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My Traffic Jacker 2.0 Review – Is It Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my MyTrafficJacker 2.0 review. If you are wondering is Traffic Jacker scam or legit, you've come to the right place as I've done the research for you!

I'm glad to see you doing your research, as it's the only way to find the online opportunities that actually work and avoid the scams and over-hyped products.

MyTrafficJacker seems like a very interesting product if you are into online marketing or want to start making money online. But the question is if it can live up to its claims? Read on to find out.

Before we continue, I want you to know that I'm not affiliated with MyTrafficJacker. I just check out online business opportunities and products and share my findings with my readers.

I do recommend products that I really believe in and have used extensively myself, so my content does include affiliate links at times.

I want to be completely transparent about this because I trust the products I recommend and offer my full support if you end up buying through my affiliate links. Without any extra to you of course.

Now that we got that out of the way, let's get on with the review!

What is MyTrafficJacker 2.0

MyTrafficJacker 2.0 is a new digital product that is marketed as a 100% unique traffic and ranking strategy web-app.

It seems they launched the 1.0 about a year ago and the app has now gone over an overhaul and has new features.

The basic idea with MyTrafficJacker is that it searches for Wikipedia, YouTube, and other authority sites links for dropped domains.

With MyTrafficJacker 2.0 you can search expired domains on any website for any keywords.

Dropped domains meaning websites that don't exist anymore, because the original owner didn't renew the domain registration for some reason.

The idea is that these domains receive "link juice" from the backlinks from these authority sites.

You can legally register a dropped domain and create a new website on it. You will then receive a substantial SEO advantage from the high authority backlinks pointing to your domain. At least in theory.

Creator Of MyTrafficJacker 2.0

MyTrafficJacker 2.0 was created by Joshua Zamora, an experienced online marketer and software developer.

He specializes in SEO products and his previous successful products include for example DFYSuite, Sendiio, Targetr, and Video Traffic Genie Pro.

How Can You Make Money With MyTrafficJacker 2.0

There are apparently 10 different ways you can leverage MTJ 2.0 to make money of dropped domains:

  1. Direct-Link affiliate marketing. This involves redirecting the dropped domain to any affiliate offer you like. Of course it should be relevant to the content that's linking to it if you actually want conversions.
  2. Direct-link product marketing. Same as the above, but you actually redirect to your own products. If you find relevant domains with links that you can point to your own products, this can be very powerful.
  3. List building. Direct the links to a squeeze or a landing page with a good gift and grow your email list.
  4. Adsense and other ad network profit. A simple set and forget strategy. Set up a very simple site with ads on the domain and earn a few bucks on autopilot.
  5. Domain flipping. If you manage to register a dropped domain for a few dollars and it has live links from Wikipedia or YouTube for example, you might be able to sell it for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
  6. Build a private blog network. PBNs are an SEO tactic where you use sites build on dropped domains to link to your main site to improve its authority. Risky but effective when done right.
  7. Buy-and-rent your private blog network. If you don't want to take the risk on your site, you can always rent or sell link space from your blog network to others. Beware there are risks to their sites.
  8. Resell the domain back to the original owner. If the original owner simply forgot to renew the domain, they might want it back. You can of course sell it to them for a profit. For how much profit depends on your ethics and how much they want it back I guess.
  9. Authority redirects rankings. This involves redirecting the domain directly to any niche site, YouTube video, etc. to give it a massive boost in rankings.
  10. Rank your eCom or Amazon store listing. Redirecting a powerful dropped domain to your eCom site or Amazon store listing can boost their rankings significantly.

Is MyTrafficJacker A Scam?

MyTrafficJacker doesn't seem to be a scam. It does what it promises, looks for dropped domains that have high authority links pointing to them.

The only problem I see with it, is that dropped domains really don't seem to be as valuable as they used to be. This is because Google has moved its focus to content over other SEO metrics.

A website loses its authority if the domain drops and all the pages return 404s. Google will not the treat the new site with same authority. The backlinks pointing to the site are only a small part of the equation these days.

That said, if they are relevant and come from a high authority domain like Wikipedia, they can really boost your SEO. But ONLY if you build relevant content on the website.

Another huge issue is that webmasters used to build tons of low-value backlinks before the 2012 Penguin Update. They also used over-optimized anchor texts and might have even bought links from link farms.

If a dropped domain has a few high authority links and a ton of low value, non-relevant links with over-optimized anchor texts, it's very likely that the negative SEO value of the low-value links will offset the positive SEO value of the high authority relevant links.

Just think about it. A domain with a good backlink profile and authority is an asset with real value. Sometimes huge value. Why would someone let it just drop? Maybe there something else in the history of the site.

That said, there are of course unicorns. I.e. dropped domains with great backlink profiles. Sometimes life happens and it's possible the previous owner passed away for example.

MyTrafficJacker has lots of testimonials of people finding domains like these and either selling them for profit or using them for their own niche websites.

But there are thousands of people and automated scripts looking for these constantly. They buy them the second they become available. Because they are worth a ton of money.

So what you are left with is the scraps. If a domain has a seemingly good backlink profile and it's been sitting for a long time, there's probably more to its background. You know the saying if it seems too good to be true...

Then there is the whole problem that SEO experts and companies have long speculated that a domain loses it's backlink strength when the ownership changes, the domain drops, or more importantly the content change to something completely different.

So it's quite possible that a great backlink profile doesn't actually add any SEO value if the domain has already dropped and lost its content. But only Google can tell you for sure.

But all SEO value aside, people actually go through the links pointing to the domain as well. This means that you can get direct traffic and drive to your offers. This strategy doesn't depend on the SEO value of the links so I have no doubt it can convert into sales.

You Don't Need Backlinks To Rank Content

So yeah, MyTrafficJacker can help you get domains with some valuable backlinks. But a domain with good backlinks alone is worthless and it's unclear if a dropped domain retains it's "link juice", especially if the content changes on the linked site.

But people do currently presume the backlinks do retain some juice and there are several ways you can use valuable dropped domains to make money. The three most common ones are:

  1. Create a Private Blog Network, where you only populate the websites with a few pages of content and link to your main site or sites if they are relevant. This is risky and can get you slapped by Google if you are not careful and don't know what you are doing.
  2. Create a niche or authority site on the domain. The backlinks can give you a significant boost, but you are still looking at creating hundreds of posts of content to build real authority and rankings.
  3. Flip the domain. If you can get a domain with a good link profile you might be able to sell it for a profit on an auction site.

But as we established, the backlinks don't necessarily give you a significant SEO edge and even if they do, you will still need to populate the domain with high-quality content.

I have personally built two income producing websites, one was on a brand new domain and the other one was a dropped domain with significant domain authority previously.

In all honesty my experience with the growth of these sites was very similar. It took consistent publishing of high-quality content to get traffic and sales from them.

The one that was created on a dropped domain with significant backlink profile hasn't really performed that much better. It hasn't performed worse either.

Then again the sites are in completely different niches so there are a lot of variables that might mask any benefit the backlinks are giving.

If you want to learn how exactly I created two income-producing websites from scratch, check out my Wealthy Affiliate review for more information.

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I hope you found this MyTrafficJacker 2.0 review useful. If you feel like I didn't answer all your questions, feel free to contact me through the comments section below and I'll see if I can help you out.

MyTrafficJacker definitely doesn't seem to be a scam. The software does what it promises, which is looking for dropped domains with high authority backlinks.

The only problem is that there is no certainty those links produce any SEO benefit to the domains. Even if they do, you will still have to build websites on the domains or they will be virtually worthless.

I recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate if you want to learn how to create websites that rank in Google and receive organic traffic. Even if you end up using a dropped domain, you will need to know how to do this.

Thanks for reading and remember to share the post on social media if you found it useful and appreciate my work!

See you next time.

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