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“I Hate Being A Doctor” – I Have A Solution For You!

Do you hate your career in the medical field? Feeling ashamed of saying aloud "I hate being a doctor"? Don't despair, I have wonderful news and opportunity for you!

First of all, in all likelihood, you wound up here because you wrote you hate being a doctor or something along those lines in the Google search bar.

The fact that I could find you this way is the key to the endless amount of opportunity that an educated person like you has in the modern world.

This post is mainly intended for medical doctors but if you wound up here because you have an academic doctoral degree in some other field, this information is something you can relate to as well.

Please don't hit that back button, give me a second to explain. There are tons of educated people like you that are just sick and tired of the rat race. The deadlines, the HR policies, the budget cuts, the customer service.

So if your career has not turned out to be what you dream of, please hear me out. You can use the vast knowledge and skills you have acquired to create much more wealth and satisfaction for yourself than a regular career can.

Why Being A Doctor Is Probably Not Satisfying You

A synthetic human staring to a screen that read "Who am I?"

I'm going on a limb here, so feel free to tell me in the comments section why YOU hate being a doctor. But my guess would be that most doctors become doctors so the can help people.

I know there are a lot of people that want to become doctors for the money. In a way, this is completely understandable, but I like to think in the perfect world all doctors are in it for the patients.

But it really doesn't matter what your motivation is, the things that make you dislike your career are likely the same.

Let me guess:

Maybe your days are packed full and you have too little time to actually go by patients' backgrounds or to even check their meds. You are essentially making hasty diagnoses based on prominent symptoms.

The days tend to be a lot longer than they are supposed to. You feel stressed constantly and might even have trouble sleeping. 

A lot of your time is spent doing mundane tasks like writing prescriptions and medical reports and battling with complicated medical systems that were supposed to make your work easier but never actually work.

If you are someone who becomes a doctor to help people, you might feel extremely frustrated and even depressed that you don't have enough time to really listen to your patients and truly help them.

You feel like a glorified pill handler. Which you in a way are. You might feel like the whole medical business is corrupt because of all the pharmaceutical companies pushing and pitching their meds.

Then again you might be in it for the money. I'm not here to judge you, but you probably don't like being a doctor for the above reasons AND for the fact that you have to handle tons of  patients and worry about misdiagnosing etc. 

You might not even like physical contact with strangers and feel uncomfrotable handling them. You might even feel uncomfortable around blood but you've learned to handle it for the money.

Maybe your reasons are something completely different. I'm not a doctor and I'm not you, I can't really know your experience. I do have friends that are doctors so I have an idea of the challenges you face in your work. 

No matter what your reasons are, it's likely that you are feeling burned out, tired, unfulfilled and disappointed. All that hard work and you don't like the end result.

The worst part is that you probably feel ashamed for having these feelings.  You know that people thing doctors have it good, the should have nothing to complain about.

But you know what? That doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is how YOU feel. Not how anybody else feels.

Your Skills Are An Asset

Look, I know there are two kinds of doctors. The ones that know they are at "top of the food chain" and the kinds that just think it's like any other job and anyone could perform.

Even if you are one of the humble ones, the fact is that the former are correct. As a medical professional you surely know how hard it is to even get into med school and then to actually graduate.

First of all you have to have a certain level of intelligence to even acquire all the knowledge and pass the years of school exams and grades to even become qualified to apply to med school.

a board that says knowledge is power

Then to get in you will have to be extremely diligent to internalize all the knowledge required to pass the exams. And the going only gets tougher once you get in.

You need to be intelligent, diligent, hard-working, confident and fearless to pass med school. Most people lack severely on at least one of those traits and can't really become a doctor.

But here's the thing. The skills that are required to become a doctor are the same skills you can use to your advantage in the online world. Your skills are an asset. So don't despair if you don't like you career, the world is full of possibilities for a person with your skillset.

In the digital world an intelligent person, such as yourself can create wealth completely on their own terms. If you are smart, can absorb knowledge and are capable of working hard consistently there is no limit to what you can do.

Remember, you are all those things by definition if you've managed to become the doctor. Even if you were the worst of your class and even if you are lazy compared to your colleagues, you are STILL way ahead of the curve.

You simply couldn't have gotten your degree if you didn't possess above-average intelligence, memory and work ethics. Everyone really can't be a doctor, no matter how hard they want it.

So let's talk about how you can put those skills into practice to create a business on your own terms.

A Business Of You

So what is this "alternate path I'm talking about? It's online business. A business that uses all your intellect, creativity, perseverance and passion to turn content into wealth.

You see, my true passion is helping people out. I've noticed in my profession that the thing that gave me the most satisfaction was succeeding in helping customers and colleagues to solve a problem.

I have a hunch that as a medical field professional, that is your passion as well.

So when I was feeling frustrated with my work, I ended up searching for alternate ways to earn a living online. You can read my full story on my about me page but here's the short version:

If found out that people are making money online by ranking content on Google and then advertising their own products, other people's products or their services.

I'm sure you have at least a vague idea this is going around as we speak. Companies target their customers etc.

But what I didn't know is that regular people, individuals without huge assets, could actually rank their content in Google, get visitors and convert those visitors into sales.

The best thing about this was that there are endless amounts of niches you could target. As a doctor, the medical field or health would be an obvious choice but you can do something completely else. You can write about your passions!

But as a doctor, you have a secret bonus. Google introduced recently a so-called "Medic update" which made ranking content that has to do with health and wellness harder for regular folks. You require credentials to get some authority.

When you consider how pretty much everyone starts their own diagnosis process these days by Googling symptoms, I think we can both agree this is a good thing.

But since you are a doctor, you could actually create a site around medical and health niches and outrank your competition. Especially if you have some doctor friends you can get on board with you from time to time.

But back to my story. I found out about this whole online business about a decade ago. I tried all sorts of scammy products to get the hang of things, I wasted a ton of time and money.

I eventually gave up on the whole thing until I stumbled upon a successful blogger that was recommending Wealthy Affiliate. I checked it out, got involved, followed their step-by-step training, put in a ton of work and low and behold: I have a couple of money producing websites that I really enjoy working on.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a make money online scam. I know you are skeptical, I was, and it's wise to be. There's so much scams out there.

They are a legit company that teach a legit way to make money online as proved by thousands of success stories (that's an affiliate link, I will earn a small commission if you decide to join. I truly believe in WA and will offer you my full mentorship if you decide to join through my link).

They simply sell the training and the tools you need to build your business, for a very reasonable price.

My recommendation to any intelligent person is to create an online business as a side hustle. It will work as your safety net that will allow a lot more leeway in your career choices.

It will allow you to change or adapt your career so that you don't have to do it for financial reasons alone. That's why I recommend you consider this opportunity from the bottom of my heart.

It has allowed thousands of people to create freedom in our lives and in their careers.

The Golden Prison

I just wanted to write this short paragraph to let you know that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. Changing your work place or profession might not be a solution for you if you still have to work in an unsuitable environment or too many hours.

Many professional feel like they are in a something I call a "golden prison". It consists of a relatively secure job, a mortgage and other loans and a career they don't really enjoy. Everything is good on paper, but they don't feel content or free.

cgi graphig of two people in a cage

Any decent person will feel too privileged to complain about their situation as many people are struggling with employment. You can also feel like your income and terms are too good to change employers.

But if you have no real passion for your work and find it stressful or unfulfilling, it can make you depressed and ashamed for being ungrateful. 

The modern working life has become a lot more hectic, fragmented and uncertain due to digitalization and other resources that are supposed to make work more efficient.

The fact is that we, humans, aren't really adapting at the same rate technology is currently progressing. The whole concept of work is being transformed at an incredible speed.

Complete professions are becoming obsolete all the time. And new ones are being created, just not at the same rate.

I don't think the medical field will see large scale automation in the near future but medical robots, med bods, etc. are definitely going to be a thing eventually.

But I'm sure there will be huge advances in medical technology during this century. I would predict that learning AI systems combined with advanced sensor technology will eventually make automated diagnosis a reality.

The regular 9 to 5 just isn't suitable for everybody, but many people are willing to suffer through it out of necessity and to increase their income.

But many people also become financially dependent on their job or career. Having a huge debt and doing 60 to 80 hour work weeks is a sure-fire way to end up hating your career. It will make you feel trapped.

That's why I think it's extremely important to diversify your income if you have the means to do so. You can continue with your career, but you need to save, invest and create assets to create wealth that gets you out of the "golden prison".

That's why I recommend you start leveraging the online world with your vast knowledge as a doctor. Create your own online business. It takes time, so don't quit your job but do it on the side so you have a redundancy plan.


I hope you found my ramblings useful. I totally understand that you can be a doctor and hate your job. And I understand it's definitely something you can't share with most people. They would think you are ungrateful and privileged.

The fact is that most people with "regular jobs" think that doctors have it all made. That their job is easy and money just pours in from the windows.

Their personal experience is so different from yours that they likely can't relate to your situation. I think most people with an academic degree can understand your situation quite well.

But you have to see the positive side! The fact you are a doctor means you have passed an incredibly tight filter. It means by definition that you are intelligent and hardworking and that you have attained a vast amount of knowledge.

You can use these traits to create a successful online business for yourself. A business that allows you to earn a passive income and to work as a creative outlet for your true passions.

So definitely consider this opportunity. Look into it, let it marinate. Bookmark my site and come back when you feel ready.

I'm not here to convince you, I just want you to know this opportunity exists.

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

4 replies on ““I Hate Being A Doctor” – I Have A Solution For You!”

Your article sure made me think about if my doctors are content and happy or not, I never thought about a doctor might not be enjoying what they do and I am sure many other people never thought of that as well so good point.

Wealthy Affiliate sure does sound like a great opportunity for anyone not content and happy with what they are doing, so this sounds to be something people can start and work to get out of the job they are doing now.


Thanks for the comment Jeff! Many people don’t realize how demanding and stressful many high paying occupations are. They just think they must have it really good and easy and complain that people in these professions are over paid. When the reality is that the occupations are so demanding that the only way to keep people in them is to compensate them well for it. That said, I know doctors have almost endless possibilities in career paths once they have graduated. You could go to research or get a residency in one of the less stressful fields and then work only part-time in the private sector with above-average wage. That said, I think most doctors would be fools for not taking advantage of the online business that WA teaches, they have so much resources to build their business on.

The dreaded rat-race. It’s something we’re all a part of, no matter what career choices we make.

Even affiliate marketing, to an extent, is something where we’re never really out of the rat-race, it’s just a different type of rat.

I do thoroughly enjoy the affiliate marketing rat-race a whole lot more than the old “go to a J.O.B” rat-race, though. It’s a way better and more fun way to earn money for living.

I prefer not having any boss to answer to, only myself. I am the only one to blame if I don’t earn enough. So here I am, an affiliate marketer, choosing what I want to work on, who I work with (if anyone) and when I work.

Strangely enough, I had to give up work due to a nasty case of sciatica. It’s the reason I found out how to make money online instead of having a regular job. So in a way, I’m glad I got sciatica, even though it was debilitating and lasted 2 and a half years. It’s just about completely healed now, touch wood I’ll never get it again.


Thanks for your insight James! You are correct, even online business is a form of a rat race. It just has a different set of rules. I think of it this way: The online world gives you the opportunity to accumulate enough wealth, assets and automated income so that you can focus on things that you love. I personally strive for freeing up time for “free thinking” i.e. accumulating knowledge and pondering the working of the universe. A regular career with personal life obligations and chores simply doesn’t allow enough of this. I also don’t want to be physically chained to a single location. I have the need to change location several times a year and online business allows me to do this. I think many intelligent people are having a hard time accepting how unfair and unethical the whole working life is, an online business gives you the opportunity to actually help people on your own terms.

Sorry to hear about your sciatica! I’ve pulled my back really bad about a decade ago on the gym, I basically lost strength in my other leg for three months until a physiotherapist cracked my lumbar spine. So I think I had a severe locked up facet joint that was compressing the sciatic nerve. I’m sure if I did go to an MRI, my back would show all sorts of disc damage but I know that (correct) exercise should always be the first line of defense and surgery only a last resort so I prefer not to know how busted my back is. That said I’m not young anymore but I can do Olympic lifts with the full range of motion and my back actually seems to improve as my mobility improves for these lifts. I glad it healed for you, I know how debilitating it can be! All the best to you.

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