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My Super Affiliate Builder Review: Is It Scam Or Legit?

Welcome to my My Super Affiliate Builder review! If you are wondering is My Super Affiliate Builder a good way to make money online or just marketing hype I'm here to help you find out.

First of all congrats for taking the second to do your research. It's the only way to find the legit ways to make money online and to avoid all the scams.

My Super Affiliate Builder is a brand new online marketing product that claims to be the #1 secret mega affiliate use to bank huge commissions.

But does it actually accomplish what it claims? Let's find out.

Before we continue I want you to know that I'm not affiliated with My Super Affiliate Builder in any way or form. Since the product is going through a joint venture launch currently, most of the reviews you will find will be from their affiliates so keep that in mind when reading them.

What Is My Super Affiliate Builder

My Super Affiliate Builder is a WordPress plugin that offers some neat marketing tools that help you build custom sales funnels.

One of the key things My Super Affiliate Builder does is build quizzes or surveys that get your customers engaged and help you target them with better offers.

The main idea of using interactive funnels like these is that they help potential customers solve their own problems. You just need to be there to present them with the perfect solution and they'll buy it.

So what My Super Affiliate Builder helps you achieve is to create these interactive quizzes on your website and then offer a gift or some form of a solution in exchange for an email address of course.

You can for example create a quiz that determines the gender, the age, habits related to your niche, etc. and then offer the most relevant offer at the end.

My Super Affiliate Builder seems to be recommending a business model where you combine Facebook ads, a landing page that include the quiz, and email marketing. That's it.

My Super Affiliate Builder features full design customization. you can change the header and footer, add your own logo, add title text, background color, etc.

They also offer their high converting ready-made templates for you to use in the following niches:

  • Real-Estate
  • Internet Marketing
  • Health niches
  • Fitness
  • Sleep problems

There is also a fully customizable question module and Intelli Funnels that allows you to map the flow of your survey funnel.

The program also includes a thank you page and auto segmentation of leads based on their answers. This is very useful for increasing your conversions in case you are new to email marketing.

The service can be integrated with Mail Chimp, Get Respons, Aweber and Active Campaign so you can choose your favorite email autoresponder.

How My Super Affiliate Builder Works?

My Super Affiliate Builder Is pretty straight forward to use. You can see how the plugin operates in this video by the creator Chris Fox:

What Does My Super Affiliate Builder Cost

The My Super Affiliate Builder is in launch currently and the front end price of the main product is $39 to $197 (one-time payment) depending on how fast you act on the price.

Their sales funnel includes a couple of Uppsells. The first one is a one $197 single payment "Done For You" Super Affiliate Funnels Package and the second one is $29/month Done For you Funnel Package of the month.

They also have one downsell a one-time payment of $97 Done For You Super Affiliate Funnels Package Lite.

You can find their full sales funnel on their joint venture page.

Is My Super Affiliate Builder a Scam?

No. My Super Affiliate Builder definitely doesn't seem to be a scam. They are definitely not as novelty as they make it seem though.

Thrive Quiz Builder and Clickfunnels for example have very similar functionalities and I'm sure there are other similar products out there.

But it's true that getting your users engaged helps to get them to subscribe and these quizzes help you segment and target your email lists for more targeted marketing. Which of course improves conversions.

My Super Affiliate Builder is more of a tool for marketers that already kinda know what they are doing.

But if you are new to online marketing and making money online, I can't really recommend getting My Super Affiliate Builder until you already know how to get targeted traffic and how to do email marketing.

Another concern is that the product is completely new and the team behind it seems to be small. This combined with the fact that they are mainly using one time payments is the reason for my concern that the support and development for the product might be short-lived.

It's very typical with new online marketing products to take some features of a well-established software, shine it up a bit and create a "launch".

A launch is a short period of time when the product owners offer huge commissions to affiliate marketers that promote the product to their email lists, YouTube channels, and blogs.

There are platforms for these product creators and affiliate marketers to meet. It's a very lucrative business where people make huge amounts of money in a few days.

The problem is that many of these products are created for this purpose only and it's almost impossible to know this beforehand and the customer ends up being the losing party.

I hope My Super Affiliate Builder isn't going to operate like this and I truly hope they aim to keep maintaining and developing the software for a long time. It seems fairly good after all.

My Super Affiliate Builder seems to be reasonably priced and the functionality is pretty straight forward so if you simply need a quiz builder this might be a good fit for you. I'd avoid the Uppsells though.

How I Make Money Online

I thought I'd use this opportunity to tell you how I and thousands of other people all around the world are making money online.

In short, what I do mainly do is targeted blogging. I have a couple of websites in different niches. I look for keywords people are interested in those niches and create content around those subjects.

If you do this enough for Google to notice you, you will start ranking your content on the search engines. You also don't have to be a writer or really know too much about the subject if you know how to do research and extract and reword the relevant information with your own twist.

People the of course find your content in Google and come to your website. This is where you can make money. You can display ads, recommend relevant products, or help them out in some other way. The whole idea is helping people find solutions to their problems.

One of the best ways is to use affiliate marketing. You recommend other people's products and earn commissions if someone ends up buying through your link.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, check out my number one recommendation and my free 7-day online marketing course where I help you create your first website from scratch in just under a week.

Oh, by the way, I'm not a writer really. I'm an engineer. But I do this because this business model offers superior benefits over any other that I'm aware of.

My websites work for me 24/7 and they produce income even if I don't touch them for a month or two. I just tried this during the summer. I can choose my hours as well as naturally.

I can of course work on my websites anywhere in the world (when there's not a pandemic), so this business model offers some insane freedom.


I hope you found my My Super Affiliate Builder review useful and it answered most of your questions. If you have any questions feels free to contact me through the comments section below.

My Super Affiliate Builder definitely seems like a convenient tool that helps you build interactive quizzes to improve conversions and targeting in your ad campaigns.

But it's definitely not a tool for complete beginners. I think it can help you make more money but it won't make you money alone. You need to learn how to get traffic and how to do email marketing.

My only concern is that the same features are available in some of the industry-standard software packages like Thrive product family and in Clickfunnels.

With those, you can rest assured there will be ongoing development and support as they are massive businesses while My Super Affiliate Builder seems to be done by a relatively small team.

I'd still give them the benefit of a doubt if you can get the product in for cheap and only need the quiz features.

Thanks for reading and remember to share on social media if you found the review useful!

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Thank you for educating us about this program.
I was looking into it in a few weeks and I had been wondering if it is worth it or not.
Since I am an experienced affiliate marketer I think it will help me since I know a bit about email marketing.
Thank you

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