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CashAdd Review: Is It Legit Or A Scam?

cashadd review is it scam or legit

Welcome to my CashAdd review! If you are wondering if CashAdd is a legit way to earn some money online or a scam, you've come to the right place!

First of all congratulations on taking a minute to research before starting to blindly clicking on ads. It would be a bummer to end up finding out you aren't going to get paid wouldn't it?

Paid to click services are many people first encounter with making money online and unfortunately, many people think they are pretty much the only way to make money online.

The truth is that PTC services are free because they pay very little and the creators of these networks rely on your clicks. They make the lions share of their money by selling advertising space.

So, in my opinion, PTC programs are rarely worth your time but the question is if CashAdd is an exception? Read on to find out.

Before we continue I want you to know that I'm not affiliated with the program in any way, I will not share my referral link in this post. I'm just offering my unbiased opinion if this is a valid way to earn meaningful income online.

CashAdd Summary

Product Name: CashAdd

Product Type:  PTC clone website

Product Price: Free


CashAdd seems to be yet another PTC site clone that has the same basic functions like Pushp Bux, Shark Clix ​​​​​​​​​and dozens of others.

Most of these systems pay the few dollars you can earn through them as they are dependent on the user base so they can get clicks for the advertisers.


I don't recommend spending your time with PTC networks, the income potential is just too low and many of these sites are very sketchy. The sites are full of typos and they don't tell who's behind the company.

I recommend you start an affiliate marketing business instead. You can check my number one recommendation for learning these skills by clicking the button below. 

What Is CashAdd

CashAdd Is a Paid To Click website service that promises to pay for actions like clicking on ads.

They claim to have instant payments, guaranteed ads daily and strong anti-cheat protection. For users, they offer up to $0.01 per click, up to 100% referral earnings and games where you can earn cash up to $100.

For advertisers prices start from $1/1000 clicks and they offer thousands of potential customers.

As of writing this CashAdd is brand new and they have just over 3000 members and just shy of $70 paid out total.

They offer payment through Payeer, Perfect Money and Bitcoin at least and hold a Comodo SSL certificate.

You can earn money by viewing ads and participating in a few different contests ClixGrid, Mediumpath, Clixwall and by participating in offers.

All and all CashAdd is extremely similar to SharkClix, PayuBux, and PushpBux. They all seem to be utilizing the same platform with the same exact pages.

The clicking advertisements option seems to be present in all as does the ClixGrid clone but the additional games seem to vary a bit.

All of them share the fact that they have a lot of typos and misspelled words and they seem to lack crucial information on their sites.

How Does CashAdd Work

CashAdd works in four simple steps:

  1. Register an account. The account is free to register. Just click the signup button. You need a valid email address as you will need to validate it.
  2. Login to your account. Once you have validated your email you can log in to your account by entering your username and password.
  3. Start earning. You can click ads, complete offers, try your luck with the games and refer others.
  4. Withdraw cash. The minimum payout is $3.

I registered into the system and created this short video of what the interface looks like:

The Creator Of Cash Add

There is no information what so ever on the CashAdd website about the creator or owner of the company/service.

While this is always suspicious it also seems to be pretty much the standard operating procedure with these PTC clone sites.

My suspicion is that either there is a single organization behind all of these extremely similar PTC sites or they are being sold as simple to set up template.

Either way it's always suspicious and if I'd use PTC sites I would choose once that are open about their ownership and have a proven track record.

Is CashAdd A Scam?

I'm not going to claim it's a scam because it seems they are paying commissions to the users currently. But there are some red flags with these clone systems.

Usually, these systems will pay you your earnings because they seem to use some form of automated script and they rely on your clicks. They would lose business if they didn't pay the users.

So they are doing what they are promising to do. Paying you for clicks. But I personally think it's a huge red flag they don't tell who's behind the company.

The website also seems to be very incomplete. The FAQ site is empty and there is information missing on their terms of service for example.

There seems to be almost an endless amount of these PTC platforms with the exact same template. The only thing that changes are the layout, brand and the referral plan.

I also think these PTC programs that pay you a few cents per click aren't really worth it. That's of course just my personal opinion.

But they are definitely not something you can build a sustainable income over. The income potential is simply too small and there aren't enough ads to click even if you did it all day every day.

Not to mention the fact that if you relied on PTC networks for your income you would probably go insane overtime clicking on ads. I know I would.

Clicking ads that you are not interested in adds no real value to you, the advertiser or the company. For some odd reason advertisers are willing to pay for these clicks and you get a share.

I prefer to use my time doing something constructive that adds value to people's lives. Like writing these reviews.

If you want to learn how to earn an actual income online I can assure you it won't happen by clicking on ads.

How About Doing Something More Productive?

I run an online business that is based around websites such as this one. My websites work for me on automation 24/7, all the work I put in just cumulates more income.

There are thousands of people just like you and me that are making income doing this stuff. Probably most website you visit leverage this business model in some way.  

This business model is built around search engine optimized content creation and affiliate marketing. In short, I create blog posts people are looking for. Just think about how you wound up here.

I present a solution to their problem and refer them to a vendor and get paid. The best thing is that this works in any niche. You can literally turn your passion into profit.

Compared to a regular brick and mortar business this business model is a no brainer:

  • No risky investments, all you need is hosting
  • No handling customer support, inventory, shipping, etc. hassle
  • Complete freedom of location, all you need is the internet
  • Passive income from work you put in months and years ago
  • Work once, get paid for years
  • Unlimited growth potential and cumulative income

The only problem with this stuff is that it takes time to get going. You are not going to get rich overnight. Not in 2020. It takes time and consistency to create success.

But it's worth it. Believe me. My mission is to help as many people to succeed with this stuff so I created a free 7 -day course that will get you started with your own online business.

You can enroll for the 7-day course by submitting your email address into the form below. I will not spam your email and you can unsubscribe anytime. 

All I ask from you is that you decide to not give up too early. Become dedicated. I will have your back if you can promise that. You can contact me anytime by replying to one of my emails. 

The course is based on the training program at Wealthy Affiliate. It's a training platform with a hosting service and a very helpful and active community of like-minded entrepreneurs that share their success.

Wealthy Affiliate is very affordable, it's by far the best deal out there for learning and running affiliate marketing business. It's so good of a deal that they offer you the tools to try it completely free on a free domain. They don't even ask your credit card.

So at least check my review and their free training and make use of the free domains they offer.


I hope you found my CashAdd review useful. If you have any questions feel free to share them in the comments section below and I'll get back to you.

CashAdd seems to be yet another PTC platform clone with no information about the creator and a website with missing information.

I don't recommend any PTC programs for my users because of the small income potential and lack of value to the marketplace.

I also think PTC platforms, money-making apps, and survey sites are potentially addictive and can make you feel like you are doing something useful with your time.

The truth is that you can rarely earn more than a dollar or two per hour with these systems. That's way below minimum wage in the whole western world.

That's why I recommend you invest your time, money and effort into something that has the potential to change your life. You don't want to keep clicking on ads for the rest of your life do you?

I think running your own affiliate marketing online business is your best bet at making life changing income. You need to work for it but this is the legit chance to create meaningful income online.

It's up to you if you want to take it. All I know I haven't regretted a day I decided to learn and apply this stuff!

Thanks for reading and please consider sharing this post if you found it useful!

Is Working A Waste Of Life? [A Way Out]

is working a waste of life. a man holding his head in front of a computer

If you are wondering if working is a waste of life I might be able to offer you some perspective and maybe even a longterm plan that helps you change your views about working.

The changes are that you aren’t very content with your career choice or current job or position if you are thinking working is a waste of life. And you are not alone like you will find out from this video by Rob Dial:

I’m not blaming you, on the contrary, I understand where you’re coming from. To be honest, I’ve wondered it myself sometimes.

But in recent years I’ve realized I’ve learned a lot during my career. I’ve grown a lot as a person because of working.

I’ve also realized what it is exactly that makes me feel like I’m wasting my time working. And I’ve found a solution I want to share with you today.

Money For Nothing?

To understand why working might not be a complete waste of your life we need to talk about why exactly we work. I’m sorry if some of this stuff is obvious to you but I’m constantly surprised how many people don’t understand why you are required or at least expected to work by others.

Well, the obvious reason to work is to get enough money to finance your life. You know, buy food, buy accommodation, pay for health care, have hobbies, feed a family etc.

But when you think about what money is it becomes a bit more abstract. You see, money itself has no value. A piece of colored paper or the bits of data that form your bank account can’t feed you or provide shelter.

To understand why we need money you need to understand the basics of our modern economic system. In very simple terms money is nothing more than a contract of trust between individuals.

Before money was invented people used to barter goods. You could barter a basket for fruit for some cloth to make clothes for example. Or some animal hides to nails or whatever you needed.

The problem with bartering was that it was very limiting. There were limits to transportation, storage, and availability of goods. As towns grew, the need for money was soon established.

Money was nothing but a trusted means of exchange. An apple farmer could for example trust that his/her apples were worth a certain amount of money that would buy a certain amount of cloth.

If there was no cloth available when needed, they could just get the money that everyone trusted would be tradable to anything you need on a later occasion.

The reason I’m telling you this is because people have forgotten what money actually symbolizes. We have become both dependent on it and consumed by it. Money symbolizes trust between individuals.

Why You Are Expected To Work

Some people have also forgotten that everything in the society costs money, i.e. the cumulated trust of the people of said society.

Modern society expects you to work and earn money so that you “earn your keep”. I.e. you need to be a productive part of society to keep the wheels turning.

Of course in the modern civilized world, we are fortunate enough that those who don’t have the physical, mental or intellectual means to do productive work are also seen as valuable individuals who have the right for a humane life.

Their livelihood is paid from the accumulated wealth of society. And this is exactly how it needs to be. After all “The greatness of a nation can be judged by how it treats its weakest member”.

In modern society the wealth of society is of course cumulated in the form of taxes. Taxes allow you to work for anyone anywhere as long as you pay a share of your income to the community you live in.

But problems arise when people that are capable of work start questioning their need to work. The trouble of work starts to seem like a bad deal if society pays for your life even if you don’t work.

The fact is that work usually isn’t comfortable, at least not all the time. That’s why it’s called work. If an individual has a choice they would usually at least skip the uncomfortable parts of their job description if not work altogether.

But if you are capable of work and choose not to participate in it, it essentially sends a signal to the society that you are not trustworthy.

And once again, I’m not blaming anyone for thinking like this, I’ve been there and there’s a good reason for it we will talk about next.

Why Working Feels Like A Waste Of Time

So why does the modern working life often feel like a waste of time? Well, there are multiple reasons but one of the main ones, in my opinion, is that work has become either very abstract or very mundane.

To make things worse, work has lost its dignity in many ways. When earlier people worked so that they had something to trade, money being just a tool for that, every occupation was respected and needed. The people were proud of their professions.

There used to be incredibly gifted blacksmiths, farmers, shoemakers, etc. that had absolutely mastered their profession. They were in demand and very proud of their professions.

But the invention of money created an unexpected event. It created economy. A system where people with accumulated money can invest that money to other peoples businesses.

While this did allow to fast track our development and allowed the development of modern societies, it also created a system where money became the end goal.

Money became a god. A religion. A goal for happiness. Somewhere along the way, we lost track that it’s just a means to establish trust within the market place and actually creating something valuable for the community to trade was the goal.

These days there are professions that are all about making money, controlling money, investing money. And the sad part is that they are much more sought after than the professions that actually produce valuable commodities for communities.

Just think about what are the most prestigious occupations today. Are they blacksmiths, shoemakers, and farmers? Or are they investment bankers, lawyers, and business sharks?

For an average worker, this creates a situation where you have to compete for the best position you could possibly perform in to get a better wage.

You compete to get as much money as possible. Many people don’t care how that money is made either. Even if it’s produced by child labor in Africa.

Working just for money doesn’t create a sense of purpose and bride. At least not for most workers these days.

On the other hand, if you are on one of the “prestigious” occupations that involve around money, you probably feel a lack of purpose as well. Like your work isn’t really creating anything useful or valuable. Anything concrete.

Since most people work for the highest bidder to earn a paycheck, the fact that you can lose your job because of a plethora of reasons including a boss that doesn’t like you and company budget cuts can really make you cynical.

And believe me, you are cynical if you think working might be a waste of time. Working should be something that makes you feel proud and like you are a part of something bigger. Many people don’t experience that these days.

And that’s what probably causes you to think working is a waste of life. Your work probably has no sense of purpose or you don’t feel like it’s valued by others.

Pros Of Working (In A Job)

But there are undeniable pros to working if you don’t like your job:

Working gives you purpose. It makes you feel like you are a part of society. If you are unemployed, you probably feel ashamed to admit it to strangers or acquaintances because you fear they might judge you. It’s better to have a bad job than to not have a job at all in these situations.

Naturally working will get you money to pay the bills. While I personally think any full-time work should be worth enough to earn enough money to feed a family, that’s unfortunately not the case in most parts of the world.

Working helps you grow as a person. Look, absolutely no-one loves getting up early in the morning to head to the workplace every single workday. But they do it anyway.

Working and holding a job for extended periods of time builds perseverance. It will teach you to endure uncomfortable physical, mental and intellectual challenges. This is the stuff that confidence is made out of.

Most workplaces allow you to create meaningful relationships with your colleagues. Nothing builds a sense of brotherhood like enduring years of arduous labor together. Be it physically or intellectually demanding.

So in short, working helps you grow a tougher skin and improve your confidence. Even though it might not feel like it at the time. That what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger the saying goes.

Cons Of Working (In A Job)

But then there are the cons. I will share the ones that are closest to myself, feel free to share yours at the comments section below.

Work takes up your time and energy. Working full-time leaves little time and energy for other endeavors like education, business, free thinking and hobbies. Especially if you have a family and a house to take care of.

Work stress can really affect your health negatively. Extended periods of work stress can cause mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and insomnia. This can over the long term leads to the deterioration of physical health as well.

You might found out your employer is working against your core values. They might not care about human rights, animal rights, workers’ rights or any rights as long as the profit margin keeps high.

While doing things you don’t like is a necessity in life, there’s a limit for everything. You should strive to do stuff you actually enjoy most of your wakeful time.

That means you either need to find a way to like your job or to find a different way of working.

My Solution

So what has been my solution to feeling like my work has a purpose?

Well, I’ve realized that I’ve learned a lot in my career.  It has made me proficient in many things I was awkward with before starting my career.

I’ve also realized people actually appreciate and value my input, both professionally and in personal life partly because they value my profession.

I’ve also realized that I’m privileged to work in a whitecollar position in a western country. My pay is enough to live a comfortable life.

I’m also fortunate that I don’t work for some huge conglomerate that pushes out plastic crap for the masses to buy.

I’ve also made great connections and friends.

But the whole of my career I’ve felt a certain lack of purpose, like my career isn’t really that meaningful even though the work I do is necessary. I feel like it’s bureaucratic and more about controlling than actually creating something valuable for the community.

That’s why I’ve started an online business on the side. This site is part of that online business. It is a creative outlet where I strive to help as many people as possible to work on their own terms.

I also have another website about strength training for seniors that gives me a real sense of purpose. If I can help even one senior avoid getting hospitalized because of a fractured hip I’m happy.

The same goes if I can help even one person to earn an income online so that they can have a brighter future.

In case you might want to follow my footsteps, this online business stuff basically involves creating a website (or several) over things that interest you.

But it’s not just creating a senseless blog. There’s a very elaborate strategy people use to turn the things they love to write about into income.

It involves looking for keywords people are looking for. Just think about how you wound up here. Perhaps you wrote is a working waste of life in Google?

Anyone can do this, but I’m not going to lie to you, it involves real work and takes time. But for myself, it has given a sense of purpose and a creative outlet.

It also allows you to achieve financial freedom in the long run if you keep at it long enough. Thousands of people have done it all around the world.

You can learn these skills in a very simple step-by-step fashion by joining my free 7-day course where I will walk you through the ropes. You can contact me anytime for help by replying to one of my emails.

The course is based on a service where I learned all these skills called Wealthy Affiliate, which is completely free to join, no credit card needed.

They are the most cost-effective place to learn these skills, believe me, I’ve done my research.

I hope this post helped you in some way to see a brighter future for your work. Remember that most work is valuable. If not in any other way it helps you to grow as a person and helps to pay the bills.

But it’s only wise to start building a better future by creating an online business of your own.

Thanks for reading and if you found this post useful, consider sharing it in social media!

“I Hate Being A Nurse” – Here’s The Solution!

i hate being a nurse. A surgeon and nurses performing an operation

If you start your workday by thinking ”I hate being a nurse” read this. The chances are you are not very happy with your situation but I have a solution for you.

It’s a miserable situation to hate your job or career. But I want you to know you are not alone in your situation.

Just check this video out by Whole Life Nurse:

It’s actually very common to not like your career. There are people in all sorts of professions that don't like their jobs.

Including the doctors you work with, lawyers, teachers, pharmacists etc. The thing is that it’s not actually the work they hate.

Many people feel like the working life has become fragmented, hectic and unpredictable. People feel drained after work days and they feel like too much of their time is spent actually doing something else than what they are trained to do.

Bureaucracy, information systems, paperwork, customer service, pointless trainings and other pseudo work eat up their time, leaving too little time to perform the actual work.

For nurses there are additional challenges that I’ll talk a bit more in a second. But I want you to know that there are possibilities you might not have considered in the modern world.

Studying for a new profession probably isn't a realistic option financially. The grass isn’t really greener on the other side either. But I've found a solution that can help you create a career on your own terms. 

But let's look at the the challenges of being a Nurse first. 

The Challenges Of Being A Nurse

Like I mentioned earlier, a lot of the frustration people are facing in many professions has to do with so called pseudo work that permeates their workplace.

I’m sure there’s a ton of paperwork and information systems you have to use daily as a nurse and probably most of them aren’t really designed to work efficiently.

But besides these pseudo work issues, there are many challenges especially people in the social and health service professions face.

The fact is that nurses are the backbone of our modern healthcare system. They keep hospitals operational, they handle the bulk of the physical work at hospitals and they work as a firewall between patients and doctors.

Nurses have to deal with all sorts of patients from all walks from life and I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of rude, aggressive and downright dangerous patient experiences.

To make things worse, nurses are paid only a fraction of what doctors are paid.

In many places nurses do a lot of the work of doctors, under supervision of course but independently. They administer drugs, set up IV’s and even perform minor surgery.

But this doesn’t change the fact that most hospitals have a very strict hierarchy and nurses are always below doctors, not seen as equals.

There is often a strict hierarchy between nurses as well. This can lead to a lot of tension between colleagues and also to more serious things like bullying.

What ever your reasons are the fact is that something is making you hate being a nurse. Be it the patients, the pseudo work, the workplace hierarchy or they pay.

You might some completely different reasons that I would love to hear about if you want to open up in the comments section below.

What ever your reasons are, you are likely feeling stressed and exhausted after work days and weeks. This is not a healthy place to be in the long term, so I want to help you to create an exit plan.

You Have Useful Skills

I want you to know you have ton of useful skills you can use to earn an income in a completely different way. You are not stuck being a nurse if you just believe in yourself and decide otherwise.

To become a nurse you have had to pass a ton tests that prove you are an intelligent, accurate, hardworking individual.

You also probably have a drive to help those in need and you are more empathetic than average. At least I hope you are.

You can use these skills to help people in another way and earn a very nice income doing it over time in a very different kind of occupation.

Wondering what it is? Well it’s becoming an online entrepreneur.

You Can Help People Online

Don’t let the word online scare you. You don’t need to be a programmer or a computer geek to do this stuff. It’s basically writing or creating videos, the technical side of things is very easy.

Before I scare you away, I want you to think just a sec. You probably know somebody who is earning income online, right? If not personally, I’m sure you can name at least a few Instagram or YouTube celebrities.

I’m not suggesting you become one of them, that takes a lot of work, luck and a certain set of skills. But there are regular people making money online everywhere in the world.

The fact is that the world is changing. There are more people online than ever before and they are using services there more than ever before.

Just think about it, how many times have you bought something online the past year? Maybe something from Amazon? Plane tickets, concert tickets?

There are people making money on these purchases all over the world.

While this might seems very far from nursing, this stuff can actually be applied to almost anything and I also don’t want you to limit your beliefs about what you can do into your current occupation and training.

As a nurse you could help out thousands of people live healthier lives, learn about self-care, help them to use health services etc.

All on automation through content creation online. I learned about this stuff at a place called Wealthy Affiliate.

I’ve been following their training seriously for a bit over a year (I wasted almost a year in the beginning) and I now have two income producing websites.

This is site is other and the aother is about strength training for seniors. I’m a huge proponent of strength training and that site is my real passion.

I created this site because I realized there are tons of people whose careers could benefit from this information. I want to help as many people as possible to work on their own terms. 

I created a free 7-day course you can join if you want to fast-track your progress and get started creating your own online business right away. It's email based so just leave your email in the form below.

You can enroll for the 7-day course by submitting your email address into the form below.


I hope this article provided you with a glimpse of hope. You can create an income on your own terms, using the knowledge you already have.

I definitely recommend you check out this option and if it’s something you get excited about and feel like you could do.

I want you to have realistic expectations about this stuff. It’s not some get-rich-quick scheme, it requires serious effort and work to create a successful online business.

But if you follow the training and put in the work consistently, success is only a matter of time.

That said, I want you to know it can take several months of daily content creation to see real results. Longer if you don’t work every day.

That’s why I recommend you treat it as a temporary transition phase. Keep your current nursing job to pay the bills.

Just the fact you have your own business growing on the side makes it a lot more bearable.

Then when your business starts to create income, you can lower your hours or quit completely.

Thanks for reading and please consider sharing in social media if you found this post useful!

If You Hate Being An Electrician, Read This!

i hate being an electrician. An electrician checking electric wiring

If you start your day by thinking "Man, I hate being an electrician..." I bet you are not very happy about your choice of profession. I have a way out for you!

First of all, I’m sorry for your situation. Hating your job is a really depressing situation, especially if it’s not just your current job but your whole profession and career.

But I want you to know you are not alone. There are thousands and thousands of people from all walks of life who don’t enjoy their professions. Just watch this video by TheCorvetteKid:

This includes many prestigious and well-paid academic professions like doctors, lawyers and dentists as well as well compensated middle-class occupations like engineers, nurses, pharmacists, teachers, and sales jobs.

Many people are not happy with their profession but the problem really isn't the choice of profession. It's the whole working life and how much time and energy it takes from you and for all the wrong reasons.

Many people find that the most draining things in their work is not the actual work, but all the stuff that goes around it.

The company policies, budget cuts, incompetent leaders, colleagues and contractors, people not getting along, etc. I bet you can name a dozen reasons that make you hate your career that doesn't actually have nothing to do with actually installing or maintaining electrical systems.

But fortunately there are a lot of options in the global world. 

But let's start by looking at what are likely some of the reasons you don't like your profession as an electrician.

Challenges Of Being An Electrician

There are many reasons why you might hate your job as everyone's story and background is different.

But there are a couple of reasons electricians can find their jobs unfulfilling, boring and even painful and unhealthy.

The first is occupational health. A lot of your time as an electrician is spent on awkward positions. On your needs, bent over, working overhead etc.

This will keep you in good physical shape when done in moderation. But 40h workweek is hardly a moderation for your body.

Your knees and lower back can get chronically inflamed from the awkward positions. But the real occupational disease with electrician has to do with the shoulders and arms. Especially if you work in construction.

The truth is that we aren’t really evolved to work extended times with our arm over our heads. The muscles of the shoulders are relatively small ones and the circulation and nerves of your arms don’t really like this position either.

This can lead to all sorts of problems like should inflammation, circulation issues, nerve pain, loss of dexterity, etc. over the course of your career.

While most decent companies these days have precautions and they probably thought you about this in school, it is very easy to get carried away when you are in a hurry and just push through the pain to get the job done.

One thing that might make you not like your job is the repetitive nature of it.

While electricians can work in a vast array of positions ranging from fixing electronics in a laboratory-like environment to installing power lines in high altitudes, many positions offer a very repetitive job description.

Finally, you might not like your financial situation. While you can become an electrician with a relatively low student fee (or for free in some countries), the pay is often not that high.

That said there are positions that pay electricians extremely well but there are usually reasons for this. The harsh environment, great heights, an element of danger or very high physical demands.

You Have Useful Skills

You might not have considered it but you have very useful skills as an electrician that you can use to create wealth on your own terms.

Working as an electrician requires you to have good logical intelligence, mathematical skills, pragmatic problem-solving skills, the ability to read plans and follow them accurately just to name a few.

Just the fact that you have become a certified electrician means you are a hard-working and intelligent person who has the capability to understand complicated concepts and apply them in practice.

It might surprise you (or not) that this something many people aren’t capable of doing.

The good news is that these skills can get you out of the career you hate. I know you might feel like you are stuck with your career.

You don’t like being an electrician, but you really don’t know what else to do. I was in a similar situation as an engineer and after a lot of research, I found a way out.

Online World To The Rescue

I know my suggestion might come as a surprise to you, but I truly wish you will hear me out because this information can change your life for the better.

The solution I recommend for you is creating your own online business. I know online business sounds very vague but it’s actually a very simple concept and business model.

The base of my online business are my websites (like this one) that get traffic through search engines, social media, and ads. Just think about how you wound up here.

I offer solutions to people’s problems from companies I’m affiliated with. The companies pay me a commission when my visitors buy something through them.

I learned these skills at a place called Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a platform for affiliate marketers that teaches you in a simple step-by-step fashion how to create income-producing websites.

The business model is based on search engine optimized content combined with affiliate marketing. It allows you to create online content that produces you income on automation for years to come.

Over time as you create more and more content, the income from all the pieces of content starts to add up. Eventually, you can earn a full-time income or more from these individual income streams.

And at that point, it’s residual, passive income. I’m sure you can see the potential here.

Currently, my most profitable site is about strength training so this is definitely not just about pitching the concept of the online business forward. I would not recommend that kind of service.

If you feel like this is something that’s hard to understand or that you don’t know enough about computers etc. don’t worry. It really isn’t that complicated.

The training at WA is easy to follow and this is a skill just like any other. You learn by doing.

You don’t need advanced computer skills like programming etc. these days as everything is done with a content management system called WordPress.

I can assure it’s much easier and simpler than understanding alternating current for example.

But here’s  the thing. This stuff absolutely works as I can personally attest, but it takes time. You will not earn a single dollar in the beginning; it takes time to build authority for your website so that all your content ranks in Google.

This takes typically months to accomplish. So you have to trust the system and be willing to work hard without instant gratification.

But if you are willing to push through this initial phase, you will own an asset that produces passive income. If you work on it enough, it can produce enough for full-time income and free up time to do whatever you want.

Here’s An Idea

I have a plan of action to propose to you. Online business is a legit business model that can change your life for the better.

But the fact is that it takes time to build your business to a level where it provides sustainable full-time income.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise if you look more into this stuff. The online world is full of scam artists that promise you fast results just to get you to buy their product.

I believe it’s in your and my best interest to have realistic expectations. I have no interest in misleading you with false promises. Your trust is my most valuable asset and I truly want to see you succeed.

Since you have to make the ends meet, I recommend you stick with your current job and treat it as a temporary solution.

Invest any free time you have to your online business and within a year you will have nice side income to fall back to.

If you can afford it, you can cut back your hours to grow your online business faster. But whatever you do, don’t quit your job straight away, this will only set up you for failure.

I think it much better to play it smart.

It’s much easier to wake up in the morning and endure another day of work when you know you have a long term plan. Then it’s only a matter of enduring your current situation until you reach your goals.

But you have to work consistently if you want to succeed with this stuff. You can’t just write a piece here and a piece there.

You need to write content several times a week. If you are not proficient in writing or think that you can’t come up with anything to write I want to reassure you that’s exactly what I thought.

The training shows you how to write, then you just do it and you get better at it. Just like any other skill.

Then there’s also the option of focusing on YouTube if you feel comfortable on video. I don’t recommend it as your main strategy but some people are naturals with it and can succeed much faster.


I’m truly sorry you hate your job, it’s a miserable situation to be in. But you are not alone, there are thousands of people just like you.

I hope I managed to open your eyes a bit on the options out there. You have skills you can use in a ton of different occupations but I truly believe you should invest in online business as soon as possible.

Regular occupations are becoming redundant constantly as technology evolves. While electricians will be needed for the foreseeable future, I’m sure there will be a huge transformation in this field as well.

I think you can’t rely on full-time employment in the future, you need to have back up plans. Investments, assets and other sources of passive income like your online business.

This is currently your best bet at achieving financial independence. There is a competition but it’s not really that tough.

You have to realize the whole world is going digital at an increasing pace, this will increase opportunities at a faster rate than the competition. Until eventually regular people can’t compete with huge organizations.

But that’s not the case yet. It’s completely possible to build an empire and earn a fortune online as an individual. The faster you get on this wagon the better.

Thanks for reading and please think about my offer!

P.s. If you do decide to buy WA through my link I will offer you my full support. You can contact me about anything anytime and I’ll do my best to help you out. I will become your personal coach.

Also, check out my 7-day course which will fast track your progress and I will share with you my tips from time to time. It’s completely free, my gift to you!

”I Hate Being A Teacher!” – It’s Your Lucky Day!

I hate being a teacher. A man with a book and a satchel

I hate being a teacher!” Not something you thought you’d tell yourself when you were graduating, huh? I have a solution you might be interested in.

I’m sorry you don’t like your career and at times even hate it. But I want you to know you are not alone. There are thousands of people in well-paid professions all over the world who hate their careers.

Doctors, dentists, engineers, lawyers, pharmacists, you name it, they hate it. There are also teachers who don't like their careers like you can see from the video by j0z3phy below:

This is very common among smart and conscientious people in demanding positions. Many people find it hard to adapt to the harsh requirements of modern-day working life.

Being a teacher is exceptionally hard because there are a lot of challenges you might face from your students, the parents and your workplace.

Being a teacher is definitely not an easy job. You have the responsibility to grow decent people out of other people's kids. And more often than not the parents are not holding their end of the bargain.

Even if you are a high school or a college teacher, you are still working with essentially kids. Even though most of your students are legally adults, most of them are still irresponsible kids.

I completely understand if you hate your career. But I have good news for you. There is a way out that doesn’t require you to go back to school or changing your profession.

But let’s talk first about the challenges of being a teacher first.

Challenges Of Being A Teacher


While your reasons for hating your career might be completely different from the reasons I’m about to show you, they will likely be at least a part of the problem.

Everyone’s story and experience are different but I personally know both elementary school students and university lecturers and these are some of the reasons I’ve heard them talk about.

Especially for elementary/grade school teachers one of the biggest reasons they don’t like their jobs is the students. They are also the reason they love their job when everything goes well.

But I’ve heard too much of teachers' time is spent trying to discipline students with attention disorders or just bad behavior.

All it takes is one challenging kid and the whole class will suffer as the focus is taken from actual teaching. From what I’ve heard, this is a growing problem.

It’s not unheard of that students are actually very rude and even violent towards teachers. I just read about an article that teachers are taking self-defense classes so they can defend themselves from aggressive students.

This is of course not the kids fault but how the classes are structured, social problems, parenting etc.

This sounds crazy but it just shows in what kind of world we live in. School shootings are a real thing and something schools have to actually plan precautions for.


To make things worse for the teachers, the parents are usually not on their side. On the contrary. When a student misbehaves and get reprimanded, parents often blame the teacher.

An angry parent pointing and yelling

This is something that’s completely unbelievable to most decent human beings but there are tons of parents that take reprimanding their children as a personal attack.

There is very little a teacher can do against a child that terrorizes the class, and whose parents allow it. If the teacher tries to control the situation, they can lose their job. It’s a crazy world and it’s no wonder many teachers are looking for a way out.

Workplace Issues

This, of course, means many teachers are frustrated, stressed and tired. This can lead to all sorts of workplace issues between colleagues.

Being a teacher is a lonely profession most of the time, you get to only see your colleagues during the coffee and lunch breaks and maybe a single meeting the whole week.

There are also a lot of temp jobs in teaching. All this can add up to workplace tensions, unhealthy competition, and even bullying.

The policies and bureaucracy involved with public schooling will eat up a ton of your actual work time. This is pretty much universal with all academic professions.


In many parts of the world, teachers are one of the worst-paid careers that require an academic degree. This is often based on the fact that teachers have shorter workdays and longer holidays because generally teachers aren’t required to be at the workplace when there are no classes.

Of course, teachers do a lot of preparation and paperwork outside the actual teaching hours but this is often not very well compensated, considering that in most parts of the world teachers have a master’s degree.

To get your degree, you’ve very likely had to take a huge student loan to pay your tuition. You probably feel like even though you hate your career, you can’t afford to quit your job.

You probably feel also so invested in teaching intellectually that you have no idea what you could do instead of teaching.

Getting another academic degree might seem impossible from income and time perspective and you really don’t want to throw away your current degree by going for something that doesn’t require qualifications.

But fortunately, you have skills you can use to create a better future for yourself, which doesn’t require you to work as a teacher.

You Have Exceptional Skills

As a teacher you have one unique skill. You know how to explain complicated concepts in an understandable manner so that literally a six-year-old can understand them.

A man teaching a child in a forest

Also, the fact that you are even qualified as a teacher means you probably have an academic master's or at least a bachelor’s degree, depending on where on the world you are located.

This means that you are actually above average intelligence and you have a vast general knowledge combined with mathematical and analytical intelligence.

Teachers also naturally need very good social skills as teaching is actually a form of social interaction. You need to have good active listening skills, empathy and the ability to gauge the knowledge level of your subject so you can adjust your teaching accordingly.

All these skills are something you can use to your advantage to create a successful business of your own that allows you to work from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

The World Is Going Digital

You see, there are thousands of regular people just like you creating their own online businesses. Don't let the word online scare you, it's technically very easy actually.

But you need to be intelligent, creative and industrious to succeed in it. Something you surely are as a teacher.

Here's the thing. Online business is something you can learn, apply and grow without getting an expensive education or taking a huge financial risk starting a "real" business.

Online business has several benefits over starting a regular brick & mortar business:

  • There is no need for risky investments
  • Anyone can learn the skills
  • You can work from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection.
  • You can create an online business using the knowledge you have
  • You can grow your business while working a full-time day job
  • The income model is cumulative. You get paid potentially for years to come on automation for every piece of content
  • You can grow an online business to a full-time income stream in a year or two, after that you can keep growing it or reduce your hours

I'm sure you are aware that the whole world is going online. We live in a digital information society. It's only wise to learn these skills as soon as possible.

Regular companies, organizations, and services have to adapt or perish in this change. The more skills and understanding you have of the online world, the better your ability to employ yourself is.

A person using a tablet computer

Many occupations are becoming obsolete due to digitalization and artificial intelligence. The world is becoming location independent.

While I hope this will not be the case with teaching, we are already going in that direction. It's completely possible that schools become digital services within our lifetimes.

A bit more far-fetched possibility is that direct neural interfaces like Neuralink combined with artificial intelligence will make education obsolete. At least for the rich. You just download the data you need.

Definitely not a world I would prefer to live in, but a very real possibility within 50 years. I'm not going to even discuss what this could mean for the privilege of free-thinking...

The current trend is that full-time employment is becoming a thing of the past. People have to create services of their occupations and earn their income from several streams and work as freelancers.

Definitely stressful, but if you get in early on, the online world offers huge opportunities. The fact is that there is almost infinite potential for earning an income online currently.

How To Create Your Own Online Business

Now if you are completely new to this whole concept, it might sound a bit too good to be true. I know I was skeptical when I first learned about it about a decade ago.

But the thing is that it's actually a completely legit business model. When I first learned about it, I listened to some online marketing "gurus" that promised riches overnight and passive income for no work.

I bet you can guess that this didn't work out. I started taking online business seriously about two years ago, or actually truly seriously a bit over a year ago.

What I mean by serious is that I started creating content every single day. I had a day off here and there but I wrote a post almost every single day.

I created a website about strength training for seniors last year.

Now it produces me income on automation every day. It's not full-time, but a very nice side income.

And I haven't worked on it for months. I know over time that the site will produce more income once I'll start working on it again.

The only reason I'm not working on it currently is because I want to help as many people as possible to start working on their own terms. The working life is transforming and you can't stay dependent on a single income.

So I want to help as many people as possible to succeed in creating their own online businesses. I think the only way to achieve this is by telling them the realities.

When you know the end goal and what it takes, you can succeed much faster. While I know it might scare some people away, I want the ones who stick around to truly succeed.

And if you follow my lead and put in the work, it's only a matter of time you will succeed.

So how do you actually learn how to create an online business of your own?

Well, my recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate, it's a community I'm a part of and that's where I learned most of my skills and I created my websites by following their training.

I'm actually an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate because I know from personal experience their program works. And you don't have to take my word for it, just check out these success stories from dozens of regular people (that's an affiliate link) 

If you do decide to join Wealthy Affiliate through my affiliate link, I will earn a small commission but it will not cost you any extra. You will also get the benefit of having my full support at WA for your online business journey.

You can also get additional tips by joining my free 7-day course. I will share with you my personal tips and you can contact me anytime by replying to one of my emails.


I'm sorry that you hate your job as a teacher but I hope this post offered you some consolation that you are not alone in your situation.

I also hope the solution I presented is something you felt excited about. I remember when I first learned about it, it was like a light bulb went on in my head!

I kind of knew that regular people were making money online but I had no idea actually how. Then I learned the basic process and tried to implement it on my own but failed.

Only once I found Wealthy Affiliate a couple of years ago things started to click and I started to see success when I stopped dabbling and started to actually work.

I've built my online business while working a full-time career so it can be done. It's not always easy, but you get more proficient in writing over time and start to enjoy it more as well.

Some people succeed in their first year, some in second and some in third. But everyone who puts the work and sticks with it will succeed eventually.

So if you want to get out of your teaching job and to live your life on your own terms, start working today!

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

“I Hate Being A Social Worker” – Here’s The Way Out!

I hate being a social worker. A woman sitting on a desk writing

If you start your day by thinking "I hate being a social worker!" and feel stuck in your life, I've got good news for you. I have a way out for you!

First of all, I want to start by telling you that I'm truly sorry for your situation. It's never a good thing when a person doesn't like or actually hates their profession.

While everyone's story and reasons are different, I want you to know you are not alone in your situation like you can see from this video by Tony Moze:

There are countless people in all sorts of professions who hate their careers. This includes people in well respected and "prestigious" occupations like doctors, dentist, lawyers and pharmacists.

The thing is, that this seems to be almost universal. Most people simply don't enjoy their jobs. And to an extent, this is fine in my opinion. Work is work after all.

But once you become unable to endure and stand your profession, this becomes a real issue. Your mental health and livelihood are at stake.

The bad news is that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. The reason you hate your career might be because of universal reasons, not everyone can adapt to the harsh requirements of modern working life. And there's nothing wrong with that.

But the silver lining is that you are a well-educated, intelligent person. You have plenty of options. I'm going to show you one you might not have considered before.

Challenges Of Being A Social Worker

As a social worker, you likely have a master’s degree in social work or at least a bachelor's degree. You probably chose the profession so you could help those less fortunate.

Many social workers have less than ideal backgrounds themselves and this is their driving motivation for helping others.

Especially people in child welfare often have chosen their profession because of their own experiences growing up. They feel like they can relate to their client's situation.

But the fact is that nothing could have probably prepared you for the things you will see as a social worker.

There are a lot of bad things and bad people in this world and unfortunately, social workers have to deal with a lot of them.

From alcohol and drug abuse, social alienation, and loneliness to family violence, child abuse and. The real-life horror stories are a part of the social workers' jobs description.

You can see and hear things at your occupation that can make your stomach twist, spend a lot of sleepless nights and even lose all hope for humanity.

To make things worse it seems to be generally accepted in the profession that you just have to have tough skin. Social workers aren't allowed to feel depressed or bad about the things they see in their job.

For more practical reasons you might hate your job is that social workers often don't really get compensated well enough considering how important and demanding their jobs are.

I'm sure you didn't become a social worker for the money, but if you are feeling exhausted after your workdays and are struggling to make the ends meet, this can really make you hate your job.

Like in many other professions, you might also feel like you don't really get to do what you are trained for. Your time is eaten up by bureaucracy, paperwork and computer systems and the actual time left for helping people is too little.

In the worst-case scenario you can't help your customer because of some legal or political obstacle, which will leave you beyond frustrated.

You Are A Helper

But here's the thing. You have a set of skills that are truly unique. To become a social worker you have had to pass a tight screening.

You have to be both analytically and emotionally intelligent to become a social worker. You need to possess integrity, organization skills, persuasion skills, social perceptiveness, active listening skills just to name a few of the skills you need every as a social worker.

You have also had to pass many levels of training from grade school to high school to university. Just the fact that you have a bachelor's or master’s degree means you are an intelligent, capable and hardworking person.

But the one trait you likely possess as a social worker above anything else is empathy. The true capability of placing yourself into other people's positions and being willing to help them, even at the expense of your own benefit.

A person holding a seniors hand

This, of course, means that you have to have very good self-awareness and the ability to set boundaries. Otherwise, you will end up burning yourself out in a heartbeat as a social worker.

This is probably one of the reasons you might hate have ended up hating becoming a social worker.

You see while empathy is the trait that actually makes you a decent human being, it's also the trait that can end up causing you extreme stress and anxiety.

Many empathetic people that work as social workers, nurses or other social care occupations can end up feeling socially drained after workdays.

Your mind might be constantly thinking about your patient's/clients' issues even after the workday is over. Even if you can shut that chatter down, you probably often feel completely exhausted after work.

But I have good news for you, the fact that you are a capable person who wants to help people out means that there are great options for you.

You Can Use These Skills To Help Many

What if I told you that you can use your ability to put yourself into other people's shoes combined with the intelligence and perseverance that you possess as demonstrated by your degree?

That you could use these skills to help find people all over the world to find solutions to their problems and at the same time create passive income for yourself?

I'm talking about leveraging the knowledge and skill you already have to create an online business. Please hear me out even if you don't feel interested. This is really useful stuff to know!

There are more people than ever using the Internet. More online searches are made than ever before. Just think about, the last time you needed to find an answer to something, what did you do?

You probably went into Google and searched for the information. Maybe it was looking for what to cook, maybe what phone to get, for restaurants, etc. you get the picture.

Now when you search something online, a page of search results turns up.

Behind every single one of those pages is a human being that has created the content. And there are over 4.5 Billion pages of information on the Internet.

OK, some of them are machine written, but most have been created by fellow humans.

There are people looking for information on subjects you could provide answers for. Your own personal expertise, be it professional or personal life, is valuable.

And don't think you don't know enough, I promise you to do. You can help other people out.

So how does this work?

Well, the business model I'm following and recommend to you is about creating useful content on your own website.

You create content people can find and you recommend products that offer a solution to their problem. You help people.

This solution can be your own service or in many cases a physical product or a digital service.

You can get income through what's called affiliate marketing if you recommend other companies' products. You essentially refer a customer and you get paid.

This all happens through a link and can be automated so that the only work you actually put in is creating the content and setting up the links.

The content you create will work for you on automation for years to come. Every time someone finds the content through search engines and clicks the affiliate link and buys something, you get income on automation.

Now if you have hundreds of pages of content and thousands of visitors every day, this can add up to a very significant income. Much more than your regular day job.

I'm sure you are seeing the potential here. You can earn income on automation after the initial setup, work from anywhere in the world and have complete freedom. Must be expensive right?

Here's the thing. Creating your own online business costs next to nothing compared to regular business. But it takes serious work, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

At the bare minimum all you need is a hosting service to run your online business. I do however recommend investing in some training.

How To Help The Whole World

If you got interested in starting your own online business, I created a free 7-day course that helps you get started.

The course is based on Wealthy Affiliate, which is a training platform that trains regular people how to turn their professional knowledge or their passions into profitable online businesses.

I've been a part of the community for a couple of years now and I have two money producing websites.

There are thousands of success stories from people who have followed the training and put in the work.

Actually everyone who has had the persistence to whit stand the initial growth phase and stuck with it has eventually succeeded.

Some people have made fortunes in a very short time. You can check some of the success stories so you don't have to take my word for it.

Wealthy Affiliate is completely free to start, they don't even ask for your credit card so definitely check them out.

They are not just a training platform but they actually have all the tools you need to run your business:

Wealthy affiliate pricing chart


I'm sorry you hate your career as a social worker but I hope this post could provide you with a glimpse of hope.

I want you to know that you are not alone in your situation, many people feel just like you.

That's why I recommend you make the decision to start working for a better tomorrow by starting an online business of your own on the side.

It is my mission to help as many people as possible to succeed in creating success on their own terms so they don't have to be stuck in a career they hate.

That's why I offer my full support if you join my free course or Wealthy Affiliate through my links.

I will personally see it through that you will have the best possible chance to succeed. You can literally contact me anytime about anything concerning your online business and I will do my best to help you out.

The only thing I ask from you is that you try to find the solution first yourself, this is because this stuff is a lot about applying yourself. You can't expect someone to hold your hand on the long run.

Follow the training at Wealthy Affiliate, apply what you learn, do it consistently and over time you will eventually succeed.

I want you to also know this takes time. You will need to be willing to create content several times per week for several months to start seeing success.

I know this sounds like much at first but it gets easier with practice like everything in life. It actually becomes a habit and soon you do it on automation.

I truly think that the benefits of having your own income-producing website or website is simply so incredible that anyone who stumbles upon this information should take advantage of it.

The sooner you start, the sooner you'll see success.

Thanks for reading and see you on the other side!

Mail To Millions Review – Is It Scam Or Legit?

mail to millions review. A world map and a computer with flying email signs

Welcome to my Mail To Millions review. If you are thinking about buying this product, I hope I can help you make the decision.

First of all, congratulations on doing research before buying as the that's the only way to avoid scams and to find the legit programs.

Email marketing is still kicking strong in 2020 so don't believe anyone who's telling you it's dead. There are almost 4 billion email users in the world right now.

Email is the most effective method for online marketing, because it allows very personalized interaction and you reach your customers directly.

This can lead to huge business opportunities as email marketing offers a superior return of interest compared to other marketing methods. Every $1 spent on email marketing returns on average $42.

So I'm sure you can understand why email marketing is an important part of you online business.

Email marketing isn't really that difficult. I don't think the tools are that expensive either. The difficult part about email marketing is getting actual subscribers to your email list.

Before we continue with the review I want to be completely honest, I haven't actually tried Mail To Millions.

I'm actually creating this post to recommend to you products I personally know to work instead. I have no interest to even try to hide this because I trust the programs I recommend so much.

There are just so many scams out there that it's almost impossible for beginners to find the legit information.

I know the programs I recommend work from personal experience and I want to help as many beginners as possible to have a fighting chance. 

So in this review you won't actually find how Mail To Millions looks like or operates but you will learn a ton about the realities of email marketing, which will help you make an educated decision if Mail To Millions is something you actually need.

I'm also in no way affiliated with Mail To Millions, so this post won't include affiliate links to their program.

What Is Mail To Millions

Mail to Millions (not an affiliate link) is a standalone, self-hosted email autoresponder software and training for email marketing.

If you are new to online marketing and email marketing, an email autoresponder is a software that allows you to send mass emails to your email list.

I'm sure you subscribe to several email lists already. Since you are looking into online marketing, I bet you have already several marketers sending you email. Some spammy, some really useful.

I'm sure that you've realized by now that the marketers aren't actually sending you the emails manually and personally.

They have an automated sequence of emails set up that are sent to their subscribers on automation.

The process is the same as with newsletters from companies or automated messages from your insurance company etc.

Now you can't just keep a saved list of email addresses and send them with your gmail or through your Outlook for example. There are technical barriers to this. Internet Service Providers and shared servers don't generally accept mass emails sent from their servers.

Then there's of course the fact that you can't just manually add and save thousands of email addresses in normal email software.

That's why you need an email autoresponder. Email autoresponders are pieces of software that allow you to set-up automated email sequences and send the message to up to millions of subscribers.

There are basically two types of autoresponders, self-hosted autoresponder or an autoresponder service like MailChimp or Aweber.

From what I can understand from the sales page Mail To Millions is a self-hosted autoresponder and a training for reaching thousands of subscribers.

The base program costs apparently only $2 for a 7-day trial. Then there are uppsells and downsells in their sales funnel. You can check the full funnel on their JV page.

Self-Hosted Autoresponder vs. Service

To be honest, I don't know how exactly Mail To Millions works because I haven't tried the service myself and it's not even out at the time of writing this.

From the sales page I gathered it's a self-hosted autoresponder software. Their key selling point seems to be that the typical service based email autoresponders like Aweber are way too expensive

When you consider that Aweber costs about $19/month or less if pay in longer subscriptions to me this seems like a funny claim.

Now I know $19 is big money in some parts of the world but here's the deal. If your online business is at the point that you should be investing in autoresponder, that small investment shouldn't be an obstacle.

I'm sorry but I have to be frank here. If you can't afford to pay $19/month I don't think you should worry about email marketing just yet.

Self-hosted autoresponders require you to get a dedicated host or a shared host provider that allows sending mass emails, which I'm not sure exists.

Setting up and configuring the server and email configurations requires some technical skills. If you aren't good with computers, you can end up wasting a ton of time.

If you are proficient with information technology and feel at home configuring servers settings, you can definitely use a self-hosted autoresponder to save a few bucks. At least on a relatively small email list.

But here's the thing. All that time you spend tinkering and setting up your autoresponder could be used to actually grow your online business.

The reality these days is that you need to focus on content creation and any time taken away from that, especially in the beginning, will only slow down your progress. You really don't have time to waste if you are serious about success.

Those few saved dollars can end up costing you more than saving if you have any technical issues or waste a ton of time setting the system up.

Then there's the fact that eventually you will run out of scalability with self-hosted autoresponders. They will work just fine if you have hundreds or thousands of subscribers.

But once you have hundreds of thousands or millions of subscribers, you want to have someone else handling the technical side. I.e. a service.

Your email list is one if not the most valuable asset of your online business. You don't want to half-ass it. The Aweber investment is ridiculously cheap.

Do You Need An Autoresponder

I want you to also consider if you are at the point that you need an email autoresponder. I personally use Aweber and at the time I got it, I thought it was very affordable.

Like I said, if $19 is too steep of an investment you might not even be at the point of needing an autoresponder. I do realize there are business models based on squeeze pages and autoresponder based sales funnels but I definitely don't recommend them to beginners.

While email marketing is an important strategy, I don't think it something you should start with. It's because I recommend you master at least one way of creating consistent organic traffic.

My number one recommendation is to create an authority website that drives organic traffic from search engines.

A successful website will be a base for your other online endeavors like having a YouTube channel, social media following and of course an email list.

You see, by far the hardest part of email marketing is getting people on your list. And not just any people, actual interested people who are willing to buy the products you recommend or sell.

This takes either a lot of time and effort or money. That's why I see no point in investing in an autoresponder if you don't already have a website that produces organic traffic. A successful YouTube channel will do as well.

You can also grow your list through paid methods but it's expensive (and potentially very lucrative). If you can't afford to pay $19/month, you won't afford to run big enough ad campaigns to grow your list fast.

How To Actually Get Subscribers To Your List

Like I said, I recommend you create an authority website as the base of your online business.

The reality is that this is still the most legit way to create long term success in 2020 no matter how people try to sell "secret sales funnel softwares" etc. supposed shortcuts.

I also recommend you create your website in some other niche than online business in the beginning.

I only felt comfortable creating this website about online business once I had created a successful website in the strength training niche.

That gave me the confidence and confirmation that this stuff works on any niche, not just making money online (MMO).

I think it's kind of ridiculous that the vast majority of the MMO niche is just about passing on information on how to make money online. Many marketers in this niche have zero experience in any other niche.

That's why I personally only recommend programs that actually allow you to earn an income online in any niche.

But back to the point. If you want to make money with email marketing, you will need a source of traffic that wants to actually join your list, listen to you and buy from you.

There's no better source than an authority website. People end up on your site looking for information. You provide useful information to them and offer them a lead magnet in exchange for their email.

This process can be completely automated as you have surely seen by leaving your email to several websites in return of some useful information.

This means that your website can over time gather you a huge list of interested customers that are interested in your advice. So not only can you make automated sales with affiliate marketing, but you can also grow your list on automation.

And like we established already, an email autoresponder will allow you to automate your email marketing campaigns. All this adds up to an extremely powerful automated system, that can produce legit passive income for years to come.

So how do you actually created a website like this?

My top recommendation for learning the necessary skills is a service called Wealthy Affiliate. You can check out my Wealthy Affiliate review for the full scoop.

In short, you need to know a lot of little details to get your content to rank on Google but in the end it all boils down to creating enough content on your website.

This means you will need to invest time and effort into your online business if you want to succeed. People who promise instant results for no effort are just looking to take your money. They are telling you what you want to hear.

I want you to actually succeed online so I'm not in the game of telling you what you want to hear but what you need to hear.

But don't be afraid of the work. This is a huge business opportunity that can and will change your life if you commit to it.


I hope this post answered some of your questions about Mail To Millions. If you have anything to ask, feel free to leave your questions in the comments section below.

Mail To Millions might be a legit self-hosted autoresponder software but I can't really tell because I haven't used it.

What I do know is that your email list is one of your most valuable assets and I don't know about you but I want to only use tools that have a well-established track record and reputation. That's why I use the industry standard Aweber.

If you can't afford to invest in services like Aweber, I honestly think you shouldn't really worry about email marketing just yet.

My recommendation is that you created a successful website that will drive traffic to your email list on automation.

When you combine your successful website with affiliate marketing, you will most definitely have enough money to invest in a autoresponder.

While you might miss a couple of subscribers by not implementing email marketing instantly, I promise you that you won't be leaving significant money on the table.

Email marketing works best when you have thousands of subscribers, a few missed ones in the beginning won't hurt your business over the long run.

It takes time and effort to create an authority website but it's your best be from succeeding in the long run in my opinion. That's why I recommend you get started today!

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Thanks for reading and see you next time!

“I Hate Being An Engineer” – Here’s A Way Out

i hate being an engineer

If you are thinking “I hate being an engineer” you might find my experiences and a suggestion for your career useful and interesting!

While I’ve written a lot about the challenges of different occupations like being a doctor, a dentist, a pharmacist, a lawyer or just being an employee none of them hit as close to home as the challenges of being an engineer.

That’s because I’ve been an engineer for almost a decade at this point, so I think I might have a pretty good grasp on the things that frustrate you about being an engineer. I’ll tell you straight away that I don’t actually hate being an engineer. Hate is a strong word.

I believe that your career has to have some meaning, you can’t work your whole life for a paycheck. Or you can, but you probably won’t feel very content. This is something you might be facing in your career.

While on a certain level I definitely understand working for a paycheck, it’s always better than being unemployed, but I truly believe you should strive for a meaningful career.

Or how do you like the idea of waking up one day, realizing that 30 years have passed in a career you don’t feel content in? Counting the days to retirement? There are no guarantees in life, it’s always a possibility you never reach your retirement age.

That’s why you need to find a way to enjoy your life to the fullest every day, if that requires an alternate career path, I recommend you take it.

As an engineer, you have a ton of skills you can use to your advantage to create success on your own terms. But did you know, that you can create a successful business without expensive re-education or risky investment? I’ll show you just how in a second.

Why I Became An Engineer

I thought that maybe sharing with you my reasons for becoming an engineer might help you to reflect on your own situation.

So why did I become an engineer? Well, it actually wasn’t a strong decision, I kind of drifted to become an engineer as I didn’t really know what I want to become as I grow up.

I don’t know about your experiences (would love to hear from them though) but I was surprised this is very common among engineers. Many engineers I know chose their careers because they didn’t have clear career paths.

But what personally got me interested in engineering is creative problem-solving. That’s what engineers essentially are, after all, problem solvers.

I know some engineers have more specific job descriptions but I’m an engineer in a field where my career options aren’t that specific.

That’s one of the reasons becoming an engineer seemed like a good option, the lack of specificity. Engineers are in all sorts of positions ranging from very exact designing of mechanical parts to leading organizations and from inspecting cars to working as government officials.

I was always interested in science and even though I wasn’t really enthusiastic about math I was always proficient in it. Science and math are naturally something you need to understand as an engineer.

What I didn’t know is that this ambiguity of the professions meant that the job descriptions are also usually really ambiguous.

I visioned a career solving problems and creating new innovations that would help save the world. I guess I was a bit idealistic and naive.

Challenges Of Being An Engineer

So let’s talk about the things that might cause you to regret becoming an engineer? Well, I’d like to start by saying that it’s likely not really the being an engineer part that you regret, it’s the way the whole working life operates these days, right?

Maybe you’ve found out that as an engineer, you are essentially a jack-of-all-trades of the workplace. You are often expected to create solutions to any problems people are facing in their work.

While this might feel flattering at times, most of the time it’s consuming. It makes you feel like you don’t have a clear job description and people sometimes expect you to do their work for them.

Let’s be honest here, most engineering jobs are pretty mundane. When you look at older engineers in your field, you rarely think that’s where you want to be in 15 to 20 years. There are exceptions of course.

Well, there is some good news, your pay has probably been decent, if not good, most of your career. Engineers generally make by with their salary. But on the other hand there isn’t much room for growth without going back to school in most positions.

You might feel like your engineer job is a dull, mundane job that no-one really is interested in. In my experience, most engineer positions are also at times hectic, stressful and fragmented.

You probably share my view that this is a very first-world problem to complain about. A nice clean job with a steady paycheck that’s big enough to support your lifestyle is all most people ask for.

So complaining about your career would make you feel like an ungrateful douche. That’s why you probably don’t complain about it publicly.

But what if there was a way to use your existing skills to carve out a completely different kind of career path. One where you call the shots.

Let’s look at the skills you automatically have as an engineer that you can use to your advantage.

Engineers Have Special Skills

As I said, engineers are natural problem solvers. I’ve found out this is actually a surprisingly rare skill.

Just think about it. When you face a problem, what most people do? They ask other people for solutions, maybe hire a professional, etc.

I don’t know about you, but when I face a problem, I research the heck out of it. I’m very proficient in looking for information independently and skimming through tons of data to form a solution to a problem.

Then I try to fix the problem myself. Only when I’m certain it’s out of my own resources, will I hire a professional to do it.

The fact that you are an engineer also means you have a better than average understanding of how the physical world works.

I’m constantly amazed at how little some people know about things like electricity, construction, chemistry, biology, physics, computers, etc.

Most people couldn’t explain to you how a Wi-Fi router works or what magic brings the electricity to their sockets. Or how the water stays out of their basements when it rains.

As an engineer, you tend to already know a ton of stuff and when you don’t know how something works, you find out.

Or at least it’s like that for me, I have to understand how stuff works. From basic biology to home electronics to quantum physics.

If I don’t know how something works, I read up on it and I’m very proficient in learning how things work on a conceptual level.

Not to toot my own horn too much, but let’s face it. You can’t be a complete moron to be an engineer. You need a certain level of intelligence to get your degree and to work as an engineer.

These days engineers also have to be proficient in not just science but in human relations as well. Most engineers are involved in customer service in one way or another and work in projects and teams.

You also need to understand a lot of legislation in most engineering positions.

These were just a few things from the top of my head. There are tons of skills most engineers need just to complete their job.

But these skills are exactly the kind of skills you need to start working for yourself on your own terms.

Learn To Work On Your Own Terms

You are probably fairly discontent with your career since you are reading this.

You might have thought about quitting your job and going back to school but that isn’t really an option financially, right?

Maybe you’ve also talked to people in different fields and I realized the grass really isn’t greener on the other side. Work is work after all.

Of course, there are people who are content with their careers, but it might seem they are few and far between and even with them it’s more about their mindset. You can’t enjoy anything unless you have the correct mindset.

While there is nothing wrong with accepting your situation and being content with what you have, I have a feeling you are looking for something more.

When I was feeling like you, almost a decade ago, I put my engineer superpowers at work and researched my options.

That’s when I found about online business. More specifically about online affiliate marketing.

It seemed like the perfect career, at least on paper:

  • Research for solutions to peoples problems
  • Work anywhere in the world with an Internet connection
  • Cumulative income model with passive income
  • Unlimited growth potential
  • Freedom to work whenever you want. No one telling you what to do.
  • No need for huge investments like regular businesses, a web hosting service, and some tools is all that’s needed.

Essentially I could work by helping people out by finding a solution to their problems. I would have complete creative freedom. I was sold on the whole concept instantly. I knew people were doing this, I just didn’t know-how.

I tried online marketing for maybe a year back in the day without any results because I didn’t know what I was doing.

I used my research skills to the best of my ability but they weren’t enough. There was simply too much information and tons of wrong information on how to create a successful online business.

A couple of years ago that changed when I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate. It was recommended for creating a successful online business by a blogger I was following.

I’ve always enjoyed writing and the most efficient way to do online affiliate marketing is by creating your own website. This is what they teach at Wealthy Affiliate.

I checked them out and realized pretty much instantly that they were doing exactly what I missed on my first try in online marketing. They were teaching in simple step-by-step fashion how to create a successful affiliate marketing website.

So I decided to join them. It took a while to get the ball rolling but  I applied what I learned and bit over a year later I had an income-producing website in the strength training niche.

After that, I decided I want to spread the word about this business opportunity to help out as many people as I can to help them start working for themselves.

I also want to help out anyone struggling to make ends meet, the unemployed or anyone really who wants to create success in their lives on their own terms.

I think there’s no point in working your whole life just for a paycheck. Your career has to offer some fulfillment. It needs to make you feel like you are creating something and leaving a positive impression on the world.

I wanted you to know about this opportunity because it’s been a real lifesaver for me. It has transformed my complete outlook on my future. It has offered the creative outlet my dayjob doesn’t offer and a nice side income.

Online affiliate marketing is definitely not a short time thing. It takes quite a bit of work in the form of creating content to actually start seeing success.

That’s why I recommend you start working on your business along your actual career. That way you can pay the bills while you keep scaling your business.


If you wound up here because you hate being an engineer, I’m sorry you feel that way. If you want to share your thoughts or experiences I would love to hear from you in the comments section below!

My main goal for this post is to give you hope. As an engineer, you have a ton of useful skills and you are smart, you can use that to your advantage. There’s no need to despair!

I definitely think creating your own online business is a good option for most engineers. It allows you to use your creative problems solving skills, something that most engineers enjoy a lot. You also get to help people out by looking for solutions to their problems.

While most engineers aren’t afraid of the technical side of online business, i.e. setting up your website, ads, links and all that, some might feel like they are not good enough to become webmasters without an official education.

All I can say is that don’t worry about that stuff. It’s super simple these days. I knew nothing about modern online technology but Worpdress is super easy to use, you don’t need any programming skills, not even HTML or CSS to create a website.

If you are an IT Engineer, great, you can use that to your advantage to do some advanced stuff most marketers can only dream about. But I want you to know that this stuff is pretty simple for most engineers to understand.

Finally, I want to tell you that this online business thing absolutely works. But you need to treat it like a business. You need to invest time and effort into it.

But if you can do that consistently, it’s only a matter of time when you succeed. That’s why I recommend you start right away and aim to work on your business every single day. The faster you start, the faster you will reach your goal.

If you found this post useful, consider sharing it in social media.

Thanks for reading!

If You Are Thinking “I Hate Being A Pharmacist!” Read This!

I Hate Being A Pharmacist. An antique pharmacy store.

If you start your workday by thinking "I hate being a pharmacist!" the changes are you aren't very content with your job. I might have a solution for you!

First of all, I'm sorry you feel that way about your profession. But I want you to know it's completely normal to feel this way.

Just check out this video by Kevin Yee if you don't believe me:

The truth is that there are tons of professionals in well-paid positions that feel just like you do.

But when you've invested years of time and tons of money to get an education, it's hard to even think about changing professions.

To make things worse, the grass isn't really greener on the other side. The fact is that not all people can adapt to the requirements of the modern-day working life.

I don't know about you, but I would prefer to actually enjoy what I do for a living. Fortunately there are plenty of options in the modern world.

If you don't like your career, the grass unfortunately isn't always greener on the other side.

While a dream job might solve your other problems, you will still be dependent on that income.

In today's world it's wise to diversify your income sources as much as possible. So that you have the choice of turning down jobs you don't like. 

If you for example feel that working 40+ hours per week for someone else on their terms is not a sustainable solution, the business model I will show you can offer a real solution. 

I'll show you exactly how in a minute but let's talk a bit more why you probably don't like your pharmacist career.

The Challenges Of Pharmacy

You probably got into pharmacy due to three reasons. Feel free to correct me in the comments section below if I'm wrong.

  1. You were interested in the medical field
  2. You wanted to help people
  3. The pay seemed good

Many people who decide to become pharmacists are interested in the medical field but don't for one reason or another want to become doctors.

Maybe the more stable office hours, clean desk work and relatively good pay are what got you hooked.

Whatever your motivations for becoming a pharmacist were, the reality has probably turned out to be something very different.

Instead of having a lot of time to review prescriptions and take enough time to help your customers out, you might feel like a glorified drug pusher that has to serve customers at a ridiculous pace. There is no time to thoroughly review prescriptions and you just have to trust that everything goes well and the doctor hasn't made any errors.

Things, like going over prescriptions with patients and talking to doctors to optimize patient care, are likely non-existent in your work. And if you do get a hold of a doctor, they might not listen to you and respect your opinion.

The office hours might not be that good either, especially if you are retail pharmacy as pharmacies are often open till late at night and in the weekends.

Your job is also likely a lot more stressful than you thought. You have to worry about filling the prescriptions correctly, about fake prescriptions and all the hassle of customer service.

Finally, you probably have significant debt from your tuition, you can't afford to quit your job. You feel stuck.

But you have skills that can get you out of that hole!

Your Skills Are Rare!

You might not realize it or you might take it as a granted, but the fact you've managed to become a pharmacist means that you are an intelligent and capable person.

As a pharmacist, you need to have a good memory, science and math skills, social skills, accuracy, integrity, communication skills, management skills, ability to organize and manage your work independently among many others.

That fact is that not just anyone can become a pharmacist, you need a base level of intelligence and the aforementioned traits to even pass the training.

The good news is that because of these skills, the world is your oyster! You have a ton of options. The world is a playground for intelligent people like you!

I know it might not feel like it, but that's because you are letting learned behaviors to limit your imagination.

I'm going to present to you an option that a person with your ability can use to create success in their life on their own terms.

Online Business To The Rescue!

I'm talking about becoming an entrepreneur in the online world. Now I know you might be suspicious or think that's something you couldn't possibly do because you know nothing about computers or programming for example.

But please hear me out, I promise you will find this information useful even if you don't find it a good match for yourself. This knowledge helps you understand how the online world operates.

You see, there are tons of regular people just like you and me that are earning full-time income and more through content they create online.

There are several ways to produce content and there are several ways to monetize that content. I'm sure you've heard that YouTube and Instagram stars make big money with their content. As do successful bloggers.

While you probably newer have considered those as a career option (I sure didn't), you can actually leverage the online world to create a successful business about anything you feel passionate about.

There is a way that requires next to no technical skills or understanding about programming for example.

It also doesn't require you to be a camera-friendly fitness star or a comedian either, you can, in fact, do it anonymously.

It involves creating content on a website you own, with search engine optimized posts.

So it's essentially like blogging, but you don't just write about whatever comes to your mind. You need a niche that your site is built upon because Google loves relevancy.

You then need to research carefully so that the topics you write about are built around phrases people are looking for, preferably ones with low competition.

This might seem complicated at first but it's really an easy creative process you get the hang of through practice, like with everything else.

Just think about how you wound up here. My passion is to help out people struggling with their careers. I want to help people find alternate options. I want them to succeed on their own terms.

So I knew there are Pharmacists who hate their careers, I looked it up. My niche is everything work and online business-related. I created this post around what you likely write in Google when you are frustrated.

So how I monetize this post? Well, I'm going to show you the place I learned these skills a couple of years ago. I'm an affiliate of them, so if you decide to join through my link, I will earn a small commission with no additional cost to you.

The place is called Wealthy Affiliate. It's a platform that includes step-by-step training and all the tools you need to create a thriving business.

While I'm an affiliate of theirs, I truly think it's the perfect solution to your situation. I've used their service extensively and know from personal experience it 100% works if you follow the training and put in the work.

I also know the system works on any niche because I actually initially created a site about strength training for seniors following their training. I monetize that site mainly through Amazon products.

There are tons of success stories that prove you can use this system to create an income-producing website in any niche.

I'm so impressed with the service that I decided I want to spread the word about this opportunity to people in similar situations I was in.

So please rest assured this is not about promoting their product forward and getting news people into the system. There are unethical companies that do exactly that. They are often pyramid schemes or so-called "High Ticket Programs".

Wealthy Affiliate is nothing like that, you'll find they are a very honest and straight forward company if you do a bit of digging around.

They just offer you the opportunity and tools to create your own business for an affordable price.

How To Succeed With Online Business

I learned about this business model several years ago but I actually never succeeded it with until I followed the training at WA.

The fact is that the overall process is very simple but there are a ton of little details you need to know. The technical side is very easy but you still need to know a ton of "tricks" to succeed.

That's why it's very important to have someone to guide you. This is where WA steps in, it will help you learn and work efficiently while growing your business.

I want you to know that if you join through my link you will also have my full support. You can contact me anytime through at WA and I will promise to do my best to help you out.

If you want further support, I recommend you join my free 7-day online marketing course. It will fast-track your progress at WA and I will share with you my personal tips.

You will also gain my additional support because you can contact me by replying to any of my emails.

Your business essentially consists of your website or websites. They are your base of operations.

If you follow the training, you will get the technical things right. This gives you the opportunity to succeed but it's not enough to actually create a successful money-producing website.

The real key to success is creating enough content. It's the thing that will create authority for your site and rank it on Google.

I want you to know this so that you have realistic expectations and so that you don't waste your time and energy on things that don't matter as much.

My other site didn't receive any traffic after 30 posts. After 50 posts it was getting consistent traffic but little sales. At the 100 posts mark it was producing a consistent income. Nothing huge but a nice extra where to grow from.

And it has continued to produce that income for the past 5 months even though I haven't touched it. I've been working on this site.

So to truly succeed with your online business, you should aim to write at least 100 targeted blog posts before expecting any kind of meaningful income.

I've seen the number 400 posts thrown around as the magical number for making a full-time income. I know that sounds like a huge number but it can actually be done in a year if you write every day.

Most people can't achieve that, I know I haven't, but I'm not in a hurry. If I don't hit 400 this year, I'll hit it the next. My site will grow regardless.

But I want you to know what you are getting into. A proficient writer can write a single post in about 2 hours. I usually take about 3 to 4 hours and I have a goal to write every day even if I don't manage to publish it.

So there you have it, I've given you all the information you need to create an online business of your own. Are you going to keep hating your career or are you going to invest in your future?


Like I said in the beginning, I'm sorry you hate your job as a Pharmacist but I want you to know this is very common. There are endless amounts of employees in well-paid positions like doctors, dentists, lawyers, sales jobs, etc. that hate their careers.

The fact is that many think they can't afford to quit their jobs and never even try to find a way out. Unfortunately, this will kill your spirits over time and can lead to depression and anxiety or even burnout.

I don't want you to end up like this. That's why I hope this post created some hope in your heart.

I remember when I found out about this stuff for the first time, I felt a great sense of hope and excitement. I realized I have the opportunity and it's just up to me to take it.

It took me several years and finding the right training at WA was the turning point. I eventually accepted I needed to actually apply what I've learned.

I wrote a ton of content and things just clicked. I'm not doing this full-time but I have a very nice side income and I know that replicating my previous actions I can grow it.

This is something I want you to realize. This is a huge profit opportunity, not some scam that promises instant success. But it requires serious effort on your part.

But if you work on it every day, you will eventually succeed in creating a full-time income of it.

Thanks for reading and remember to share in social media if you liked the information!

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“I Hate Sales Jobs!” – Here’s A Plan Out!

i hate my sales job. a man offering a handshake

If you are thinking “I Hate Sales Jobs”, I’ve got good news for you, you have options! Read on for a plan to get out of sales.

First of all, I want to tell you that it’completely normal to hate your job. Thousands of people in all sorts of professions sleep-walk through life hating their job.

Check out this video by Grant Cardone for some reasons why people hate sales jobs:

I don’t want you to be one of those people! I’ve been where you are now. I didn’t like my career and I felt there was no way out.

Changing positions really wasn’t an option because I know the grass isn’t greener on the other side. I had a similar experience on another employer and pretty much everyone I knew hated some part of their job.

And not just people in sales positions. People in well-paid professions like doctors, dentists, engineers etc.

That’s why I needed to find another way. I did and today I want to share that way with you.

But let’s start by talking about why you actually might hate your job and why it’s normal, even likely to feel so.

BTW, I love hearing from my readers, so feel free to share your experiences and thoughts in the comments section below this post.

Why You Probably Hate Your Sales Job

Many people who are in sales got there by an accident. Sales is a so-called “universal” job that doesn’t necessarily require an education, or you can at least do it with different backgrounds.

Sales is more about personal qualities than education. In short, you can learn how to sell, but if you don’t have the necessary personality traits, you will likely hate it. This will lead to less sales and of course less job satisfaction.

The fact that you don’t need education is, of course, a great thing for natural sellers. Sales jobs offer great income and to natural sellers they offer great career potential with next to no education requirements.

But if you are not a natural seller, the story is a bit different. You will probably hate trying to convince people to buy .

A good salesperson is usually outgoing, extroverted, tough-skinned and isn’t afraid of rejection. Determination and confidence are very useful traits when you are in sales.

If you are on the other hand introverted, shy or exceptionally kind and empathetic, you might find the whole selling process hard or even repulsing. You might feel like you are invading people’s personal space and manipulating or leading them on.

Also, if you have values that go against consumerism etc. selling physical stuff can be so against your values that you simply can’t enjoy it. And you shouldn’t.

But if you are something in between, you can still hate your sales job for several reasons.

One of the biggest in my experience is that people just don’t value salespeople who are doing customer service.

I haven’t seen clients act so rude in any other profession towards employees than in sales and customer service.

People tend to pour their own personal issues on sales employees. They complain, make you jump through hoops and expect you to keep a smile on through it all or otherwise they will complain to your supervisor.

I honestly can’t understand what kind of mental issues you have to attack employees who have nothing to do with your problems, but I see this all the time. I bet you do too.

The other thing most people in sales, that aren’t exceptionally good at it, hate is the financial insecurity. The base salary is usually pretty low and you rely on sales commissions or bonuses.

If you are not getting any sales, for any reason, be it your own skills or seasonal variance, etc. you might find it very stressful to make the ends meet.

Finally, the same things that make sales a good occupation for natural sellers are the reason why it is a very unstable career. When times are tough, bad and average sales personnel will likely be let go.

Companies only want to invest in good sellers and they are willing to pay them a lot because they produce a profit to the company.

But if you are barely making any sales, the company isn’t probably going to see you as much of an asset.

Unlike in many occupations where trained professionals are hard to find, average salespeople are very easy to find. There’s just too much meat for the grinder so the only way you are going to keep your job secure in sales is by actually being good at it,

But I have good news for you. You have skills you can use to your advantage to carve an alternate path that can offer financial freedom.

You Have Useful Skills

Look, since you are in sales and don’t really like it, I take it that you have kind of drifted through life without really knowing what you want to do for a living.

That’s exactly what I did. I did manage to get an education as an engineer, but it was just something I felt I could kinda do. Nothing I was really passionate about.

There are tons of people like you and me. But I found a way out of my career I really don’t enjoy, and I’m here to tell you that you can follow my path.

You have a ton of skills you can use to create a business of your own, with minimal financial risk. I’ll talk more about the business model in a second.

The fact that you have a sales job already tells me that you have all the skills you need to create a successful business of your own.

Even if you aren’t a great seller, that’s likely because of your personality traits. The business I’m about to show you, allows you to use your skills without directly communicating with people face to face.

Since you are in a sale position, you have gathered a ton of useful knowledge you can use to your advantage.

Even if you are not good at it, you will have learned a lot more about the selling process than most people in other occupations.

You have probably it’s all about listening to your customers’ problems, creating trust and find the best solution to their problem.

It’s not about trying to pressure people into buying or conning them to buy on false pretenses.

You understand the selling process, which is a huge asset. You have also probably had to write a lot of emails, contracts and documents.

This is something that will come in handy as well.

How Take Advantage Of Those Skills

So how do you take advantage of those skills to get out of your sales job? Through online business.

You see, thousands of people are earning an income online through websites that are created over topics they feel passionate about.

I learned about the potential of making money online a few years ago. I wasted a ton of time trying it on my own.

Then a couple of years ago I found Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a platform that teaches you how to create an income-producing website in almost any niche by creating search engine optimized content.

I followed their training last year to create a website about strength training for seniors. By the end of the year, it was producing consistent income.

The best part is that the work I put in earlier last year is still producing results on income. I haven’t focused on that site for over three months but the monthly income just keeps rising. It’s working for me on automation. I only stopped working on it because I want to improve this site as well.

I bet you can understand what kind of asset this kind of income-producing website is. Once it’s set up, it produces income for years to come, like real estate rental.

You can check the Wealthy Affiliate review for the full scoop but in short, the system works like this:

  1. You create a website in a niche you like writing about
  2. You do keyword research about topics people are searching for
  3. You create content around those keywords
  4. People find that content through Google
  5. You offer a solution to their problem
  6. You include affiliate links or ads within your content
  7. When people click those links or ads, you earn a commission

This can be repeated over and over again. A single post or a page rarely produces significant income, but if you have tens or hundreds of them, you can earn a full-time income or more.

You see, the income model is cumulative. At first, you don’t earn anything because new sites won’t really rank on Google.

Over time more and more of your content starts to rank on Google. You start to get sales. Soon the income will grow exponentially.

But I’m not going to lie to you, it takes some serious effort to get there. Depending on your niche and keyword research you need to create at least 50 to up to several hundred blog posts.

But it’s possible to do this if you really want it. You need to think of it as working for a better future.

Here’s A Plan For You

I decided to make you a short plan you could follow if you want to get out of the sales job you hate.

As I said, this takes time, it’s not a quick fix. But the sooner you start working on it, the faster you will see results.

The more time you can invest in the business, the faster you will see results as well.

Also remembers that the income model is cumulative, you won’t earn any income in the beginning so you have to pay the bills through other means.

That’s why I donät recommend you quit your job. Or if you must, get another one that allows you to work on your own business.

Here’s my suggestion for a plan:

  1. Keep your job, or find another job that pays the bills but doesn’t take up all your time
  2. Join Wealthy Affiliate
  3. Join my free 7-day course to fast-track your progress
  4. Follow the training at WA. Aim to accomplish a lesson every day.
  5. Once you have finished the training, the work only begins. Aim to write a blog post every single day.
  6. Within months, you will have an income-producing website
  7. Depending on your niche, work ethics and even luck, it can take anywhere from six months to over a year to earn full-time income.
  8. Once you can afford it, quit your job. Start working on your online business full time.
  9. Either sit back and enjoy the passive income or keep growing the business indefinitely.

That’s pretty much all there is to it. The training is proven to work. Everyone who follows the training and creates at least 100 blog posts have achieved profit. Some earn thousands per month at that point.

It’s my mission to help you succeed, so if you do decide to join Wealthy Affiliate through my affiliate link, I will earn a small commission (no extra cost to you) but you will get something much more valuable.

You will get my full support. I will personally offer you my help any time you feel stuck. All I expect from you is that you put in the work and don’t make up excuses. Deal?


I’m sorry you hate your sales job but I want you to know it’s completely normal and that there are options out there. If you have any questions or even if you want to share why you hate your job, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

My aim for this post was for you to get excited, to realize there are more options than you might have realized in the world.

I hope I managed to shine some hope on you and I really hope you will consider the opportunity I shared with you.

The reality is that you can learn the skills for free, but you will waste tons of time and effort if you don’t have a step-by-step process to follow. I know I did.

WA is proven to work but it takes time and effort. I’m sure you can handle it but I don’t recommend quitting your job until you are earning enough through your business to pay the bills.

I recommend this opportunity to everyone really because the working life is changing rapidly. Whole occupations are vanishing due to automation and digitalization. The economy is changing.

You can’t simply rely on employment alone. A smart people will build assets that will allow them to choose when and where to work.

That’s why I seriously recommend you consider this opportunity or find some other way to produce passive income. I haven’t found one that doesn’t require significant capital to invest like real estate, stocks etc.

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Thanks for reading and see you next time!