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Is VR Agency 360 A Scam? [2020 Review]

Welcome to my VR Agency 360 Review! If you are wondering is VR Agency 360 legit or a scam, I’m here to help you decide!

First of all, congratulations for taking a minute to do your research. It’s the only way to find the legit opportunities out there.

VR Agency 360 is a brand new marketing tool that allows you to create custom 360-degree virtual tours for your own company or for your clients.

It claims to offer an easy way to create virtual images from existing photos. The program is naturally targeted for businesses with physical premises like gyms, Realtor, spas, AirBnB etc.

If you are new to online marketing, this type of virtual tour can be extremely effective for increasing sales and customers.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, people are making purchase decisions remotely. The more information you can provide them, the more likely you are to make sales.

I’m sure you have noticed that Realtor, car dealers, AirBnB, etc. are all offering virtual tours where possible. Some do it with videos, some with 360 photos.

But here’s the thing. There are already tools for this. If you own a premium smartphone, it probably already has the capability of producing 360 photos, and then there are special 360 cameras that make shooting 360 photos super easy.

So the question is, what can VR Agency 360 offer over the existing tools? Read on to find out.

Before we continue, I want you to know that I’m not affiliated with VR Agency 360. They are doing a big launch currently and most reviews out there will be created by their affiliates trying to make a sale. I will not include affiliate links to the service on this review.

I do recommend other products I believe in and those do include affiliate links. If you end up buying through them, I will earn a small commission with no extra cost to you. What you get in return is my full support.

What Is VR Agency 360?

VR Agency 360 (not an affiliate link) is a software that helps you build 360 virtual tours for your business. The idea is pretty simple, yet I have no doubt very powerful.

You’ve probably noticed during the lockdown that many businesses are offering virtual tours of their services, locations, and products.

A good example of this is real estate agents and car dealerships. Many of the offer 360 virtual tours where you can freely look around the apartment, house, or car.

The problem is that the technology needed to make this type of virtual tours can be expensive. You need a special 360 camera that can cost several hundred dollars and you need proprietary software as well.

VR Agency 360 offers an affordable way for small businesses to create emulated virtual spaces from regular or wide frame pictures and add things like call to actions, eCommerce embeds, product descriptions, etc.

Because of the ongoing lock down people can’t visit your business in person necessarily but they might want to purchase your services or products if they just had more information.

This is an issue especially for services like gyms, Realtor, spas, AirBnB, vacation rentals, restaurants etc. People are expecting to see how your service and property looks like on your website.

This is the problem VR 360 Agency offers a solution for. They claim to offer an affordable option compared to monthly subscriptions required by their competitor like Mbfish, Camtasia, Adobe, Filmore, Unbounce, Wishpond, PicMonkey and befunky.

What Does VR Agency 360 Cost?

Currently they are offering VR Agency 360 for a single payment launch price of $77.00. The regular price is apparently $67/month.

There are also uppsels or One Time Offers, like online marketers like to call them. These include:

  • PRO version with unlimited projects and extra CTAs (call-to-action)
  • Interactive Video Builder
  • Done for you agency marketing pack
  • Full white label license & dsahboard

As always, I recommend that if you decide to get the product, set a limit on yourself how much you want to spend. The people selling these products are marketing professionals, and they know how to push your buttons so that the OTOs will be almost irresistible.

So decide beforehand what you need, and then only pay for that.

Creator Of VR Agency 360

Vr Agency 360 was created by Mario Brown et al. Mario is an experienced marketer that has created several successful marketing products, so this does give some credibility to the program.

How 360 VR Agency Works?

VR Agency 360 includes the tools for creating:

  • Interactive 360 virtual business tours
  • Interactive videos
  • 360-degree photo creator from regular images
  • Image studio for editing
  • Page builder. A drag & drop page builder to create sales pages, opt-in pages etc.
  • Integration for Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, and different autoresponders like Aweber, Get Response, Sendlane, Mailchimp, etc.

The key feature of  VR Agency 360 is the 360 virtual business tour. The novelty function is the 360 image creator that you can create from several regular photos, so you don’t need expensive equipment.

What the virtual tour essentially does is to create an interactive virtual space, where you add call to actions, links and other functionalities.

You can see how to product operate in this review by Steve Harvey Marketing:

Is VR Agency 360 A Scam?

No. VR Agency 360 doesn’t seem to be a scam. It’s a digital marketing service that can help you save a few bucks compared to an expensive 360-degree camera and professional software.

But there are few things that have me a bit concerned. The first thing is that the service is browser-based, yet they only ask a single payment. This raises the question, how long will they be able to maintain and improve the service if there are no recurring fees?

I understand the single payment is the launch price but I’ve seen and reviewed several seemingly good digital marketing products that are simply forgotten by the creators after the launch.

If you are new to the online marketing world, these products are often created just for the launch. The creators offer huge commissions to affiliates who market the product to their email lists, YouTube channels, social media, and blogs.

The launch prices are always made so enticing that the products virtually sell themselves. The only problem is, that if the intention is to simply make huge profits during the launch, there might be no resources invested in the maintenance, improvement, and support of the product or service in the long term.

I’m hoping 360VR Agency doesn’t follow this pattern but to be honest, it’s too early to tell. But I’m going to give them the benefit of a doubt as Mario has a reputation for creating high-quality marketing products. Either way, I’m sure that the service will be completely functional for the time being.

Another thing you should consider is that VR Agency 360 is kind of a virtual tour “light” version. It simply can’t offer the same functionality as a real 360 camera footage. So if you are a Realtor or a car dealership, you might want to invest in something more professional.

That said, I think it seems like a neat tool that can help many kinds of small businesses in creating a virtual your on a budget.

How To Grow Your Business Online

The chances are that you are looking at 360 VR agency because you are a business owner looking to get a competitive edge in the post-COVID world where consumers are moving online at an increasing rate.

Simply having a virtual tour of your service won’t likely make a significant improvement in your online sales.

Here’s the deal. The key to succeeding online is customer acquisition. Without traffic to your website it doesn’t matter how fancy they look.

There are essentially two ways to get traffic to your website, paid advertising, and free organic traffic.

If you want to learn how to tap into an endless stream of organic buyer traffic, I recommend you check out my Wealthy Affiliate review.

This is a long term strategy that won’t solve your immediate customer acquisition problems. But it can solve all your customer acquisition problems in the long term as your business will be found on Google on countless different search terms if you do everything correctly.

What this essentially entails is creating a blog about relevant content to your business and looking for keywords people are looking for.

I know this might sound daunting, but it really isn’t hard or complicated. Having actually content about your services is exactly the competitive edge you should be leveraging in 2020 and it will save you tons in marketing expenses on the long run.


I hope you found my 360 VR Agency review useful. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below and I will get back to you.

360 VR Agency is definitely answering a need in the market place. The global lockdown has accelerated the digitalization of businesses at a never precedented rate.

Many small businesses are struggling to set up sufficient digital service to answer to their customer demands. It’s become obvious that the companies that manage to take hold of the online world will be the ones surviving in this new digital economy.

360VR Agency can help you make your website a bit more professional by offering the tools to create a virtual tour of your services.

But it won’t make a difference if your online customer acquisition isn’t up to par, so I honestly think you should make that your priority. If you already know how to handle that, you likely don’t need to be looking at budget solutions for creating virtual tours.

Thanks for reading and remember to share in social media if you found the post useful!

One reply on “Is VR Agency 360 A Scam? [2020 Review]”

I bought VR Agency 360 in 2021 in basic version for $47.00 I believe. Currently I have several problems and the first is that the developer does not respond to my mails, that several menus do not work such as Training etc… Before buying the PRO version I see that I cannot do anything commercial with the basic version and that the Links of my campaigns do not work. So I can’t offer anything to my clients.
My question: Is it serious or is this software abandoned by the developer? Thank you for your information. Tony

J’ai acheté VR Agency 360 en 2021 en version de base pour $44.00 je crois. Actuellement j’ai plusieurs problème et le premier est que le développeur ne répond pas à mes courriers, que plusieurs menu ne fonctionnent pas comme le Training etc… Avant d’acheter la version PRO je constate que je ne peux rien faire de commercial avec la version de base et que les Link de mes campagnes ne fonctionnent pas. Donc je ne peux rien proposer à mes clients.
Ma question : Est-ce sérieux ou bien ce soft est abandonné par le développeur ? Merci de votre information. Tony

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