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”I Hate Being A Teacher!” – It’s Your Lucky Day!

I hate being a teacher!” Not something you thought you’d tell yourself when you were graduating, huh? I have a solution you might be interested in.

I’m sorry you don’t like your career and at times even hate it. But I want you to know you are not alone. There are thousands of people in well-paid professions all over the world who hate their careers.

Doctors, dentists, engineers, lawyers, pharmacists, you name it, they hate it. There are also teachers who don't like their careers like you can see from the video by j0z3phy below:

This is very common among smart and conscientious people in demanding positions. Many people find it hard to adapt to the harsh requirements of modern-day working life.

Being a teacher is exceptionally hard because there are a lot of challenges you might face from your students, the parents and your workplace.

Being a teacher is definitely not an easy job. You have the responsibility to grow decent people out of other people's kids. And more often than not the parents are not holding their end of the bargain.

Even if you are a high school or a college teacher, you are still working with essentially kids. Even though most of your students are legally adults, most of them are still irresponsible kids.

I completely understand if you hate your career. But I have good news for you. There is a way out that doesn’t require you to go back to school or changing your profession.

But let’s talk first about the challenges of being a teacher first.

Challenges Of Being A Teacher


While your reasons for hating your career might be completely different from the reasons I’m about to show you, they will likely be at least a part of the problem.

Everyone’s story and experience are different but I personally know both elementary school students and university lecturers and these are some of the reasons I’ve heard them talk about.

Especially for elementary/grade school teachers one of the biggest reasons they don’t like their jobs is the students. They are also the reason they love their job when everything goes well.

But I’ve heard too much of teachers' time is spent trying to discipline students with attention disorders or just bad behavior.

All it takes is one challenging kid and the whole class will suffer as the focus is taken from actual teaching. From what I’ve heard, this is a growing problem.

It’s not unheard of that students are actually very rude and even violent towards teachers. I just read about an article that teachers are taking self-defense classes so they can defend themselves from aggressive students.

This is of course not the kids fault but how the classes are structured, social problems, parenting etc.

This sounds crazy but it just shows in what kind of world we live in. School shootings are a real thing and something schools have to actually plan precautions for.


To make things worse for the teachers, the parents are usually not on their side. On the contrary. When a student misbehaves and get reprimanded, parents often blame the teacher.

An angry parent pointing and yelling

This is something that’s completely unbelievable to most decent human beings but there are tons of parents that take reprimanding their children as a personal attack.

There is very little a teacher can do against a child that terrorizes the class, and whose parents allow it. If the teacher tries to control the situation, they can lose their job. It’s a crazy world and it’s no wonder many teachers are looking for a way out.

Workplace Issues

This, of course, means many teachers are frustrated, stressed and tired. This can lead to all sorts of workplace issues between colleagues.

Being a teacher is a lonely profession most of the time, you get to only see your colleagues during the coffee and lunch breaks and maybe a single meeting the whole week.

There are also a lot of temp jobs in teaching. All this can add up to workplace tensions, unhealthy competition, and even bullying.

The policies and bureaucracy involved with public schooling will eat up a ton of your actual work time. This is pretty much universal with all academic professions.


In many parts of the world, teachers are one of the worst-paid careers that require an academic degree. This is often based on the fact that teachers have shorter workdays and longer holidays because generally teachers aren’t required to be at the workplace when there are no classes.

Of course, teachers do a lot of preparation and paperwork outside the actual teaching hours but this is often not very well compensated, considering that in most parts of the world teachers have a master’s degree.

To get your degree, you’ve very likely had to take a huge student loan to pay your tuition. You probably feel like even though you hate your career, you can’t afford to quit your job.

You probably feel also so invested in teaching intellectually that you have no idea what you could do instead of teaching.

Getting another academic degree might seem impossible from income and time perspective and you really don’t want to throw away your current degree by going for something that doesn’t require qualifications.

But fortunately, you have skills you can use to create a better future for yourself, which doesn’t require you to work as a teacher.

You Have Exceptional Skills

As a teacher you have one unique skill. You know how to explain complicated concepts in an understandable manner so that literally a six-year-old can understand them.

A man teaching a child in a forest

Also, the fact that you are even qualified as a teacher means you probably have an academic master's or at least a bachelor’s degree, depending on where on the world you are located.

This means that you are actually above average intelligence and you have a vast general knowledge combined with mathematical and analytical intelligence.

Teachers also naturally need very good social skills as teaching is actually a form of social interaction. You need to have good active listening skills, empathy and the ability to gauge the knowledge level of your subject so you can adjust your teaching accordingly.

All these skills are something you can use to your advantage to create a successful business of your own that allows you to work from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

The World Is Going Digital

You see, there are thousands of regular people just like you creating their own online businesses. Don't let the word online scare you, it's technically very easy actually.

But you need to be intelligent, creative and industrious to succeed in it. Something you surely are as a teacher.

Here's the thing. Online business is something you can learn, apply and grow without getting an expensive education or taking a huge financial risk starting a "real" business.

Online business has several benefits over starting a regular brick & mortar business:

  • There is no need for risky investments
  • Anyone can learn the skills
  • You can work from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection.
  • You can create an online business using the knowledge you have
  • You can grow your business while working a full-time day job
  • The income model is cumulative. You get paid potentially for years to come on automation for every piece of content
  • You can grow an online business to a full-time income stream in a year or two, after that you can keep growing it or reduce your hours

I'm sure you are aware that the whole world is going online. We live in a digital information society. It's only wise to learn these skills as soon as possible.

Regular companies, organizations, and services have to adapt or perish in this change. The more skills and understanding you have of the online world, the better your ability to employ yourself is.

A person using a tablet computer

Many occupations are becoming obsolete due to digitalization and artificial intelligence. The world is becoming location independent.

While I hope this will not be the case with teaching, we are already going in that direction. It's completely possible that schools become digital services within our lifetimes.

A bit more far-fetched possibility is that direct neural interfaces like Neuralink combined with artificial intelligence will make education obsolete. At least for the rich. You just download the data you need.

Definitely not a world I would prefer to live in, but a very real possibility within 50 years. I'm not going to even discuss what this could mean for the privilege of free-thinking...

The current trend is that full-time employment is becoming a thing of the past. People have to create services of their occupations and earn their income from several streams and work as freelancers.

Definitely stressful, but if you get in early on, the online world offers huge opportunities. The fact is that there is almost infinite potential for earning an income online currently.

How To Create Your Own Online Business

Now if you are completely new to this whole concept, it might sound a bit too good to be true. I know I was skeptical when I first learned about it about a decade ago.

But the thing is that it's actually a completely legit business model. When I first learned about it, I listened to some online marketing "gurus" that promised riches overnight and passive income for no work.

I bet you can guess that this didn't work out. I started taking online business seriously about two years ago, or actually truly seriously a bit over a year ago.

What I mean by serious is that I started creating content every single day. I had a day off here and there but I wrote a post almost every single day.

I created a website about strength training for seniors last year.

Now it produces me income on automation every day. It's not full-time, but a very nice side income.

And I haven't worked on it for months. I know over time that the site will produce more income once I'll start working on it again.

The only reason I'm not working on it currently is because I want to help as many people as possible to start working on their own terms. The working life is transforming and you can't stay dependent on a single income.

So I want to help as many people as possible to succeed in creating their own online businesses. I think the only way to achieve this is by telling them the realities.

When you know the end goal and what it takes, you can succeed much faster. While I know it might scare some people away, I want the ones who stick around to truly succeed.

And if you follow my lead and put in the work, it's only a matter of time you will succeed.

So how do you actually learn how to create an online business of your own?

Well, my recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate, it's a community I'm a part of and that's where I learned most of my skills and I created my websites by following their training.

I'm actually an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate because I know from personal experience their program works. And you don't have to take my word for it, just check out these success stories from dozens of regular people (that's an affiliate link) 

If you do decide to join Wealthy Affiliate through my affiliate link, I will earn a small commission but it will not cost you any extra. You will also get the benefit of having my full support at WA for your online business journey.

You can also get additional tips by joining my free 7-day course. I will share with you my personal tips and you can contact me anytime by replying to one of my emails.


I'm sorry that you hate your job as a teacher but I hope this post offered you some consolation that you are not alone in your situation.

I also hope the solution I presented is something you felt excited about. I remember when I first learned about it, it was like a light bulb went on in my head!

I kind of knew that regular people were making money online but I had no idea actually how. Then I learned the basic process and tried to implement it on my own but failed.

Only once I found Wealthy Affiliate a couple of years ago things started to click and I started to see success when I stopped dabbling and started to actually work.

I've built my online business while working a full-time career so it can be done. It's not always easy, but you get more proficient in writing over time and start to enjoy it more as well.

Some people succeed in their first year, some in second and some in third. But everyone who puts the work and sticks with it will succeed eventually.

So if you want to get out of your teaching job and to live your life on your own terms, start working today!

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

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