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Instant Success Site Review – Is It A Scam?

Welcome to my Instant Success Site Review. If you are looking for information on the product and wondering if it's a scam or a legit product, you are in the right place!

Instant Success Site is a WordPress plugin and software that promises to create content for your website. Content creation is one of the hardest parts of online business, the actual work, so this is something especially beginners will find interesting.

Could it be possible to create all the content for your website with the click of a button? Read on to find out.

To be completely honest, I have not tried the product. I'm not also in any way affiliated with the product or its creators.

This means my review on the product will be unbiased but it only presents my opinion based on the marketing material and research, not actual experience with the software.

That said, I do have enough experience in real-world SEO (search engine optimization) and content creation that I feel like I can give you valuable insight on this product.

So without further ado, let's get on with the review!

Instant Success Site Summary

Product: Instant Success Site

Product type: Content creation software (WordPress plugin)

Creator: Dan Green

Price: $27 + upsells


I have no reason to doubt the Instant Success Site wouldn't do what it promises, which is populating your site with content and sharing it in social media for traffic.

I still really can't recommend using automated content creation tools. The truth is that Google doesn't like them these days and neither will your visitors.

I can't really evaluate how high-quality content the plugin creates but keep in mind that quality content creation services are expensive, so it doesn't make sense a software would be sold cheap if it could create high-quality unique content on automation.

My recommendation is to get over the fear of creating content yourself. It takes work but it's the best way to succeed as a beginner in online marketing.

That said, I don't recommend to start creating content blindly. It's important to know what you are doing so people actually see your content.

That's why I recommend following a proven step-by-step training. You can find my top recommendation by clicking the button below.

What Is Instant Success Site?

Instant Success Site is a Warrior Plus product created by Dan Green. It's a WordPress plugin automation content software.

You can check the Joint Venture site that talks more about the features and the commission plan they are offering to affiliates. Which I'm not.

It claims to do the following simply by installing the WordPress plugin and selecting a niche (selection of top converting niches IM, dieting, fitness etc.) with just one click:

  • Daily content relevant to your niche
  • Full detailed reviews of Clickbank products related to your niche including videos
  • Automated ClickBank Id insertion to Buy links
  • Automated social media sharing including FB, Instagram and Pinterest for targeted traffic
  • Essentially content, magnetization, and traffic done with a couple of clicks.

How Does Instant Success Site Work?

So how does this work in practice?

Well the process is apparently as simple as:

  1. Install the plugin
  2. Choose a Niche
  3. Add your ClickBank Id
  4. Press Go and watch the software create content for your site on automation

Sound simple doesn't it? Not too hard to complete.

Well, of course, they are presuming you have a website set up with WordPress and you know how to use plugins. That's a reasonable expectation.

Since this product is clearly targeted for complete beginners I just thought to point that out so you do realize that you need a website hosting service, a domain, and a WordPress install to this software operational.

They do have a demo video on the JV site so I might want to check that out. The resolution on the video isn't great, but from the content I could read, it actually looks very decent.

Another important thing is that you don't seem to be able to input post titles and other important parameters for SEO, the content is fully automated as it claims.

Another thing they didn't mention right away is that you will, of course, need to insert your social media user ID to get the social media integration working.

Once you insert them, the plugin will create social media posts on automation about each post.

Is Instant Success Site A Scam Or Legit?

Since I haven't actually used the product, I'm not going to claim it's a scam. I actually have no doubt that the product does what it promises. That is creating content on automation.

The problem is that the content has to come from somewhere. Google doesn't like duplicate content and you just can't copy other people's content without permission.

This leaves essentially a couple of options for the source of the content. These are just my guesses, I might be wrong so don't hold my word for it.

First is that the software fetches content from creative commons, i.e. material that is copyright free. This is OK to share but duplicate content that will not likely rank in search engines.

The second is that it searches for relevant websites, takes the information here and there and uses some sort of algorithm to spin it into a coherent article.

No matter what the source is, let's assume it's something that doesn't cause copyright infringements.

There are still problems. Google is very smart these days. It can definitely differentiate spun content from unique, well-written content.

Google wants to produce the most relevant content with the most comprehensive answer to the search. All it cares about is user experience.

Do you think that spun or duplicate content without any real insight will provide a good user experience? I'm not claiming Instant Site Success does this but automated content creation has to come from somewhere.

Just think about it this way. There are copywriters for hire in several places online. You can get a really crappy copywriter for about $5 / 1000 words (usually almost incomprehensible copy) and a really good one for about $100 / 1000 words (publisher quality).

On a single post, you will need at least 1500 words these days to rank well in Google. More is better generally.

A typical money producing niche site will have at least 50 blog posts, usually several hundred these days.

If a piece of software costs less than $100 bucks, even per month, you can rest assured it doesn't write you high-quality content that will replace human writing.

If it did, they wouldn't be selling it for that cheap.

But here's the interesting thing. Their software relies on social for traffic instead of SEO.

He shows in the demo how the Facebook page starts to create content through clicks.

The one thing he doesn't mention is that you would have to have followers on the FB page to actually get clicks. This means that to make this strategy work, you will need to grow your FB page.

This can be done pretty fast with paid traffic IF you know what you are doing. But I don't see it working on automation unless there is some additional automated social outreach build into the software. Just my observation.

My recommendation

So you want to make money online but want to make it fast. You want to find the shortcut that will get you rich quick. I understand this very well, I was you once.

But here's the thing. You can succeed online and generate a full-time income and more. But you need a change in mindset, a paradigm shift if you will.

You need to change your focus from getting quick sales in any way possible to providing valuable content that people find useful.

Please hear my advice. When I first learned about online marketing I tried a ton of products promising quick riches because I dreaded putting in the work.

Not surprisingly none of these products really worked. I even bought a ready-made website and sales funnel that was supposed to make money simply by driving traffic to it.

I think it did make me $35 after spending about $100 on traffic and over $100 on the product itself.

The people creating these products are in the business of making money from unsuspecting beginners.

Want to know when I started to see success online? The second I got over my fears and started actually working.

In all honesty, I was afraid. What if my content sucks? What if I can't produce it enough? What if people will laugh at me?

Get this into your head. There. Are. No. Shortcuts.

Success requires effort and getting out of your comfort zone. I know you don't want to hear this but it's something you have to accept if you want to see success.

The silver lining is that you get to help people, grow as a person and create a thriving business you can be proud to show to your loved ones. And of course all the freedom online business offers.

So tell me, do you want to keep chasing shortcuts or become serious about this stuff? If you are willing to learn and to apply what you learn, you will succeed.

The key is to follow a program that is proven to work, apply it and to stay laser-focused on it until you see success. Don't let anyone tell you that you can succeed without work, they just want your money.

If you want to learn a proven method that I and thousands of other successful people online are using, check out my free 7-day course you can access by submitting your email below.

You can enroll for the 7-day course by submitting your email address into the form below. I will not spam your email and you can unsubscribe anytime. There are no hidden costs during the 7 days. 


I hope you found my Instant Success Site review useful and it helped to answer your questions. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to leave them in the comments section below and I'll promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

Instant Success Site likely does what it promises. It creates content to your website with the click of a button.

Unfortunately, it's very unlikely this content will be unique, high quality and. I.e. the kind that Google and other search engines appreciate and want to show its users.

I guess you could, in theory, create spun copyright-free content on automation and mass market it through social media or PPC campaigns and get a sale here and there.

The problem is that to make money, the content quality becomes even more important than for SEO. People can spot spun or irrelevant content in a second.

Would you trust clearly automated content that has illogical sentence structures enough to buy something "it" recommends? I know I wouldn't.

Creating content on automation is not a sustainable business strategy. You either have to create valuable content yourself or pay other people to do it. There's no way around it.

You should always remember that you don't necessarily have to write. You can create videos or images, i.e. Instagram or YouTube for example. But you need to create content if you want organic traffic.

If you have the cash to spend, you can set up landing pages and sales funnels and drive paid traffic to them to get over the content creation hurdle.

But be aware that this is a business model that takes a lot of experience and is risky. A beginner can burn through money like paper if they are not careful.

That's why I recommend you learn to master SEO and organic traffic first and then expand to paid traffic. This way you got all your bases covered.

If you want to learn both business models in a simple step-by-step process, check out my completely free 7-day course that will get you started.

If you found this post useful, please share it on social media and bookmark my site!

See you next time.


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Hello, very nice review. I never though about automated content but i believe for beginners it would be awesome help. However i used to write by myself and it is good to know that there is help for content. Thank you for informative article 🙂

Glad you found it useful Gediminas! It’s better to learn to write yourself if you want to see long term success. Or if you have the moeny you could outsource writing. But here’s the deal, you need to be able to spot good copy from bad one and this takes experience that writing your own content gives you.

This is a really great article. I love that you’re honest and let everyone from the get go that you haven’t tried the product. For someone who hasn’t tried the product though, you’ve definitely done your research because this is a very informative article. Great job!

Thank you Melissa! I always want to be uprfront if I haven’t tried a product so it’s clear I’m just basing an opinion on the marketing material.

I like your review. Very educational and makes a lot of good points. Nothing can write good content as well as the person that needs to write it to make a living. I am checking out your link to the other site when I leave here. Keep on writing good reviews.

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