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Is Serpclix a scam? [2020 Review]

Welcome to my Serpclix review! If you are wondering is Serpclix a scam, you've come to the right place. I have a gift for you at the end, so definitely check out the whole review!

First of all, congratulations for taking a minute to do some research before diving in headfirst on an online business opportunity. This space is full of scams and doing your homework is the only way to avoid all the scams and find the opportunities that are proven to work.

If you are new to making money online, Serpclix is what's generally referred to as paid to click (PTC) or get paid to (GPT) website.

PTC sites pay users for clicking website ads. They get their money from the advertisers that buy clicks from them. SerpClix is a bit different in the way that they actually offer clicks through Google searches to improve SEO metrics and rankings.

PTC sites are probably the easiest and fastest way to get your feet wet in making money online. Since they require no real skills or effort, the pay is of course minimal.

This is the key issue with most PTC sites, they simply aren't worth the time investment. It usually takes several seconds to watch an ad (there's a counter) and you typically earn a cent or two.

If you do the math, it really isn't worth it if you live in the Western world. Especially when you take into consideration that you are not learning any new skills in the progress.

SerpClix is marketed mainly as an SEO tool for website owners. The idea being that by getting visitors to your site

But the question is if Serpclix is a run of the mill PTC site or something different? Read on to find out.

Before we continue, I want you to know that I'm not affiliated with Serpclix in any way or form. My site is about finding the most effective way for you to start working on your own terms online, so I check out money-making opportunities regularly and share my findings with my readers.

I also recommend products that I have used successfully myself, so there are affiliate links in my content from time to time. I want to be completely transparent about this because I trust my recommendations and offer my full support if you decide to buy through my link. No extra cost to you of course.

What Is SerpClix

SerpClix is an SEO service that also offers a paid-to-click feature. Their main business is selling SEO services to website owners and SEO agencies.

SerpClix calls itself the world's first and only crowd-sourced searching platform. This basically means that they have a pool of people they call "Clickers" that they pay for searching for and clicking on their customers' websites in search engines.

The idea of this practice is to drive up the Click Through Rate of the customers' website for the intended search term. CTR is one of the metrics search engines use to determine the ranking on the search engine result page (SERP).

So the idea here is to manipulate the SERP and improve your ranking. If you are new to SEO and making money online, the first page of Google is where the money is at.

The closer to the first position you are, the higher amount of traffic you will receive. And traffic equals revenue in this business.

So SerpClix is offering a service to improve your ranking by manipulating your CTR for your preferred search term.

They are using real people because search engines can recognize bots from their behavior and proxies. SerpClix apparently has Clickers in every country in the world (even in North Korea?)

SerpClix also allows you to order clicks from certain countries or areas, which is important for local SEO. They don't allow their clickers to use VPNs so the clicks will be from people located in your preferred country.

This of course means that search engine analytics tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics will show this traffic just like your regular visitors.

SerpClix also offers a possibility to become a Clicker which allows you to earn small amounts of money simply by Googling and visiting websites.

Who Owns SerpClix

I always like to check out who's behind a product or a company I'm reviewing, as this can go a long way of assessing if it might be a scam.

SerpClix is owned by Monumental Marketing LLC that's based in Anaheim. I couldn't find much more information on the company or the CEO for example.

But it's good to know they have actually a legit LLC with a contact address listed on the site. Some of the PTC sites I have reviewed have no contact information what so ever.

I would still prefer to find more information about the company and the creators of the website.

How SerpClix Works

So how exactly does Serpclix offer you SEO improvements and better rankings?

The process is actually pretty simple. SerpClix pays its pool of thousands of clickers to search your keyword and look up and click your website on the SERP (search engine result page).

This will naturally increase your SERP Click Through Rate, which is one of the metrics Google and other search engines use to gauge relevancy, user experience, and thus your ranking.

So the basic process of using the service for SEO is as follows:

  • Determine your keyword and provide your URL
  • Choose how many clicks you want
  • Pay for the clicks and hope to see some improvement in rankings

Making money with SerpClix is the opposite. You apply to become a clicker and then you start completing these search and click tasks.

SerpClix pays you from $0.05 to $0.10 depending on the task. Naturally going through the process takes at least a few seconds so while this is fairly good PTC rate you are still hard-pressed to make any meaningful income with it.

You can see how SerpClix look in action in this video by Serp Clix:

Is Serpclix A Scam?

No, I wouldn't call Serpclix a scam. They offer a legit service that can improve your ranking at least in theory and in the short term. Their service also allows you to earn small amounts of money for clicking on links.

But there are a few caveats. Like I said in the introduction, PTC sites generally aren't worth your time investment if you live in the western world. The income potential is simply too low.

To make things worse, you will not learn any real skills while doing it. Just think about it, clicking on links doesn't really involve any skills. So it's mainly good for supplemental income in a low living costs country.

So that's from the side of a clicker. Now the real question is if Serpclix can be used as an effective SEO tool to drive traffic?

Like SerpClix tells you on their website, click-through rate (CTR) is one of the ranking factors for Google. I.e. if your site gets more clicks than your competition, it means you are offering a better user experience in the eyes of Google.

And user experience is pretty much the only thing Google cares about. They want your content to be accurate, fresh, accessible, and compelling. So if people click through to your site and stay there for several minutes it's a good sign.

But here's the caveat. Because Google cares so much about user experience, they absolutely hate any kind of intentional manipulation of their metrics. They don't want false user experiences.

So even if you find a way to affect the key metrics like CTR or bounce rate, you are running a huge risk of getting slapped by Google algorithms that are monitoring for any kind of foul play.

A good example of this is the 2012 Penguin Update. Before 2012 the number of backlinks was one - if not the most - important factor for ranking websites.

So what did webmasters and SEO specialists do? They built tons of backlinks. It didn't where they were coming from, as long as there were tons of them.

The Penguin Update leveled the playing field overnight. It only gave credit to links from related and trusted websites. Pretty much everything else was seen as a negative SEO factor

Many websites lost all rankings and businesses went bankrupt because of the effect. But it was a necessary update that improved user experience. Sites with the most relevant content and relevant backlinks faired better.

The lesson in this? Don't try to outsmart Google or other search engines. You'll just end up shooting yourself in the ankle in the long run.

This is the reason why I can't recommend SerpClix for SEO purposes. Just like I can't recommend any backlink building services. It's too risky in the long run.

It's tempting, I know, I've been there. But the only way to run a successful online business, in the long run, is by playing by the book.

Which takes me to my gift to you...

My Gift To You

So as I promised in the beginning, I have a gift for you. If you were hoping that SerpClix would magically solve your SEO issues and take your content to the first page of Google or that you could bank out a decent income by clicking on links, I know you are probably feeling disappointed.

Well, for breaking it out for you, I want to help to ease your disappointment. I'm going to give you access to my free 7-day online marketing course where I walk you through the steps of doing things correctly.

I will also include my ebook "Two Proven Methods To Make Money Online" that shows you in a simple manner what you need to do to ma

Just leave your email on the form below and your set!

You can enroll for the 7-day course by submitting your email address into the form below. I will not spam your email and you can unsubscribe anytime.

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My top recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. I've followed their training to create two income-producing websites without building backlinks (ok, couple of social media accounts don't count..), buying clicks or traffic or any kind of shady business.

I just write high-quality content on keywords people are looking for information on. There's of course more to it than just that but Wealthy Affiliate teaches you exactly how in a simple step-by-step manner.

If you follow their training, take action consistently, and are willing to endure the initial growth phase without giving up, you will eventually succeed.


I hope you found this SerpClix review useful. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below and I'll get back to you.

SerpClix definitely doesn't seem to be a scam. They simply offer an SEO service and a way for you to earn (very small) income by clicking clicks.

But I personally see buying clicks to manipulate your CTR as a risky SEO method that Google could easily spot and slap you with a manual penalty.

This can wash months or even years of work down the drain, so I'd personally steer away from risks. But the decision is ultimately yours, it's quite possible, even likely that you will receive short term SEO benefits from these clicks at the moment.

As an earning method, SerpClix simply isn't worth the time investment (well, at least not to me). You can earn $0.05 to $010 per click. It takes several seconds to a minute to click. You can do the math if it's worth your time. On the other hand, it's still money, so if you are really tight... then maybe.

I personally recommend you build an online business of your own and focus on honest methods that don't manipulate any search engine algorithms. Check out my free affiliate marketing course and Wealthy Affiliate review if you don't know where to start.

Thanks for reading and if you found this review useful, remember to share it on social media!

6 replies on “Is Serpclix a scam? [2020 Review]”

Thank you so much for this review, Jukka! I had not heard of Serpclix before reading your article, but it definitely seems like a sustainable income source internationally. Though I live in the United States and likely would not be able to make money from it myself, I have several friends in other countries who are looking for legitimate ways to make money online. You did an excellent job of explaining what Serpclix is, how it works, and its’ pros and cons. I will certainly spread the word. God bless you!

Glad you found it useful C.N.! Yeah I suppose they can offer a sustainable source of income if you are really tight for cash. Albeit it won’t likely be anything substantial, especially if you live in the US.

That was some good content. I’ve tried those click to make money things and like you said there is not enough returns on your time.

Although it is a great temptation to use this type of method, the users who click are always the same and they generate a pattern. They are leaving a trail that will not be difficult for Google to discover. For me, the risk of receiving a google ban after so many efforts to rank is not worth it.

Exactly Rodrigo. Google is very smart these days and they don’t just count clicks in their algorithm, they observe visitor behavior. And if drive tons of unrelated traffic to your site, it will very likely affect your rankings negatively.

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