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Income Shift Pro Reviews – Is Income Shift Pro Scam?

If you are going through income shift pro reviews trying to determine if Income Shift is a Scam, look no further. I've got you covered.

I went through a lot of reviews of Income Shift Pro to determine if it's a scam or a legit marketing system for MyEcon associates.

Income Shift Pro Summary

Product Name: Income Shift Pro

Product Type: Marketing platform and training for myEcon Associates program

Profit Potential: High

My Score: 2.5/5

Final Verdict: Income Shift Pro is likely legit for doing what it's supposed to do, that is marketing myEcon. 

Recommended for: People absolutely adamant to marketing myEcon. Even though myEcon seems to be a legit business that sells personal finance products its associates program uses a MLM type of network marketing that seems to focus on recruiting instead of direct sales of the products. Income Shift Pro is an additional marketing product for myEcon. 

I think there are better products out there that don't require you to recruit your friends and family and allow you to choose what you actually want to sell. And they are cheaper as well. 

You can find my top recommendation by clicking the button below.

Income Shift Pro Video Summary

If you prefer video over reading or are in a hurry, I made this short video summary of this review that should answer most of your questions.  

I want to start by stating that I'm not affiliated with Income Shift Pro or MyEcon in any way. I have also not used their products. So why am I writing this?

I'm very interested in online business opportunities. The simple fact is that there are just too many out there these days to try every one. That doesn't mean you shouldn't look into them.

I like to do thorough research before deciding on a product so I thought I'd share my research with you, so you don't have to go through the trouble.

I also (of course) have my own financial interest in writing this post as I recommend products that I truly believe in. That's how I monetize this site.

This if course means I'm affiliated with other businesses, but keep in mind it's in my interest to recommend only the products I truly believe in because your trust is my most valuable asset.

I don't think you should trust anyone on the internet without doing your own research, so please don't take my word for the recommendations.

Check them out with a critical attitude and sleep over it, then make up your mind. I have no interest to try to sell you something that doesn't truly have the capability to transform your life. Are we good? Good.

So once again, this post is based on the research I did on their products and reviews and only present my opinion.

So what is Income Shift Pro and is it a legit way to earn an income or build an online business? Well, before we look at what Income Shift Pro is good for, we have to talk about myEcon. This is because Income Shift Pro is a myEcon marketing system.

What is my myEcon

If you are already familiar with myEcon and its marketing program, you can skip to the next chapter.

MyEcon is marketed as "The Personal Financial Success Company". MyEcon is short for My Economy and the company is about products that help you to control your finances. So it's essentially a personal finance program.

They offer the following products for improving your finances, discounted services, and ancillary services:

  • ID Defender: An advanced identity monitoring with alerts and $1 million identity theft insurance, computer protection software, legal services, etc. $8.99/mont
  • CashFlow manger: An online cash flow manager that tracks income and expenses for business and home $10.95/month
  • myCredit System: Credit education that aims to get you improved credit, eliminate debt and increase cash flow. $119.9 one time payment.
  • Travel: This takes you to price It seems like a whole different company and no explanation of how it's associated with myEcon or if it's their product.
  • Health&Nutrition;: They also sell Multivitamins and MSM with rather hefty price tags. Go figure...
  • Credit Monitoring: Like the name suggests, credit monitoring software that monitors your credit score. Price $23.95/ 6 months
  • Coffees: They sell coffee as well. Wouldn't have guessed otherwise... And it's not just any old coffee, it's the kind that costs $16.49 per box.
  • Cash Back Mall: A cashback system for select malls. This means that stores pay a commission to the company for referred customers and you get a piece of the pay aka cashback.
  • Roadside Assistance: A roadside assistance service that includes towing, battery jump start, flat tire change. Gas delivery, 24/7 dispatch, winching and lockout service. $7.99/month. Doesn't sound too bad actually.
  • Rent Reporting: A rent reporting system for building a positive credit history. $8.95/month or $25 one time enrollment fee.

So it seems myEcon is a bit all over the place with their products and the website isn't very clear on all the products. That said, many of the products seem very useful.

To make things even confusing it seems some of the products direct to completely different companies. And what's with the coffee?

Well anyways, besides selling the aforementioned products myEcon offers an affiliate plan that is best described as network marketing or multi-level marketing.

In the sales pitch, they tell that associates use strategies and software that address the most important aspects of our finances; Credit, Debt, Tax, and Investing.

They state that the company provides associates with education and terminology for investment, concepts, and strategies. Associates can then use cashflow from income shifting and business building to strategically invest to generate passive income.

Apparently, when you enroll you will receive a personalized website, a ready-built business system, an income-shifting membership and support.

So it seems their program involves both using their products to manage your finances as well as marketing their membership to earn commissions.

They are pretty vague on the site about the whole associate/affiliate plan, so I had to do some digging. Keep in mind this information based on research I did on some of the associates, so I can't verify it's complete accuracy.

This is how it works:

  • To become a myEcon associate you need to apply on their site and pay a one-time membership fee of $47.90.
  • You get your own website and a hosting service for hosting the site for a monthly fee of $34.95.
  • You get commissions both from sales as well as residual commissions from the people you recruit into the system.
  • The more people you recruit, the higher your rank will be
  • Apparently the commission rates range between 15% to 25% per order depending on your rank
  • You earn a 10% commission from associates in your down line.

Sound complicated? Well, it kinda is. It's typical with multilevel marketing to have complicated commission plans. The basic idea is that the more people you introduce to the system, the more you will earn. Simple as that.

One of the big problems with these kinds of plans is the fact that you have to be willing to recruit people into the program to improve your rank and commissions.

This, of course, means you can't simply focus on selling the products but you will also have recruited new people into the system. If you don't like recruiting, this can definitely be something you won't enjoy too much about the program.

Not to mention the fact that FTC guidelines these days gesture MLM companies to focus more on direct selling to avoid getting.

If you are interested in online affiliate marketing, there are much simpler business opportunities that don't focus on recruiting. My best recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate.

But I digress. So if you want to succeed with myEcon, you will need to enroll a lot of people to sign up as associates.

This is where Income Shift Pro comes in.

What is Income Shift Pro?

So like we established, Income shift pro is a marketing system exclusively for MyEcon Associates. This means it can't be used for anything else but marketing MyEcon.

Income Shift Pro is essentially an automated selling system for myEcon associates that are designed to automate the whole sales process.

The whole idea behind Income Shift Pro is that you don't have to manually sell myEcon to every single prospect. Instead, you use an affiliate link that takes them to a sales page with a video that explains the whole system.

This, of course, removes a lot of the time involved in convincing a prospect as the program automates the whole selling process.

If you are someone with a full-time job, it would be impossible to make enough sales to actually earn a significant income unless you automate the process to some extent after all.

Income Shift Pro is meant to achieve exactly that.

The easiest way to understand how Income Shift Pro actually works is by looking a video that shows the back office. Here's a great one by Cyndie Shelton

What Is Included in Income Shift Pro?

So how does Income Shift Pro actually achieve this automation? Let's start by looking at what's included in the product.

What Income Shift Pro actually includes:

  • an Ad center
  • Sales videos
  • A phone app
  • Capture/landing page with sales funnels.
  • It also includes training for using the system.

Additional bonuses include

  • Craigslist training
  • Team traffic rotator access
  • Support group

To it's basically a marketing toolbox for the affiliate program of myEcon. You can think of

What does Income Shift Pro cost?

So what does Income Shift Pro actually cost you?

Income Shift Pro is $25/month.

But it's important to remember that it's actually an additional product to myEcon!

This means that the actual price for using Income Shift Pro

  1. $34.95/month myEcon fee
  2. $25/month Income Shift Pro fee
  3. $47.90 setup fee for myEcon

So that's actually $59.9 per month + the setup fee of $34.95! The price starts to add up quite fast so you better hope you make some serious sales every month or you might end up losing significant money.

Is Income Shift Pro a Scam?

No. I don't think it's a scam. It seems that myEcon is a legit company that sells actual legit personal finance programs. But it also includes a MLM membership program.

Income Shift Pro is simply a marketing tool for myEcon that's meant to automate your selling process.

I don't think that the product will actually automate your selling process. You will need to do a lot of work and learning to see real success with a program like this.

The biggest issue with the product is that it doesn't actually automate getting traffic. From the reviews I could find it seems that the ways they teach for getting traffic are pretty basic.

This is a huge problem because getting actual interested leads is by far the hardest part of online marketing. Simply sharing your link on Facebook or running a few ad campaigns is not going to get you many sales unless you really know what you are doing.

Keep in mind that I have not tried the program, so there might be some seriously useful and novel ways for getting traffic they teach but I couldn't find anything in the reviews.

So I don't think the product is a scam but when you consider that you can learn how to create targeted organic traffic for a lot less money, I really don't think it's worth the price.

I recommend investing in Wealthy Affiliate instead and learn how the whole online marketing world works. It takes serious work to succeed with WA as well, but at least it has a proven track record and you learn how to build a business you actually own.

Should you use Income Shift Pro?

Well, it depends. If you are dead set on marketing myEcon, Income Shift Pro will likely help you increase your sales and Associate enrollments.

For anything else Income Shift Pro is pretty much useless I guess.

One thing you need to know is that Income Shift Pro is nothing unique. They are using basic online marketing tactics and asking a good price from you for it.

If you are new to online marketing, using landing pages and sales funnels is one of the oldest tricks in the books. It's very effective so it's still very commonly used today. I'm using it as well.

Like I already said, the real trick with using landing pages and sales funnels is getting the traffic. It's not a truly automated system unless you can automate the traffic.

This essentially means you need to get automated traffic or you need to automate your paid traffics which is more easily dais than done.

Organic traffic can be achieved through a blog (like this one), YouTube videos or for example through Instagram following.

But it always takes a ton of work so don't let the word automated fool you. The end result might be automated but it takes a ton of work to succeed.

Paid traffic has a steep learning curve but it can definitely be used successfully to drive traffic to landing pages. You just have to be careful and make sure the paid traffic converts to sales and is cheap enough so you actually make a profit.

Completely automating this process requires some serious know-how, so I'm not going to even dig deeper into it.

Honestly, I think there are a lot better ways to make money online. There are also better places to learn the skill they teach for marketing their products.

You can learn the skills they use in Income Shift Pro to market any product in any niche for less money than myEcon and Income Shift Pro costs you per month.

If you hang around my site long enough, you can learn the skill for free. You can also get serious with online business and check out my top recommendation.

The biggest problem with using an MLM system like this with its proprietary marketing system is that the only thing you are left with is the commissions. If the company goes bankrupt or you get kicked out for any reason, you will lose your whole business.

It's much wiser to invest in learning the skills for creating your own business. I always recommend building your own site because owning a domain with content you have created is like owning real estate.

Using a program like myEcon is more like renting, you don't actually own anything. It's not even clear to me if you own the site you host under their service. It's totally possible you are, but keep in mind

With services like Wealthy Affiliate, you can also host your site but you can also use any other hosting service to host your site as well. Many people do this. You still get the training and community support you need to build an online business you truly own.

A Strategy That's Proven To Work

While I think personal finance products is a great niche that can help a lot of people, I would definitely not recommend building an online business over marketing a single company and it's products.

If you are seriously interested in making money online, I bet you would be interested in the program that has helped me and thousands of other people to achieve success in making money online.

The best thing about it is that it doesn't revolve around a single product or company. You actually get to decide what you want your company to be about.

Building a business with this strategy will allow you to earn a full-time income and much more if you are willing to put the time in. I'm not going to lie to you and say it's a walk in the park.

That said if you truly want success, nothing except winning the lottery will make you rich or even any significant extra unless you are willing to work for it.

Not myEcon, not Income Shift Pro and not Wealthy Affiliate. That's why I only recommend you consider starting an online business if you are actually willing to work for and not hoping to get rich overnight simply by paying for a program.

That said, if you follow the training at Wealthy Affiliate, take action every day and use the tips I share in my free 7-day online marketing course, you will eventually see success.

What does success in online business mean? Well, there are a ton of benefits compared to a typical job:

  1. You can work when you want
  2. You can work where you want, you just need a laptop and an internet connection
  3. You decide for yourself what your content is about, not someone else
  4. You get the creative freedom
  5. You can achieve financial freedom
  6. You can scale your business over time from part-time income to fortune

That's a deal I'm willing to work for and I hope you are too. Just think about how much of your life you are wasting by working a regular job?

Even if you have a career you enjoy it's always wise to have a backup plan. Companies and organizations go out of business all the time after all.

The reason why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate as the platform for your online business is because:

  • It has everything you need to create a successful online business under one roof. You don't want any confusion when you are getting started.
  • It's very affordable compared to many online business opportunities. You can have everything you need to create and maintain a successful online business for less than a $1/day.
  • You don't need to awkwardly sell products to people who aren't interested in them.
  • You can market almost anything, you don't need to recruit people into their system even though they have a pretty good affiliate program.

The time-proven strategy they teach is very simple, it involves these four simple steps:

  1. Choose a niche people are looking for information on
  2. Create a website around that niche that people can find on Google
  3. Find products with an affiliate program to recommend to your readers
  4. Get affiliate commissions when some of your readers buy those products

This works with virtually any niche and there are endless amounts of products to recommend or review. There are also other ways to monetize your site so you don't even have to necessarily use affiliate marketing.

Of course, there is a lot more than this to create a successful online business but that is the main principle. I've done it with three sites, so I know it works.

One of my sites is about airsoft guns, one is about strength training for seniors and then there's this site that's about online marketing.

Just think about how you wound up here? That's how you get customers.

My Promise to you

I spun my wheels a lot in the beginning like most beginners do. Even though I thought I was following the training, I was making stupid little mistakes here and there and adding additional things I learned elsewhere that just made things unnecessarily complicated.

That's why I created this site, so I can help you to succeed online as fast as humanly possible by avoiding common mistakes.

So if you are interested in Wealthy Affiliate, definitely check it out. It's free to join and they don't push you at all to buy a premium membership because they actually trust their product.

If you join through my affiliate link, I will earn a small commission if you, later on, decide to subscribe to the program. This is of no additional cost to you but you get the benefit of having me as your personal couch.

You can ask me anything and I promise to share all my secrets for succeeding in this business. I'm determined in helping everyone willing to actually put in the effort to succeed. I won't give up on you as long as you promise to try your best.

And this is an attitude thing, you don't need to know all the information and have the necessary skills. That can all be learned. But if you don't have the will, PLEASE save both of our time.

Are we good? Great. You can check my full review and create your free membership by pressing the button below.


That's it for today. If you've been looking for Income Shift Pro reviews, I hope this article gave you an answer to the questions you were looking for.

In summary, I don't think myEcon and Income Shift Pro are scams but I think there are better options for creating a successful online business.

The biggest problem I have with the programs is that it's an MLM so you have to recruit people to get better commissions instead of direct selling.

I also don't like the idea of outsourcing almost my whole business to the company I'm an affiliate with. Sure, you can probably make money with Income Shift Pro marketing myEcon but you will be completely independent of the company and the products.

What I'm interested in is life-transforming income and financial independence from a sustainable online business.

This means that you need to actually own the business and diversify your income sources so that you are not dependent on any single company or affiliate program for your income.

It's the only way to succeed in the long run! If you want to learn exactly how to get started, check out my free 7-day course.

If you found this post useful, please share it in social media and bookmark my website.

If you are interested in MLMs, also check out my posts:  "Is Prosperity of life a scam?", "Is Primerica a Pyramid Scheme?" and "Is AppNana a Scam?" as well!

See you next time!

12 replies on “Income Shift Pro Reviews – Is Income Shift Pro Scam?”

Hey Jukka,

To be honest, before I read this review, I never heard of both myEcon or income shift pro. From what I understood from your review and some other reviews it is a legit company with what its offer, but I for odd reasons find this opportunity a bad one compared with other choices I may have on the internet. Personally, I have a good experience trying many programs, some were scams and others were so weak. So, I wouldn’t give such a program a chance. But, I appreciate and thank you for this amazing honest review!

After many years, I believe it was around 5 years of searching and trying so many things to enter the world of online business. I found the best match for me which was a wealthy affiliate as you mentioned above. I loved their teaching programs as well as how they help us in different ways to improve ourselves in this business. Also, I love the community there! So helpful with a great experience.

As you said, there are many opportunities out there and income shift pro is one of them and I am pretty sure there are people are interested in this more than others!

Thank you again.

Glad you found it useful Moahammad! There are definitely good opportunities, decent opportunities, not so good opportunities and down right scams out there. From my research I would rank IPS somewhere between decent and not so good, mainly because myEcon is an MLM focusing on recruiting people.

Just like you I dabbled with online marketing for years, giving up at some point until I heard about WA from a successful online marketer. I got interested so I registered the free memebership. Went premium after the first week as it was clear to me they were a legit company and the price wasn’t that bad. Saw some exciting results after a few months and decided to go annual on the Blackfriday deal. Haven’t regretted that decision one second even though it took me a full year before I got serious and started to see some real results!

Hi Jukka, thank you for a very thorough review of Income Shift Pro. I really enjoyed reading it.

I heard about Income Shift Pro and I thought it was a program that would help people make money online but from what you are saying in this review is that it is purely a tool designed to promote MyEcon. As a marketing tool, it does not look bad!

I came across MyEcon last year but when I saw the product range they were offering it seemed like the company was not focused on any one market and trying to ‘jack of all trades’ and master of none as the saying goes! Also, the fact people were more focused on recruiting rather than selling the services was another reason I decided it walk away from MyEcon.

Anyway, as you quite rightly say there are too many legitimate opportunities online and we are indeed very fortunate to be living in this technological age.

Glad you liked it Moni! It defnitely seems to be a legit program if you are into marketing myEcon bu like I said in the post, I simply think there are better options out there. I simply don’t like the whole idea behind most MLMs about marketing a single product or a business. I think you should always aim to diversify your business and income sources so you are not dependent on some company. When you think about it, how’s that different from a regular job?

I encourage people to strive for true financial independence by creating an online business that is sustainable over the long term in several different niches. Essentially you are learning the necessary skills for creating successful websites and you are also buying online real estate in the form of domains. You own, no third party company. That means no one shuts them down suddenly. There are a ton of ways to monetize a site so even if your main way becomes obsolete, you can always update your content. I honestly think Wealthy Affiliate is the most cost-effective way to learn these skills as it has everything you need to create a successful site.

All the best to you!

Hi Jukka,
What a great read! I appreciate your breakdown of Income Pro. I’ve actually never heard of it until reading your post. I have signed up with Wealthy Affiliate and while I am still going through the initial training, it was quick to see that the company is a fantastic, and it’s up to me.

I appreciate your breakdown and will make sure to refer back to it if needed.

Thanks so much,

Thanks Maria! I hope you found some useful information even if you are not looking for information on Income Shift Pro. Have a good one!

Hi Jukka,
I love how honest you have been in your review, it’s obvious you are a very trustworthy person.
As soon as I hear the words MLM scheme I’m out. Just thinking about trying to up-sell and recruit people is exhausting and a very hard way to make money.
Here in the UK we recently had a TV program about MLM, and it was a real eye opener. I won’t say the specific companies that they delved into, but they were awful. Ex sales people told stories of bullying, losing every penny of their cash on up-sells, and getting into extreme debt. It was truly horrifying what happened to some of them.
I also personally have 2 friends who both lost thousands to MLM schemes, so as you can see I’m definitely not a fan.
Building your own business on a trusted platform like Wealthy Affiliate is really the best way to make a living, and even head towards the much coveted laptop lifestyle. It’s not easy, and you get out what you put in; but, it’s so worth the effort, especially if you are going to be there to mentor people through it. Sounds awesome 🙂

Thank you Stefanie! While I don’t think ALL MLMs are scams or dishonest, there’s always a certain level suspicion with them. If they are selling an honest product, why aren’t they using regular direct sales? Well, with some products MLM simply works incredibly well without too many ethical issues.

The problem is that the financial incentive at the top becomes so high that people become corrupt very easily. This is how people lose thousands of dollars and start to sell forcefully in despair like you pointed out. That’s why I always recommend the be extremely careful and do your research and above all keep a level head if you are planning to get involved in an MLM business.

Thanks for your kind words and all the best!

Hello, thank you for this useful information about income shift pro. Recently, my son is looking for some similar programs so he asks me to do. But I do the research a period of time but I find it’s so confusing and difficult to understand so I can’t continue. Importantly, I know nothing about that so I have to learn it from zero.

Luckily I landed on your site. I can see you spend a lot of time to write it. You introduce the program in detail that impresses me a lot. What you write is in-depth. It saves me a lot of time.

I believe my son will love to read your post like me because it’s easy to read. It can save me a lot of time to explain to him because he can learn by himself. I will bookmark your site and read it regularly. I hope you can keep sharing with us because many people need this.

Glad I could help you and your son CT! I hope he finds the post useful and it helps him make an informed decision about the product. All the best to you!

I’ll keep it 100 with you: I never heard of either Income Shift Pro or myEcon prior to landing on this page to leave this comment. That being said, despite this article being slightly longer than my attention span would allow for, I enjoyed learning about both those programs, and the shady practices that are their MO. There’s a lot of bullshit out there, in any given topic!!!

From what I was reading, it sounds like anyone “investing” in Income Shift Pro would be basically buying a lottery ticket, but they pay both monthly, and with their precious time… Yikes!

Thanks for the honesty Mike, I like to be thorough so sorry for the long post! There’s definitely a lot of questionable products out there but I don’t actually think IPS is one of them. I would also guess your odds for making a profit are slightly larger than buying a lottery ticket. That said I think there are much better programs out there!

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