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Is 1st Page Ranker a Scam or Legit? [2020 Review]

Welcome to my 1St Page Ranker review. If you are wondering if 1St Page ranker is a scam, I'll help you decide.

First of all, congratulations to take the time to research the product you are considering buying.

Researching is the only way to avoid all the scams out there. And there are a ton of scams in the internet marketing and SEO world.

I'm not affiliated with 1st Page Ranker or the creators of it in any way, so unlike may of its affiliates out there, I can offer a fairly unbiased review of the product.

I say fairly, because I, of course, have my own incentives for creating this post. I recommend products I truly believe in.

I like to be upfront about that because your trust is my most valuable asset. I'm not in the business of misleading people.

That's why it's also important to know that anything that promises instant results, including rankings, traffic or sales, is usually a scam.

Strategies that work either require significant time investment or cost a lot. That's just how economics works. Law of supply and demand and all that you know...

So if something seems too good to be true or promises incredible results for a relatively low price, the chances are it's a scam. Legit products are usually either reasonably priced (they require work) or very expensive (they do it for you).

But is 1St Page Ranker a scam? Let's find out!

1St Page Ranker Summary

Product: 1st Page Ranker

Product type: SEO Software for YouTube videos

Creator: Ali. G

Price: $27 + upsells for full features


Maybe. If you are into YouTube, this software might actually help you get your videos rank higher, for now. Just beware that Google has been known to dislike any kind of gaming of their system so using this type of software always poses a risk of breaching the user agreement, which can lead to penalties, including demonetized or even closing your channel.

So if you are a serious YouTuber, think twice before trying any kind of automation or SEO software other than paid advertising.

If you are on the other hand someone doing "grey hat" SEO, this might just be the kind of software you could use to rank low-value YouTube accounts.

My recommendation, in any case, is to consider starting a legit online business on a proven business model instead of chasing quick fixes. You can find my top recommendation from the link below.

What Is 1St Page Ranker

Before we start I want to point out that I haven't actually tested this product.

I'm basing this post on the information I have gotten from their own marketing material and from third party information. It presents my honest opinion based on those facts.

1St Page Ranker is a first of its kind complete video ranking solution. They claim you can rank a video even if you don't have a video.

You can see how 1St Page Ranker looks like in this Demo video by Yogesh Agarwal:

You can check also their JV page for more information as well.

In short, they are offering software that can get you rankings on the first page of both Google and YouTube apparently with only a couple of clicks.

They even claim they can achieve instant first-page ranking without you needing to create a video.l

The process, in a nutshell, consists of five steps:

  1. Add and configure your YouTube accounts
  2. Select the niche you want to target
  3. Generate Search Engine Optimized titles and tags
  4. Get uniques videos with one click
  5. Create events like random scheduling to avoid getting your account banned.

So essentially it's an automated video content spinner with SEO tools and automated streaming service.

The basic product (the software) costs $27 dollars but there are naturally upsells.

The basic software includes:

  • unlimited use of live streaming technology and video spinner
  • 15 custom video uploads (unlimited upload from Google Drive)
  • Up 20 scheduled live streams
  • Multi-language user interface
  • SEO Video title creator
  • Video interlinks for SEO
  • Automate video link pings to search engines
  • 30 channels and 30 videos per user
  • Complete commercial rights

The first upsell is the PRO version that is $27/monthly + $67 onetime.

The PRO includes:

  • MultiSpin Event that allows you to add spun title and descriptions
  • Unlimited even creation
  • 20 events per day per channel
  • Unlimited channels
  • Unlimited parallel streaming
  • Advanced random event scheduling
  • Complete video editor
  • Complete Image editor
  • All future updates
  • Premium support

So basically some additional features and unlimited channels for large SEO agencies.

There are additional upsells you can find explained on the JV page. They all essentially add features to the basic software.

In the demo video, they seem to be using the version with all the extras because things like green screen editor and SEO analyzer become available through different upsells.

How Does 1St Page Ranker Really Work?

So how does 1st Page Ranker actually help you rank on YouTube? Well like they showed you in the video, it works by utilizing the YouTube Live Streaming feature and doing some SEO.

I think the magic behind this product is based on Live Streaming technology. This is just my speculation but bare with me.

You see, YouTube currently loves, LOVES Live Streaming. You might have noticed this if you use YouTube a lot.

It will recommend a certain percentage of Live Stream videos in your feed based on your behavior. Live videos will get a lot more visibility than an average video from a small channel.

Now what 1St Page Ranker seems to do, (and this is only my understanding so don't take it as a fact) is to create a live stream video based on either your own YouTube videos or stock video footage and it can even "rebrand" other videos you can stream.

You can then automate and program the timing of Live Streams from your channel. If your channels are constantly Live Streaming, YouTube apparently gives it a significant SEO advantage.

In an optimal situation, the streams will get views and followers for your channel and grow your channel authority.

You can naturally link to your other YouTube videos and websites in the description, gaining additional SEO, helping you rank in Google as well.

Since YouTube is owned by Google, the results will also be seen in Google searches.

I actually have no doubt this strategy would work currently and I actually think it a pretty ingenious way of leveraging a "loophole" in the YouTube algorithm.

The only problem I see here is that loopholes are always closed eventually and then there's the whole thing if this is risk-free.

Which begs the question...

Is 1St Page Ranker A Scam Or Legit?

From what I can tell, 1st-page ranker actually has a legit principle behind it. It leverages the Live Streaming technology of YouTube so It's completely possible it will help you rank a few videos to the first page of both YouTube and Google.

It also has some great features like SEO analysis tools, lead generation tools, video studio, etc. and only for the price of $27.

So I wouldn't call it to scam by any means. It even creates "rebranded" videos by rehashing existing content (just be sure you don't use someone else's copyrighted material).

There are a ton of similar products that are a lot shadier and don't show any proof of concept. I have no reason to suspect this Live Strem method wouldn't work very well currently.

But notice is said currently.

Here's the thing: Google isn't stupid. They can't be because they are at the top of the game.

They know people are trying to "game" their system all the time because ranking first in Google and YouTube equals money. Even with low search volume keywords.

That's why Google generally doesn't like it when people use other than simple methods like on-page (or on-video) SEO (optimized titles, descriptions, tags, etc.) and of course, high-quality content people want to share.

Google also appreciates user experience above everything else. What do you think Google will think about thousands and thousands of users sending low-value Live Streams 24/7?

They don't like it. It's simple as that. They want to see unique, high-quality content that is interesting to the users.

When Google doesn't like something it kills it. Either by burying it with algorithms changes or by completely banning such activities.

If you even for a moment think Google wouldn't do this or isn't capable of spotting this kind of behavior, think again. Remember the Penguin update?

I have already noticed channels that are using some similar software and producing constant Live Streams. And to be honest they seem to be getting a lot of traffic.

So if you want to leverage this method for the time it works, 1St Page Ranker might be the perfect software for handling it.

Just be very careful of your assets. If you own a high-value YouTube account, please please please think twice before using any questionable tactics to increase rankings.

While they could explode your traffic in the short run, they are very risky in the long run. YouTube has been known to demonetize and even close accounts that don't comply to it's terms of use.

And remember they have the power to interpret their own rules. So even if automated rehashed Live Streams are not against their terms of use now (I don't really know if that is the case), it doesn't mean they won't punish accounts using tactics like this.

On the long-run success on YouTube comes down to the same as in every business model. Unique, well-researched content that's being created consistently. This offers the best user experience.

So please avoid using services and software that promises shortcuts. They almost never work in the long run.

The only exception I would recommend is SEO tools because that is for market research.

My recommendation

So what if I told that you that it's totally possible to build a legit and sustainable business instead of looking for quick fixes and shortcuts.

The truth is that anything in life worth pursuing requires work. The same goes for online business.

If you are just fantasizing about making money online and buying a product after product, without actually going through the effort of creating valuable content, I can promise you that you will not see long term success.

Sure, you can make a buck here a buck there but almost certainly not a full-time time income. At least not if you live in the western world.

But what if I told that if you focus your efforts for a year instead of chasing shiny objects, you could actually have a profitable business that produces passive income 24/7.

A business you wouldn't be ashamed of showing to your friends and family. Something that you could actually be proud of.

I'm not going to lie to you. It takes work. Quite a lot of it actually. But if you put it in, you will eventually succeed because this model has been proven to work over and over again.

I'm talking about SEO based affiliate marketing. You can find my top recommendation for learning this business model by clicking the button below.

It's what I'm using myself and it's the reason you wound up on this page. If I got your interest, check out my free 7-day course where I show you in very simple steps how to create a successful online business.

You can enroll for the 7-day course by submitting your email address into the form below. I will not spam your email and you can unsubscribe anytime. There are no hidden costs during the 7 days. 


I hope you found my take on 1St Page Ranker useful and it answered most of your questions. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section below and I promise to return to asap.

1St Page Ranker seems to be a rather ingenious piece of software that takes advantage of a loophole in YouTube algorithms and it even automates you stream for you.

That said I'd be willing to bet this loophole will not work for very long. Google is very good at spotting strategies like this and they can put a stop to it with a very simple algorithm update.

To make things worse, I'm not completely sure if channels taking advantage of this Live Stream loophole are completely safe. I would guess they are since it's a feature the offer, but do you really want to risk it?

My guess is that YouTube wants Live Streams to be exactly that, Live Streams that are shot live on location. Not rehashed videos that are streamed through software.

They will find a way to spot this eventually. That's why I recommend following the boring and dull methods of hard work and consistency. They will pay off in the long run.

If you found this post useful, please share it in social media, bookmark my site and subscribe to my newsletter.

See you next time!

6 replies on “Is 1st Page Ranker a Scam or Legit? [2020 Review]”

Hey Jukka,
I had been wordering about this 1st Page Ranking solution and whether if this would be worthwhile. I use YouTube for my promotions and thought it may help with my rankings.

I am glad I read through your review about it. If it is trying to trick the search engines, then I agree that some Google (or YouTube) update will make it not work. Too bad as it seemed like a decent enough concept.

Best Regards,

Thanks for taking the time to comment James! The software might be effective currently but I would advise against using it especially on your main channel. I don’t think it’s worth the risk of getting your account closed if you have invested considerable time and money into your channel.

Hello Jukka that was an interesting review of the 1ST Page Ranker. I like how you mentioned the loopholes it is using and how eventually those will be closed very informative. I would definitely do more research before using it.

Iäm glad you found it useful Zach! The truth is that loopholes only work for a given time and companies are working hard to plug them, especially Google. That said, it’s possible to make some serious bank by leveraging loopholes if you are willing to risk it. People did it in the past with bought backlinks before the Penguin update. It gave them an unfair advantage but many businesses went down almost overnight when the update hit back in 2012.

This program seems like it could help rank your videos quickly, but at what cost. The 1st Page Ranker could backfire on your ability to post and rank any videos in the near future.
You are correct that Google and YouTube will work to close loopholes to keep people from tricking their system.
Thanks for your information on this program.
I think that I will just keep up with the weekly posting of videos without any push from outside programs.
Do you think that just live streaming your video when posting it will help with ranking?

Thanks for taking the time to comment John. I would guess that currently streaming your video could give you big exposure and SEO benefit on YouTube and Google. That said, I’m not sure if publishing a video AND streaming it is against YouTubes terms of use. You have to keep in mind they have added that feature for actual live streams. They want to see actual people performing live streams. I’m not sure what they would think about if you shot a live stream, recorded a local copy and edited for the best parts. This could give you the best of both worlds and some repurposed content.

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