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Ripple App Review – Is Ripple Software A Scam?

Welcome to my Ripple Review! Can the Ripple app solve all your traffic problems or is it a scam that's just built to take your credit card? Read on to find out!

Ripple App is an "autopilot" software for producing buyer traffic to any website or online offer. It supposedly works on autopilot, all you have to do is put in your URL and click a button!

To make things clear, this review is about an online marketing app called Ripple, not the cryptocurrency called Ripple.

I'm glad that you've taken the time to research the product you are thinking about buying. The online world is just full of scams but there are also legit ways to make money online.

Before we continue I want you to know that I haven't tried the Ripple app. I'm basing this review on their marketing material and on information I could find online.

I want to be completely transparent about this. I'm just assessing if the product is a legit way to make money online because that's kind of the thing I do.

I'm not in any way affiliated with the product or it's creators so I'm not here to pitch it to you with my "special bonuses" like many reviewers who are actually affiliates of the product.

That said, I do from time to time recommend a product I truly believe in. The recommendations will include affiliate links as that's the way I monetize my website.

But rest assured, I will not recommend through an affiliate link anything I haven't seen positive results with and truly believe in myself.

I teach people to be very skeptical online, so if you are skeptical about checking my recommendations because of the affiliate links, feel free to Google them. That way I won't get your referral.

But If you find the product is something you need and think I deserve a small commission, please consider buying the product through my link. It costs nothing to you.

I will really appreciate this and as a token of my appreciation, I offer my full support to every product I recommend. I can essentially become your mentor. You can contact me anytime to ask about the products or if you need help and I will do my best to help you out.


Ripple Review Summary

Product Name: Ripple, Ripple App or Ripple Software (not the crypto)

Product Type:  Automated traffic tool

Product Price: $47/month (on sale for $17.19 for one time fee as of writing this)


Ripple is a cloud-based software that supposedly offers you instant buyer traffic with a couple of clicks. They are selling this opportunity for a single time payment of $17.19 as launch prize, but the price supposedly goes to $47/month.

It seems the product has some sort of point based system for sharing links that produces the traffic. 

While this could produce you some traffic, I'm highly skeptical it could produce long term targeted traffic that will convert into sales.

If it could, they would be asking a lot more for it. Like seriously more. 

I can't recommend anything that I don't fully believe in so I'll leave it up to you to decide if you want to invest in shortcuts or become serious about creating an online business.

My advice is to only invest in products that offer sustainable, long term income strategies. You can check out my top recommendation by clicking the button below.  

Couple Words About Traffic

I want to talk with a couple words about traffic so you can better understand how Ripple works and if it's a realistic way to produce traffic.

If you are new to online marketing, traffic means the people that visit your website, offer or channel. They are the visitors you can turn into sales.

All traffic isn't equal when it comes to sales. The more targeted your traffic is, the more sales you can expect to make. I.e. if you advertise skateboards, you will not likely make many sales if your traffic is mainly seniors. (Not that there's anything wrong with skating seniors, it's just unlikely.

The problem is that getting targeted traffic is a bit tricky. It involves either time and effort or money. You see, you can get targeted traffic through search engine optimization or through paid adds.

Search engine optimization is basically the most important way for getting organic traffic. You create content that people are searching for and your content comes up in Google. When they click it you see them as traffic.

Organic traffic is pretty much always targeted, people find your website when they are looking for information. If you provide a solution to their problem, they will likely buy.

But getting organic traffic requires time and effort. Or time and money if you outsource the content creation. It takes months for a new website to start ranking well.

But because organic traffic is free and allows true passive income, my recommendation is to aim for having it as your main strategy on the long run.

If you need targeted traffic fast, paid ads are pretty much the only real way to get it. You can create very targeted ads with Google, Facebook, YouTube and most social media platforms these days.

The problem is that you need to know what you are doing so you don't burn out your ad budget without making a profit.

Now what the Ripple app promises as a solution to your traffic problem, let's see how it works.

What Is Ripple App

So what is Ripple? It's an online marketing app or software that produces traffic to your website. And not just any traffic, but buyer traffic!

You can check the Ripple App sales page (not an affiliate link) to learn all the details. In short Ripple claims to:

  • Get you Buyer traffic in seconds
  • Be beginner-friendly
  • Include a $150 a day tutorials
  • Have no monthly fees ever (they do state in the video that the one-time fee is a limited time offer. A bit suspicious...)
  • Help you enjoy the laptop lifestyle
  • Have 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Get you traffic or the creators will send you $100!

They call it an AutoPilot Software because it's so simple to use and it only involves a couple of clicks to start supposedly producing buyer traffic to your website or offer.

In their sales video, they state that they had 194 beta testers that manage to produce traffic that buys with the software. The aim of the product is to get complete beginners free buyer traffic in less than 60 seconds.

The Ripple Software supposedly is more effective than all the "old" methods of getting traffic like SEO & YouTube, Facebook ads, PPV ads, Google Ads, Facebook Groups, Solo ads, Banner Ads and free methods.

How Does Ripple Work?

So how does the software actually work? Using the software apparently includes three simple steps:

  1. Buy the software and log in
  2. Login to the cloud-based software and ad any link. Apparently anything goes, Affiliate link, opt-in page, CPA, etc.
  3. Click Go and watch your traffic and sales explode...

Now I don't know about you but that sounds easy. Like really easy. Like maybe way too easy? Why the hell am I writing all this content for when I could pay a few dollars for this product and let it do its thing!

Sorry, I'm getting a bit ahead...

You can watch how the software actually looks in operation in this video by Marc Gray of Twoom:

So basically Ripple actually involves action on your part. It's a system that involves earning points. Every time you click on someone else's link you get a point, when someone else clicks your link you lose a point.

If you share someone else's link from Ripple to an outside source like Facebook or Twitter, you get more points. I can see how this could create some social traction and viral action if your offer is interesting enough.

You can also earn points through referrals. Meaning the if you introduce new people into the system through your link, you will earn points. Kinda like affiliate marketing.

Now the big question is, can a system like this produce legit traffic?

Is Ripple Scam Or Legit?

I'm not going to call Ripple a scam because I haven't tried the product. It does seem to have a point driven system in place to produce you some traffic, but I'm having a hard time believing it would produce a huge amount of targeted buyer traffic.

Just think about it. If they had a system that could produce targeted buyer traffic on automation to any offer, they could ask almost anything for it. But now they are asking less than $20 for it.

So while I think Ripple has some clever ideas I don't think it's really a legit way to handle the traffic side of your online business.

If you checked out Marcs review I shared, he shares a clever secret about the product that might actually make it worth your investment.

You see, everyone who has bought the product are so-called "buyers" i.e. people who have the means and are willing to pay for information on making money online as they've bought Ripple already.

You can present your offer to these people! You can literally create a landing page that offers something useful in exchange for their emails to get some solid leads.

I think Marc is right on the money here. Products like these are often fairly useless for their marketed use but you can sometimes leverage them in some other way.

So, all in all, I don't think Ripple is really a scam because it actually offers a functional software with a way to produce some traffic to your website.

But I really don't think this is something that could produce thousands and thousands of visitors to your offers, so you can't really build a sustainable online business around. It's a case of you get what you pay for.

I would expect to make a similar ROI on this system as I would by using the same amount of money on paid ads.

I'm having a very hard time believing this could produce actual long term traffic. I also don't have the time or the interest of clicking or sharing other people's links.

You have to also keep in mind that the people who click your links within Ripple are very unlikely to actually buy anything from you. They are just clicking the link to get points themselves. This kind of traffic is far from targeted.

I guess there is the off chance someone will share your link socially and it will go viral for example, which could get you some sales fast.

Often with products like these, they leverage social media one way or another. I've seen products where the proof was probably legit but it was through sharing the content to 50k followers, something which most of us don't have.

How I Get Traffic?

If you are interested in getting traffic to your website, you might be interested in the strategy I use.

If you remember what I told you about organic traffic a few minutes ago my strategy is to focus on building my business on that.

You see, organic traffic is the secret to a sustainable passive income. It means leveraging the

I'm sure that if you have made some research on online marketing you understand how this works in theory.

And that's the thing, in theory getting organic traffic is really simple. Just look for some keywords, create content around them, optimize the content for search engines and people will find it.

But in reality it's a lot more complicated. A couple of questions you should be asking are:

  • How do you find keywords?
  • How do you optimize the content for search engines?
  • Isn't SEO very competitive these days?

So the process becomes a bit more complicated. You need a way to find lucrative keywords, you need to know how to optimize your content for SEO.

And yes, organic traffic is highly competitive these days. You can't just create a blog post, do on-site SEO and expect it to show up on Googles first page on a brand new site.

It's all about creating website authority and brand recognition so that Google will take you seriously. This means creating a ton of content while waiting for several months for the site to age.

This is not a get quick scheme, it requires real work. But if you put in the work consistently, you will be rewarded with organic traffic. You can then convert that traffic into sales in your preferred method. I recommend affiliate marketing for the simplicity.

If you are interested to learn how I and thousands of other people have created successful online businesses using this strategy, check out my top recommendation.

By the way, anyone selling you traffic for cheap is probably trying to make a buck from you. Traffic is expensive these days, one way or another.

I want to help you avoid all the scams out there and set you on a path that is proven to work. If you are willing to give me a chance, please join my free 7-day online marketing course below.

Enroll to the Course by inserting your email below.  The course contains no hidden fees and you can contact me any time by replying to one of my emails. 


I hope you found my Ripple review useful. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section below and I'll promise to do my best to answer them.

Ripple is yet another online marketing product that promises a lot for very little money. This is always suspicious.

It seems Ripple does include a legit way to produce some traffic for your site but I'm having a hard time believing it could produce you enough traffic to produce sustainable income.

I always recommend investing your time and money in solutions that offer long term sustainable income. Quick fixes and shortcuts are always a waste of your time and money, even if they work for a short period of time.

That's why I recommend you invest in learning how to create endless amounts of organic traffic for a website of your own.

This way you will actually own a legit business where you are in control. An authority website that gets consistent organic traffic through Google searches is a very valuable asset. It's something you should definitely strive for.

The good news is that it's totally achievable. But it takes time and effort. So get started right away and before you know it, you will have a money-producing website of your own!

Thanks for reading and remember to share in social media if you liked the content!

6 replies on “Ripple App Review – Is Ripple Software A Scam?”

Wow, I count myself lucky for coming across your post. I’ve been on the hunt for ways of earning a passive income online and probably would have given this ripple app a serious consideration if I hadn’t read your review.
Your review was quite in-depth and impartial. The fact that the ripple app promises more for little money really does raise my eyebrows.
Thanks a lot for sharing such vital info!

Glad you found it useful Daniel! There are tons of people like you that just hunt passive income online and jump from offer to offer. The reality is that there is no real passive income. You have to work for it one way or another. You can earn for a significant amount of time after you’ve put in the work but you first have to create an authority site for this to happen.

Thank you so much for this honest review. I may have actually fallen for this app but what you say makes sense. I think they get you with the $17.19 price tag. Affordable for everyone and not enough money to make a fuss about if it doesn’t work. A genius move, really.

You’re right Synthia. Over the board promises and a cheap price tag will get surprisingly many people to buy, even though those are exactly the red flags you should look out for.

This was really informative, thank you! It’s so easy to see a brand new shiny idea for getting traffic, and just see the temptation. But you’re right, there are no short cuts to putting in the ground work. I like what you said about not all traffic being created equal, I’m going to bear that in mind from now on. Im still learning on this journey, so it’s good to have those reminders to really solidify what I’m learning. Great post, I’ll definitely look out for more in the future 🙂

Glad you found it useful Natalie! I think the trick is to think of all this “make money online” stuff in real business terms. Traffic being the customer flow. Then it becomes obvious that no business would direct thousands of customers to their competitor for a small fee. Not even advertisement agencies would do it for such low prices. There is a realistic minimum cost for customer acquisition that’s depended on your business, but paid ads like Google Ads are a good way to gauge what a single visitor would cost. They show PPC prices for different keywords, so the more valuable a keyword is, the more a single click (i.e. a customer) will cost. There are legit companies that can get you paid traffic through targeted content marketing but they are really expensive. As are solo ads, where people send your ads to their email list. So anyone selling you thousands of visitors for a few dollars is probably looking to make a quick buck out of you.

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