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“I Hate Being A Nurse” – Here’s The Solution!

If you start your workday by thinking ”I hate being a nurse” read this. The chances are you are not very happy with your situation but I have a solution for you.

It’s a miserable situation to hate your job or career. But I want you to know you are not alone in your situation.

Just check this video out by Whole Life Nurse:

It’s actually very common to not like your career. There are people in all sorts of professions that don't like their jobs.

Including the doctors you work with, lawyers, teachers, pharmacists etc. The thing is that it’s not actually the work they hate.

Many people feel like the working life has become fragmented, hectic and unpredictable. People feel drained after work days and they feel like too much of their time is spent actually doing something else than what they are trained to do.

Bureaucracy, information systems, paperwork, customer service, pointless trainings and other pseudo work eat up their time, leaving too little time to perform the actual work.

For nurses there are additional challenges that I’ll talk a bit more in a second. But I want you to know that there are possibilities you might not have considered in the modern world.

Studying for a new profession probably isn't a realistic option financially. The grass isn’t really greener on the other side either. But I've found a solution that can help you create a career on your own terms. 

But let's look at the the challenges of being a Nurse first. 

The Challenges Of Being A Nurse

Like I mentioned earlier, a lot of the frustration people are facing in many professions has to do with so called pseudo work that permeates their workplace.

I’m sure there’s a ton of paperwork and information systems you have to use daily as a nurse and probably most of them aren’t really designed to work efficiently.

But besides these pseudo work issues, there are many challenges especially people in the social and health service professions face.

The fact is that nurses are the backbone of our modern healthcare system. They keep hospitals operational, they handle the bulk of the physical work at hospitals and they work as a firewall between patients and doctors.

Nurses have to deal with all sorts of patients from all walks from life and I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of rude, aggressive and downright dangerous patient experiences.

To make things worse, nurses are paid only a fraction of what doctors are paid.

In many places nurses do a lot of the work of doctors, under supervision of course but independently. They administer drugs, set up IV’s and even perform minor surgery.

But this doesn’t change the fact that most hospitals have a very strict hierarchy and nurses are always below doctors, not seen as equals.

There is often a strict hierarchy between nurses as well. This can lead to a lot of tension between colleagues and also to more serious things like bullying.

What ever your reasons are the fact is that something is making you hate being a nurse. Be it the patients, the pseudo work, the workplace hierarchy or they pay.

You might some completely different reasons that I would love to hear about if you want to open up in the comments section below.

What ever your reasons are, you are likely feeling stressed and exhausted after work days and weeks. This is not a healthy place to be in the long term, so I want to help you to create an exit plan.

You Have Useful Skills

I want you to know you have ton of useful skills you can use to earn an income in a completely different way. You are not stuck being a nurse if you just believe in yourself and decide otherwise.

To become a nurse you have had to pass a ton tests that prove you are an intelligent, accurate, hardworking individual.

You also probably have a drive to help those in need and you are more empathetic than average. At least I hope you are.

You can use these skills to help people in another way and earn a very nice income doing it over time in a very different kind of occupation.

Wondering what it is? Well it’s becoming an online entrepreneur.

You Can Help People Online

Don’t let the word online scare you. You don’t need to be a programmer or a computer geek to do this stuff. It’s basically writing or creating videos, the technical side of things is very easy.

Before I scare you away, I want you to think just a sec. You probably know somebody who is earning income online, right? If not personally, I’m sure you can name at least a few Instagram or YouTube celebrities.

I’m not suggesting you become one of them, that takes a lot of work, luck and a certain set of skills. But there are regular people making money online everywhere in the world.

The fact is that the world is changing. There are more people online than ever before and they are using services there more than ever before.

Just think about it, how many times have you bought something online the past year? Maybe something from Amazon? Plane tickets, concert tickets?

There are people making money on these purchases all over the world.

While this might seems very far from nursing, this stuff can actually be applied to almost anything and I also don’t want you to limit your beliefs about what you can do into your current occupation and training.

As a nurse you could help out thousands of people live healthier lives, learn about self-care, help them to use health services etc.

All on automation through content creation online. I learned about this stuff at a place called Wealthy Affiliate.

I’ve been following their training seriously for a bit over a year (I wasted almost a year in the beginning) and I now have two income producing websites.

This is site is other and the aother is about strength training for seniors. I’m a huge proponent of strength training and that site is my real passion.

I created this site because I realized there are tons of people whose careers could benefit from this information. I want to help as many people as possible to work on their own terms. 

I created a free 7-day course you can join if you want to fast-track your progress and get started creating your own online business right away. It's email based so just leave your email in the form below.

You can enroll for the 7-day course by submitting your email address into the form below.


I hope this article provided you with a glimpse of hope. You can create an income on your own terms, using the knowledge you already have.

I definitely recommend you check out this option and if it’s something you get excited about and feel like you could do.

I want you to have realistic expectations about this stuff. It’s not some get-rich-quick scheme, it requires serious effort and work to create a successful online business.

But if you follow the training and put in the work consistently, success is only a matter of time.

That said, I want you to know it can take several months of daily content creation to see real results. Longer if you don’t work every day.

That’s why I recommend you treat it as a temporary transition phase. Keep your current nursing job to pay the bills.

Just the fact you have your own business growing on the side makes it a lot more bearable.

Then when your business starts to create income, you can lower your hours or quit completely.

Thanks for reading and please consider sharing in social media if you found this post useful!

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