is legendary marketer legit

Is Legendary Marketer Legit? (Review)

Product name: Legendary Marketer

Product Founder: David Sharpe 

Product Type:  Affiliate Marketing Training Program

Price: $7 to Get Started, $30/month 

Best for: People who want to learn how to build a successful online business with fast results. 

Summary: Legendary Marketer seems to be a legit online marketing platform with a lucrative affiliate program. They teach fast and effective marketing strategies like leveraging high authority content creation sites, social media and email marketing instead of time consuming SEO.

Pros: High quality training, affordable basic training, possibility for fast results

Cons: Doesn't actually teach building your own site (online real estate) as far as I can tell, the high ticket additional products seem pricey 

As a part of the 30-day bootcamp challenge, we are required to make a review of the Legendary Marketer program. So, is Legendary Marketer legit? Read on to find out. 

Before I go any futher I want to bring it to your attention that this review is purely based on my first impressions through the Bootcamp, Dave Sharps e-mail list and my research on Legendary Marketer.

I am not currently a paying member, but that might change soon. If I do decide to become a member, I will update this review accordingly and let you know. 

I just wanted to be straight with you as I hate reading reviews about programs people haven’t actually tried but are pretending like they did.

That said I have quite a good grasp on online marketing trainings and I have followed several marketers I trust that have recommended LM (Legendary Marketer). That’s how I ended up subsribind to dave and eventually joined the Bootcamp.

What is Legendary Marketer

Legenadry Marketer is an online education platform for teaching beginners and intermediate marketers online marketing. They focus on providing effective methods that produce fast results.

Legendary Marketer was founded by David Sharpe, a succesfull online marketer that has built several multimillion businesses. This is important because his results show that he knows what he is talking about and that his training is valuable.

One of the more unique approaches Legendary Marketer takes is that it they provide each memeber with a personal coach that guides you along with your training and pushes you forward in creating your online business.  

The education starts from the very basics and advances gradually over time to more demanding strategies. You can get started for almost free, as the 15-day business builder challenge costs only $7. I’ll talk more about the pricing later on.

Legendary Marketer also provides a community, which is incredibly important especially in the begining of your online journey. A community can help you by asnwering questions and by motivating you when you feel lost.

Who is Legendary Marketer meant for?

Since LM is an online education platform it’s meant for anyone who wants to learn how to make money online. They start from the very basics and you don’t need any previous online marketing exeperience to get started.

Because the marketing methods they teach are quite universal it’s also suitable for existing business owners that are looking to take their business on another level.

It is my current understanding that they teach both free and paid methods of acquiring customers and traffic. This is important because getting the right kind of traffic is the number one requirment for success in online marketing. 

If you don’t have product or business of your own, you can use the skills they teach at LM to market their own product through their affiliate program. 

While their affiliate program is pretty good with the pay outs, it either requires you to buy more expensive products or make intial sales without commision on the higher ticket items. So be prepared to make some investments. I’ll talk more about that in a minute.

You can also use the methods and strategies they tech to market your own business and products of course. It’s my understanding that even the basic level memebership will give you very good tools for this.

I still get the impression that the whole system is definitely designed for marketing their own product, so I would wager that you would get superior results with using their affiliate program vs. marketing other products. 

The truth is that you can only find out by trying. There are no guarantees and it all depends above all else on yourself. How diligently you can apply what you learn and how consistent you can stay with your business. 

The fact is that people have seen great success with Legendary Marketer, so the methods they teach definitely work. It’s up to you what you use them for and how effectively. 

Pricing of Legendary Marketer

So what does this all cost? Well here it gets a bit complicated. Legendary Marketer consists actually of several porducts of different prices. Each product is essentially a course that is designed to be an addition to the previous education.

That said, It’s my understanding that you can learn prettym uch everything you need to run a succesfull business through the main product, Legendary Marketers Club. 

In addition to the main products Legendary MArketer also has live events and masterminds from time to time. Here are all the main products:

15-day businees challenge ($7)

The 15-day business challenge is desgined to give you a taste of what Legendary Marketer is all about. It costs only $7 dollars but it offers quite a bit of value as the aim is to help you make your first sale online. 

The course actually used to be free but they decided to add a small fe to keep off people looking for freebies. The thing about LM is that they actually want to see you succeed. That’s why they actually pick their customers, they know their training works, so they don’t want people who don’t take action to blame the system for poor results. 

This is why even in the 15-day challenge you will need to talk with your personal business coach who will map out a personalized business plan with you.

The challenge consists of 15 daily video lessons with daily tasks you will need to perform tho launch and grow your online business.    

Even if you are not interested in Legendary Marketer otherwise, I think you should consider this challenge as it offer great value for the price. You will also gain access to it as a bonus of any othe LM product.

Legendary Marketers club ($30/month)

The Legendary Marketers club is the actual core product you pay for in Legendary Marketer. It’s a membership program, so there is a monthly fee which is very reasonable at just $30. 

They market it as the “Netflix of marketing training”, meaning that there are tons of included training and new is constantly added. There are also weekly live Q&A webinars from exeperienced marketers. 

The Legendary Marketers club also gains you access to the very profitable affiliate program of LM. You also gain access to the Legendary MArketer community and your personal coach which are very useful for any questions you have when you feel stuck.

Traffic Rolodex Bundle ($247)

The traffic Rolodex Bundle is an advanced training that contains 8 video modules that cover different paid advertising strategies. The Traffic Rolodex is a one time payment of $247

The module covers getting paid traffic from Adwords, Facebook ads, Google, Instagram Ads, Landing Pages, Native Ads, YouTube and Twitter Ads.

Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint ($2500)

A business blueprint for creating a succesfull affiliate marketing business with all the tools and training you need to get started. 

Digital Products Business Blueprint ($2500)

A business blueprint for creating your own digital products. It teaches you how to create a professional digital product in written, audio or video format from scratch. 

Coaching and Consultin Business Blueprint ($2500)

This business plan teaches you how to turn your expertise or passion into a service by becoming a coach or a consult on the subject. 

Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint ($2500)

Inside the Events and Masterminds Blueprint they teach how to plan, host and profit from a live event. The training includes how to save on costs, who to hire and where to host your events. 

Affiliate program of Legendary Marketer

Like I mentioned earlier, Legendary Marketer offers a very profitable affiliate program. It also seems that the whole training is geared towards using their own affiliate program. 

There’s of course nothing wrong with this as they offer a program that clearly works but I think it’s important to note that they don’t push you to market their products and the training works for other business as well. 

I want to make this clear because I hate the idea of a business that is simply about marketing a program that teaches people how to market that same program. I see this all the time in the online world and it’s this crazy vicious circle that doesn’t add value to anyone. Well except money to the top.

But what I’ve seen about Legendary Marketer, they are not doing this. They just teach very effective strategies of online marketing that you can combine with their higlhy profitabale affiliate program. 

There are two levels to the affiliate program. A free Basic program and a paid Pro program. The paid Pro program is $29.95 / month. 

The comissions vary between 5% – 30% on the free Basic program and between 20% – 60% on the Pro program. If you have a blog or a popular channel that allow you to drive high amounts of traffic the Pro program will likely pay itself back in no time. 

Besides higher payouts, the Pro affiliate program allows you to integrate your own email autoresponder, earn addtional stream of income, introduces private traffic sources and offer addtional advanced affiliate training.

I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that to market the higher ticket items you need to buy them yourself. I couldn’t confirm this trough the information on their affiliate product though, so don’t take my word for it.

But if it’s correct, I actually like this aproach, because it means you have at least tried the product before recommending it. Something that many affiliate marketers don’t do. They just recommend products with good comissions and a decent reputation. 

I also think I read somewhere that you can also get comissions from products you don’t own after you have referred a few sales. So you can actually market the more profitable products by givign away few comissions. 

I bet the comissions and the price of the program are pretty close so by actually buying the product you would get to use it yourself

How to succeed with Legendary Marketer (and with any other program)

So can you make money with Legendary Marketer? I’m certain you can because I’ve seen plenty of people I trust make good money with it.

But it all depends on yourself. You see, the number one reason people fail online is because the fail to take action. And if they do take action they don’t do it consistently and expect immediate results.

It simply doesn’t work like that. No one can say if you will or will not succeed and how long it will take, but I can guarantee you that you won’t succeed unless you apply what you learn.

So if you want to succeed with LM or any other proven program, you need to make the following steps. 

  1. Actually go through the training. You wouldn’t believe how many people pay thousands of dollars for training and never finish it. I’ve done this in the past myself as well. Learn what you pay for!
  2. Apply the training. Learning won’t accomplish anything if you don’t apply it. This means taking massive action. Understand the training, apply it and don’t skip anything!
  3. Get things done. It’s much more important to get things done than to make them perfect. The truth is your content will never be perfect. But if it’s not published, no one will see it. 
  4. Stay consistent. You need to work on your business daily to see actual results. If you watch a training and apply it once a month, you can’t expect much results.
  5. Don’t give up. You need to realize this is a long term commitment. It takes time to build authority and consistent traffic. That said Legendary Marketer is one of the few programs that teach you fast ways to make your initial sales.

So basically if you apply what you learn, work hard and stick to it, you will eventually see success. How fast and how much? Now one can tell, maybe you’ll make a nice side income in two years or maybe you’ll be a millionaire in 6 months. It all depends on your work ethics, skills, choices and even luck. 

Just look at me. I don’t think of myself as an especially good writer or marketer. I actually think my writing is pretty dull and boring to read, but I try to improve it and I keep at it. I don’t give up. 

It took me over a years to start producing consistent income online and it’s still not enough to pay the bills. But it will be eventually because I know what I need to do to grow it. 

So if you are just starting out online, start creating content today. What’s the worst thing that could happen? 


I hope you found this Legendary Marketer review useful. I definitely think LM is legit and people are seeing great success with it. I’m considering joining the program myself and if I do, I will update this review as I progress with it.

So keep in mind that the information in this review is based on my research, Legendary Marketers bootcamp challenge, Dave’s e-mails and their websites product info.

That’s it for now, I’ll update this piece in the future if I decide to stick with the program after the 30-day bootcampl challenge.

See you next time! 

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday deal if you are already a yearly member?

It’s that time of the year again, Black Friday is here! If you are a Wealthy Affiliate member you will know there has been a great Black Friday deal almost every year.

But how about the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday deal if you are already a yearly member? Are you paying for nothing? Well no. The offer is just as good as if are a free or monthly member.

If you are not a yearly membership yet and are already familiar with Wealthy Affiliate the time to take action is now!

The offer is only runs runs between November 23rd, 2018 (Friday), through November 26th (Monday). So act now and click the link below!



If you are not familiar with Wealthy Affiliate or the yearly membership let’s look at how it works!

What is the Wealthy Affiliate black Friday deal?


Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday deal if you are already a yearly member?

The Wealthy Affiliate black Friday deal is a special offer on the yearly membership of Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one online platform for affiliate marketer.

They teach you how to create an online business using the content creation and affiliate marketing principles. It essentially involves creating a website or several websites in specific niches, creating content around that niche on low competition keywords to gain organic traffic through search engines.

You then market relevant offers in that niche to using affiliate links. If a reader of your website/blog clicks that link and makes a purchase you will receive an affiliate fee. Simple as that, check the previous link for more info.

What’s included in the Premium offer?

The yearly membership has everything listed in the table below under the monthly Premium membership below.


The Black Friday special offer will include some bonuses as well. Kyle has hinted there will be some great improvements this year on the platform and there are at least four bonuses included on the special deal:

  • A “Secret Sauce” live class with Kyle
  • Something called the Secret Sauce, White Paper (not really sure what this is, probably a cheat sheet of the live class)
  • 5 weeks of live training about creating a niche website in 2019, this is not included in your normal training.
  • A beta access to a new are for yearly members, not surprisingly called Yearly Members.

What if I’m already a yearly member?

If you are already a yearly member at Wealthy Affiliate when you purchase the Black Friday offer, you will pay the $299 and add an entire year to your membership.

So if you for example paid your yearly membership fee this July, the Black Friday offer will continue you yearly membership to July of the next year.

How about an existing monthly member?

If you are a monthly member you will be pro-rated on your monthly billing cycle. Meaning they will reimburse for what ever you have left of your monthly payment during the time of the yearly membership purchase.

So you won’t lose any money, that’s the important part.

Not sure yet?

Check out this post by Kyle for more info on what’s to come and why you should really take advantage of this incredible offer!

I don’t have time to write more about this right now and the counter on the offer starting is just an hour away and I want to share this offer with you as early as possible!

If you have any questions this post or Kyles post didn’t answer, please don’t hesitate to ask! I will get back to you as soon as possible.











Wealthy Affiliate web hosting review

If you are a blogger or an internet marketer or thinking about becoming one, you need a hosting service for your websites.

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one online resource for marketers that includes a state-of-the-art hosting service aimed specifically for running WordPress based niche websites for marketers.

I wrote an extensive review about Wealthy Affiliate here. However the hosting service is so packed with features and the price is very competitive that I decided it needed a review of its own.

So without further ado, let’s get cracking and see how well the Wealthy Affiliate hosting service stands up to the competition!

What is a website hosting service

In case you are new to internet marketing or website hosting I thought it would be good to write couple words about what exactly is a website hosting service. If you are already familiar with this stuff feel free to skip to the next paragraph for the review.

There are millions of websites on the internet. Every single one of those websites are located on a host. A host is a server (or actually a series of them) where the actual physical data of the website is located.

A website hosting service is a service that sells or rents server space to host your domain and website content. Just like the name says, duh :).

Wealthy Affiliate web hosting review

Hosting services have many more important functions like database support, data backup in case of physical storage failures. This means you don’t have to have physical backups on your home computer if the service is up to par.

Modern hosting services also make sure their security is up to date so you don’t have to worry about getting hacked on the server side as long as you keep your websites up to date as well.

Most hosting services also offer tools like email boxes and forwards, integrated content management systems and domain registration services.

So in essence a website hosting service can be just rented server space with database support where you upload your site files manually.

Most of the popular ones you want to use as a marketer include lots of tools. Wealthy Affiliates web hosting service is no different on this so let’s check out some of the features!

Features of Wealthy Affiliate web hosting

The Wealthy Affiliate web hosting service comes packed with features just like most of its competitors. Let’s start with the basics:

Number of websites:

Wealthy Affiliate membership includes hosting for 25 of your own domains plus 25 FREE websites. The free domains come with a .siterubix domain and are great for testing or for hosting small personal sites not aimed for public distribution.

Be aware that the free websites don’t rank very well in search engines compared to paid domains (though, its possible to rank them) so they really serve best for testing.

You have to naturally pay the registration fees for your own domains. The registration fee is $ 13.99 – 15.99 / year. There are no up sells and the registration process is very simple and fast. There is 30 GB of server space included for your websites. Nothing to complain here.

One of the great things about the domain registration service is that it looks for alternative domain names and suffixes if the one you want isn’t available.

Domain search example

The whole Wealthy Affiliate service and its tools are fully integrated. This means you can actually do keyword research with Jaaxy (lite version included) and see if the exact match domain for a keyword is available. You can then register the domain with couple clicks. This is a feature especially marketers and anyone knowledgeable in SEO will appreciate.


As the internet is evolving, research engines are giving more and more importance to user experience. Site loading speed is one of the not so obvious, yet one of the most important factors for positive user experience. People hate slow sites and for that reason, Google hates them too. Search engines appreciate good user experience.

That’s why it extremely important to use simple page design, compressed pictures and avoid using too many plug-ins on your site. But even if your site is optimized to the perfection, it doesn’t matter if your website is hosted on a slow server.

SiteSpeed offers faster WordPress experience

Many cheap web hosting services that seem good on paper otherwise are cheap because they are located on slow and cheap servers. Speed costs money you see.

Wealthy Affiliate uses Amazon hosting servers that are located on the latest and most powerful server in the world. The average page load time in WA web hosting is only 1.3 seconds. This is excellent by anyones standards.

Server uptime:

These days most hosting services have pretty stable server uptimes. Because even few minutes of website downtime can cost a company thousands, hosting services do their best to keep all the websites hosted on their servers up and running.

While most hosting services have gotten the downtime to few hours per year, Wealthy Affiliate offers full website redundancy. They accomplish this by having a constant mirror of your site in case of server failure or maintenance. If your actual site goes down, the mirror is swapped over instantly.

This is something that should not be taken lightly. Like I said, any downtime on a successful marketing site can mean the loss of thousands of dollars in revenue. This kind on website uptime is really unparalleled and state-of-the-art technology. The fact they have included this in their modest pricing is incredible!


All domains purchased through Wealthy Affiliate web hosting SiteDomains service have privacy protection included. This is something you usually have to pay extra $10. It protects your personal information from identity thefts, spammers and your competition. This is something you want to use these days no matter where you decide to host your site.

WordPress is a great platform for bloggers and marketers as it requires close to zero technical skills to publish content. It is however notorious for getting hacked, because bloggers and webmasters forget to keep their WordPress and plugins up to date and hosting services have had issues with WordPress security on their end as well.

Wealthy affiliate site security

This is something you don’t have to worry about with Wealthy Affiliate. The whole hosting platform is built from the ground up with the aim to offer the best WordPress platform around.

The company really knows WordPress and its security issues. This means they are able to prevent spam and hacking completely.


One great feature of WA hosting is daily backups. This means if you manage to delete something valuable on your site or whack everything up while running an update, they can help you return a fresh backup copy of your site.

Wealthy affiliate hosting features


The WA web hosting is geared towards marketers building niche websites using WordPress content management system. It’s without a doubt the best and most comprehensive service for THAT use.

If you dislike WordPress for some reason, you will lose a lot of the functionality of WA web hosting. There might be better services available for you that allows you to choose your content management system.

Experienced webmasters who like to write their own code and have the possibility to trim and tune ever small little detail on their site, databases and servers, might find WA too integrated. It’s geared towards simplicity and time efficiency, not technical versatility.

Then again if you are an experienced webmaster you probably won’t end up reading this review.


“Yeah so Wealthy Affiliate website hosting seems all fine and dandy Jukka, but it must cost an arm and a leg, right?”

Well, here comes the best part. It’s actually one of the cheapest (serious) hosting services. There are cheaper ones but they don’t really offer the speed and security that a successful site or a blog requires these days, so I won’t count them.

The monthly subscription of Wealthy Affiliate costs $49. This might seem a bit steep at first glance especially if you are looking to run a single blog or site. Do take to account the price remains the same even if you are running the full 50 websites (except for the annual domain registration fees).

But there’s more! If you take the yearly subscription the price drops to $359 / year which equals $29.90 / month. Talk about a big discount.

But wait there’s even more! If you want to get the subscription for super cheap, you can usually get the yearly subscription for $299 during the black Friday weekend. This drops the monthly cost to $24.90.

BUT WAIT! THERE’S EVEN MORE! Actually there really isn’t. I just like being dramatic and I’m not very good at selling. I’m sure you can tell :).

Or actually there is. You can actually test Wealthy Affiliate for completely free without even giving any credit card information.


Wealthy affiliate pricing

Wealthy Affiliate web hosting compared to other popular services

Let’s compare Wealthy Affiliate web hosting service with some of the popular premium WordPress hosting services marketers use:

Webhosting comparison table

As you can see, the WA web hosting is pretty far ahead of the competition when it comes to the features and bang-for-the buck.

It has the biggest amount of websites, fastest hosting, most bandwidth and unlimited email accounts just to name few of the perks.


The Wealthy Affiliate web hosting that comes as part of the Wealthy Affiliate premium subscription is the best hosting service for marketers or anyone looking to build fast sites with easy to use interface. With all the tools from keyword research to marketing training it really is a no brainer to go with Wealthy Affiliate.

If you are a marketer or a blogger looking to build sites without all the hassle then I can recommend Wealthy Affiliate wholeheartedly! Let them take care of the technology so you can focus on your business. Time is money after all! Nothing takes take fun out of running an online business like battling with technology.

If you have any questions or comments please share them below and I promise to answer them asap.

Till the next time!

Is a scam?

Is A Scam? – My honest review

Product name: Wealthy Affiliate

Product type: Online education platform and hosting service for marketers with a community and tools.

Price: FREE $0 Starter membership, $19/first month of premium, after that $49/month or $359/year

Quick summary: Wealthy Affiliate is an online “university” or an all-in-one solution for affiliate marketers or anyone looking to make money online. They have a very clear and comprehensive step-by-step training for a business model that has been proven to work by thousands of their users. They provide hosting services for you websites, keyword research tools and everything you need to start a business online. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

My Rating: 9/10


If you’ve been looking for ways to make money online, you might have stumbled upon a site at and might be wondering “Is a scam?“. I was wondering this my self just a few months ago. The short answer is simply no, it’s not a scam. If you want a longer answer you should read on for my comprehensive review.

I originally learned about online affiliate marketing a few years ago by looking for ways to make money online in Google. I found information scattered here and there and being enthusiastic about the idea I decided to create a site, or two actually. I literally had no idea what I was doing so those sites were destined to be failures.

More recently I decided to give online affiliate marketing a new try, but this time I knew I needed guidance. I did some research and kept running into a service called Wealthy Affiliate at Everybody was praising the service and recommending it for beginners (which I was and still am) especially. Since it was free, I decided to take the plunge. I went premium the first week and have not regretted it for a second.

I have been a part of the phenomenal Wealthy Affiliate community for some time now. I have gotten to know personally many regular people like you and me that are making a full-time income online. Some are even earning over $10 000/month and many of these are folks that had no prior knowledge about online marketing before joining WA. Or anything to do with the online world really. That just goes to show how well the system works when you can turn from a complete beginner to a successful entrepreneur just by following their step-by-step program.

It’s time to pay back to the community, so I’m making this comprehensive review. I will tell you anything and everything you ever wanted to know about Wealthy Affiliate. I will also give you my personal tips on how to make the most out of the service and it’s tools when starting out.


What exactly is Wealthy Affiliate?


Wealthy Affiliate is in essence an online business education platform. But education is just a small part of their service. They also offer all the tools you need to run a successful business online under the same roof. This includes top-of-the-line hosting service for running your website or sites, keyword research tools, content creation tools, domain registration tools and many others. I will go into more detail about all the tools and features a bit later.

Big part of why Wealthy Affiliate is so successful and why the system works so well is the community. People help each other out with problems and things like getting comments on your content. This is important, as I will show later on.

To a complete beginner the most important thing is the education. The main training is executed in a very easy to understand step-by-step fashion with videos, text and tasks for every lesson. The lessons and tasks are chopped up in to perfect length so you can get something concrete done every time you “take” a lesson. You will have your first site up and running before you even realize.

The previous lessons can be accessed any time if you need to go over things. They are also constantly updating the lessons as the internet is an ever evolving entity so you can rest assured that the lessons are always up-to-date and not filled with outdated knowledge.

Besides the two main training anyone with a premium subscription can add their own training after they’ve been a member for three months. These are pure gold as people are adding them almost daily and there’s probably a tutorial to any problem you might run into. I can’t even count how many times these community driven training have saved me from a problem that’s kept me from moving forward.

Some of the most liked features of Wealthy Affiliate are:

  • Completely free to get started
  • Personal mentoring from successful online entrepreneurs and millionaires
  • Two complete, easy to understand certification training
  • 24/7 online support
  • Incredible helpful community
  • State-of-the art hosting platform for running your sites

Kyle and Carson

Wealthy Affiliate was founded by Kyle and Carson 13 years ago in 2005.


Success stories in Wealthy Affiliate


There are literally thousands of people who have had success with Wealthy Affiliate and are using the methods taught there every day to make an income online. Success is of course relative. To someone creating a site and getting some traffic is enough while someone else might consider making $50k/year a success.

The biggest factor in the success you will have with Wealthy Affiliate is you. No one else can make the work for you and the harder you work the more results you will see.

Let me share some of Wealthy Affiliate success stories so you can see what can be achieved:

success story 1

Success story 2

Success story 3

–> Get started FREE creating your own money making website <-

Wealthy Affiliate membership options


There are three membership options in WA. Free, monthly premium and yearly premium.

You can sign in for a free membership without registering a payment option. This is something that truly impressed me. I don’t know many companies that don’t try to force an automated monthly subscription from your credit card if you forget to cancel your subscription.

Not Wealthy Affiliate. They give you all the time you want to get to know the service and it’s functions for completely free. There are no constant bombardment of up-sells and they are very up-front and honest about everything concerning their business. I originally registered for free membership but decided to go premium after three days’ or so because I couldn’t wait to get my first site up and running.

There are of course some limitations to the free starter subscription, as shown below:

What is not shown here is that the premium membership costs $19 for the first month which gives you a very affordable chance to see if you like the premium service. After that it costs $49/month or $359/year. The yearly fee might seem steep but when you do the math it’s actually $229 cheaper per year than the monthly subscription. If that’s not a big discount, I don’t know what is. So the sooner you go yearly the more you save. On Black Friday you can usually get the yearly subscription for $299!


How do you make money at Wealthy Affiliate?

So how exactly DO you make money with Wealthy Affiliate? The process is actually very simple. It involves creating a niche website with posts aimed for low competition keywords. Those posts will then rank in search engines and you will be getting traffic. You then monetize that traffic by using something called affiliate links.

If a visitor clicks your affiliate links and decides to make a purchase, you earn a commission. It’s as simple as that. I covered the whole process in a post I made with an example niche and site.

Here are the main parts of the process taught at Wealthy Affiliate.

Choosing a niche for affiliate marketing

The very first thing in the training and in your affiliate marketing career will be choosing a niche. A niche is essentially the topic or category of your site and the market space you are aiming at. Your niche should be something you are familiar with as you will be writing a lot of content on it.

It can be hard to come up with niche in the beginning but this is where Wealthy Affiliate really shines. There are tons of tutorials for getting ideas for a niche and what niches are profitable. And if you are still having trouble coming up with a good niche you feel comfortable with, you can always go with the Affiliate Bootcamp training which is aimed for creating a site focused on marketing Wealthy Affiliate.

Choosing a domain and building a site

Once you have niche, you will need to choose a domain for that niche to run your site. Wealthy Affiliate allows you to make two websites in the free membership plan. These are called SiteRubix websites with a .siterubix domain. In all honesty I think they are probably very hard to rank in google and you should definitely get your own domain. You can register a domain through Wealthy Affiliate for a very competitive price of $13.99 to $15.99 depending on the domain. In the premium plan you will have the option to host 25 different .siterubix sites and 25 of your own domains.

Building a site

Once you have a domain picked it’s time to install the WordPress content management system on it. This is one of the great benefits of WA, you don’t need any technical expertise if you host your website there. WordPress can be installed with a one click and WordPress settings accessed with a click as well. All you need to do is to install activate couple plugins and delete the test posts. Wealthy Affiliate premium membership offers thousands of Worpress themes to choose from.

Keyword research

Before you start creating your content you need to do keyword research. These days’ it’s pointless to write content without keyword research on a new site as the chances of that content ranking in Google are nonexistent.

Jaaxy lite

This is one of the great features of Wealthy Affiliate as well. It comes equipped with the Lite version of the best keyword tool on the market, called Jaaxy. The free membership allows to make 30 searches on it but in the premium there are no search restrictions. 30 searches is really nothing so the free membership is only for trying out. You might find 5 to 10 great keywords with 30 searches but that’s it. You can’t build a business with the free membership.

Creating content

Once you have your niche chosen, a great domain purchased and a site up and running it’s time to take your keywords and start writing content. The content needs to be easy to read, specific to your keyword and long enough. The minumun standard these days’ is 1000 words per post buy you should aim for more.

Creating content

Adding affiliate links is the last piece of the puzzle. Once you have some great content up and running it’s time to add some affiliate links to products or services related to your niche. There are affiliate programs for almost anything and if you can’t find one you can bet someone in the Wealthy Affiliate community can help you out.

The Wealthy Affiliate training


For beginners in online affiliate marketing the training is one of the most important parts of Wealthy Affiliate. Without guidance it’s almost impossible to fit all the pieces together and run a successful affiliate site. The process outlined before is pretty straight forward but it’s all the small little details that everything work together. And you quite simply have to know these details and that requires education.

The training at WA are incredibly well organized step-by-step courses with videos showing exactly what you need to do next and tasks for the days’ lesson. You can usually complete one lesson and the tasks related to it in an evening. Some take longer than other but in general you should be able to complete even the longer lessons in 3 to 4 hours.

There are two Certification courses in Wealthy Affiliate:

Online Entrepraneur Certification

The online entrepreneur certification is aimed at building a niche site of your own choosing. The niche can be almost anything you wish. The training is divided in to 5 blocks: Getting started, Building your own traffic producing website, Making money!, Mastering social engagement and Achieving maximum success through content creation. The free membership allows you to complete the Getting started block which is very good but won’t allow

Online entrepreneur certification

Affiliate Bootcamp

The affiliate bootcamp training is aimed for promoting Wealthy Affiliate and other services in the Make Money Online niche. The training is divided in to seven blocks: Getting your business rolling / Content, keywords, and Conversions / Giving your site social value / Get visual. Get aesthetic. Get a brand through media. / Knowing your audiences and catapulting your referrals / Bing, Yahoo & The power of PPC / How to scale successful PPC campaigns. Like in the other training you only get to go through the first block in your free membership.

As you can see, the two training are quite different in their details. The main process is the same but there are major differences. As you can see from my screenshots, I am actually completing them both.

Affiliate Bootcamp

Training HQ and classrooms

Besides the two official certification training in WA, there are tons of tutorials, classrooms and training for anything concerning internet marketing. These are mostly produced by experienced premium members and they are very helpful and informative in current topics like GDPR legislation.

Training HQ

The Wealthy Affiliate hosting and tools


The WA premium membership comes equipped with a state of the art hosting service and content creation tools. Everything you need to run a successful online marketing site. In the past you had to pay for multiple services and take several steps that required technical knowledge on how things work in order to run a site. You needed:

  • a hosting service,
  • knowledge on how to install WordPress manually (or create content some other way)
  • a keyword research tool
  • a spell checker tool
  • a way to get interaction on your site

WA has combined all that and more under the same roof. Let’s see what’s included.

Wealthy Affiliate websites

Site Manager

Under the Site Manager you can access your websites and see a quick overview of statistics like number of posts, comments and Google Indexing.

Site health

Here you can also find the Site Health service which shows crucial info about your site. Site health tells you how well your site is doing. It’s important to keep your site health good to rank in the search engines and this is one of my favorite features of WA. You don’t have to guess if you are doing everything correctly as you can check it right out. As you can see on this sites screenshot the health is pretty good. My trust is not good yet as this site is pretty new. I’m sure it will increase in due time.

Site Domains

Under the Site Domains menu you will find the tools for finding, registering and managing your domains. This is pretty straight forward really.

Site Content

Under the site content you will find the content creation tools of Wealthy Affiliate. WA comes equipped with a very nice writing platform with a complete grammar and spell check tool. Writing quality content without this tool would be gruesome for me as it’s impossible to write fast without making mistakes. This tool has saved me many times from embarrassing mistakes and I love to write all my content in the Site Content manager.

Other great things about writing in WA is you can access it anywhere with an internet connection and it automatically saves all your work and created drafts so you will never lose any content in case of computer trouble.

Site Comments

This is a great tool for getting comments and engagement on your posts. This is something Google and other search engines look for when ranking your content so it’s important for SEO. It works on a give and take principal, you give two comments to earn credits that you can then use to buy comments for your own posts.

Site Feedback

Site Feedback is a service for getting feedback on your from the Walthy Affiliate community. This is critical for running a successful site. Don’t get offended by critical feedback, learn from it!

The cons


Now not to make you think Wealthy Affiliate is all bells and whistles it’s time for the dirt. There are some things you should know when thinking about joining Wealthy Affiliate. Nothing is perfect and you need to have a certain mindset to get most of your Wealthy Affiliate membership if you decide to join.

First of all it takes work. Quite a lot of it actually, to see some initial success. It’s been estimated it takes on average 20-30 quality posts with low competition keywords to start seeing good rankings in google. If you can produce a post or two in a week it adds up to several months of work before you should expect any real results.

Here’s a great example by Kyle (the founder of WA) of what your journey might look like: Wealthy affiliate journey

After a couple of months in the community you will realize most people fail to even get started. There are thousands of forgotten accounts. Out of the million members, maybe 50 000 are truly active. The training won’t work if you don’t put in the work. If you decide to join and go premium, make sure you will not fail to get started. Do something every day! You need the right mindset. If you work hard and follow the training I guarantee you will see success!

Since internet is always evolving and there are a million ways to make money online, not everything is covered in the training. There are other important things you could learn by spending your time elsewhere. But as a novice it’s important to have a plan and stick to it, that’s why they don’t try to teach you everything. Instead, they focus on teaching you a one tried and true system. The only thing I would learn more than is covered in the training is SEO. You can info on SEO on the site as well.




I can promise you is not a scam. The service they run is top-notch and to be honest I could not have believed how much I can achieve in few months before joining them. I have created two sites and become very active in the community. I start all my days’ checking my Wealthy Affiliate rank and contacts and my site traffic. It truly is something special.

In conclusion, I will give you my tips if you decide to join:

– Ask questions and interact in WA

– Use very low competition keywords in the beginning

– Write over 2000 word articles

– Create social media accounts for your site as early as possible

– Get comments and share your content in social media

– Learning everything you can on SEO, everything is not covered in the training IMO

– Focus on one site at a time

– Go for yearly premium, this way you will save $200 dollars / year and you will make a commitment. If you don’t get results in a year it’s time to evaluate your motivation and goals.

If you have ANY questions about Wealthy Affiliate, please ask and I will do my best to answer.