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Blabbermouth Bucks Review – Is It Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my Blabbermouth Bucks review! If you are wondering is Blabbermouth Bucks scam or legit, I'm here to help you find out!

Glad to see you're doing your research. By researching a product or a service thoroughly before doing the buying decision will help you avoid the scams and actually find the legit programs that are proven to work.

You can definitely make money online in 2020 but the whole "make money online" the world is a minefield of scams, hyped marketing promises, and products that simply don't work anymore.

There's a lot of unethical marketing and one of the oldest tricks in the book is to launch a product, offer a huge discount, and a money-back guarantee, trusting that most people don't bother asking their money back even if the product doesn't deliver.

Blabbermouth Bucks is a brand new online marketing product that promises to teach you how to make money on your phone while isolated at home because of the COVID pandemic (many marketers are really jumping in on this COVID bandwagon).

But is it a viable business model that can earn you significant and sustainable income? Read on to find out.

Before we continue, I want you to know that I'm not affiliated with Blabbermouth Bucks or its creator in any way. I simply check out online business opportunities for my readers and share my findings.

That's because my site is about finding the most effective ways to start earning honest income online on your own term.

I do recommend products I truly believe in from time to time, so some of my content does contain affiliate links. If you end up buying through them, it will cost you no extra and I offer my full support to any product I recommend.

Blabbermouth Bucks Summary

Product Name: Blabbermouth Bucks

Product Type:  Business model training

Product Price: $7.95 during the laund ($47 full price)

Summary: Blabbermouth Bucks teaches a business model that leverages an expert phone consulting platform.

The business model involves creating a profile and then start giving professional advice on phone in return to your money.

The business model seems legit and I have no doubt it can work very well if you actually have professional expertise in some niche.

The only problems I see with the business model is the fact that it's unlikely you can make for example $150/hour like the author as a beginner.

And keep in mind that even the people who are making that kind of money, aren't likely on the phone most of the day. So it's likely daily, weekly or monthly income is nothing phenomenal albeit it can be substantial.  But definitely not a scam for $8 bucks.

I Personally prefer a business model that doesn't involve talking to strangers and creates income on automation once setup. If you are interested in learning more, click the link below. 

What Is Blabbermouth Bucks

Blabbermouth bucks is a 13-module online marketing course that promises to teach how to make money on your phone using Blabbermouth.

FYI, if you were wondering, It doesn't seem to have anything to do with, a very good news media for all things metal and hard rock.

It's marketed as an original and profitable internet marketing product that people are using to make up to $1500/hour (not a spelling mistake).

The system is supposedly evergreen, meaning that it will work for a long time into the future. More importantly it will work from home, so you can use it even during the Covid-19 lockdown, which seems to be one of its main selling points.

It's also apparently 100% newbie-friendly, meaning that you don't need to have any prior experience with online marketing or Blabbermouth to succeed with the program.

The creator of the program is claiming to make $100 - $150 /hr with this system and some people are apparently earning up to $1500/hr with this method.

According to the sales letter the training consists of a 13 module video course and step-by-step training. The method doesn't require a website, a business or social media presence to be effective.

There's also no selling or cold calling involved. It doesn't involve any network marketing, trading, or further investment either.

Blabbermouth Bucks is currently having a launch and is available for $7.95 while to full price is apparently $47.

According to their Joint Venture sales page, the sales funnel includes three "One Time Offers" aka uppsells:

  1. OTO1: Work From Home Productivity Course ($27). A video course that shows you how to work from home and get more done.
  2. OTO2: Self-improvement & Motivation guide ($17). A 46-page self-improvement guide.
  3. OTO3: An Hour With Jonny Rose, the creator ($97).  A one on one coaching with Jonny where you can get your profile reviewed, improve your phone technique through a review call, and ask anything about online marketing. His typical rate is apparently $150/hr.

Creator Of Blabbermouth Bucks

The creators of Blabbermouth Bucks is Johnny Rose. An Englishman that's been an internet marketer for almost a decade. He has apparently built several successful systems and products.

He owns a B2B lead generation agency called Win At LinkedIn and has authored over 40+ (under a pseudonym apparently). He also owns the clothing company Croydon Vs The World and hosts a YouTube show called Lead Generation Nation.

How Blabbermouth Bucks Works

So how does Blabbermouth Bucks actually claims to help you earn $150/hr?

Blabbermouth Bucks apparently uses a service called to get people to pay you for giving them valuable information on the phone.

If you haven't heard about Clarity.FM it's a service where startups and entrepreneurs can get advice from world-class experts through phone calls.

The platform has categories and search functions for experts in different niches you can book a call time with. You will then be pre-charged for the estimated length of the call.

So what Blabbermouth Bucks essentially teaches is how to set up a successful Clarity.FM profile and start getting paid for giving advice to people.

The process involves:

  1.  Choosing a profitable niche
  2. Creating successful profile
  3. Optimizing your profile
  4. Choosing your price-per-minute
  5. Delivering a winning call that earns you money

It's that simple. At least on paper.

Is Blabbermouth Bucks A Scam?

No I wouldn't call Blabbermouth Bucks a scam. It's an actually a very affordable informational product that simply teaches you how to set up a professional profile and how to choose a profitable niche, find the necessary information, and structure professional calls.

That said, the income potential might be a bit exaggerated and I think there's one huge issue with this business model. It's clear that Clarity is looking for real-life professionals.

So if you just look for a profitable niche that you don't really know anything about and plan on passing as a professional, that creates a huge issue with service quality and user experience.

Sure you might be able to pull it off on some calls, but in my books a professional is someone who has either a degree on the subject or has earned a living on the subject. Preferably both.

I'm fairly confident the service will start tightening their screening process if they start getting a lot of wannabes, posing as professionals, just to earn a quick buck.

That said, if you do in fact have some valuable expertise, this might be the perfect work from home business opportunity. The good thing about it is that you can, at least in theory, start earning right away.

The bad thing is that it's still manual work as you can't automate your calls. Meaning you will still be required to change your time for money.

All and all, I think Blabbermouth Bucks teaches you a legit business model so I'm definitely not going to call it a scam. I just recommend you think twice if you can offer actual professional expertise through the service. At least find out what kind of legal obligations you have when giving advice through the service.

Also, if you don't like the idea of being on the phone with strangers or want to create a business that will free up your time in the long run, I might have something interesting for you.

An Alternative Business Model

Since you are looking at online business opportunities, you might be interested in the method I use to make money online.

I create websites with content people are looking for on Google and other search engines. People find my content through Google and I monetize the sites through affiliate marketing and by displaying ads.

So this is basically search engine optimized blogging, combined with online affiliate marketing. It's actually one of the oldest online marketing methods. For some reason people seem to think it doesn't work in the 2020s anymore and the market is saturated or for some other nonsense reason.

The truth is that it works just as well as it has always worked. If not better. The game field has actually been leveled by past Google algorithm updates.

The site offering the most valuable, up-to-date content and the best user experience is the likeliest to rank on the first page.

In the past it was more about keyword density, exact match domains, the number of backlinks, etc. While all those and site authority does matter, it's more about the content these days.

Writing high quality, optimized content is something you can learn. As is search engine optimization. But the truth is that you need a base level of consistent content publishing to get the authority and start ranking these days.

This is the reason why most people give up. They simply aren't willing to endure the initial phase of building authority. But it's worth it to endure it.

The prize is a business that generates income on automation because your content is online 24/7, making sales through affiliate links on automation.

If you want to learn more about this business model, check out my Wealthy Affiliate review for more information.

Als consider joining my free 7-day online marketing course if you want to get started right away. You can join my inserting your email address below:

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I hope you found this Blabbermouth Buck review useful. If you have any questions, feels free to contact me through the comments section below and I'll get back to you.

Blabbermouth Bucks seems to teach a viable online business method that involves giving experts advice through phone calls at

So it doesn't seem to be a scam, but I do think the income examples are likely far from average unless you have some serious expertise that is in demand.

If you don't mind speaking with strangers on the phone, have an expertise you can share knowledge about and need income immediately, this business opportunity might be worth investigating.

As a long term strategy I recommend SEO based online affiliate marketing. It's a skill you can use professionally and build a sustainable and scalable long term income source.

Thanks for reading and if you found this post useful, remember to share it on social media!

See you next time!

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