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Honest Smash My Campaigns Review – Is It Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my Smash My Campaigns Review! Smash My Campaigns a scam or a legit way to earn money? Read on to find out!

First of all congratulations on taking the time to research the product you are considering to buy.

The make money online world is full of scams that will only produce income to the creator and their affiliates while promising easy money to the customers.

So is Smash My Campaigns one of them? Let's find out.

Before we continue, I want to be completely honest and transparent with you, I haven't tried SMC myself. I'm basing this review on the claims in their marketing material and on third party information.

I'm not affiliated with the product or it's the creator in any way, so the point of this review is not to sell the product to you. My aim is to simply asses if the product can realistically bring the results it claims and if it's something you should invest in.

I do also recommend products I truly believe in from time to time. These products are always something I have tested my self and found to be effective.

I'll never recommend something to you to just make a quick buck myself, your trust is my most valuable asset.

I love looking for good business opportunities, and when I find good ones, I'll share them with you, my readers. But more importantly, I'll tell you when I think a product is a complete scam or not worth your investment.

Smash My Campaigns Summary

Product Name: Smash My Campaigns

Product Type:  Ready made sales campaigns

Product Price: $97 (on sale for $12.95 as of writing this)

Summary: Smash my campaigns is a DFY sales campaign program that seems to be legit for the actual campaigns. I have no reason to suspect the campaigns couldn't convert traffic to sales.

The problem with the program is that it implies that you can get money with a couple of clicks on complete automation.

When you dig a little bit deeper, it becomes apparent, that you need to have some way of actually producing traffic to these offers if you want to make money. The program isn't likely going to do it on automation.


This is the case with pretty much all of these types DFY products that promise shortcuts to riches.


The cold hard truth is that you have to put in work if you want to earn money online.

But it's totally doable with the right guidance. Check out my number one recommendation by clicking the button below. 

Also check out my Free 7-day course that will give you a huge head start in creating your own business. 

What Is Smash My Campaigns?

Smash My Campaigns is an online marketing product that offers 15 Done For You (DFY) marketing campaigns that are supposedly proven to work in converting traffic to sales. It's created by Jono Armstrong and Brendan Mace.

Each of the campaigns includes bonus and thank you pages and email swipes you can use as your own as well. It also includes step-by-step case studies for each campaign to show you how they work exactly.

The product is marketed for people that are not tech-savvy and are looking for a ready-made system with everything set up for you. (Just like MailClout, AthenaSuite, 7Min Sales Machine, TrazeAll, FunnelXpress, Instant Success Site, 1St Page Ranker and thousands of other similar products.)

It's also apparently suitable for you if you have tried a ton of methods but aren't making any money, if you're a newbie, looking to get started without spending a lot, want to earn more money or if you just like the idea of a massive shortcut and being able to copy and paste someone else's result producing strategy.

The creator has apparently made over $1000 with every single one of the included campaigns and proves this in the case studies.

So with the basic product, you get:

  • 15 Proven Sales Campaigns
  • Newbie friendly Setup Instructions
  • Converting Bonus Pages
  • Email Swipes
  • Everything hosted for you
  • Exact Deployment Blueprint
  • 3 Bonuses

You can check the Smash My Campaigns sales page for the details. Don't worry, that's not an affiliate link.

How Does Smash My Campaigns Work?

The process of using SMC is fairly simple. It involves the following simple steps:

  1. Log into the Smash My Campaigns system
  2. Add A PayPal account
  3. Send traffic to your campaigns.
  4. Sit back and relax!

Doesn't sound too complicated right?

The most important part here is that number four on the list. The traffic. It seems from the information that I could find is that the traffic part of the equation is a bit lacking.

The system apparently lets' you share your offers on social media. This is in no way an effective way to get traffic and sales on automation unless you have tens of thousands of followers, like the creators of the products.

They do offer additional traffic training as separate upsells apparently. But keep in mind that's still likely just training, it won't magically create you free traffic on automation.

So you have three options for traffic. Paid, organic or social media. Unless you have a huge social media following, you are going to have to use the two first ones.

Paid traffic, of course, requires money (and skill) while organic traffic requires effort or established assets like a successful blog, which you likely don't have.

Smash My Campaigns Price

So it seems SMC seems to have a lot to offer. You might think it's expensive. So what does Smash My Campaign cost?

The list price seems to be $97 but the "sale" price as of writing is this $12.95. It's very common with products like this is that they will never reach full price, it's just there to create desirability. Of course, I can't guarantee it won't go up, so if you really want it, buy it when it's cheap.

With these types of online marketing products it's typically that the sales page takes you to a sales funnel with One Time Offers, or OTOs as upsells that supposedly improve the initial product.

It's very common that the OTOs are actually much more expensive than the base product because you are much more likely to make additional purchases once you have your credit card out.

This is where you need to be extremely careful if you are buying any products online. Make the decision beforehand to only buy what you need.

I must warn you that the OTOs are often extremely compelling and make you feel like you will miss out on a huge deal. But rest assured that you almost never will.

Smash My Campaigns has a joint venture page for affiliates, that shows all the upsells. The base product and all the upsells are actually worth $435.

The commissions are usually over 50% for the affiliates, so you can see why there are tons of people marketing these products. They have to be just good enough to pass as legit products and have good upsells and affiliates will market them.

It creates a win-win situation for the creator and the affiliates, but unfortunately not always the customers.

Smash My Campaigns includes the following upsells in its sales funnel:

  • Frontend: $12.95
  • Upgrade #1: $37
  • Downgrade #1: $17
  • Upgrade #2: $197
  • Downgrade #2: $4.95 trial + $37/month
  • Upgrade #3: $197
  • Upgrade #4: $157
  • Upgrade #5: $167
  • Downgrade #1: $67

So as you can see the base price is nothing compared to the upsells. The downgrades are so-called down sells. If they don't get you excited about the upsell, they will try to sell you a less valuable product.

I couldn't, unfortunately, find information on what exactly do these OTOs include but they are usually nothing very unique. But they can make you feel like you are really missing out on a huge opportunity, so be careful!

Is Smash My Campaigns Scam or Legit?

I think Smash My Campaigns is not a scam in the sense that it does offer you what it promises on the sales letter. Prebuilt affiliate campaigns that are easy to set up and include video reviews etc.

But unfortunately, I don't think it's a legit way to make money online on automation or to create an actual online business.

The thing is this, these DFY systems simply don't work on automation (in my experience and in my opinion).

If they did, would it make any sense to you that the creators would be selling the information for such a low price? Surely they could use the system to create endless accounts themselves, rinse and repeat to make tons of money on automation.

I mean if the system makes you thousands, or even hundreds (heck, even tens) of dollars on automation, in what world it would be more profitable to sell it for $12.95 or even the full price $97 than to use it yourself?

It would make sense to sell information about how to create an online business for that price, or a single tool that would help you to create an online business. But a complete system that works on automation? No way.

The biggest problem with this product, like most products in this category is that they are just not realistic about the traffic and conversion side of the equation.

Sure, they can give you sales letters, websites, emails, sales funnels, etc. on automation. They might even be highly converting ones as they advertise.

But the problem is that getting traffic is going to be hard. Like seriously HARD. It will either require some serious effort to bang out valuable SEO worthy content or a lot of money to run PPC campaigns.

Just sharing a couple of links in social media isn't going to get you any sales these days. OK, there is a slight, but possible chance to succeed with social media so I'm not going to call it impossible.

My guess is that you are new to online marketing, right? I know this because you are even considering a product like this. I and thousands of others have been where you are now. And we've paid our dues.

The people who create these products have mastered one thing. They are experts in creating false hope of quick riches in online marketing beginners.

I've been there myself. When I first started to learn about making money online, I bought several products that promised instant success. Since they were affordable, I gave them a chance. Guess how much money I did with them? (Well I actually made $35 with a DFY product I paid $99 for...).

The people who create these are absolutely masters at creating sales pages and sales videos that make you really want to buy the product.

No one wants to hear it takes effort, work and time to make money online. Products like that aren't as easy to sell than products that promise you thousands on automation with a couple of steps to set up.

But I'm sure you understand that products that offer riches without including any work simply can't work.

Most of these products are actually created so that the creator and affiliates can benefit from easy sales. Most people who buy them will likely make next to no money because they don't have the necessary skills and experience to drive actual quality traffic.

So I wouldn't call SMC a scam because they do deliver what they promise, they just leave out how the actual hard work is getting the traffic. But that's just basic marketing for you!

How I Make Money Online

Now if you want to accept that it takes actual work to succeed in creating an online business, I'm willing to help you succeed.

I'm willing to share the whole process and show exactly how I and thousands of others have created successful online businesses that produce income on automation.

But I'm not going to sit here and claim that it's easy. You have to learn new skills, apply them and work every single day on your business when you are starting out.

You can take days off here and there when you have a successful site but otherwise, it requires consistency. I seriously think you need to work on it every day, even for an hour and you have to give it realistically at least a year to see actual success.

The business model I use is called affiliate marketing. It's combined with search engine optimized content creation that allows me to get tons of highly converting traffic on automation.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize that traffic because there are very little work and risk involved on your part. You just refer customers and get commissions on their purchases.

I use a proven system they teach at Wealthy Affiliate. You can read my Wealthy Affiliate review for the full scoop.

The system they teach allows me to work from anywhere on my online business (an actual online business I own), while the content I've created brings me income on automation. All the work I put in is cumulative.

So what does this involve? In short, writing. Lots of it. If you are willing to learn the necessary skills and write 100 blog posts/web page, you will very likely see results.

Don't worry if this scares you. I wasn't good at writing at first, I'm not even a native English speaker. But here I am almost half a million written words later.

You don't have to know how to write technical stuff, laid back and simple style actually converts better. It's also very easy to learn the skill of writing. You learn it just like anything else, through practice.

100 blog posts isn't that much when you break it down. Let's say it takes you a week to write one in the beginning. It would take you two years to create about 100 posts.

But once you get the hang of it, you can write a post three times a week or even every single day. If you write every day, you can hit 100 posts in just over three months.

I personally write a post/day when I'm in a writing spree. I've done this on my spare with a full-time job and a house to take care of, so it's definitely possible.

So please don't let anything like fear of writing stop you from achieving your dreams. The opportunity is there for you to take, you just have to endure a bit of work and you reap the benefits for years to come.

When you have a money-producing website set up, it will produce you income on automation (but not without initial work). This is the legit way to achieve passive income.

Don't let anyone tell you it isn't possible to succeed online, because it most definitely is. Get started today!

But don't let anyone tell you that you can do it without working for it! They are just looking to make money off of you.

Also remember to check out my online marketing course for beginners. It's completely free and very easy to complete. I will send you an email with a couple of tasks for 7 days.

After a week you will have built your online business foundation if you follow the steps. Just think about it, a week from now you could have your own website up and running! (not producing money yet).

Just insert your email below and get started right away!

You can enroll for the 7-day course by submitting your email address into the form below. I will not spam your email and you can unsubscribe anytime. There are no hidden costs


I hope you found my Smash My Campaigns review useful. If you have any additional questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below and I'll do my best to help you out.

I think Smash My Campaigns is not a scam and the campaigns it includes are probably legit. But don't let the sales page hype about thousands of dollars of income fool you.

They are leaving out the information that you need some serious traffic to these campaigns to see some real results. They do include some traffic training but I'm very skeptical it's enough to help you produce thousands of dollars in sales.

It just doesn't make any sense to sell information that's worth thousands for such a small price if everything is really included. Things just don't work that way in the real world. The law of supply and demand and all that...

That's why I recommend you only invest in products that don't offer false promises or shortcuts. My number one recommendation for this is Wealthy Affiliate.

They have a huge track record of successful online marketers. But not everyone succeeds with it. But it's not because of the training, it's because of them.

What is common with everyone who has succeeded with WA is that they have gone through the training, applied it and worked hard until they have seen results.

I want you to know this because I truly want to see you succeed, It's your time! So make the decision to stop chasing shortcuts and get started today.

If you found this post useful, please share in social media and consider joining my FREE 7-day course to get my full support on your journey to success.

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

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Well this is an interesting one. I’ve read countless amounts of offers online. I’m happy to see the affordable pricing for this one.

It’s definitely affordable if the price remains so low. I think the campaigns just might be worth the price if you don’t fall for the expensive OTOs. Just don’t expect to make any sustainable income with the product. But the price is not bad considering you can reverse engineer the funnels to learn how this stuff works.

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