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Interactr Evolution Review – Is It Legit?

Welcome to my Interactr Evolution review! If you are thinking about buying Interactr Evolution and wondering if it's a scam or a legit product, you've come to the right place!

Interactr is a new video marketing product that has big claims of increasing your conversions up to 83%! While that might not sound huge, it's actually a huge increase.

The fact that they are actually claiming realistic results is always a promising thing as unrealistic promises are the easiest way to spot a scam.

But the question is, can Interactr Evolution live up to these promises? Read on to find out.

Before we continue, I want to be straight with you. I haven't actually tried Interactr Evolution. I'm basing this review on the information I found on their sales material and from third party sources.

I like checking out online marketing resources and products and to share my findings with you. From time to time I will recommend products I truly believe in but I will never put an affiliate link to a product I haven't extensively used myself.

That's why I'm not including affiliate links to Interactr Evolution and I'm just sharing my opinion on the product and if it's something I would invest in or recommend you to invest in.

I do however at times recommend products I have used myself and found to be effective, so this article does contain other affiliate links. 

Interactr Evolution Review Summary

Product Name: Interactr Evolution

Product Type:  Interactive video creation tool

Product Price: $197 (on sale for $37 as of writing this)

Summary: Interactor Evolution is a brand new tool for creating interactive marketing videos aka video funnels. 

I have no doubts that the interactive videos will increase visitor engagement and conversions.

So I don't think Interactr Evolution is a scam. It actually seems like a really useful piece of software for creating interactive videos.

That said, I don't know how well the software actually works and what kind of support you will receive using it. I guess only time will tell.

If you are interested in making money online or learning about creating a honest online business, check out my #1 recommendation below!

What Is Interactr Evolution

Interactr Evolution is a video marketing tool that supposedly achieves double the conversion, triple the engagement and 14 times the CTR (click-through rate) on any video you create.

It works regardless if you are just a video marketer, a product owner, sell services to locals businesses. They market it as the holy grail of video marketing!

It seems that Interactr has been around for a while but they seem to have created a completely new product with the same brand. I could find reviews of Interactr 2.0 from 2018 that look a bit different.

The thing that it actually does is interactive marketing videos. You can watch their sales video at to see the software in action. They did a neat trick and produced the sales video with the software.

The main selling point for online marketers is highly increased CTR and conversions. You see, many marketers have experienced how thousands of people watch their videos every day, but they simply aren't converting to sales.

Interactr Evolution aims to solve this problem by engaging the watcher through choices. You can set it to ask questions so that the watcher has to make choices every now and then. Depending on the choice, a related video is shown.

This kind of interaction will take visitor engagement to the next level. Every single one of your visitors is a real person, an individual. If you can offer an individual experience, you will create tons of trust and interest.

So what is included in the product?

Well as far as I can tell the basic product consists of niche-specific, ready-made videos. You can also shoot and customize your own video funnels.

The base product includes:

  • Instant access to the proprietary Interactive Video Technology
  • Tools for building your list and free search engine traffic
  • Exclusive niche videos that work on all browsers and devices.

And what does this all cost? Well, the full price of the product is $197. But the product is about to be launched 10th of march for a launch price that is 50% off, totaling $67.

So if you are a video marketer, looking for a tool to make professional looking

How Does Interactr Evolution Work?

The process of using Interactr Evolution is fairly simple. You can scroll down the sales page to see a demo video of how it operates.

Here's the summary:

  1. Login to the cloud-based software and select a template or create a design of your own.
  2. Upload all your logos, videos and images to the media library.
  3. Customize your video funnels with the drag & drop editor.
  4. Render the interactive video. You can also add additional interactive elements like chapters, lead capture forms, etc.

The final results will be an interactive video that will supposedly skyrocket your engagement. I actually don't doubt that these interactive videos work well for increasing visitor engagement and conversions.

What Is Video Marketing

To understand why Interactr Evolution might be a really valuable tool, we need to talk a bit about video marketing.

Video marketing has become a huge deal during the past decade. People are consuming video content like crazy and marketers have naturally realized the huge potential.

How huge? Well, YouTube has become the second largest search engine and its users are creating 500 hours of fresh content every MINUTE. That's right! Minute. That adds up to around 720,000 hours of content a day.

That's about 82 years. So it would take a full lifetime to watch all the content added to YouTube in a single day currently. And the rate is just increasing.

There are currently almost 1.5 Billion YouTube users and over 5 Billion videos watched on the platform every day. It doesn't need a rocket scientist to realize the potential for huge marketing income is there.

But the problem is that people can spot unnatural marketing really easily these days. Regular ads simply don't work as well as they used to because people have gotten used to them. Ad blockers are a thing.

The rise of YouTube has made people impatient and reluctant to read long articles, they are almost automatically expecting video on all content, not just YouTube.

That's why many online marketers have started leveraging sales page videos for example. It's been known for a long time that videos convert to sales better than text.

Advertisers use marketing videos on Facebook and other social media all the time.

The next step is to make the videos more interactive to get them to convert better. This is where Interactr comes in.

Is Interactr Evolution Scam Or Legit?

I definitely wouldn't call Interactr Evolution a scam based on the information I could find. Everything about the product and the principles behind it seems legit.

That said, it's going to be launched 10th of March 2020, so there are no real-world experiences with it as of writing this.

This, of course, is natural with a new product but you will be taking a risk because nobody really knows if the product works. They do offer a money-back guarantee, so you are relatively safe on that front.

If the product turns out to do everything it promises, the launch price according to MunchEye will be at $67 (50% off), so you could get a really useful piece of software for really cheap.

Their demo video is actually very convincing. The software and the ready-made videos look very professional. The example of a coffee shop shows really well how you can use ready-made videos to made custom marketing videos simply by recording the audio.

One thing I'm a bit suspicious about is that apparently they just offer ready-made videos in different niches. It's not apparent from the sales material if you can actually create your own videos and how many different videos and in what niches are included.

I think that a software that would allow yourself to shoot videos with multiple paths would be an awesome tool, so I hope this is somehow included in this product.

You know what, It seems it is included, so scratch those last two sentences!

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I hope you found my Interactr Evolution review useful. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me by leaving a comment below.

The software definitely seems legit, so I would actually consider taking the opportunity of the launch to get it for cheap. That said if it turns out to be a dud you just have to hope their 14-day money-back guarantee works.

Video marketing is definitely an effective strategy right now and it's only going to get more popular in the future. I have no doubt that well thought out interactive videos will increase conversions like crazy.

There are few things that create more trust than getting the visitor to interact and actually feel like they are receiving an individual experience.

So definitely consider giving this product a chance, at least do more research on it. If you find something suspicious, please let me know, so I can spread the word.

I also recommend you check out the online marketing resources I recommended.  If you are starting out with online marketing, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the best bang for your buck out there.

If you enjoyed this post, please share in social media and bookmark my site for future reference.

Thanks for reading and see you next time!


12 replies on “Interactr Evolution Review – Is It Legit?”

Thanks for the post it is bringing out all the information on one place you also bring your side and your #1. It makes it easy for somebody to make a decision on whether to go for it or not. Thanks for the great review.

Interactr Evolution does sound like an intriguing product. I am new to the online marketing world and I still have a ton of things to learn about properly using videos to share relevant information and create conversions.
I like the idea of having specific questions asked throughout the video to engage the viewer and direct them to other videos/information depending on what they are looking for, that would definitely help to focus on each individual!

Thanks for taking the time to comment Heidi! I think the whole idea of interactive video is really powerful for marketing. I actually think it’s probably really effective for media in general, including entertainment. I wouldn’t be surprised if YouTube would include the possibility of creating interactive videos in the near future.

Thanks for the feedback, Jeremy! Yes, there are affiliate links in my content. That is how I monetize my site. I also try to be as transparent about this as possible as I believe in the products I recommend. There is a legal disclaimer, including my affiliate disclaimer at the beginning of every post. All websites monetize their content one way or another.

The content does present my honest opinion about Interactr Evolution based on the information I could find online. I also mention in the very beginning that my content doesn’t include affiliate links to Interactr Evolution. It’s up to you to decide if including affiliate links within my content makes the review dishonest in your opinion. But thanks for reminding this review us due for an update, I’ll make sure to point out the affiliate links!

BEWARE: We’ve used it for a few days now, and the software holds a lot of promise. Two things: if any of your viewers are on Windows Machines running IE and Edge, tread carefully. It doesn’t work reliably. Also, they’re in the UK, so if you need support during North American business hours, keep this in mind.

Thanks for the heads up and contacting me Bill! I will leave your comment here for others to see. I haven’t heard other recent news from the product. One thing that automatically popped into mind is that many services don’t really function well in Microsofts browsers, so I would give them the benefit of a doubt on that account. Many developers trust on Chrome and Firefox.

That´s my experience on Interactr: It is impossible to manipulate videos longer than 2 minutes (app lacks performance); the cut points are imprecise (ui is kid´s toy); texts, elements, hotspots disappear in the tracks; support are very, very slow… For me it’s a waste of money. Don’t buy it!

Thanks for the heads up Edson! Sorry to hear that the product isn’t working out for you and you feel like you’ve wasted your money.


We purchased Interactr today and it was fine for the first 30 minutes. Then the password to login failed. Thinking it was my mistake, I reset it, and bam, still does not work.

Contacted support – no response except for an email saying someone will make contact in due course if its a technical issue.

Very poor support and very disappointed. Feeling ripped off at the moment.

Thanks for contacting me Simon! It seems you are not the first one experiencing similar issues. I will leave your experience here for others to see, but please keep me updated on your situation. I want to give credit where credit is due, so let’s see how they handle the situation.

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