Is Alex Becker Legit? [My Impression In 2020]

If you are wondering is Alex Becker legit I'm here to help you find out. You've probably seen his YouTube videos and are wondering if the guy is for real.

You're probably like I used to be; every time you see someone has managed to make millions and are young, your first thought are skeptical. That they must be scam artists or at least somehow dishonest. Because honest people don't make fortunes when they are young, right?

Well, first of all: Wrong. There are plenty of self-made millionaires that made their millions in their twenties or even as teens. And I'm not talking about the unicorn movie star or pop queen. Or scam artists for that matter.

I'm talking about legit entrepreneurs that managed to build companies that were so high in demand that they generated fortunes for them.

I'm sure you know people like these exist, but they probably seem so far away from your personal bubble that they might as well be fiction.

But let me assure you, they are real and they are just regular people just like you or me. Many of them aren't even exceptionally intelligent or gifted. But they all have something in common. They believe in themselves and don't talk themselves down from trying. They have the right mindset and behavior models. 

This seems to be the secret behind the success of Alex Becker as well.

Who Is Alex Becker

Alex Becker is an American entrepreneur that is probably best known for his YouTube content and his company Hyros.

Maybe you wound up here because you saw one of his YouTube videos and wanted to know if he knows what he's talking about.

In recent years you might have seen him advertising make-money-online courses or maybe seen his popular YouTube channel where he hosts his videos in an empty apartment because he sold all his belongings after stopping marketing MMO products. 

The guy actually has a long (and successful) track record in online marketing and SEO. In the past he made products and services targeted for the beginner "make money online" crowd but has completely gotten off that niche these days.

He explains more about that in this video on his YouTube channel:

Alex Becker's Background

(Note: This information is based on third party information and what I've learned from following his YouTube channel so I can't vouch for its accuracy completely and it only presents my impression.) 

It seems that Alex has been into many things but the one common thing in his entrepreneurship has been that he has made his millions online one way or another.

He was apparently very good with SEO which helped his online success. He worked for an SEO company in his early twenties and invested all the money he could spare to launch his own SEO service which was called Source Wave and Source University which later became Conquer.

His company was very successful and he was apparently making already ridiculous amounts of money at this point.

He then started to focus on the "make money online" niche and build a YouTube following over SEO topics and formed an email autoresponder software called Market Hero and focused on producing digital products in the MMO (make money online) niche.

Since he had mastered online marketing, YouTube ads, and SEO he naturally made a ton of money doing this. Enough to get some serious publicity. He was everywhere online, especially on YouTube.

At one point he created a supplement company called Spekter Labs that sold nootropics. He of course knew how to sell them but I have no idea how effective they were.

Then suddenly some time ago he completely stopped the MMO niche and he doesn't sell anything catering to beginners anymore.

He's now focusing on his tracking service Hyros for high ticket clients and businesses. He has said that he doesn't want to focus on MMO anymore because helping beginners requires too much commitment to something he's not passionate about.

What Does Alex Becker Teach

(Once again, these observations are based on following his YouTube channel and present only my own impression.)

From what I've seen, Alex seems to be big on focusing on getting stuff done to become successful. I've even seen him recommend that you should socially and physically distance yourself from distractions if you really want to create a successful business from scratch.

You only have a limited amount of hours a day and everything takes up energy. If you want to build a successful business, you need to focus your time and effort on it without distractions. And he often equates success with freedom.

Simply put, if you have millions of dollars of cash and assets, you have a lot more freedom than if you were broke or just an average full-time employee.

Just think about it. Money can buy you out of many bad situations. Your country turns politically unstable or just against your values? You can move almost anywhere in the world if you have the money.

You get sued for any reason? No worries, you can hire an army of the best lawyers to take care of the problem. Need time off for soul searching? You have the money to do it indefinitely. Maybe not the best examples, but you get the point.

Refreshingly, he also seems to be against overt consumerism and gathering possessions you don't need. They are distractions and sources of stress. 

These days he seems to be preaching about the importance of building a business that's based around fulfillment and doing what you really enjoy, not money. Focusing on the money will not bring you happiness. It only leads to a path of always wanting more. It should be a by-product, not the means to an end. 

This is something I most definitely agree with. Material stuff is not going to bring happiness in the long run. But money makes things easier. It also allows you to focus on the things you really want to. 

Alex actually sold all his belongings, including his home and car to live on rent and only with a desk a computer, and a bed. He did this so he could focus on what he loves, growing the businesses he is passionate about. 

So apparently he has no debt, no material things to worry about and so much money that he doesn't have to worry about bills or even about making a profit with his business.

He can focus on waking up stress-free and start working on his business without distractions.

I can't really recommend following his example of selling all your stuff though lol! Most of us have to own stuff to save money on the long run. Unless you are a millionaire of course. 

What People Don't Like About Alex Becker?

(Once again, these are my observations based on what negative comments and discussion online talk about him. They once again present my impression, not absolute facts.)

So why don't some people like Alex Becker? Well from what I've seen, some people get annoyed when they see someone's ads constantly on YouTube and Facebook. Especially if the ads are about making money online with seemingly ridiculous claims of income. This is apparently something  he used to do before he quite the MMO niche. 

He's also got some critique for his supplement company. Many people don't like the idea of marketers creating supplements with health claims.

Some people also were put off by the "MMO guru" vibe he used to give when marketing a lot of MMO products and running a ton of ads showing his Lambo and all that stuff on his channel. The irony is that in his case the wealth was real and self-made but many people didn't want to believe that or just thought it was cheezy marketing. 

I've also seen people criticize him and other famous marketers for basically becoming the cover face for eCommerce companies with their courses, not giving realistic expectations of the business model for regular people.

Is Alex Becker Legit?

Yes, in my opinion the guy is legit if it isn't clear by now. He has created wealth on his own terms very young, he lives life on his own terms and give away a lot of useful information on his YouTube channel.

I personally find that you can probably get the most value out of his free YouTube channel, especially now that he has transformed it into something that's not meant to sell his MMO products.

But if you want to become just like him and walk in his footsteps, I'd think long and hard before attempting.

Like you probably already realized, there are compromises you are going to have to make if you want to follow his lead.

Here's the thing. While it's true that focusing all your time and efforts on your business will improve your odds of success immensely, there's not guarantee it will make you happy. 

You need to think about what's important for yourself and focus your time and efforts on those things. That's the hard part of life. And that's actually what Alex seems to encourage you to do as well.

I personally believe that people are already spending way too much of their time stuck in front of their computer screens and smartphones, most of the time alone.

Many people don't seem to realize that the digital world can't ever replace real human interaction and doing things together. A sense of community is actually very important for the well being of most people and the modern way of life doesn't really encourage it.

So if you want to cut all ties and focus on your business and making money, beware that in the long run, it will not very likely make you happy. If you live like that for too long, it can be a long hard road back. People become what they do after all.

That's why I recommend you seek balance in life. A point where you can both focus on your business but also have meaningful relationships and enjoy everything life has to offer.


Well, there you have. I hope this post helped you make up your mind if Alex Becker is legit or not. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through the comments section below.

In my opinion, he is very legit. Sure, his former marketing campaigns might have give him a bit of a MMO Guru rep but he's definitely turned a new chapter in his life.

The fact that he stopped doing MMO stuff and actually talks openly about unethical marketing and other problems that go on in that niche is a really respectable move.

He might not be everyone's cup of tea but I think he's actually highly intelligent and knows what he's talking about. You can learn a lot just by watching how he presents himself.

One last thing I love about his message is that he has mentioned several times that the thing that's actually holding most people back is their own behavior and patterns. If you want to become successful, you will have to learn how to change your behavior. How to stop procrastinating and start focusing on your work, do it consistently etc. The sad truth is that it's a lot harder than you think. 

Thanks for reading and if you found the post useful, remember to share on social media!

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Whether you think he’s inspiring or just annoying, Alex Becker is undoubtedly a successful entrepreneur and knows his sh*t when it comes to digital marketing.

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