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“I Hate Being A Dentist” – You know, there are options?

If you are a dentist you probably had great hopes for your career. You didn’t think you would one day say “I hate being a dentist!” to the mirror. Maybe even to your loved ones.

The thing is, many people in well paid, high education professions actually don’t find their careers fulfilling.

What’s even worse is that you probably feel ashamed for not liking your profession, when you seemingly have it so much better than most.

After all dentists, just like doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. have relatively good wages and options when it comes to careers.

But the issues aren’t actually likely in your profession. It’s in the way the working life operates these days. Many capable people hate being an employee.

Most professionals constantly feel they can’t actually do the work they are supposed to as all time is hogged up by distractions like endless emails, HR policies, quirky software that are supposed to make your job easier, etc.

It’s also completely possible that you wound up as a dentist because of a fantasy of money, prestige and an “honorable” profession. Maybe you even got pressured by your parents, only you can tell.

Whatever the reason is why you hate being a dentist, I’m here to tell you it’s completely normal to feel this way and that there are ways out. I’m going to show you one option many professionals like you around the world are using to carve an alternate career path.

The fact is that since you’ve managed to get a degree in dentistry, you have a ton of skills the vast majority of people lack. You have to be intelligent and hardworking to get to your position.

You can use these skills to create wealth on your own terms. And you don’t have to forget dentistry, you can actually use all the knowledge of it to help people out.

The Challenges Of Dentistry

There are probably tons of reasons you are sick of being a dentist. I’m not a dentist myself, so I can’t imagine your whole situation.

But I do have someone close who is in the field and I have heard and seen the problems that plague the field.

First of all, I understand the cost of becoming a dentist is huge. In most parts of the world, it costs you a fortune in tuition fees.

You see, even if it didn’t cost anything, it takes on average 8 years of studying after high-school to get your masters degree in dentistry.

That’s a high price to pay if you end up realizing you hate the career. That said, most kids don’t know a thing about what they want from life after high-school. I know I didn’t.

Many end up listening to their parents or just picking the most demanding degree program their grades allow them to get in. Others just pick something they think would be easy.

If we put money aside, I think we can agree that people in the medical feel should be motivated by the urge to help their patients in any way they can.

In the modern-day, the job of a dentist is often far from that. You might have all the best intentions for helping your patients but the responsibility and liability risks are huge.

Many people don’t really respect their dentists and only see them as a nuisance. A torturer you have to pay.

A man strapped into a dentist chair

They don’t see the cause and the effect, that the dentist is there to help you out. They just feel the drill and see the bill. That rhyme was unintentional but feel free to use it…

I have to tell you I loved my dentist for performing a root canal on an infected tooth even though it cost a ton. But if I’m not in pain, going to the dentist for a routine check feels like a chore.

It’s my understanding that competition in the field is fierce these days as well. There is pressure to work faster and longer to stay ahead of the competition.

You need to put in long days and weekends to stay in the game.

Patients have also become more demanding compared to the past. It used to be so that people were thankful if the got to keep their teeth past 50 but these days people expect miracles from dentists.

If you can’t deliver those miracles, or make mistakes in performing them, they are willing to sue you. Most people also don’t want to carry out their end of the bargain. They don’t follow your treatment orders and or care of their dental hygiene.

If you run your own office the cost of keeping your business operational has increased when compared to the past. In the past you pretty much needed a dentists chair, a set of tools and a light.

These days you need x-ray machines and all sorts of expensive medical equipment I’m not really familiar with but would bet cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for the bare minimum to run a dentist’s office.

So if you don’t really have a passion for the field, it’s easy to understand why you ended up hating being a dentist.

But like I said before, someone with your skills has tons of options.

You Have Options

The way I see it, you have three options. You can adjust your career so there are fewer of the things that make you hate it or you can change your career.

Option three is to use your knowledge and skill to your advantage to create an online business.

That’s right. Online business is a legit way to turn your passion or existing profession to a business that reaches the whole world through the Internet.

There are over 4 Billion users on the Internet these days and the amount just keeps growing. People are also buying services and products online more than ever.

Just think about it. If you could tap into even a small fraction of that, you could earn fortunes. And it’s completely possible.

The easiest way to accomplish this is by creating what’s called a niche website. A website or a blog that has keyword-targeted content around the niche you are in.

Creating keyword-targeted content lie blog posts, videos involves Search Engine Optimization, or SEO so they can actually be found.

The word SEO written with blocks

People then find your content in Google searches and come to your site. This is called your traffic.

You offer them solutions to the problems they are looking for information on.

You can make money through affiliate marketing or by offering your own service.

So the process could look something like this:

  1. Someone types “how to whiten teeth” into Google
  2. You have an article “Best way to whiten your teeth” or something along those lines.
  3. They read your article, that has recommended products or services
  4. Some of them end up buying those products
  5. You earn a commission or get a customer

The best part about this is that after you finish an article it works for you on automation. It’s online 24/7 for people to find all over the world.

While this sounds simple enough, it actually requires quite a bit of knowledge to set everything up. It also requires a lot of work to create enough authority for your site to dominate the first page of Google.

This work could involve 100 to 400 blog posts for example. While that might sound a lot, it’s nothing compared to studying to be a dentist for example, so you can definitely do it. It’s about a years worth of working evenings and weekends.

If you want to learn more about this opportunity, check out my Wealthy Affiliate review. It’s the service I have used to create two money-making websites.

The other one is in strength training and the other one is I Hate Working. Neither one of them has anything to do with my actual profession, so as you can see, you can do a complete career change through online business as well.

But I’m definitely using the skills I learned from my education and my career to my advantage every day.

Niche Ideas For Dentists

So now that you know this online opportunity exists. But you have no idea how to leverage your expertise to create a successful online business?

It all boils down to choosing a lucrative niche. As a dentist, you are in a very advantageous position. You see people seek information about dental health online all the time.

As a certified professional you can offer them actual expert advice and they are much more likely to trust you. Which will convert into increased sales.

Not only that, Google actually rewards certified professional with an SEO boost in health topics. They don’t want unqualified people to give advice to unsuspecting people for very understandable reasons.

Here are a couple of dental niches I came up from the top of my head. I bet you can come up with more. This is just to get your creative juices flowing.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a huge business. Especially in the US. But as you know, we live in a very materialistic culture these days and everybody wants to look like a movie star. That includes having straight, white teeth.

You could write about teeth whitening topics, what works, what doesn’t. If home-based systems are effective. What are the dangers etc.

You could then market products and services you believe in. You could even offer your own services, this is a great way to increase customer acquisition.

Before after picture of whitened teeth


Dental Plans

I understand that especially in the US you need to have a dental insurance plan if you need any major work done on your teeth because the cost is just too high to pay out of pocket.

As a dentist, you are already an expert on this subject. What to look for in a plan, the terms, the small print and things that you should especially check are covered, etc. People really appreciate expert advice on subjects like this.

You could then market plans you’d recommend yourself for example. Many of them offer affiliate programs, so it’s very easy to automate this process.

So here you have a couple of ideas. Remember that you can create your business about something completely different as well. Like a hobby you love!

The only requirement is that it’s something other people are interested in as well (which is pretty much anything) and that you can write a lot about. Like 100+ blog posts.

Grass Isn’t Always Greener On the Other Side

Finally, I wanted to tell you that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side in case you are seriously thinking about studying a completely new profession.

The issues you have at your current profession as a dentist are likely quite universal. The truth is that many intelligent, hard-working people will feel after a few years into their career that the whole system is a dud.

I want to be perfectly clear that I don’t think this is always the case, but many times it is. This seems to be common no matter at what level you work.

Doctors, IT specialists, engineers, nurses, construction workers, factory workers, HR people, salespeople, etc. Most of them enjoy some part of their work but don’t like either the amount of stress or the lack of money or time.

It’s hard to find a good balance between those. The more demanding the job, the more the pay and less time you have. You can end up burnt out.

You might have a profession with a decent wage and decent office hours. But every job is stressful at times.

The reason why many people are not happy is because their career/job takes too much of their time and energy. Many careers don’t really work as an creative outlet. If there are things like interpersonal conflicts at your workplace, it can feel almost unbearable to got to work.

But if you have an online business of your own, you will have a lot more freedom and control in how much work you need to do and on what terms. You can also make your business a full-time thing.

That’s why my recommendation to you is to start as soon as possible. Create an online business on the side. I’m sure you can stick with dentistry for a year or two.

So keep the day job, lower the hours if you can afford to and work hard on your online business. This way you will have much more freedom to decide what you want to do in the future.


I hope my ramblings could offer you some comfort. I just want you to know that it’s completely normal to not like your career, even if it’s something that’s considered relatively prestigious.

I also want you to know that the grass usually isn’t any greener on the other side.

And above all else, I want you to know there are options. There is hope. Online business is one of those options.

It allows you to work on your own terms, to help thousands of people and to achieve financial freedom if you put your mind into it for long enough.

What I forgot to mention before is that the income in this business model is cumulative.

At first, you don’t earn anything, then a little and then the growth typically becomes exponential as the authority of your site picks up and you start to earn income from the work you put in months ago.

The best part is that your site will work for you 24/7 so you can actually earn money while you are sleeping or on a holiday. You can also work from anywhere since all you need is an internet connection.

This is one of my greatest motivators. Locational freedom of work. So tell me, what would be your greatest motivator in online business?

You can leave me your thoughts, questions, suggestions or you can even vent about why you hate being a dentist in the comments section below. I love to hear from my readers so the stage is yours!

P.s. If you want to start right away, sign-up for my free 7-day online business course and a week from now you have the foundation for your business set up!

Thanks for reading!

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A dentist would be an excellent authority in his field if he chose to take this route.
It ads a lot of credibility to their articles when people are reading them.

These skills would even help their current business if they weren’t ready to leave yet, right?

It would seem the articles on the web would help drive traffic to their site and possibly get additional clients.

Definitely Lee! A Dentist could use this strategy and business model to grow their business exponentially. And a quick Google search will show that many dentists actually are. But most of the sites seem to have only few articles and not much authority. So a dentist site with hundreds of articles could dominate the competition and drive tons of potential customers to the owner or affiliate businesses.

This article really captured my attention (And my choosen career path is the farthest thing from a dentist), and I could easily relate it to my own life. You also provided a great and lucrative solution. Thank you so much for sharing Lee!

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