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Is 7 Min Sales Machine Scam or Legit? [2020 Review]

Welcome to my 7Min Sales Machine review. If you are looking for information on the 7Min Sales Machine, you've come to the right place! Is 7Min Sales Machine scam or legit? Read on to find out.

The online marketing world is full of products that promise fast or even instant traffic and sales. I think 7 minutes has to be one of the fastest I've been promised for success!

7 Min Sales Machine is a WarriorPlus online marketing product that is based on CPA offers and secret free traffic sources that can supposedly lead to sales in less than 7 minutes.

I have to be honest with you and tell you straight away that I haven't actually used the product. I'm basing this review on the sales page and the third party information I could find online.

I like learning about strategies for making money online so I asses programs like these and share my results with people to help them make informed buying decisions.

I use several strategies that I know first hand are capable of producing money. You can check out my top recommendation if you are interested in learning a proven way to make money online.

I'm not affiliated with 7 Min Sales Machine, so you can rest assure my review is not just a long sales pitch to get you to buy the product.

7Min Sales Machine Video Review

If you are in a hurry, I created this short video that should answer most of your questions about 7min Sales Machine. 

7Min Sales Machine Summary

Product Name: 7Min Sales Machine

Product Type:  Video Training with CPA offers and secret traffic source

Product Price: $97 (on sale for $12.95 as of writing this)

Summary: 7 Min Sales Machine is a video training based platform that include three done for you CPA offers and three secret traffic sources that can supposedly help you get three figure daily sales with zero prior experience in a matter of minutes.

I don't think the product is a scam because they do include some useful information but I don't think the income expectations are realistic.

If you could make three figures daily with this business model, why would they sell it for so cheap instead of leveraging it themselves? I'll let you answer that question.

Making money online is completely possible but it always involves work and takes a lot more time than marketers promise.

That's why I recommend you accept this as a fact and start working your online business today, so a year from now you can thank me for your transformed life.

You can check my top recommendation for getting started below.  

What Is 7 Min Sales Machine

7 Min Sales Machine is an online marketing program created by Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong. It is based on Cost-Per-Action or CPA offers instead of the typical Clickbank products you usually see on these types of products.

CPA networks pay you by actions your websites visitors take. These actions can be filling forms with email information, phone numbers, etc.

CPA networks can pay you anything from a few cents to several dollars depending on the offer and the network. The great thing about CPA offers is that they usually convert better than affiliate products because the visitors don't need to get their credit card out.

But CPA offers are nothing new, people have been using them for decades to monetize their websites. So what is new with the 7 Min System?

Apparently the traffic sources. The 7 Min System includes three "secret"  sources of traffic that apparently work incredibly well with CPA offers.

You can check their sales page at According to the sales video, Jono made over 30 bucks in the first 7 minutes using this system, hence the name I guess.

They are naturally not making any claims about the profit you can make with the system but apparently the method is ridiculously easy and fast to set up.

Supposedly it's also super newbie-friendly, with no previous experience needed. You don't need to know how to create videos or have technical skills etc. This is fairly typical for these types of products.

Jono does warn in the sales video that the traffic sources they use are fairly new and "un-tapped" they do run the risk of getting saturated so you need to hit up on the offer fast to take advantage of this.

So what does it cost? Well, the full price seems to be $97 but it's on sale for $12.95. It's very typical these kinds of products never to sell for the full price, so keep that in mind.

In any case, if a product can get you sales in 7 minutes for the price of a pint, It would be pretty insane. If you could make the $30 in 7 minutes you would earn your money back in a matter of minutes.

They even offer a 100% 14-day moneyback guarantee, so I guess you could try it without risk.

So sounds pretty incredible thus far. Maybe a bit too incredible. Let's see how it actually works!

How 7 Min Sales Machine Works

So how does the 7 Min Sales Machine work?

You can see a demo of the system in this video by artflair:

It's basically a video training that shows you how to apply for CPA networks, create CPA offers and how to drive traffic.

CPA Startup shows you how to get started with CPA networks in a step-by-step manner. They show you which ones to register with, how to sign up and include scripts that help you get approved.

You see CPA networks require you to apply and you can't just register like for many affiliate networks. They might even interview you in the phone, so don't expect completely automated sign up.

The product includes 3 Done-for-You CPA offers that apparently convert really well.

The most intriguing part of the product is the three secret traffic sources that are supposedly almost untouched by marketers.

They don't tell what they are (because they are secret, duh...) but apparently the platforms they use get over 575 Million monthly visitors.

The trick they are using is that the traffic sources are highly targeted for the three CPA offers they include.

This sounds intriguing but the only problem I'm seeing here is that it isn't apparent if you need to have a website to drive the traffic to or are you just using your CPA links. I can't really tell because I don't know what the traffic sources are.

The second problem is that if they have actually found 3 targeted CPA offer that matches well with the traffic sources, why aren't they just marketing them themselves?

Surely selling this information to third parties will saturate the market in no time. Especially when every single buyer will be using the same offers on the same traffic source.

This leads us to the big question...

Is 7 Min Sales Machine Scam Or Legit?

I wouldn't call 7 Min Sales Machine a scam. It thinks the principles are legit. CPA offers are a legit way to make money.

The three secret traffic sources are definitely the most valuable part of their product. If they work.

From what I can tell the traffic sources are mainly based on targeted local traffic. Meaning that you will leverage the geolocation potential of marketing.

It is true that using local ads and local networks is a very effective strategy currently as they are not saturated in many cases so I have no doubt their strategies might be somewhat effective.

That said, very typical for these kinds of products I think they are promising ridiculous results for a very modest price.

Do you really think anyone would give up a system that produces sales on automation in exchange for a little bit of account information? Of course not.

It would only make sense if they are actually making money by selling this information that supposedly makes you money fast.

While both the networks and the traffic sources of 7 Min Sales Machine are legit, I suspect they are not telling us the whole picture about the effectiveness of the traffic strategy in the sales material.

It also seems they are only selling you training on how to set up CPA networks and offers and how to drive traffic to that. You need to actually have landing pages somewhere so you will likely need to build simple websites unless they are leveraging social media, YouTube, etc.

You can rest assured that if they could actually make as much money on the system as they claim, they wouldn't be selling it to you. At least not for cheap.

The simple fact of life is that anything that's too good to be true really isn't true. There are no products that can make you money on automation.

A simple micro niche site or a blog that produces sales on automation is worth thousands of dollars. That's a good example of in what ballpark should automated money-making systems be.

So I can't really recommend 7 Min Sales Machine to you. It simply promises too much for too little. I haven't tried it myself so I can't confirm my suspicions but I'm extremely skeptical about it producing sales on automation.

It is completely possible to make honest money online but it always involves work in one way or another. If you have money to invest you can do less work because you can buy services.

But don't let anyone tell you that you can succeed in creating a successful online business without working for.

That said, If you are interested in making money online I recommend a change in mindset. Decide that you are willing to work for it and stop chasing shortcuts and quick fixes.

How I Make Money Online

If you are willing to accept that it takes work to succeed online, I want to show you how I make money online. You can learn the skills just like I and thousands of others have.

I use a business model called affiliate marketing and I drive traffic to my offers through search engine optimization. I essentially write blog posts about topics people are interested in.

When they search for that information, my post pops up and they enter my site. I include affiliate links to products I truly believe and that I honestly think could help them achieve their goals.

If they buy through those links, I earn a commission. Once the system is set up it works on automation. I write a post once and people can find it for years to come.

The more of these posts (and websites) I have, the more income I have. I bet you can see the potential of this business model?

The income is almost passive after the initial work and the income is also cumulative.

The best part is the freedom this business offers. I can work on my sites anywhere in the world and I don't have to work on them every day.

That said, it does take a lot of work in the beginning. A new site won't have enough authority to rank in Google. If you want to succeed fast, you need to be willing to write if not every day, at least every other day.

That's just the name of the game. If you are willing to do that, you will see success eventually.

If you are interested in learning these skills, my top recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. I also created a free 7-day course for you to get started with online affiliate marketing.

I promise you the course is worth your time, it will save you a lot of trouble so definitely consider taking me up on my offer!


I hope you found my 7 Min Sales Machine review useful and it helps you to decide if to buy the product. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me through the comments form below.

7 Min Sales machine seems to provide some novel ideas for traffic and it uses CPA offers instead of the overused Clickbank products which I definitely like.

Unfortunately, I have a very hard time believing the system could provide you 3 figure daily commissions with next to no work involved with DFY offers.

That said the information they share is likely easily worth the $13 or so they are asking. Just don't expect to actually create a successful business that allows you to quit your job.

That takes a lot more effort. I think SEO based affiliate marketing is your best bet unless you are really comfortable with YouTube.

So if you are serious about creating an online business, definitely go through my free course. It will help you create the base for your business to years to come.

If you found this post useful, please consider sharing it on social media! Also, bookmark my site and check back for more reviews and money-making tips.

Thanks for reading and see you next time!


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