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The Best Website Builders For A Small Business – Get Started Right Away!

Having a website for your small business is more important than ever. Today we’re going to talk about the best website builders for a small business!

If you own a small business and don’t know how to create a homepage for your business, you’ve come to the right place.

If you own a small business you might have been able to grow it without a website but the fact is that if you don’t have any online presence, you are leaving a ton of money on the table.

The simple reality these days is that people look for services online. It doesn’t matter if you own a mechanic shop, a barber or a coffee shop, many of your potential customers will never find your services unless you are available online.

Just think about, when you need a service, let’s say an electrician (and you don’t know one) really fast. How do you start looking for them?

Newspaper ads? Call your friends and relatives (OK, this is a legit possibility…)? The yellow pages?

Or maybe you do like probably 99% of people these days. You open your smartphone or tablet computer and write “electrician ” on to Google. Or you just ask Siri and she does it for you.

Now if an electrician doesn’t have a website, they don’t stand a chance of coming up in the search engines.

The thing is this, having a website is not really enough in most cases. You have some competition in your area, right?

That’s why it’s important to do Search Engine Optimization, have a social media presence and possibly run paid adds.

While you might dread this, it’s actually pretty simple work you can learn to do yourself. If you have a business up and running, you have probably already been contacted by people offering marketing services.

There are people asking hundreds of dollars for running targeted Google adds campaigns. They use probably $50 or less of that $300 to run your adds.

They are able to do it because people are afraid or too busy or lazy to learn to run their own adds even though they would save a ton.

But the good news is that if you learn these skills, use the site builders I recommend and work just a bit on them, you can dominate your competition.

Just think about it. If your company would pup up as the first result on Google in your area, wouldn’t that just be great for your business?

So now that we understand how important having a website is, let’s look at the top website builders.

1. Facebook

Facebook written in blocks

I know I know, what’s social media got to do with having a website for your business. Well, actually everything.

The bare minimum you need to have these days is a Facebook page. This is for several reasons.

People are at Facebook. Having a page there allows people to find your company through local networks and it allows people who have visited your company or know you to share you page.

If you are new to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the more authority a domain has, the easier it will rank in search engines like Google.

And believe me, Facebook has some serious authority, being one of the largest companies and well-known social media platforms in the entire world.

So a page on Facebook can and WILL be found by Google. In many cases, a company might not need any other site than a Facebook page.

Facebook also has the tools for sharing important customer information like opening times, menus, location, etc.

You can also publish content as posts on Facebook so you might not need an actual website. I’m sure you have noticed many companies don’t have their own domains these days, only Facebook pages.

I actually don’t think this is a good idea though, I’ll talk more about that a bit later on.

Location is actually one important thing. Google relies on location these days so having your physical location available in all services is important because it will show as a search result to people near you.

Finally, Facebook is completely free. No need for hosting services fees etc.

2. Google My Business

Google My Business is a free business platform from Google. Since Google is the leading search engine by a huge margin, it’s very important you create a Google Business site as well.

This is more important for how your company appears in Google searches and in Google Maps but I’m sure you can understand how important it is for your business to be as easy to find as possible.

A smartphone with geo location tag

Google My Business will allow you to create basic information about your business, all the important customer information, etc. but a downside compared to Facebook is that it’s not as social.

People can leave reviews etc. Put the reality is that they spend much more time on average on Facebook than in Google services.

Google did use to have its own social media platform, called Google+, but it got discontinued because of a lack of activity apparently.

Now let’s look at how to build an actual website.

3. Wealthy Affiliate

There are tons of services offering free domains to run a blog or a small business website etc. but the problem with using services like these is that you won’t actually own anything.

The companies will own your website, they can do whatever they want it, like delete it, add adds to it, edit it, etc.

That’s why I always recommend registering your own domain, preferably the name of your company and hosting it on a legit hosting service.

You should think about domains as virtual real estate, you should always own at least the brand name .com domain of your company so that no one else can take it.

Having your own domain means you will have to host it on a server so you need a hosting service as well.

I personally host my websites on Wealthy Affiliate, which is actually an online platform for teaching affiliate marketing but they also have a great hosting plan with state-of-the-art servers and a superb website builder.

Wealthy Affiliate plan option grid

You see, typically you need to learn at least the bare minimum of technical skills like using FTP and installing WordPress, etc. to get started with creating content on your website.

Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need under the same roof and everything is super simple to use.

You can register your domain, install it on their server and activate WordPress with one click and you are ready to start creating content.

In case you are new to WordPress, it’s a Content Management System (don’t mix it with a blogging platform of the same name) that’s designed for simple use instead of complex technical functions.

It is pretty much the industry standard these days and Google loves WordPress sites so it’s more than capable of creating a company website.

Why I think Wealthy Affiliate is great for small business owners is that the tools and training they have there are actually very useful for any business.

They teach you how to set up your website so that it can be found by search engines. They also teach you how to look for content that people are searching for and then create content so that it can be found on search engines.

I know that you might not be interested in blogging and that’s fine. But if you create even 10 to 20 posts about subjects that you offer services for and people are interested in, you are way ahead of your competition.

You’d be surprised how many people and companies are completely oblivious about the potential that SEO has.

Just consider our electrician. If they have no site, they can’t be found. If they have a Facebook page, they can be found. If they have a company website with 20 posts about topics like home appliance safety, installation services, etc. they will most likely dominate the local search results.

Finally, you might actually get excited about the main business model they teach at Wealthy Affiliate. The business model is SEO based affiliate marketing.

Instead of selling your own services, you would create content about other companies’ products or services and include affiliate links. If people click them and buy something, the vendor pays you a commission.

This process can be fully automated and scaled so that you can have a full-time passive income from your online business. And this is not a joke or a scam.

It takes a lot of work to get to that level, but complete beginners have done it in less than a year. There are tons of success stories at WA that prove the stuff they teach work if you are willing to put in the work.


As you can see, creating a website and online presence for your small business is fairly simple and not something you should dread.

That said it’s also extremely important. Without an online presence, people simply can’t find your small business. Even if you have customers now, you could grow your business exponentially by mastering the online potential.

That’s why I recommend you go straight away to do the following.

  1. Go to Facebook, create a page for your business and share it on your wall and sen like invites to all your friends and contacts. This alone will give you a huge level of outreach. Remember to include information on your physical location.
  2. Register your business at Google My Business. Set your business information and location, so that you can be found on Google maps and in local search results.
  3. Join Wealthy Affiliate, register a domain (preferably your company name or brand name) and follow the training there to create some awesome content people can find.

I hope you found my tips for creating a website for your small business useful. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section below and I’ll promise to do my best to help you out!

If you found this post useful, please consider sharing it on social media. Also, bookmark my site to check back for other useful money making tips for small businesses.

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

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Thank you so much for this, since I help people with small businesses, I really hope some people get the opportunity to read this blog, since most of them do not have a website.

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