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The Most Comprehensive Wealthy Affiliate Review [2020]

This is the most thorough Wealthy Affiliate Review you will find online. If you are thinking about joining, all the information is here. Including the dirt.

First of all I want to congratulate you. I'm glad to see you here because of the opportunity your are about to find out. Wealthy Affiliate was the game changer that got me to create my own online business. It can be that game changer for you too if you let it! 

I've been part of the community for couple of years now. This gives me insider knowledge and I promise to share every little detail with you.

But unlike many folks out there marketing WA, I promise to tell you the truth, I will remain unbiased and tell you the negative sides as well. Nothing in this world is perfect after all. 

To give you a fair warning, this review is fairly long. About 12 000 words or about 15 minutes of reading.

So if you are in a hurry, bookmark this review and check the summary below.


Company Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing training & platform

Price: Free to join, $19/month 1st month, $49/month after that. $495/year.

Recommended to: Anybody looking to start a home-based business or looking to turn their hobby or passion into a successful business. Also for small business owners looking for ways to take their business online. 


Wealthy Affiliate is a very honest company that teaches a proven business model based on Search Engine Optimization and affiliate marketing.

It's my #1 recommendation, because it has allowed me to create two income producing websites!

In short, the business model involves creating websites and content with affiliate links in them. When people buy products through those links, you earn a commission.

This business model allows complete freedom over where or when you work and can be highly automated, resulting in passive income.

Wealthy Affiliate is, in my opinion, the best bang for the back as it's very affordable compared to many competing services. It also has all the tools you need under the same roof, including web hosting and keyword research tools.

That said, WA has it's a shortcoming as well. The business model involves a lot of work and takes longer to work than you'd think at first glance. But it absolutely works.

Still, most people fail because they give up too early and are not willing to put in the work. Don't be one of these people. Decide to succeed and you will.

You can check out the free training and join Wealthy Affiliate through the buttons below. Remember that Wealthy Affiliate is complitelty free to join and they don't even require you to register a credit card to get access to the free training.

I also created a FREE 7-day course you can leverage to get a head start at Wealthy Affiliate, check it out below as well!

Testimonials: Part 1

I want start right off the bat with some testimonials, because the biggest question in my mind when starting out was "Is this program legit? Are people actually making money with this program?". I bet this is what is going on in your mind as well. 

The people I’ll show you in these testimonials are 100% real and the success stories are something they’ve openly shared with the community. There are of course a lot more successful people that don’t want to share their success with other for one reason or another.

If you are concerned these might be fake stories, you can go right ahead and join the community completely free, no strings attached and drop them a line and see for yourself that they are real people. 

The first success story I want to share with you is by Grace, better known as littlemama in WA. She’s been with the community since 2016 and in only 4 short years she has managed to make a very comfortable living out of her online business. See how Grace made $1400 in a single day.

The next person I want you to meet is Nathaniell. I love his story because he has been with the community since 2010 and he originally made a full time income with a niche sites about something completely else than online marketing. 

While there are a lot of success stories of people marketing WA. Nathaniel is a big proponent of how WA can teach you to turn any passion into an online business

I personally created a successful site in completely different niche before I felt comfortable marketing Wealthy Affiliate. I needed to know the system works on anything and not just on marketing the service itself. Because there are programs like that out there as well you know...

See how Nathaniell made sold one of his niche sites for $30 000.