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Is Optin Turbo A Scam? Unbiased Review [2020]

Welcome to my Optin Turbo Review. Optin Turbo Software promises you free traffic, leads & sales in 60 seconds or less. Is Optin turbo a scam or a legit product? Read on to find out.

First of all, congratulations on doing research on this online opportunity. The online world is just full of marketing products that either promise you too much or downright scams.

There are also legit ways to earn an income online. It's completely possible to make a full-time income and more online, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

The problem is that most folks get on the wrong wagon so to speak and most people also get into this business with wrong expectations and attitude.

Most people looking to make money online are looking for quick fixes that require no effort. Con artists and shady entrepreneurs prey on these people.

There is a huge business build around recruiting people into expensive systems and services with unrealistic promises. Services like these usually produce income to the creators of the service not

Now I'm not saying Optin Turbo does this. This was just a prelude to the world of online business, in case you are new to this stuff.

Remain extremely critical to any product or service promising riches on automation or overnight. Real business takes real work.

That said I want to be completely honest with you. I haven't tried the Optin Turbo Software. I'm basing this post on the information they provide in their marketing material and third party information I researched.

This also means I'm not trying to pitch it to you like many of their affiliates are while some of my information is pure speculation.

I also have my own incentives for creating this post. I recommend another service that I truly believe in and have used to build a successful online business with.

It's a business model that takes work, time and dedication but is proven to work time and time again. You'll find more information about this opportunity in the end.

I want to be completely transparent about this. I use affiliates links to monetize my site but I only recommend products that I truly believe in and have used extensively myself. Your trust is my most valuable asset.

Optin Turbo Summary

Creator: Billy Darr, Justin Opay and Nick Antonio

Product name: Optin Turbo

Product type: Software that's based on "Viral Funnels".

Price: On-time payment of $18 if you buy within 60 seconds + upsells.

Recommended: Not really. From what I can tell it's simply a software that offers sales funnel templates. You will likely need to invest in a hosting service, an email autoresponder and paid traffic to get the traffic to work (not confirmed).

While I have no doubt the product is worth the measly $18 for the funnel templates alone, I seriously doubt it could generate serious sales on automation or without additional services.

The fact is that any kind of sustainable business, be it online or offline will require serious effort on your part. The faster you accept this and start working for it, the sooner you will see result.

Check out my top recommendation below for a serious business model and stop chasing freebies. You can thank me later.

What Is Optin Turbo Software?

Optin Turbo is a new software that claims to produce free traffic, leads & sales in 60 seconds or less.

You can find the product and sales page at Don't worry, that's not an affiliate link since I haven't used this product extensively and can't really recommend it based on what I've seen.

Let's see what the sales material says about Optin Turbo. Right there on the sales page, they claim Optin Turbo can achieve at least the following:

  • Get unlimited traffic, leads & sales at the touch of a button
  • Create viral funnels in 6-clicks
  • All in one traffic to profit software
  • 100% beginner-friendly
  • Laptop lifestyle
  • No monthly fees
  • 365-day money-back guarantee
  • Get results or get paid $300

The creators call it a brand new all-in-one software that gets you buyer traffic in viral niches. It includes 50 "Viral Funnels" that supposedly can get you leads and sales in seconds.

They also claim it's very beginner-friendly and doesn't require any tech skills to get started. Not surprisingly according to the creators it's easy, fast and the best way to make money online in 2020.

If you watch the video, they will show you the three simple steps of how Optin Turbo supposedly creates you unlimited traffic.

  • Step 1: Choose on of the ready-made 50 viral funnel templates.
  • Step 2: Customize the template with a simple point and click editor.
  • Step 3: Press Go and watch the system bring in traffic, leads and sales in 60 seconds or less!

They then go on about the pretty standard sales points of these types of products like achieving the "laptop lifestyle", how you must bet thinking this must be very expensive etc.

Then they go into the pricing, claiming similar software with half the features cost anywhere from $97 to $297/month.

Then they go on about how Optin turbo is normally "only" $47/month, but it's now running a huge discount with a one-time investment.

They will also apparently include 6 money-making bonuses "worth thousands". They also apparently have a full 365-day money-back guarantee.

They are even promising to pay you $300 bucks in addition to a refund if you really use their product. (This is an old trick, many companie include a request for impossible proof).

Sound pretty useful huh? An online business software that starts producing money in 60 seconds. I could use one!

It must be expensive right? Well, it's only $18 currently if you buy within 60 seconds from your first visit to the landing page.

The price does actually go up and it seems to be IP address based as starting a different, cookie clean browser did not budge the counter.

A countdown timer is the oldest trick in the book the gets you to buy. It creates a sense of urgency. Combined with a huge discount and a low price I have no doubt they are making sales.

But does the software actually work?

How I Guess Optin Turbo Really Works

This following is purely speculation based on my experience and knowledge about online marketing. I'm not claiming Optin Turbo is working like this but it has all the signs it does.

To understand what this software actually does, you need to first understand what a sales funnel is.

A sales funnel is a lead generation and selling tool or a process that is designed to convert leads into sales.

The reason it's called a funnel is that it involves several processes. Each designed to bring you closer to a sale.

Usually, the first step of a funnel is what's called a "Landing Page". A landing page has a single purpose. To get the visitor to buy something OR to give their email address.

Typically the landing page introduces a cheap product with seemingly high value. Like, say software that promises free traffic and leads on automation.

Then you introduce upsells. People are much more likely to make additional purchases once they have their credit card out. This has been proven over and over again and it's the reason these "funnels" exist.

These upsells could be additional features, training or pretty much anything that could add value to the initial product.

If a person goes away from the funnel without a purchase you can introduce a down-sell. A less valuable product than the initial sale that still gives some of the features for example.

Look, sales funnels are both simple and actually a pretty complicated topic so I'm going to leave it at this. Look this video from the "Funnel Guru" Russel Brunson to learn more:

So what do you actually need to run a funnel? Well, basically every part of the funnel is an individual page. So you need to have a way to host your page. I.e. a web hosting.

Because sales funnels are usually designed (or at least should be) to gather leads as well, you will need an email autoresponder to gather the emails.

You will of course also need products to sell in the funnel. Fortunately, you don't need your own products but you can work as an affiliate marketer and sell other peoples products.

From what I can tell, Optin Turbo doesn't include a web hosting service or an email autoresponder.

These are both additional services you need to pay good money for. Typically, around $20/month for a decent service.

So my guess is the software actually has these "Viral Funnel" templates that have affiliate products set up ready for you. You probably have to register to affiliate networks and input your affiliate id.

You the likely have to invest in a hosting service and an email autoresponder. I wouldn't even be surprised if they offer them as uppsells to you.

The software would then put everything together for you. I just can't figure out how they will get you traffic in 60 seconds or less.

I would love to believe it, but here's the secret. It always takes time or a lot of money to produce traffic. This software doesn't seem to require either.

Which begs the question...

Is Optin Turbo Legit or A Scam?

I don't think Optin Turbo is a scam. For a product to be a scam it wouldn't provide any real value or the product would have to be extremely misleading.

I have no reason to believe that the software has 50 ready built "viral funnels" that you can use to market products and make sales.

But I wouldn't recommend it to you based on the information I've seen.

I do have my doubts about the software producing traffic on automation to these funnels though. You will likely have to invest in getting traffic.

Why? Because there are two ways to get traffic. Organic and paid. Organic traffic is what you get through visibility in the search engines and social media, paid traffic is the traffic you get through ads.

Creating organic traffic takes serious time and work and basically you need to create a ton of traffic.

The only way I could see the software could produce traffic on automation is if they automatically run paid advertisements for your funnels.

So my guess is that you will actually have to pay for the traffic.

I also found third party information that you will need to get an autoresponder account if you actually want to gather leads but apparently it functions without one. 

So what does the software actually do? It provides you with funnel templates and integrates your email autoresponder with the funnel. That's about it.

Oh, you also have to actually have the "funnel" hosted somewhere. That's not talked about in the marketing material but I bet you need to get a hosting account as well. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.

If you are interested in email marketing or using sales funnels, I would recommend investing in ClickFunnels. It's at least proven to work. I'm not going to include an affiliate link because it's not something I use myself.

Well, this is all speculation of course but experience has taught me the lesson that there are no automated solutions that can earn you significant income.

It just doesn't work that way. People who create services like this make money from you, the paying customer. You usually get a bit in return but not enough to live off it.

I have no doubt you can earn some money through Optin Turbo. Maybe even more than you pay for it. But notice that they don't make any claims about the income potential.

So why are products like this being made? Because they sell so well. If you sell a product for cheap and promise a lot of income, even a tiny chance for it (think lottery), people will buy it.

If you, on the other hand, tell them it takes actual learning and consistent hard work to earn an income, they are much less likely to buy.

The other reason these products are created because affiliate marketers make good money promoting them. It's a win-win situation for the creator of the product and the affiliate but unfortunately rarely to the customer.

So my question to you is this: Do you want to learn how to create and actual legit online business, that can produce full-time income and more?

More importantly, are you willing to work for it consistently?

If you said yes to both questions, great. Read my recommendation below.

A Proven Option

So what do I recommend for creating a legit online business? Well, the business model I use myself is based on affiliate marketing and search engine optimization.

This means I get traffic to my website through Google and I convert that traffic into sales through affiliate links.

The best part about affiliate marketing is that it works on almost any niche. You can make money writing about fishing gear, golf clubs, dogs, cats, etc. anything really. 

This business model is actually your best bet for turning your passion into a business. 

The other great part is that the only thing you need to do is to be in the right place at the right time and offer a solution to people's problems.

You don't need to do any hard selling or ship physical products etc. Affiliate marketing simply works on links. You refer a customer by linking to a vendor and they pay you a commission if the customer makes a purchase. Simple as that.

In a nutshell, this business model is a lot like blogging but you create content around specific lucrative topics you have researched.

It's relatively easy to get the hang of it but it takes work to start seeing real results. This is definitely not a get rich overnight type of deal.

You need to work on your business consistently for several months or up to a year to see real results.

But if you can manage that, it can offer you the benefit of financial freedom. 

This business model has been proven to work over and over again but it's important to know what you are doing.

That's why I created a completely free 7-day course that will get you started in creating your own affiliate marketing business.

You can get the course delivered right into your email by leaving submitting your email address to the form below:

You can enroll for the 7-day course by submitting your email address into the form below. I will not spam your email and you can unsubscribe anytime. There are no hidden costs!


I hope you found this Optin Turbo review useful and it gave you some answers to your questions. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave them below.

Optin Turbo is likely not a complete scam but it likely doesn't achieve what it promises for a very low price of $18.

It's far more likely the $18 dollars is just a cheap introduction product for more expensive up sales.

That said, they do offer a 365-day money-back guarantee and will even offer to pay you $300 if you use their product and don't see results with it.

While that sounds very nice I wouldn't risk trying to get my money back. I've seen too many similar products with similar promises. Feel free to try it yourself though.

I'm going to give them the benefit of a doubt and assume they would honor the money-back guarantee.

But I can't believe they would sell a system that produces income, even if it's only hundreds, for such a low price. It just doesn't make sense from a business and financial perspective.

That's my take on the product based on the marketing material for now. I'll update this post if I'll find new information or try the product myself.

If you found this post useful, please share it in social media, bookmark my site and join my newsletter!

See you next time

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