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Synthesys Review – Is It Scam Or Legit?

Welcome to my Synthesys review! If you are wondering is Synthesys a scam or a legit product, I'm here to help you find out!

The only space is full of scams and it can be darn near impossible to weed out the legit products from the sea of questionable products. So I'm glad you're doing your research!

Synthesys is a brand new text-to-speech software that is marketed as a superior option to Google or Amazon voice technologies.

But the question is if it's that much better to be worth the investment and if the company and creators are actually trustworthy.

Before we continue, I want you to know that I'm not affiliated with Synthesys. I review online business and marketing products because my mission is to find the best solutions for you to start working on your own terms.


Why Use Text-To-Speech?

Before we look at Synthesys, let's look at some of the uses a text-to-speech software has. In case you're not familiar with them, they can be a very effective marketing tool.

Text-to-speech software isn't exactly a new thing. There was one included in Windows already in the 1990s. But they sounded very unnatural and robotic. 

Text-to-speech software has advanced in huge leaps recently due to artificial intelligence and learning algorithms that make the synthesized speech sound more natural.

Modern software utilizes real human voices and can even understand the tone and meaning of the text to correct syllable emphasis and accent.

The most obvious use for text-to-speech software is if you are not a native speaker but need to produce understandable audio and can't afford to pay someone to read out your texts. Studio-recorded narration isn't exactly cheap.

For example, I'm not a native English speaker and even though in my own opinion my written English is decent, I definitely lack confidence clarity in my spoken English.

So I might utilize this type of software to turn my blog texts into podcasts or even to create YouTube and marketing videos.

The fact that you can have studio-quality speech that utilizes real voice professionals for a fraction of the cost is an asset you shouldn't take lightly.

So text-to-speech software can be a powerful content creation tool that removes the limitations of your own spoken language and audio production skills.

A real voice is still of course superior but the main point I'm trying to get you understand that modern text-to-speech software are so life-like that people either can't differentiate them from a real voice or at least it doesn't bother them.

So if you have as an option no spoken audio or software-based speech, the latter is definitely superior. I conveys the information to the listener just fine.

Some example uses for text-to-speech software include:

  • Podcasts
  • Animations
  • Promotional videos
  • Training videos
  • Walkthrough videos
  • Audio guides
  • Facebook and YouTube ads

I bet you can start to see the endless possibilities here. It's up to you how creatively you can use text-to-speech software.

And in case you are not aware, spoken audio is an extremely effective form of marketing. Having a podcast or just a simple audio recording of your blog can be really powerful for brand recognition and user experience.

So text-to-speech software definitely has its use and it's something any online marketer or content creator should look into.

What Is Synthesys

Synthesys is a brand new text-to-speech software created by Mario Brown and Oliver Goodwin, that promises to offer a more professional and natural text-to-speech conversion compared to Google or Amazon voice technologies.

The technology of Synthesys is based on a deep learning neural network, aka artificial intelligence that's been trained by a dataset of real voice recordings from real voice actors.

The end results is a software that can turn text into audio files with impressively believable speech that is immediately usable without additional editing.

This naturally reduces costs and streamlines your voice production process. Typically you would have to either invest in professional audio equipment, learn to use them, and then record and edit the audio yourself. Very time-consuming.

Or you could pay someone to do it for you. Very expensive, especially if done consistently.

While a synthesized voice can't completely replace yourself as a podcast host for example, it's far better than not having audio available at all.

Synthesis is definitely targeted for the not so technical audience that just wants fast and effective results. So it's very user friendly.

How Synthesys Works

Content creation with Synthesys is very quick and easy. You simply type or copy a text into the text box, choose your preferred voice and click render.

Synthesis offers a selection of 18 real voices with recommendations for different uses and tones. You can for example use a full female voice for video advertising, a deep resonant male voice for storytelling or an upbeat and expressive voice for instructional video.

You can see and hear the software in action in this video by VIDSociety:

So if you want to turn your blog post into audio for example, the process involves three simple steps:

  1. Choose the perfect voice for your content from the 18 options of real voices
  2. Add your text and click create
  3. Deploy the audio on any platform or device where you need it.

What Synthesis costs?

Synthesis is having a launch starting 5th of June 2020 where the pricing will be as follows:

  • Synthesis Lite: $47
  • Synthesys Commercial: $67
  • Synthesys Pro: $67
  • Synthesys DFY Boost Pack: $47
  • Synthesys Agency 150k: $150k
  • Synthesys Agency 500k: $297
  • Synthesys Agency Unlimited: $497

Is Synthesys A Scam

No, it doesn't seem that Synthesys is a scam. They simply offer a premium text-to-speech software that can help you make more professional sounding sales videos, turn your blogs into podcasts etc.

One thing I don't really agree with them is that their software would be unique. Sure, it is definitely a step-up from the standard Google and Amazon voices.

But there are actually a lot of similar products out there. Some of the best known are Amazon PollyIBM Watson,, and of course Google text to speech.

While Synthesys claims their software will be superior to Amazon Polly or Google voice technology, I find it hard to believe that they would have superior AI performance compared to Google or Amazon.

Sure, Synthesys has combined similar AI-based software with proprietary voice actors, but you can still definitely tell it's a machine that's speaking.

That said, their pricing is reasonable compared to voiceovers from Fiverr for example and I can see the value in getting 18 different professional voices to choose from.

Synthesys seems to be utilizing a character based pricing, so the base price will only cover a set amount of characters. After that you'll be paying extra. 

You also need to keep in mind that Synthesys seems to be a brand new software and company, so only time will tell how well their service will stand the test of time.

Unfortunately in the online marketing software sphere, there are products being launched daily with the intention to make money fast during the launch and pretty much forget about any development or support after that.

I'm not claiming Synthesis is doing this. The fact that they are actually offering a useful piece of software that has clearly required investing in product development makes me hopeful that they are going to offer long-term support and development for the software.

How To Make Money With Text-To-Speech Software

Ok, so Synthesis is not a scam (even though there are valid options with longer track records) and we established that text-to-speech software can be powerful tools for marketing and user experience. But how exactly do you use them to make money?

Well, you can't of course make money with text-to-speech software alone. You need some form of written content that you can turn to audio and a way to reach audiences and monetize the content after that.

I personally use affiliate marketing, combined with search engine optimization. Which is basically blogging about topics I know people are looking for information on.

The great thing about this business model is that it allows a passive stream of income. Once a post is set up, it can bring in income for years to come. I can also work on my websites from anywhere in the world.

If you are interested in how this works, I recommend you check out my Wealthy Affiliate review and join my free 7-day online marketing course.

So how do I utilize text to speech software? Well, I turn some of my blog posts into podcasts and publish them on podcasting platforms, where people can find them. This naturally increases my outreach and brand visibility and allows me to get new followers.

This is great for SEO purposes as well because people can find my podcasts alongside my blog content when they look for some of my targeted keywords. It's also possible to link back to my site on most of these platforms.

I also plan on including an audio version of my content on each page in future. It's been on the todo list for a long time with a thousand other things :). 


I hope you found this Synthesis review useful. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through the comments section below and I'll do my best to help you out.

Synthesis seems to be a legit program, but only time will tell how the software performs in the long run and how good development and support they will offer. It's simply too early to tell at this point.

Text-to-speech software have improved in leaps due to artificial intelligence in recent years and it's clear that they can be a very effective tool to improve user experience and reach larger audiences.

They can't naturally alone produce income as you need some form of written content to actually turn to audio. This is why they are perfect for bloggers and other written content creators.

Thanks for reading and if you found this review useful, remember to share it on social media!

See you next time.

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