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MailClout Elite Review – Is It Scam Or Legit?

Welcome to my MailClout Elite review. If you are thinking about getting MailClout as an email autoresponder, definitely read on!

MailClout is a cloud-based email autoresponder software designed by marketers for marketers.

If you are new to online business, you might not have heard the saying "the money is in the list". List meaning a list of your email list subscribers.

You see, email marketing is extremely powerful for making sales because it allows you to presell and "warm-up" your subscribers.

You can also segregate your lists according to interests and behavior etc. It also allows you to contact people directly and more personally, instead of just showing information online and hoping they will buy.

The buying process is, after all, a long one. No one basically buys anything the first time they see an offer. They research their options, look for better deals, etc.

If you can get people to join your email list, you have a much better chance of presenting them an offer at the right time of the buying process.

You achieve this by actually adding value to your subscribers for free. No one is going to buy anything if you just spam your email list with affiliate link offers. That's a surefire way to get people to unsubscribe.

You typically get people to join your email list by offering a "free gift" aka a lead magnet. It's something truly valuable that people want and need, so they are willing to give their email address for it.

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Email autoresponders are software that you use to automate the emails that are sent to your email list. When you have hundreds or thousands of email subscribers, you simply can't do it manually.

It's also a numbers game. Most people will never read your emails, usually, only a few percentage will. But if you have for example ten thousand subscribers, this can mean a lot of money if it converts to sales.

The industry-standard email autoresponder is Aweber (that's an affiliate link). It costs $19/month or so to get started with so it's easy to understand that a beginner looking to get into email marketing might not want to pay that much.

The price model of Aweber is also progressive and goes up as you gain subscribers. But that's because they know those subscribers are worth a lot of money, you can

There are also free email autoresponder services like MailChimp. The free subscriptions in these have the problem that the subscriber base is usually very limited and you usually aren't allowed to sen affiliate links. So you have to drive the traffic to a landing page instead.

MailClout is promising to give a full email autoresponder service for a single payment.

Before we continue, I want to be completely transparent with you. I haven't used or tried MailClout myself. I'm basing this review on their sales material and third party information.

So I'm not in any way affiliated with them and I'm not trying to sell the product to you as many other reviewers might be. But also my information is limited. I'm just presenting my opinion based on the information I can find.

MailClout Elite Summary

Product Name: EmailClout Elite

Product Type:  Cloud Based Email autoresponder software

Product Price: $297 (on sale for $16.93 as of writing this)

Summary: EmailClout Elite is a cloud based email autoresponder software that claims to offer unlimited subscriber lists and your typical autoresponder tools for a single payment instead of a subscription like typical autoresponders.

It seems to offer what it promises. A cloud based platform that has opt-in forms, email campaigns etc.

What makes me very apprehensive about the product that there really isn't much information about it online.


I'm also wondering how can they run such a service over the long term with a single payment plan, that is relatively affordable.

I personally think my email list and subscribers are the most valuable asset I have, so I want nothing but the most trustworthy and regulation following service so there are no chance of losing my email list. That's why I recommend Aweber. 

If you want to learn how to create a successful online business that allows you to build a list through organic traffic, check out my top recommendation through the link below. 


What Is MailClout

You can check out MailClouts sales page (not an affiliate link) to see the marketing material yourself. You can watch the marketing video by Calin Calin:

In short, MailClout Elite is a cloud-based email autoresponder with built-in opt-in forms and tools for creating automated email campaigns. So basically everything a typical autoresponder offers.

In their sales video, they talk about how effective email marketing is, but how it's become so expensive that it's an experience that's reserved for the elite.

In the sales video, Raduh talks about how regular email marketing tools cost 3 to 4 figures annually (true) and only so-called gurus have the ability to take advantage of email marketing at these prices.

Three figures mean over a hundred dollars by the way. Not that much in my world, especially when you consider how much overhead you would have in a regular business.

 He also states that from the major autoresponders cheapest plans start at $228/year for 500 subscribers.

So for that reason, they have developed a software that solves these problems by offering a cost-effective solution with zero limitations and added features. It's apparently also easier to use than anything else on the market right now.

MailClout Elite claims to be the only email autoresponder out there with a one-time fee and that can be set up in two minutes.

It's completely cloud-based and works both on mobile and desktop. Most importantly it allows you to send thousands of emails completely free. Well, I guess they mean free after you've paid for the product.

It allows you to upload a list of subscribers straight into the app, without double opt-in verification (which is a bit unnerving considering regulations). You can send as many messages to your list as you and build your list with the included opt-in forms without any downtime.

So how much does it cost? Apparently $297 but as of writing this, it's on sale for $16.93. That's pretty insane for a one time fee for unlimited autoresponder!

Too cheap actually, It makes me extremely suspicious.

How Does MailClout Elite Work?

So how does this software work? Well, it apparently super easy to set up.


  1. Login to your MailCloute Cloud platform.
  2. Create some opt-in forms with the built-in tools.
  3. Get people on your list.
  4. Setup your campaigns
  5. Email your list whenever you have a new article etc.

You can see MailClout Elite in operation in this review by VIDSociety:

Is MailClout Elite Legit Or A Scam?

So MailClout seems to be a seriously affordable option to expensive autoresponder like Aweber.

I don't think MailClout is a scam, they do offer the cloud-based autoresponder service as you see in the videos. But there are huge issues why I wouldn't personally invest in this tool.

Look, your email list is one of if not the most valuable asset you can have. You can treat it lightly.

MailClout Elite is a completely new product with zero real-world reviews. To be honest, the marketing material doesn't seem very professional to me. It doesn't really create enough trust in me to invest in the product. This might be different for you though.

But keep this in mind, there's a reason why professional autoresponders cost a lot. It takes a lot of money to keep all their technology like servers running.

Real autoresponders also act responsibly, they make sure to allow only solicited subscribers and make sure you comply with all the regulations concerning email marketing, including the CAN-SPAM Act.

This means you can't send unsolicited emails. you need to include your address etc. Autoresponders like Aweber has systems in place for this.

From what I can tell in the third party video they state that you can use any SMTP server to send out your emails. The problem is that you would have to find an SMTP server that would allow you to send out thousands of unsolicited emails. They would not be complying with the regulations either.

So the problem with sending unsolicited emails through a regular SMTP server vs solicited emails is that the people haven't accepted to be a part of your subscriber list and there might not unsubscribe options etc. This is in some cases illegal.

Look, email marketing is a touchy subject as is, do you really want to take the risk of using a basically untested product that might not comply fully with regulations?

Do you want to invest in a product that there is no track record or guarantee it will even exist a year from now? Even if it's a cheap single payment, you run a risk of losing a lot of subscribers.

Finally, I think the price they are selling it for now is suspiciously low. If they were selling it for the full $297 or even half of that I might consider it a legit business, but at this price, I'm having a hard time believing they could run a sustainable business model. Unless the idea is to just get some initial sales.

I know my email subscribers are an asset I want to treat with the uttermost respect and use services that aim to do this as well. That's why I'm using Aweber myself.

If the price seems to steep for you, you could start gathering email addresses once you actually have an otherwise successful online business with consistent traffic and sales.

At that point, Aweber will be well worth the investment because it can pay itself back in a short time frame if you have existing traffic.

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I hope you found this MailClout Elite review useful and it answered most of your questions. Don't hesitate to leave your questions in the comments section below, I promise to get back to you.

Email autoresponders are an extremely important tool for your online business because email marketing is a very effective way to increase your sales.

An email list is a huge and valuable asset that can help grow your sales exponentially. The great thing about email lists is also that you are not dependent on any outside factors.

Even if you have several successful websites that rank well in Google, a single algorithm update can wipe your traffic out like happened to many sites during the 2012 Penguin update.

The people who had built email lists through their websites were fortunate because they got still get income through the sales they made with their lists.

I don't think MailClout Elite is a scam because they do appear to offer a service that allows you to send email campaigns.

An email list is such a valuable asset that you don't want to handle it with anything but the best service provider. That's why I can't really recommend using anything else than Aweber.

If you found this review useful, please consider sharing it in social media and bookmark my site for awesome online business reviews and money-making tips!

Also, consider joining my newsletter through the 7-day course. I promise to share with you insanely actionable and useful tips that will help you make money online much faster.

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

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Very well done website. I ordered your free course. I also looked at you Melaleuca review…and you are right on the nose. Good luck!

Glad you found it useful Mark and thanks for giving my course the opportunity! I promise you won’t regret it.

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