review. If you are wondering if 1St Page ranker is a scam, I'll help you decide.

First of all, congratulations to take the time to research the product you are considering buying.

Researching is the only way to avoid all the scams out there. And there are a ton of scams in the internet marketing and SEO world.

I'm not affiliated with 1st Page Ranker or the creators of it in any way, so unlike may of its affiliates out there, I can offer a fairly unbiased review of the product.

I say fairly, because I, of course, have my own incentives for creating this post. I recommend products I truly believe in.

I like to be upfront about that because your trust is my most valuable asset. I'm not in the business of misleading people.

That's why it's also important to know that anything that promises instant results, including rankings, traffic or sales, is usually a scam.

Strategies that work either require significant time investment or cost a lot. That's just how economics works. Law of supply and demand and all that you know...

So if something seems too good to be true or promises incredible results for a relatively low price, the chances are it's a scam. Legit products are usually either reasonably priced (they require work) or very expensive (they do it for you).

But is 1St Page Ranker a scam? Let's find out!

1St Page Ranker Summary

Product: 1st Page Ranker

Product type: SEO Software for YouTube videos

Creator: Ali. G

Price: $27 + upsells for full features


Maybe. If you are into YouTube, this software might actually help you get your videos rank higher, for now. Just beware that Google has been known to dislike any kind of gaming of their system so using this type of software always poses a risk of breaching the user agreement, which can lead to penalties, including demonetized or even closing your channel.

So if you are a serious YouTuber, think twice before trying any kind of automation or SEO software other than paid advertising.

If you are on the other hand someone doing "grey hat" SEO, this might just be the kind of software you could use to rank low-value YouTube accounts.

My recommendation, in any case, is to consider starting a legit online business on a proven business model instead of chasing quick fixes. You can find my top recommendation from the link below.

What Is 1St Page Ranker

Before we start I want to point out that I haven't actually tested this product.

I'm basing this post on the information I have gotten from their own marketing material and from third party information. It presents my honest opinion based on those facts.

1St Page Ranker is a first of its kind complete video ranking solution. They claim you can rank a video even if you don't have a video.

You can see how 1St Page Ranker looks like in this Demo video by Yogesh Agarwal:

You can check also their JV page for more information as well.

In short, they are offering software that can get you rankings on the first page of both Google and YouTube apparently with only a couple of clicks.

They even claim they can achieve instant first-page ranking without you needing to create a video.l

The process, in a nutshell, consists of five steps:

  1. Add and configure your YouTube accounts
  2. Select the niche you want to target
  3. Generate Search Engine Optimized titles and tags
  4. Get uniques videos with one click
  5. Create events like random scheduling to avoid getting your account banned.

So essentially it's an automated video content spinner with SEO tools and automated streaming service.

The basic product (the software) costs $27 dollars but there are naturally upsells.

The basic software includes:

  • unlimited use of live streaming technology and video spinner
  • 15 custom video uploads (unlimited upload from Google Drive)
  • Up 20 scheduled live streams
  • Multi-language user interface
  • SEO Video title creator
  • Video interlinks for SEO
  • Automate video link pings to search engines
  • 30 channels and 30 videos per user
  • Complete commercial rights

The first upsell is the PRO version that is $27/monthly + $67 onetime.

The PRO includes:

  • MultiSpin Event that allows you to add spun title and descriptions
  • Unlimited even creation
  • 20 events per day per channel
  • Unlimited channels
  • Unlimited parallel streaming
  • Advanced random event scheduling
  • Complete video editor
  • Complete Image editor
  • All future updates
  • Premium support

So basically some additional features and unlimited channels for large SEO agencies.

There are additional upsells you can find explained on the JV page. They all essentially add features to the basic software.

In the demo video, they seem to be using the version with all the extras because things like green screen editor and SEO analyzer become available through different upsells.

How Does 1St Page Ranker Really Work?

So how does 1st Page Ranker actually help you rank on YouTube? Well like they showed you in the video, it works by utilizing the YouTube Live Streaming feature and doing some SEO.

I think the magic behind this product is based on Live Streaming technology. This is just my speculation but bare with me.

You see, YouTube currently loves, LOVES Live Streaming. You might have noticed this if you use YouTube a lot.

It will recommend a certain percentage of Live Stream videos in your feed based on your behavior. Live videos will get a lot more visibility than an average video from a small channel.

Now what 1St Page Ranker seems to do, (and this is only my understanding so don't take it as a fact) is to create a live stream video based on either your own YouTube videos or stock video footage and it can even "rebrand" other videos you can stream.

You can then automate and program the timing of Live Streams from your channel. If your channels are constantly Live Streaming, YouTube apparently gives it a significant SEO advantage.

In an optimal situation, the streams will get views and followers for your channel and grow your channel authority.

You can naturally link to your other YouTube videos and websites in the description, gaining additional SEO, helping you rank in Google as well.

Since YouTube is owned by Google, the results will also be seen in Google searches.

I actually have no doubt this strategy would work currently and I actually think it a pretty ingenious way of leveraging a "loophole" in the YouTube algorithm.

The only problem I see here is that loopholes are always closed eventually and then there's the whole thing if this is risk-free.

Which begs the question...

Is 1St Page Ranker A Scam Or Legit?

From what I can tell, 1st-page ranker actually has a legit principle behind it. It leverages the Live Streaming technology of YouTube so It's completely possible it will help you rank a few videos to the first page of both YouTube and Google.

It also has some great features like SEO analysis tools, lead generation tools, video studio, etc. and only for the price of $27.

So I wouldn't call it to scam by any means. It even creates "rebranded" videos by rehashing existing content (just be sure you don't use someone else's copyrighted material).

There are a ton of similar products that are a lot shadier and don't show any proof of concept. I have no reason to suspect this Live Strem method wouldn't work very well currently.

But notice is said currently.

Here's the thing: Google isn't stupid. They can't be because they are at the top of the game.

They know people are trying to "game" their system all the time because ranking first in Google and YouTube equals money. Even with low search volume keywords.

That's why Google generally doesn't like it when people use other than simple methods like on-page (or on-video) SEO (optimized titles, descriptions, tags, etc.) and of course, high-quality content people want to share.

Google also appreciates user experience above everything else. What do you think Google will think about thousands and thousands of users sending low-value Live Streams 24/7?

They don't like it. It's simple as that. They want to see unique, high-quality content that is interesting to the users.

When Google doesn't like something it kills it. Either by burying it with algorithms changes or by completely banning such activities.

If you even for a moment think Google wouldn't do this or isn't capable of spotting this kind of behavior, think again. Remember the Penguin update?

I have already noticed channels that are using some similar software and producing constant Live Streams. And to be honest they seem to be getting a lot of traffic.

So if you want to leverage this method for the time it works, 1St Page Ranker might be the perfect software for handling it.

Just be very careful of your assets. If you own a high-value YouTube account, please please please think twice before using any questionable tactics to increase rankings.

While they could explode your traffic in the short run, they are very risky in the long run. YouTube has been known to demonetize and even close accounts that don't comply to it's terms of use.

And remember they have the power to interpret their own rules. So even if automated rehashed Live Streams are not against their terms of use now (I don't really know if that is the case), it doesn't mean they won't punish accounts using tactics like this.

On the long-run success on YouTube comes down to the same as in every business model. Unique, well-researched content that's being created consistently. This offers the best user experience.

So please avoid using services and software that promises shortcuts. They almost never work in the long run.

The only exception I would recommend is SEO tools because that is for market research.

My recommendation

So what if I told that you that it's totally possible to build a legit and sustainable business instead of looking for quick fixes and shortcuts.

The truth is that anything in life worth pursuing requires work. The same goes for online business.

If you are just fantasizing about making money online and buying a product after product, without actually going through the effort of creating valuable content, I can promise you that you will not see long term success.

Sure, you can make a buck here a buck there but almost certainly not a full-time time income. At least not if you live in the western world.

But what if I told that if you focus your efforts for a year instead of chasing shiny objects, you could actually have a profitable business that produces passive income 24/7.

A business you wouldn't be ashamed of showing to your friends and family. Something that you could actually be proud of.

I'm not going to lie to you. It takes work. Quite a lot of it actually. But if you put it in, you will eventually succeed because this model has been proven to work over and over again.

I'm talking about SEO based affiliate marketing. You can find my top recommendation for learning this business model by clicking the button below.

It's what I'm using myself and it's the reason you wound up on this page. If I got your interest, check out my free 7-day course where I show you in very simple steps how to create a successful online business.

You can enroll for the 7-day course by submitting your email address into the form below. I will not spam your email and you can unsubscribe anytime. There are no hidden costs during the 7 days. 


I hope you found my take on 1St Page Ranker useful and it answered most of your questions. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section below and I promise to return to asap.

1St Page Ranker seems to be a rather ingenious piece of software that takes advantage of a loophole in YouTube algorithms and it even automates you stream for you.

That said I'd be willing to bet this loophole will not work for very long. Google is very good at spotting strategies like this and they can put a stop to it with a very simple algorithm update.

To make things worse, I'm not completely sure if channels taking advantage of this Live Stream loophole are completely safe. I would guess they are since it's a feature the offer, but do you really want to risk it?

My guess is that YouTube wants Live Streams to be exactly that, Live Streams that are shot live on location. Not rehashed videos that are streamed through software.

They will find a way to spot this eventually. That's why I recommend following the boring and dull methods of hard work and consistency. They will pay off in the long run.

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See you next time!

What Is The Point Of A Blog? [Blogging in 2020]

what is the point of a blog

Blogs have been around for a while and you likely know someone who runs a blog. But what is actually the point of a blog? Read on to find out.

In the early days of the Internet creating websites requires serious technical skills and know-how. Ranging from writing HTML, Java, Flash, and CSS to transferring files through FTP and understanding about server protocols.

This meant that personal websites were few and far between and created by people who had the necessary technical skills. Most websites were created by companies and if you had no technical skills your ability to interact online was limited mainly to discussion boards, forums, and chats.

In the turn of the Millenium, blogs changed the way content is created online. Suddenly anyone could create content over their favorite topics with almost zero technical skills.

This meant that there was a sudden influx of content around almost anything you could imagine. No matter how small of a hobby or otherwise exotic topic, someone knew about and was writing about it.  Blogging essentially exploded the Internet.

What Is A “Blog”

So what exactly is a blog? Well, that depends a bit on who you ask but the common definition of a blog is that it’s an abbreviation of the word “weblog”. Meaning a personal log that you keep in the world wide web also known as the internet.

So originally blogs were intended as personal logs. Often they were written in an informal diary format and about personal life and experiences. This is what they mostly were in the late ’90s and early 2000s.

The thing that set blogs and other types of the website apart was the introduction of blogging platforms like Blogger and as well as content management systems like WordPress.

They made content creation online possible for anyone who could write and click a few buttons. Before that, you pretty much had to know at least HTML and how to use FTP to create even rudimentary content online.

Suddenly creating content online didn’t require a lot of technical knowledge. This meant that suddenly people from all walks of life could create content online for others to find without the hassle of learning the technical skills.

At some point blogs that were built around certain topics (aka niche) became popular. It soon became clear that both readers and search engines loved content that was built around relatively specific topics.

These days a blog can often simply mean website run by an individual for their own purposes instead of a website run by a company. The line between blogs and other types of websites has become very vague, but generally speaking, a blog will still have chronologically ordered posts instead of static web pages.

In reality, a blog can have both and many small business sites, online marketing businesses and niche websites are built around a blog or on a blogging platform.

What Is The Point Of A Blog

So what exactly is the point of a blog? Well, it can be anything ranging from the original personal log or project diary to politics and hobbies.

In reality, the reason why most people create blogs is money and influence. It’s no secret that having a successful blog can produce significant income and create a real following you have influence over.

This can be used for personal interests, political influence or improving business. These many blogs are either personal brand building or well planned out niche websites that have the single purpose of producing an income to the owner.

Typically people decide to create a blog when they have enough knowledge and expertise around a topic they feel could be useful for other people. Some people start out from a simple desire to help others but financial interests as inevitable on a successful blog.

So if you know someone who is either blogging as a hobby or for a profession, they are very likely doing it to earn an income. There are of course small hobby blogs where people simply want to share their knowledge and help others out.

These types of blogs might never really grow because they are not created with making money in mind. Instead, they offer useful information to people interested in the same topic and can be a creative outlet for the creator.

How To Make Money With A Blog

So how do you exactly make money with a blog if that is what most people create them for? Well, there are many ways to actually monetize a blog but let’s start by looking at what it requires to create a successful blog that can create an income.

If you want to make money with a blog, there are two things you have to accomplish. You need to create original, useful and valuable content and then you have to get people to see it.

Without quality content you can’t make money. And if no one sees your content, you can’t make money. These are also connected by the fact that you usually need quality content to create traffic.

A successful blog will typically have a niche (and are sometimes referred to as niche websites), which means a general topic that the blog posts revolve around or are somehow connected to. This can be broad like “shoes” or very specific like “running shoes for men”.

You then need to create articles around topics people are actually searching for. This requires keyword research that is done with keyword research tools.

You then create content in the form of blog posts around these keywords and search engine optimize that content. This means doing certain technical things on the actual post as well as marketing the post and creating backlinks.

If you do everything correctly, your blog posts will eventually start popping up in people’s Google results and they will visit your blog. When they do that, you better make sure your posts are interesting and full of useful information.

If people like your content, they will likely come back and start trusting you. This is the secret to making money with a blog. You need to have consistent traffic (influx of people) and create trust.

At this point, it’s possible to monetize the blog. This can be done in many ways ranging from selling your own products, offering sponsor space, running ads and probably the most common one, affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money on a blog because it can be completely automated and doesn’t require time-consuming tasks like customer service, handling orders and shipping, reaching out to sponsors, etc.

Learn How To Make Money Blogging

So now that you know what is the point of a blog. If you would like to learn more about blogging and how to make money through blogging, my number one recommendation for educating yourself is Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s an affiliate marketing education platform that has all the tools you need to run a successful online business that’s based on a blog or blogs. The business model they teach is essentially niche blogging combined with affiliate marketing.


That’s it for today. I hope I answered your question about blogging but if anything was unclear, you can ask me literally anything about blogging in the comments section below. I promise to do my best to give you an answer even if I don’t have a clue about the thing you ask for. I’m nice that way.

Blogging is definitely a viable business model still in 2020 so if you like writing and have a topic in mind that might be in demand, I recommend you go through the free training at Wealthy Affiliate and learn the basics and do some keyword research.

If you pick a lucrative niche it’s only a matter of getting the right education and putting in the work consistently to see success. Don’t let anyone tell you blogging or running an online business isn’t hard work. It takes time and serious effort to see results.

But the good news is that you get to decide when you work, where you work and how you work. You are responsible for only yourself. This, of course, means that you can’t blame failure on anyone else either so the question is are you up for the challenge?

See you next time!

Creating Content For Online Marketing [Simple Tips]

Creating Content For Online Marketing

If you are just getting started with online marketing, content creation can feel like a daunting task. Today I’ll share my tips for creating content.

Ever since I started my online business, I’ve been creating content almost every single day. When you are just getting started you won’t even realize how much content you can create over time and how much you actually need to create to see results.

That’s why in the beginning the most important thing is to get comfortable with creating content, be it written, videos, Instagram posts or whatever your main content is.

You have to get into the habit of writing almost daily if you want to succeed with a blog. The same goes with a YouTube channel, you have to produce at least three videos per week. That’s just the way it is these days.

Let’s look why content is so important for the success of your online business.

Why Creating Content is So Important

There is this rule in internet marketing that goes along the lines that 10% of your content will create 90% of your income.

What this essentially means is that you can’t know beforehand which pieces of your content will end up making big revenue and which will never produce real traffic or sales.

Doing research can, of course, improve your odds but it’s likely that most of your work will go unnoticed by the audience and search engines.

But this isn’t a bad thing. All you need is a few successful posts or videos to make it big time. But you have to create a lot of content to improve your odds of creating something really successful.

Consistent content also creates authority on your site or channel. If you don’t have enough content or don’t post consistently, especially in the beginning, you won’t show up in the search results even if your content is spectacular.

So content serves the purpose of both improving your odds and creating authority. This is why it’s important to form a habit out of creating content.

This might seem hard at first but I promise you will get better at it over time. If you write a post every day, or even most days of the week, you will create hundreds of pieces of content per year.

Which site do you think will be more likely to succeed after one year, the one with 30 posts or the one with 300 posts?

Now don’t get me wrong, quality is very important. If those 300 posts are short, less than 1000 words and add no value to anyone and the 30 posts are super long and valuable that’s a game changer.

But if you keep a decent quality and post length on those 300 posts, I can promise you that that site will see much more success.

Just remember to produce value, keep a minimum of 1000 words and vary the length. Beyond that it’s much more important to get done than get perfect.

How To Keep Creating Content Daily

So if you are going to create content daily you either have to be very enthusiastic about the stuff you are writing about or stubborn. Or both.

I’m not going to lie to you. Unless you are creating content about your true passion and you find that writing or creating videos your second passion, you are going to have to force yourself to work at times.

No matter how excited you feel, writing and editing videos can be a handful when you do it every day. The good thing is that it comes easier as you gain experience.

I can easily write the same amount in one sitting that took me a whole day or two a year ago. That still doesn’t mean it’s enjoyable all the time. I just have to get it done and go to work.

This is the attitude you need when you decide to create an online business. If you are hoping to work for an hour or two in the weekends, look elsewhere.

That said, if you have the work ethic, choosing the right niche makes content creation that much more easier. If you can solve the actual creative part of content creation it simply a matter of mechanical work to get things done.

The easiest way is to write about something you are passionate about and know a lot about. Another option is to create content on something you are professional at, even if you don’t feel passionate about it.

This way you don’t have to research and learn every topic, you can simply create content from the top of your head. Of course, you will eventually run out of things to talk about but it’s much easier to learn new stuff about a subject you are interested in already.

This way you can also provide much more value to your followers. If you can share actual experience and kowledge it’s much more useful than to create superficial content based on little research.

How To Find Keywords For Your Niche

Content creation itself won’t get you far unless there are actual people looking for and interested in the content you create. This is why keyword research is so incredibly important.

You can essentially create the same piece of content that is optimized for a profitable keyword or without optimization and no-one will find it.

This is where keyword tools like Jaaxy are very handy. You simply type in a topic and start scrolling through the suggestions and you will soon find better keywords to base your content around.

Another great way to find keywords is to follow other successful bloggers or YouTubers in your niche. See what they are writing about and use keyword research tools to estimate the competition.

Successful content creators will base their content around keywords that are in high demand and usually with low competition. There is no shame in copying ideas of your competitors, this happens in the real world all the time.

But there is shame in copying other people’s content. Be original, add value and create better and more thorough content than your competitors and you will see success.

Tools like Neil Patels’ Ubersuggest are great for digging a little deeper on your competition keywords and traffic. You can instantly find keyword ideas by just throwing in your competitors’ URL in there.

Where To Learn More?

If you want to learn how to do effective keyword research and content creation, my recommendation is to start with Wealthy Affiliate. You can find my review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

They offer free training that teaches the basics of effective keyword research and content creation. The advanced training requires you to become a paid premium member but they are not at all pushy about joining their program so definitely check out the free resource!

I can recommend the premium membership for anyone who is starting out with online marketing. It’s not just an education platform but actually has all the tools you need to build a successful business.

Above all the premium subscription at Wealthy Affiliate includes a hosting service with great technical support, so you don’t have to get a separate hosting service and learn how to install and use WordPress, etc.

The premium membership also includes the keyword research tool Jaaxy, two complete training programs and a great community that really can help you stay motivated and when you feel stuck.

There are also a ton of community-created pieces of training, blogs and tips that are just pure gold. I haven’t found as much useful information on online marketing under one roof anywhere else.


I hope you enjoyed my tips for content creation for online marketing. I know content creation can feel hard and daunting but it’s all about creating a habit.

If you stick with it for a month, you will find it becomes much easier. You start to form a habit out of keyword research and content creation.

I want to emphasize that most people don’t aim to create content endlessly. The whole point of online marketing is to achieve passive income for most people.

But you have to realize there is not really passive income, you are just putting the work in beforehand. You will reap the results later on. That said online marketing can be much more profitable than regular day jobs.

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Learn Affiliate Marketing Basics (Free Resource)

Learn Affiliate Marketing Basics Free

Today I’m going to talk about the best resource for learning affiliate marketing for free. So if you want to learn affiliate marketing basics for free, this resource is for you!

Affiliate marketing is one of the most convenient and profitable business models that you can do online. Working as an affiliate takes away a lot of the risk, work and financial investment of selling your own products or becoming a vendor.

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is or how it works, don’t worry! I will show you in a second. For now, you just need to remember it’s essentially working as a middle man between a company and the customer for a commission.

Affiliate marketing is so popular in the online business world because it can be completely automated, which allows building a system that creates passive income 24/7.

This means that instead of having a linear income where you get paid once for your work, you can get paid for almost indefinitely for the same work. You can use your time to increase these income streams to get cumulative income over time.

The best part is that some of the affiliate programs are extremely lucrative. You can earn

Have I got your attention already? Great! Because today you are going to learn how to use affiliate marketing to create a successful, automated online business.

I’ll Teach You How to Succeed With Affiliate Marketing

There is really nothing mystical about creating a successful affiliate marketing business. It’s only a matter of learning the necessary skills, applying them and staying consistent with your work.

The great thing is that there are a million ways to build an affiliate marketing business, some are common and some are not even invented yet.

The mistake most beginners make is that they try a little everything, overindulge in information, buy several products and end up failing because they are spread too thin.

The only, and I really mean THE ONLY way to move forward successfully is to learn a proven method, apply it and stick with it until you see results.

Don’t try to learn new things until you have mastered the previous thing. I can’t underline this enough. The longer you keep searching for information, the more confused you will get.

The internet is full of both free and paid programs for teaching you affiliate marketing. Some are legit, others are scams, some are something in between.

The problem is to know which ones to trust and to actually apply the information. You can’t really apply advanced tactics either if you don’t know the basics, so you need to stick to something simple in the beginning.

My recommendation for learning the basics for free is Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a beginner-friendly, free to start training platform for affiliate marketers. You can read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

What is Affiliate Marketing

So like I said in the beginning, affiliate marketing is essentially working as the middle man between a company and a customer. You earn commissions by referring customers that buy products from the company.

The great thing about this is that you don’t need to worry about things like inventory, customer support, reclamations, logistics, storage, and office space, etc. All that is taken care of by the company whose affiliate you are.

This means that you can earn an income with minimal investment on your behalf. Of course, you won’t make as much profit as the company does, especially if you market physical products, but you do get a significant piece of the pie.

Let’s Talk Money

How much exactly? Well, that depends on the products. Physical products have much smaller affiliate commissions because they have a lot smaller profit margin and the vendor has to make a buck as well.

Digital products, on the other hand, can offer up to 60% or 70% commissions on the sale. While this might seem ridiculous at first glance, it’s actually very profitable to the product maker as well because affiliate networks can increase conversions at an incredible rate.

Since digital products don’t involve as many expenses as physical products, they have much higher profit margins. By offering the product to affiliates at a high commission, you increase your reach and create a win-win situation.

Products to market

So what can you market with affiliate marketing? Almost anything. Seriously. For example, you can market affiliate products from large online stores, including Amazon. That’s hundreds of thousands of products alone to choose from.

You can also find digital products like online courses, ebooks, and software on affiliate marketplaces like ClickBank and JVzoo. Many companies also offer direct affiliate programs so your favorite companies very likely already have affiliate programs for marketing their products.

This is great because to become a successful marketer, you should know the products you market and it also means you can turn your passion into a profession!

Love playing the guitar? You can market guitars, guitar courses, amps, etc. Love fitness? There are tons of weight lifting and fat loss programs and products you can market. I’m sure you can think a couple things right away you would love to market. Exciting isn’t it?

So, how does this all work in practice?

Marketing strategies

Affiliate marketing is essentially connecting people with products they are looking for or are interested in. This can be done in several ways. Free and paid.

Virtually always the affiliate sale is done through an affiliate link. This is how the vendor knows who referred the customer. To get people to click your affiliate link and make purchases, you need traffic.

You can work as an affiliate marketer for free or almost free through content creation. If you have a popular blog, website, YouTube channels or significant social media following, you are already set. You can market relevant products to your followers.

The other way to go is by paid ads. You can use the well-targeted advertising platform on Facebook or YouTube, for example, to drive traffic to your sales page.

But the real magic is to build systems that are completely automated. Let’s look at how they work!

Automated marketing

The simplest form of the automated process is search engine optimized content (Blog post, YouTube video) with affiliate links. You target a certain keyword or keywords and include affiliate links to the products in your content.

When someone looks for the keyword in Google, for example, your content comes up in the search results. If you’ve done several things correctly, you might be on the first results.

Once you are there, it’s relatively easy to stay there. People will constantly flow to your content through search engines, some will click on your affiliate links, some will buy something and you will earn commissions on automation.

A bit more advanced strategy is to use an e-mail autoresponder. You get people to join your e-mail list by offering them something valuable. You can then use the autoresponder to automate your follow up email that you can use to recommend products.

You can combine these two tactics to form an extremely powerful, fully automated money-making machine that earns you an income even when you sleep.

It’s hard to go to regular work once you learn about this stuff. 😉

Get Started Today!

So if you are interested in affiliate marketing, I really don’t think there’s a better free resource than Wealthy Affiliate. I’m not going to lie to you. If you want to build a successful online business, it takes serious effort and work, just like a regular business.

But the great thing about online business is that it’s a lot less financial risk than most (if not all) regular businesses to start and the rewards can be much greater.

The important thing to know is that it takes time to both learn and to grow your business. The income will not be gradual. It will be exponential.

This means that you will earn nothing at first, then you start gradually earn a bit and soon the income will grow at an increasing rate.

This is why I recommend you get started today! The sooner you start, the sooner you will see results. Just don’t expect overnight results, work hard and trust the system. You will succeed!

So if you are truly interested in affiliate marketing, download my free 7-day course to making money online and join Wealthy Affiliate today. Not tomorrow. Today! It’s time to take action.


I hope you found learn the affiliate marketing basics from the piece and checked out the free training at Wealthy Affiliate. I think their free training is top-notch for understanding the whole affiliate marketing process.

Affiliate marketing isn’t really that difficult once you learn the process. Learning is just like any other skill. First, you need the information, then you need to apply and practice it until you master it.

There are a lot of nuances and technical details to this but it’s not really that complicated. You don’t need technical skills like programming or graphic design skills.

The tools that many marketers use are very easy to use these days so all you need to do is to apply the knowledge an create your own content.

If you found this piece useful, please subscribe to my newsletter for more thorough affiliate marketing training and bookmark my site. Social shares are much appreciated as well!

See you next time.

Should you buy an expired domain for traffic?

Should you buy and expired domain for traffic

As I’m waiting for my keyword golden ratio niche website to start ranking in the SERPs I’ve been reading about expired domains. The question in my mind is, should you buy expired domain for traffic advantage? Let’s find out.

One of the oldest tricks in the book in online marketing has been acquiring expired domains with powerful backlink profiles. The idea is to leverage the “link juice” and domain authority for building a new money site or acquiring several of such domains to build a private blog network (PBN for short).

The idea behind a PBN is to point powerful backlinks to your existing money site with complete control over things like anchor text. This is considered a gray hat/black hat technique by Google and will certainly lead in severe penalty or complete sandbox and deindexing if you get caught. And this can include every domain in the network.

PBNs aren't safe

That’s why I have no interest in using expired domains for building a PBN and I can’t encourage anyone else to do it either. I just wanted you to know this is one of the most common ways to use expired domains and you are bound to bump into information and marketing about PBNs if you look more into expired domains.

So once more, just so we’re clear: Private blog networks are highly frowned upon by Google and you should not risk using them. Still, many experienced marketers swear they are the way to go if you want to dominate the first page rankings. But if you hear about PBNs for the first time right now, you are definitely in the position to leverage them safely.

I’m still at the beginning of my online marketing journey and someone with more experience might be face palming hardly right now for me even thinking about using expired domains for SEO and traffic advantage in 2018. My research shows the topic is highly controversial even between very experienced marketers these days.

Some say that a deleted domain loses all its link juice as Google disavows any incoming link once the domain expires. Some say this is simply not true and that expired or dropped domains work just as well as before and give you an enormous advantage in building a new site versus on a fresh domain. Especially now as the time it takes for new sites to acquire trust and start ranking in Google seems to be getting longer and longer.

I like to do my research, but when my research is inconclusive I like to take things to my own hands, do some research and testing of my own to find out how things work. That’s what I intend to do with expired domains and I promise to share my results with you!

Let’s start by looking at what expired domains actually are.

What are expired domains

Just like the name suggests, expired domains are domains that have been expired. Meaning that they had been registered before but the owner decided to let the domain expire and did not renew the registration.

Should you buy an expired domain for traffic?

The reasons for this are many. Maybe a company that owned the domain went bankrupt, maybe someone got tired with blogging or simply didn’t have time and decided to let it go.

Some times a domain can get expired simply because the owner forgot to renew it. Even though that’s unlikely since the owner will receive several notifications and most registrars will keep the domain in backorder for a month or two to give the original owner a chance to redeem his/hers property.

This still happens when people and companies have so much online property and limited time to process all the daily information they receive from those properties. Make sure that you are not one of these people and always keep your domain registrar contact information updated.


TIP: It’s generally a good idea to use your best personal email to receive domain expiration notifications straight to your smart phone.

There are some more worrisome reasons that someone looking to acquire an expired domain should know. The domain might be a part of a previous shady activity and it might already be deindexed. The owner simply let it go because it has lost it’s monetary and SEO value.

This is why it’s extremely important to check the history of a domain even if you are not especially looking for an expired domain. If you just come up with a good domain name and it happens to be free, the chances are high that it was registered at some point.

There are tools like Wayback Machine that have snap shots of the domain dating all the way back to the 90s. You can usually spot a spammy site easily.

The other thing you should check is the backlinks of the domain. If there are thousands on a free expired domain, I would steer clear. It’s a clear signal that the domain was subject of artificial link building that can lead to penalty.

If an old domain has several thousand high quality, natural backlinks it’s probably too valuable for anyone to let it just expire for free.

Just the fact that the domain was used before doesn’t make it worthless (or worthy) it depends on what it was used for. So don’t panic if you find your domain was used 10 or 15 years ago.

Why use expired domains


The idea in using expired domains is that they can have significant domain authority and good backlink profiles. Some old domains can have some very high authority backlinks from large companies, archives or news sites. In case you didn’t know backlinks are links pointing to your domain.

It’s not clear how much Google and other search engines value backlinks these days. Some say recent algorithm changes have dropped the value of backlinks close to zero and it’s the on-page SEO, quality of content, social signals etc. that matter the most.

Yet there are some very experienced and successful SEOs and marketers that swear backlinks still matter the most. They have some pretty damn convincing data to back that claim too.

One thing that is sure is that it’s the quality of the backlinks that matter. Wrong kinds of backlinks will hurt your rankings and the right kinds can pull a page from the bottom of the top 100 search results to the first page.

This becomes obvious if you do some research on backlink profiles of first page search results in competitive keywords.

Previously all backlinks provided “link juice” to your domain/site but since it was extremely easy to manipulate this with artificial backlinks they changed it so that only more authoritative domains related to your niche will give your rank a boost. The anchor texts of the links also have to be natural and not keyword stuffed.

This is why PBNs can be so powerful but since the whole point of devaluing unrelated backlinks was to stop artificial manipulation, Google doesn’t like any kind of artificial link building.

So ideally the backlinks should be naturally received from more authoritative domains related to your niche. The problem is this never happens naturally. Especially on a young site, unless the content as absolutely phenomenal. That’s why gaining backlinks always involves some effort, time and sometimes money.

Domain age

Domain age affects how much trust search engines give trust to the website. A domain that has been registered and had a website hosted on it for ten years will obviously be trusted a lot more then three months old website.

The problem here is that the domain age apparently resets to zero when a website gets deleted or the domain expires. That’s at least the official story but I have read some experiences that suggest otherwise. Some people seem to have had considerable ranking advantage on a recently expired domain that had a website for several years before. This might be due to backlinks and returning visitors but it still makes you wonder.

You can find great brandable domains and niche ideas

One reason I love to go through expired domains is that you can find some great brandable domains you wouldn’t come up with yourself. The fact that there are hundreds of thousands of domains to choose from means you won’t run out of ideas very soon.

Talking about ideas, expired domains are also great from niche ideas and research. I’ve come up with some pretty interesting niches that I would have not come up on my own in a million years.

Where to find expired domains

There essentially three ways to acquire an expired domain. You can buy one directly or from an auction before expiration, you can backorder one or you can simply buy one for the normal registration fee if it’s completely expired.

The ones in direct sale or auction are not really expired since they many times have a website on them but sometimes it’s just the domain. Either way it’s still owned by someone and not really expired. These can be very valuable and I thought I should mention them. They are not what I’m after right now.

The ones that are in backorder are expired domains that the original owner has a change to redeem. If they decide not to get it back the fastest buyer can grap the domain.

The thing about backorders is that it can be pretty hit or miss. You can’t know when the domain will free up for registration and the fastest will grap it. That’s why there are services that are specialized in this. They have automated software on fast servers that keep at it at the time of expiration. You can’t really compete with them manually apparently so it’s wise to use them if you really want a domain in backorder.

So where to look for expired domains?

The best free resource is Expired They gather and publish all the information you need for finding good expired domains. They list expired, pending delete and backorder domains.

Their membership is completely free so I suggest you register right away because you will get access to a lot more comprehensive listing with more metrics for analyzing the results.

There are other services like DomCop and Freshdrop. For free services Expired is by far the most comprehensive. You get so much information that you have to start by learning what everything in the result table means. Sure there are short explanations on every metric but if you are a new to this stuff, expect to do some Googling.

I plan to write a post soon on the most important metrics as there really is too much stuff to discuss for this one post.

My test

So do they really work? When in doubt, the best way is to try it yourself and learn from the process! That’s why I decided to get an expired domain with a decent link profile and build a WordPress site on it.

I’ll be documenting my results here and I will share them with you later on so make sure to check on me from time to time!

Like stated before, I’m not interested in PBNs for the quite obvious risks and possible future penalties, so my aim is to just build a pretty basic niche website and see if the history of the site has effect on the ranking speed and position.

I will be aiming for low competition and KGR keywords and it will be interesting to see if this site gains traffic faster then my other niche website I’m using to test the KGR terms.

The domain is actually in my professional niche of environmental sciences, so I have some pretty good ideas for content and I’m fairly confident I can bang out a dozen medium length, high quality posts fairly quickly.

My plan is to publish the content in the coming weeks and then I’ll just let the website sit for a while and hopefully start to pick up some organic traffic. At that point I might outsource some of the content creation efforts since I feel I’m spreading my resources too thin with three websites at the moment.

I can’t justify paying for content creation just yet since my online business is not bringing in enough money to have me convinced it’s going to work on the long run. It’s something I’ll definitely look into once I have a steady online income.

I plan to reinvest every dime I make online for the foreseeable future. Either in content, education or software and marketing. I figure this will grow my business at a much faster rate then doing everything manually. But I have to know I can do it on my own first!

Do they still work?

That’s what I aim to find out. I will update this part once I have some data on the results. For now, I will show how I found a domain for my first test site.

I began by just scrolling the domains list until something sparked my interest. I stumbled upon something to do with the environment or maybe renewable energy, can’t really remember exactly. As I mentioned I’m an environmental engineer by profession so this got my interest.

I decided to do a search on the term environment.

Environment keyword results

I then sorted the results by the ABY metric, which is the oldest date in and exported the domain listing 25 results at a time through the import function. I wish there was a function to import the whole table or at least a few hundred ones but I didn’t fin one?

Import function

I then pasted the results to DomCops Open PageRank tool. Google gave up the PageRank data in 2016 and since then it’s been hard for webmasters and SEOs to compare domains efficiently for free. They have had to use paid services like Moz, Ahrefs and Majestic.

Open PageRank is free and can give a quick gauge on the potential of a domain. It’s a great tool for comparing large volumes of domains like we have here to find the most potential ones. You still need to do some more work but this helps to narrow it down. Or that is my logic at least, can’t really vouch for this just yet but feel free to try it yourself.

You can just copy paste the exported data from Expired to Open PageRank.

Open pagerank import

I then list the results by PageRank and pick the ones that have PR of 3 or more. After going through hundred or thousands of domains I noticed that finding dropped domains with PR over 3 was rare and finding ones with PR over 4 and a healthy backlink profile and history was exceedingly rare. The ones with higher PR are probably too valuable for anyone to let them expire.

PageRank results

Once I had a bunch of “high” PR domains I looked at the amount of backlinks they had. shows this info as well. If the domain had several thousand backlinks I ditched it. It’s highly unlikely the link profile would be natural and there’s no way of easily checking all the links for free. Several hundred backlinks was a no no as well, especially on younger domains.

I found a good domain name that was registered around 2000 initially. It had only 16 backlinks and a clean looking history. I made sure of this by checking it with the WaybackMachine. It belonged to a small American environmental consulting company and the site had mainly contact information.

What really struck gold was the backlinks. 3 of the 16 links were from pretty damn authoritative domains with the domain name as anchor text. Two of the high value ones were dofollow links as well. I checked the backlinks manually with Ahrefs free backlink checker.

After thinking about it for a minute I decided to register the domain and install wordpress on it. I’ll start creating content on it as soon as I get this post finished, so I think it’s time to call it a day!


Well that’s it for now about expired domains. I hope to have some interesting info to share with you sometime in the future.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far. I bet you have a bunch of questions after my ramblings so please don’t hesitate to drop a comment, I promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

I will be updating this post once I have some results or more info to share. Might be three months or might be a week so please bookmark for future reference! I promise to add an email list soon to anyone interested receiving updates.

For now that’s all!





How to register your site in Google

How to register your site in Google

Today I want to share this quick tutorial on how to register your site in Google to anyone new to running a website. I’ve been creating a niche website that‘ve been documenting here on

I made an amateur mistake in not registering my site with Google search console, I simply forgot. That resulted in most of my content not being indexed and ranked after several months.

After registering my site with Google and submitting my sitemap everything clicked on to place and my content started ranking in Google.

The thing is I already knew how important it is to add your website or property to search console because I have couple other sites (like this one). There are just so many small things involved in starting a new website it’s pretty easy to miss a step if you don’t use some sort of check list.

This mistake happened to be a big one. Fortunately the site is still very incomplete, so it wasn’t that big of a deal.

There are almost 400 pages created on the internet every minute. That’s why it’s impossible for Google and other search engines to keep track and index all those sites instantly. So it’s up to you, the webmaster, to do your best attract the attention of the search engines.

In short, registering your website with Google by submitting your up-to-date sitemap to Google search console will ensure that Google has all the information it needs to rank your website and pages in their search results.

Let’s start by looking at what Google search console actually is.

What is Google search console

What used to be called Google Webmaster tools is now known as the Google search console. The Google search console is a free service provided by Google. It allows you to track and administer your websites Google search result visibility.

Your site will be shown in Google results even if you don’t use search console but it takes a lot longer to get indexed. Especially on young sites.

Other benefits of using search console is that you will know that Google sees your content the way it’s meant to be. So sites that are supposed to be indexed are done so correctly and the sites you don’t want to have indexed aren’t shown in search results.

It also allows you monitor your site health for broken links, other errors and things like mobile functionality of your site. Google doesn’t like errors so anything that shows up should be addressed as it will in all likelihood affect your ranking negatively.

Other important features are related to how Google search sees your site. You can get information on what search queries or keywords are producing traffic to your site, are some keywords producing more traffic than others, backlinks pointing to your website etc. Great stuff for SEO.

As promised, next I’ll show you a quick tutorial on how to set up your website with Google search console.

How to register your site with search console

1. Create a Google account

This is pretty straight forward, I’m sure you already have one. If you already have one associated with your website for example in Google Analytics, use the same. This way you don’t have to verify the property several times and you have everything under the same account.

Create a Google account

2. Login to Google search console

This is pretty self explanatory. Login using the Google account created in previous item.

3. Add your website as property

Once you are registered and logged in search console it’s time to add your website or sites as property that you own.

Open the property menu on the left upper hand corner:

Click add property (don’t mind the Finnish in some of the pics)


add property in Google search console


Add your website URL. It’s important to use the correct extension since http:// and https:// are regarded as different properties. Add all variations of your URL. Http, https, www. etc.



Add property url

4. Verify your property

Once you have added your site as property it’s time to verify it. There are few ways to do this as explained here.

I like to use the HTML tag. If you are using WordPress, just install All in one SEO plugin and copy the HTML tag generated in Search console to the field found in General Setting tab of All in one SEO.

5. Create an XML sitemap of your website

Now that you have search console set up, it’s time to head over to your websites admin area and create an XML sitemap. If you are using WordPress I recommend using the All in one SEO plugin with the XML sitemap extension.

6. Fetch sitemap on search console

The all on one SEO pack should automatically update your sitemap with search console when everything is in working order. It’s wise to check at this point everything is working by manually fetching the sitemap on search console.

Select your website from the property list and click on the Sitemaps tab. The will be a field where you can enter the URL address of your sitemap. By default, it’s your website URL /sitemap.xml.

Enter sitemap url in search console


7. Check for errors

Once you have your sitemap set up it’s good to wait for couple of days for Google to index your whole site. Once that is complete you should check out the Coverage tab and Mobile Usability tab for any errors.



The coverage tab will show pages marked as ‘noindex’ as errors but you don’t have to worry about them if you have set the to noindex intentionally. If there are any errors you should figure them out.

Any errors on the Mobile Usability tab are also important to correct since Google gives increasingly more importance to mobile device experience. So make sure your website is smart phone friendly!

8. Done!

Congratulations! Your website is now registered with Google and you can check out interesting stuff on how your website is performing on Google search and what parts of your content are being linked to and producing impressions and clicks.


How to get your web page to the top of google

So you have some great content and you want that content to rank on the first page of Google? That’s the whole point of SEO. Besides submitting your sitemap as shown in this post, there are some general guidelines to consider.

These are just quick tips I have shared before. After all this is a topic whole companies are based on and can’t be covered in any real detail in one post.

Write long high quality content.

The bare minimum these days for first page content is around 1500 words. Essentially the longer the content the better. This does not mean you should ramble about random stuff, it has to be related to the topic, valuable, interesting and compelling to the reader.

Easier said than done, believe me, I know.

Find low competition keywords

Especially, if your site is new/young (and I’m sure it is, since you are reading this), it’s important to focus on low competition keywords. You won’t stand a change in competitive keywords with a new site these days. So use your resources wisely.

Writing a high quality 3000 word information post on a low traffic keyword might seem nuts but think of it as an investment. Ranking those low competition keyword will result in traffic and website authority that will make it possible to compete for better keywords later on. It takes time to build a successful internet business.

Learn about SEO. Then learn some more.

Things like keyword density, LSI keywords, backlinks, page titles, meta descriptions etc. all matter when it comes to competing on the first spots of search results. It’s not rocket science, but it’s important to know this stuff if you want to succeed, so educate yourself!

If you do everything “correctly” SEO wise, write some excellent piece of content on a relatively low competition keyword and manage to get few backlinks there’s no reason why shouldn’t be on the first page of Google with your keyword.

Don’t over think the SEO. Write naturally and make sure the critical parts are OK, search engines will take care of the rest.

What ever you do, don’t pay for backlinks or automated SEO software (I don’t mean keyword research tools etc.) These are almost always shady and can potentially get your rankings or even get your site sandboxed.

Things you should include in your content, when possible:

  • Keyword in: meta title and meta description, permalink, one picture name and alt description.
  • Keyword at least once in content. Never over stuffed in the content, write naturally
  • Internal links pointing to other content on your site
  • External links pointing to authority sites
  • Embedded relevant YouTube video
  • Share content in Google Plus

In short Google likes it when you use their services like YouTube and Google+ and likes when content follows their guidelines.


There you have it. A quick tutorial on how to register your website with Google by registering with Search Console and submitting a sitemap.

Hope you liked the tutorial and the quick SEO tips. Please drop a comment if you have any questions. I’ll be posting an update on my niche site journal soon, so please check that out as well if you find my ramblings useful.






How to build a profitable niche website in 2019 – Project journal

How to create a niche website in 2018

Update 29/10/2018

More time has passed since the last update than I’d like to admit. I’ve been busy with other commitments and we just got a dog! While exciting, it’s definitely not progressing my internet business.

I’ve actually been trying to publish this update for two weeks already and I keep changing the date constantly as I never seem to have the time and energy to finish what I started.

I haven’t managed to create new content for the niche website, so I’m going to keep this update short. I have not been procrastinating completely though. I overhauled the layout of the site and updated every single post with some SEO stuff I’ll explain shortly. I managed to create some content for this site as well.

I also fixed a big mistake that was detrimental for my content getting ranked. I had forgotten to submit my site to Google Search Console. I wrote a whole post about it, that you should probably read if you’re not familiar with Search Console.

I got the SEO tips and the reminder to submit my sitemap to Search Console from this great training at Wealthy Affiliate. I actually did every single step pointed out in that training to all posts on my niche website. More about that later on.

Site layout

I think I mentioned before the site was looking very rough with essentially just written content and not much thought put in to the layout. I just focused getting content on the site. Layout is more important to user experience than getting indexed.

That’s why I think it’s important to focus more on the content in the beginning of a new site and focus on the appearance once you start receiving traffic. Search engine spiders don’t care if your site is ugly if everything is working correctly otherwise.

Not that much has changed compared to the previous layout really, but I changed the theme to something even more basic and got rid of the extremely amateur header graphics.

I also got rid of all redundant menus and widgets. The layout is now very simplistic, which I prefer. Simple themes load fast, work well with mobile devices and look modern. I think the whole Internet has shifted towards more content centered layouts. When you browse a site with your smart phone, all out see is the content text after all.

Niche website layout

You don’t need fancy backgrounds or animations if your content is interesting. Things like pictures, diagrams and videos are important but they need to be clear cut and sit well with the content.

More and more users are using the Internet on smart phones and usually the mobile layouts won’t even show animations or all menus and widgets. So the less stuff you have on the screen outside of your content the better I think. This makes the desktop and mobile experience similar and you can be sure your mobile visitors won’t miss anything important.

Since Google is giving more importance to mobile device experience these days I think a simple design is the way to go. I personally hate sites with too much distracting information on the screen

SEO Stuff

So as I told you in the introduction I did some SEO optimization on all my posts. I read about these tips in this training at Wealthy Affiliate. If you are not a Wealthy Affiliate member you can create a trial account without even registering a credit card. I’m not 100% sure if you can access the training with a trial account though.

I definitely recommend you check the free trial and Wealthy Affiliate out anyway. You can read my review of the service here. I would appreciate you drop a comment if you can’t access the training, so I can provide correct information to other readers.

In case you can’t access the training, it’s about ranking your new content as fast as possible. The training is called “21 minute ranking method” as a reference how fast content got ranked in Google after indexing on the example site. The results will vary a lot depending on the age, rank and authority of your site but the principles will be the same.

21 minute ranking method

Click the image for the training!

Here are the main SEO points of the training, that affect the ranking of your post or page in Google after indexing:

  1. Include keyword in the meta title
  2. Include keyword in the meta description
  3. Mention the exact keyword in content at least once
  4. Mention the keyword in one image alt tag
  5. Include related internal links to your other posts/pages
  6. Include related external links to authority sites
  7. Embed a related YouTube video

Once you have included those everything on the list on your content you should share the content in Google+ using the meta title and description. Google likes it when you use their services.

After that you should resubmit your sitemap in Google Search Console to signal Google you have fresh content that needs to get indexed.

The last tip is to get some interaction on your site in the form of comments. You can accomplish this by leveraging social media or using Wealthy Affiliates comments services if you don’t have a solid reader base already. Google appreciates reader engagement and comments add to the word count of your post/page.

That’s about all the details I can give you. For more details you have to check out the training yourself, it’s definitely worth a watch.

What’s next?

I have also done some keyword research and I have one great keyword lined up for the airsoft niche site. I plan on writing a post on it as soon as I get this update wrapped up.

I’m not sure how long it takes to post another update. 3 weeks is starting to seem like a realistic time window. I hope that some time in the near future I will have some traffic data to share.

Currently many of niche website posts are ranking in Google somewhere around page 5 or so, so it’s going to take some time to get those rankings up. Wish me luck!

As a closing I would like to share this KGR related keyword research video tutorial by Doug Cunnington:

Till the next time!

If you wish to follow my journey please bookmark my site and follow me on Google+ and Twitter to receive all the updates!

Update 30/9/2018

So having a full time day job, chores, hobbies and other commitments AND trying to write two different blogs and doing research has turned out to be quite a handful. Who would have thought… I can’t even skimp on sleep because I become totally useless when sleep deprived.

I had to deal with reality and accept the fact that I need some downtime as well. I can’t be doing something productive CONSTANTLY. As I just started to finish up this post, I realized two weeks have passed since I last had the time and will to work on it. Oh well, that’s life I guess.

How to build a profitable niche website

I know there are a lot of people pitching constant productivity as something you should strive for in life. But I say fuck that, you have to live a little every now and then!

The bad thing is that I can’t fully enjoy my down time (watching Netflix, going for a beer with friends etc.) when I know there are things to be done. Fortunately I have made some progress and I apologize for this random rant. Just had to get it off my chest somewhere and this is my site after all, you know? But let’s get to the point!

So it’s taken me a bit more time to get new content on my niche project site than I anticipated. The good news is that I found some good KGR terms! And what’s even better is that most terms are so called “buyers keywords” and I found good products to market. One problem is that everything isn’t from Amazon and at least one of the vendors doesn’t seem to have an affiliate program. Might have to contact them separately and see if there are any options.

Since my last update I’ve manged to release three posts. I was planning to write couple posts, get some comments going and make this update well over two weeks ago, but it seems time is working against me.

In my defense the first post is over 3000 words and the two other around 2000 words and all took quite a bit of research. It really slows the writing process when you have bounce between Wikipedia and Amazon pages and try to come up with your reworded version of the information.

All-in-all I’m at my goal of one post / week. Someone might think this seems low, someone else might think it’s a lot. To me it’s just realism. If I can’t make this whole affiliate marketing thing work at this rate, It might not be the thing for me. I plan on keeping a steady pace however, as I figure long term consistency is the key, just like with everything else worth pursuing in life.

New posts on the niche site

So as I said before I found couple great KGR terms. I will share them with you in a second but would like to ask you something in return. Please don’t copy my information and try to rank for the same keywords.

I know this might be pointless to ask this on the internet but please take into count that I’m not making any real money yet. I’m sharing this to help others out.

The other reason why I ask this is that I don’t know if this KGR stuff really works and if many people start compete for the same term it might skew the results. So please keep this in mind as you read on and start doing your own keyword research.

So let’s get to the keywords and posts.

Best WW1 Airsoft Guns

I found the keyword for this using the Google autofill once again. I can’t remember where I got the idea to check for different eras in my airsoft niche. E.g. Vietnam war airsoft, ww2 airsoft, ww1 airsoft etc.

From those examples everything else was pretty competitive but to my surprise the term WW1 Airsoft guns had 90 local searches / month according to Keywords Everywhere. The allintitle results showed over 106 exact matches, so it wasn’t a KGR term.

However autofill suggested the term best WW1 airsoft guns which had zero monthly searches on Keywords Everywhere and Jaaxy but the fact remains that if Google suggests it, someone is looking for it.

The allintitle results showed three results, all easily outrankable. I also checked out the top results for the term WW1 airsoft guns and realized there were a lot of forum posts and I figured I could probably outrank most of them with decent amount of work. A quick recap of results is shown in the picture below. The funny looking language is Finnish in case you are wondering.

Best ww1 airsoft guns search results

So I created the post titled Best WW1 airsoft guns. The post ended up being around 3000 words long with several product suggestions and affiliate links. LSIGraph didn’t return that much useful LSI keywords so I just wrote naturally and I trust that Google will see the relevance of my keywords within the post.

It turned out a bit hard to find products to promote. I want to promote only products I know are high quality but WW1 replica airsoft guns are kinda rare to come by. I managed to find couple decent models from Amazon but everything else is from retailers that don’t have direct affiliate programs.

So I don’t really know how I might monetize the post better but I plan to worry about that only if the post starts to produce content. At this point it’s about pushing out fresh content on the KGR term to start getting rankings.

American made airsoft guns

The next term I wrote a post about was American made airsoft guns. It had zero local monthly searches on Keywords Everywhere but showed an Avg of 48 on Jaaxy. The term was once again brought up by Google auto-fill. The allintitle results turned out to be 4 results, all from forum posts. Should be easy to rank then.

I’m not sure how well the KG ratio works when using Jaaxys Avg monthly searches with the allintitle results. With the 48 Avg and 4 allintitle results the ratio is 0.083 which is well below the 0.250 upper limit so I might as well try, especially since the competition doesn’t seem that tough.

American made airsoft guns search results

Ended up writing a 2000 word post with several Amazon affiliate product links.

Blank guns for under $100

The next keyword was a bit different. I ventured out from my main niche to things that might be related somehow to the niche. After some random tries is stumbled upon a term blank guns for under 100. It showed average monthly search results of 140 in Keywords Everywhere and 32 Avg in Jaaxy.

By the way, I’m noticing a big discrepancy between Jaaxy and KE here. Just goes to show that keyword research tools give educated guesses, not absolute facts. They all have different ways of determining the search amounts so combining several sources is always a good idea.

The allintitle results showed 7 matches, that once again didn’t seem that tough to compete with. With the Keywords Everywhere monthly volume of 140 the ratio is 0.057.

Search results for the term blank guns for under 100

In case you don’t remember, anything below 0.250 is good to go. So this was pretty golden. A KGR term with actual traffic. That’s why I decided to make the article a bit longer from the get go. I plan on adding a lot of stuff if I start receiving traffic.

The initial article is around 2000 words but I faced the same problem as with the WW1 replica guns. I didn’t find any affiliate programs for blank guns since Amazon doesn’t sell them. If I start receiving traffic I have to try to figure something out. Now the products I recommend are legit but not through an affiliate program.

The other problem is that it’s not really a part of my main niche, which is airsoft. But I figured replica guns is a close enough term that Google might not see my site completely irrelevant. We’ll find out later on I guess. This keyword had the best KGR ratio and traffic so far, so I couldn’t pass the opportunity really.

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for updates. I really haven’t had the time (oh damn you time, damn you) to catch up on research and education so I plan on focusing a bit more on that side for the next couple of weeks. I still aim to produce at least one KGR post on the niche website, but it might take a while to update here.

So no good links and resources to share this time, but I’ll try to dig up something juicy for the next update. I promise! 😉

Please drop a comment if you have any questions or suggestions. I would also love to hear if you like this type of content. I would also love to hear it if you think this is the worst piece of content since the birth of the Internet. All feedback is welcome! Any tips and ideas from more experienced marketers are also more than welcome!

Update 09/09/2018

All right folks is time for part 2 in my niche site project journal! I have done some more research and created my first piece of content centered around the keyword golden ratio by Doug Cunnington I talked about in the first part of this series.

I have chosen the niche and have researched for some keywords and as promised I will share the process with you.

So without further ado let’s get to the point!

Choosing the niche

After some initial research I have decided to use my existing airsoft niche site at I started creating the site as a part of the Wealthy Affiliate online entrepreneur certificate training. I pretty soon decided I wanted to focus more on the work from home / make money online niche and focused more on creating

I also realized airsoft guns is a surprisingly small niche with some tough competition, even though my initial research suggested otherwise. The keyword research method using only Jaaxy they teach at Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t really give all the necessary information you need to asses the competition.

I have found seemingly great keywords with Jaaxy with the QSR <30 and SEO over 90. Yet a simple manual Google search shows that the first page is filled with authority sites and niche sites targeting that exact term. Most of them have several thousand words of content and tons of comments. To make outranking them even harder the domains are several years old and have a ton of back links. That’s why I think it’s important to do more keyword research than they teach at WA.

Before reading about the keyword golden ratio I thought it would be very hard to rank for any posts in the airsoft niche with reasonable amount of work and pretty much forgot about the site for few months.

The thing is, search engines take into account domain and site age and that’s the biggest reason I decided to keep using it. My content should rank a bit faster than with a completely new domain. I also know a lot about the sport so it’s easy to create content.

My current research has not shown that great possibilities for traffic so I’m treating this project as more of a proof-of-concept. If I can bring in traffic with very low competition terms in few months, I know I can replicate this with other niches.

I already have couple other niches brewing up that seem to have a lot more potential. I just don’t want to invest time and money in creating even more sites before I’m certain about my approach.

Keyword research

Finding KGR terms is not that easy. I decided to focus on zero competition terms suggested by Google autofill. This might mean I shouldn’t expect too much traffic but I have read that sometimes even keywords that have seemingly low monthly search volumes can rank for many unexpected keyword combinations. That can add up and bring surprising amounts of traffic.

So if I find a term related to airsoft that Google autofill suggests and the allintitle: results for that term are zero, I’ll go for it. SOMEONE is looking for the term and it might rank for other terms as well.

I also try to implement as much LSI, or latent semantic keywords in the content as possible. You can find great free tools for researching LSI keywords here.

Just remember to write naturally. Don’t go stuffing LSI or any other kind of keywords into the content if it doesn’t sit there naturally.

First KGR post

So the first post where I am applying these KGR ideas is about biodegradable airsoft BBs. This is a term that both Keywords Everywhere and Jaaxy show less than 10 searches for month.

On the other hand the allintitle: search returned zero matches, so it should be fairly simple process to rank for it.

The term of course was suggested by Google. There would be no point to try to rank for a term I just came up with and potentially zero traffic. Now I at least know that someone, somewhere has looked for the topic in the past.

I used the LSIgraph free service to come up with a bunch of LSI keyword that I mainly used as headings. Some are included in the text as well. Here’s a screenshot of some of the results:

LSI keyword research results

I didn’t spend too much time on the content creation. I aimed for around 1500 words with the LSI keywords included and at the end included an Amazon link to a product I recommend.

I’m not worrying about conversions at this point as I can hone the posts if they start producing traffic. At this point my main priority is finding keywords, create content around them and get them online and indexed.

As you can see the site is very crude. I simply haven’t had time to make the layout better and more professional looking. And I have no intentions to invest too much time to that side until/if I start receiving organic traffic. I’m also pretty much a complete newb when it comes to web design and I have no artistic vision. I’m an engineer for f***s sake 🙂

Fortunately your site doesn’t have to be pretty to rank in Google. It has to function well however. That’s why I’ll be making sure it complies with Googles mobile friendly guidelines and loads fast and correctly with all devices.

Other stuff

Once I had the initial content published I set up the all-in-one SEO details in WordPress. I just put the main keyword as the title and included it in the description.

I shared the content in my Google+ (feel free to follow me, I will return the favor) and asked for comments at Wealthy Affiliate to increase the likelihood of search engines to take note of my new post.

I’ve also kept up with my research for new ideas. You’ll be doing yourself a favor by checking out these two posts:

More great info on the keyword golden ratio from

Great advanced keyword ideas by Glenn Allsop at


Wrapping it up

That’s it for now. My next step is to create at least couple more KGR posts before I will post another project journal update.

I’d love to hear any thoughts from you so please drop a comment if you have questions or anything to share.

I would love to hear some critique as well if you think/know I’m doing it all wrong. I’m doing this as a shared learning project, so any insight from more experienced marketers is always welcome!

The beginning 05/09/2018

Recently I have been doing some research in niche websites and have decided to focus my online efforts in creating a successful niche website. So if you are interested in learning how to build a profitable niche website in 2018 you might want to stick around and follow my progress.

I will be focusing on the niche site for a while and have decided to keep a project journal here at This serves two purposes really. It keeps me accountable to myself for getting things done and provides valuable information to anyone interested in creating a niche site.

So, for the foreseeable future I will be mainly focusing in journal style updates on the progression of my niche site. I plan to share all the information about how I do SEO, select post topics and products, create content and get traffic and conversion. If I succeed – and I have all the intention to do so – this journal will become a pretty honest step-by-step guide to creating a niche website in 2018.

For the foundation of my niche site I will mainly follow the instructions shown in the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification training.

For content creation and SEO I plan to incorporate the Keyword Golden Ratio that Doug Cunnington from has outlined.

What is a niche site?

If you are a complete novice in the online marketing world, you might not be familiar with the niche site concept. In essence, it just means a website that is built around a certain topic, a niche if you will.

Since competition online is though these days, search engines look for relevance of blog posts with the rest of the website. That´s why it’s important to narrow the niche down enough to be able to rank the site in Google with decent amount of work.

So for example your niche might be tennis gear and apparel. The competition is probably pretty tough for that so you could narrow it down to tennis rackets or even composite tennis rackets or what not. You get the point.

How do you earn money with a niche website?

So what is the point of creating a niche website? In all honesty it’s making money. Some might be sites created by enthusiasts from the passion to the hobby but most are made for marketing purposes.

Probably the most common type of niche website is one created for marketing physical products from Amazon. Niche websites utilize the affiliate marketing model.

Essentially you refer customers through your niche website reviews to Amazon or any other vendor with an affiliate program. If the referred customer makes a purchase, you receive a piece of the pie. It’s that simple really.

Affiliate marketing is very profitable for the companies since the basically outsource their marketing in a very effective way. It’s even more profitable for the marketer, since you don’t need large investment to start making profit as an affiliate marketer.

It’s actually possible to make money without any investment (except for time of course). Something that really isn’t achievable with typical business models.

Can the niche be anything?

Well yes and no. Yes, if you don’t care about making money with the site. No, if you wish to create some sales and income.

Despite what some gurus and places like Wealthy Affiliate say about it being possible to create a successful niche website in just about any niche, it really isn’t true these days. This is one of the very few things I don’t like about Wealthy Affiliate by the way. I don’t think they stress it enough how important choosing the right niche is.

Sure, it can be more fun to write about stuff you know about and it makes content creation a lot easier. But would you start a regular brick and mortar business based on something you just happen to like without doing any market research? Yeah, I wouldn’t either. It’s no different with niche sites.

You need to do your research and choose a niche that has the potential to generate traffic and sales. Generally this requires a few things. Firstly the competition for the niche has to be low or at least decent for a new site to stand a chance.

Secondly, there has to be a profitable market and a decent amount of products to choose from. The products should also be in a price point that is likely to convert in to sales that produce decent affiliate fees. So something not too expensive but not too cheap either as you would be earning literally pennies from a sale.

Thirdly the products need to be something people generally buy online. Sure if it’s in Amazons inventory, someone will probably buy it online no matter what the merchandise. But it would be much better if the products were something most people are comfortable buying online. In general people buy big appliances and things like furniture from their local stores and small appliances and tech online from the best deal. There are exceptions of course but you probably won’t achieve many conversions marketing sofas.

What is Keyword Golden Ratio

The Keyword Golden Ratio or KGR for short is a metric used to evaluate the competition of a low search volume keyword. It was developed by Doug Cunnington after combining some ideas from “some very smart people” as he puts it himself. You can read all the details from Dougs post that I linked in the beginning of this post.

In short the Keyword Golden Ratio must be below 0.25 and it is the ratio of Google allintitle: results divided by the local monthly search volume. The local monthly search volume also needs to be below 250.

In essence KGR terms are keywords that are being searched for in Google but don’t have enough matching search results.

This of course means the competition for such terms is not very tough and creating content around that term will get you ranked in Google almost instantly. That is the theory at least, we will see about the facts later on.

Generally speaking KGR terms are always long tail keywords. There are certain formats that work the best for niche marketing like Doug outlines in this video.

So I will be mainly targeting keyword phrases in the following format:

(what is) the best [product name] for a [specific task or user type]

So using our previous example: What is the best tennis racket for intermediate players

The thing about KGR terms is they won’t produce huge amount of traffic. This is obvious when you look at the formula. It dictates the local monthly search volume needs to be below 250.

The little research I’ve done already suggests it’s very hard to find KGR terms with even 100 monthly searches.

But there lies the magic. They are easy to rank terms that convert well. Receiving organic traffic to high competition keywords requires tons of work and site trust. It’s next to impossible (apparently) with a new site with little content.

The competition won’t be as tough either as most marketers are greedy and go for higher volume keywords. But it’s pointless if you can’t beat the competition.

How I plan to do keyword research

My main keyword tool will be Googles own auto fill. As shown by Doug Cunnington in the Keyword Golden Ratio masterclass, Google will happily show you what people are searching for if you give it a change.

You don’t necessarily need expensive research tools if you are willing to do a bit of manual work. Some folks would rather automate this process but I actually enjoy keyword research more than content creation and plan to do it mainly manually.

This means looking for ideas for long tail KGR terms in the Google auto fill results or in Googles related searches.

For faster analysis of Google results, I will be using the Keywords Everywhere free browser plug-in, that shows average monthly search results right away.

I will also use the Jaaxy lite keyword tool that’s included in my Wealthy Affiliate subscription.

For the time being I won’t probably utilize AHrefs and SEMRush that Doug highly recommends for doing some more advanced keyword research. They are both rather highly priced and I might decide to use them later on, but for the time being I will try to achieve results with the tools I have available right now.


That’s about it for the day folks! Keep tuned for updates on my progress. I promise to share all the little secrets I learn along the way. I have dedicated almost a month for pure research and it’s time to take that knowledge and put it in to use.

If you decide follow my journey I promise you I won’t disappoint you. If I fail after giving it my best I will be completely honest about that as well. This way you’ll be able to learn about my mistakes with me. I hope. No. I KNOW it won’t come to this however! I’m determined to succeed with this.

That’s it for now. I will probably post my first real journal update later this week once I find the time. I have actually already started doing my keyword research and I will be using a niche website I started building a few months ago, but gave up on. It’s easier to rank sites that have already been online some time and indexed by Google. But more about that in the next post.

If you wish to follow my journey please bookmark my site and follow me on Google+ and Twitter to receive all the updates!


What is a keyword tool for SEO

What is a keyword tool for SEO

If you are wondering what is a keyword tool for SEO you’ve come to the right place.

If you are a webmaster, blogger or niche marketer the chances are you have heard about keyword tools. If you are new to the business you might be wondering what is SEO or what is a keyword tool and if it’s worth paying for one.

As the internet has exploded in growth in the last decade the competition for search engine ranking has become fierce. The fact is, if you can rank for a high traffic keyword on the first page of Google, you will make money on your site. Since the competition is tough, companies and webmasters are doing everything in their power to rank on the first page.

Google and other search engines of course won’t tell us the exact methods they use to rank sites. To make things worse, every now and then they change those methods. There are however certain rules that are known to be facts by information released by Google and other search engines.

There are also some things that have been shown to improve your rankings by experience. Some of these methods are very controversial. Some swear by them while others don’t believe they have any effect these days.

What is a keyword

Keyword is a word or a phrase that your site, post, page or other content is centered around. The aim is to rank your content on that keyword in search engines. The keyword can be a single word but usually it is a phrase or even a long sentence.

What is a keyword

Single word keywords are very hard to rank these days as the search engine algorithms are quite complex and rank your site or channel based on the overall content, so things like keyword stuffing don’t work these days.

With single word keywords you’ll be competing with established large sites with thousands of pages of content. A single word keyword could be something like computer. You would have a very tough time ranking on the first page of Google with that keyword on a new site.

Keywords consisting of sentences or many words are called long tail keywords. These are much easier to rank, if you find low competition ones.

A long tail keyword related to our previous example could be something like Best laptop computers 2018. This keyword would be much easier to rank on the first page of Google as it’s much more specific. That’s actually a great keyword with low competition, so if you have technology or computer related blog, you might want to use that.

Semantic keywords

As I told you before, the search engines rank your site based on the overall content and how well it seems to be centered around the search term. This is where semantic keywords come in.

Semantic keywords are words and phrases commonly associated with your main keyword. The search engines use these to figure out if your content is truly associated with the search term (keyword).

Semantic keywords

Search engines aim to provide the most related and valuable content when someone makes a search so it’s important to them that the search results are actually related to the search term and not just random sites that happen to have the keyword in their title or domain name.

For our Best laptop computers 2018 keyword some semantic keywords could be What makes a good lap top, Laptop computer reviews or Computer benchmark. These are just examples of the top of my head and I haven’t done any research on them so be aware of that if you decide to use them.

What is SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of affecting the visibility of your content in search engine results. It includes everything from page design to content and keyword research. Interaction within the site and social media visibility have also become important in the last decade.

As we have already established, content is the most important part of SEO these days. The quality and relevance of your content is everything when it comes to how the search engines perceive you.

What is SEO

Search engines like well written and long articles or posts with high relevance to the keyword. This kind of content tells the search engine algorithms that the content offers valuable information associated with the keyword, so it would be valuable to show as a search result.

Search engines appreciate website that load fast and work on all devices and browsers as the internet is used increasingly with mobile devices. That’s why it’s important to make sure your web design is clean, loads fast, works on both desktops and mobile devices and contain no dead links or other irrelevant information.

If you have lots of links pointing to removed sites or other issues with your link structure, the search engines will not like this as they want to offer their clients quality.

Same goes with sites with lots of animation and large uncompressed pictures that increase the load time. These days the internet is all about information that has to be available fast It doesn’t matter if you have the fanciest site in the world if it takes ages to load. The search engines love fast loading sites and this is especially important for mobile devices as there are data limitations.

Social sharing and interaction within your site is one other thing the search engines appreciate as this gives the signal you content is being shared so it must offer some value to others.

Comments on your site tells the search engines there is some established traffic that has shown interest in the topic. This increases your sites desirability in the eyes of the search engines.

Things that don’t work in SEO

Things that really don’t seem to have an effect on your rankings include backlinks and keyword stuffing. These can be bad or even detrimental for your site in 2018.

Things that don't work in SEO

Backlinks were something the search engines appreciated not long ago. The reasoning was that a site that had links pointed to it by other sites, must be of value, as other sites have seen it valuable enough link to it.

This however created a whole business of creating “fake” backlinks through blog networks and other services and it has been pretty much ditched as a ranking basis.

Keyword stuffing is a very old tactic used in the days when the search engine algorithms were very simple and just looked for the keyword when determining how relevant the content is to the search.

Stuffing your content with keyword is frowned upon by the search engines, so use your main keyword wisely. Maybe use it in the title and mention it once in the beginning of your post but otherwise you should write naturally and use semantic keywords.

What is a keyword tool

So now that we know what a keyword is and why it’s important for SEO, it’s time to talk about keyword research tools. Keyword tool is a crucial part of keyword research needed in SEO. To rank your keyword high in the search engines, with a new site, you need to find low competition keywords with traffic. This is called keyword researh.

It’s futile to write about topics no one is interested in as there won’t be any searches made. You aim as a content creator is surely to receive some traffic interested in what ever it is your content is about. On the other hand, the more traffic a keyword receives tougher the competition will be.

This is where a keyword tool comes in. A keyword tool is used to search for keywords associated with your niche.

Keyword tools are programs that gather information from the search engines to determine the amount of searches made on the keyword and it’s’s potential. Most keyword tools are browser based these days.

A good keyword tool will offer you information on the amount of searches made on the keyword, the competition for that keyword and the keywords SEO potential. They will also offer you optional keywords so you don’t need to keep guessing keywords randomly.

Pretty much all the good keyword tools are paid services. The Google Adwords keyword tool used to be pretty good but it’s not really useful for niche marketing and SEO as the metrics are geared more towards Adwords campaigns.

The best keyword research tool

I use a service called Jaaxy as my keyword research tool. It’s arguably the best keyword tool around for niche marketing and thousands of marketers vouch for its effectiveness. I’ll be writing a detailed review about Jaaxy soon, but if you want to find out more right now I wrote about using Jaaxy in this post.

Jaaxy offers three membership levels and you can try it out for free. I actually use a Jaaxy Lite version that only comes with the Premium membership of Wealthy Affiliate.

That’s about it for keyword tools for today. I hope this post was useful for you. If you have any questions please drop a comment below and I will do my best to answer you!