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Honest EarnByApp Review – Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Welcome to my EarnByApp Review! If you are looking to make money on your smartphone, you might have stumbled upon EarnByApp.

You can see the basic functionalities of this app in this video by PI Digi-logical Solutions:

First of all, congratulations on doing research on the product. While you can't really lose money with these free money making apps, they can take a lot of your time so you want to know if they are a legit way to earn money.

I review online money-making opportunities and this includes money-making apps. You have to keep in mind that even when apps like this work, they will usually only pay very little pocket money.

So I always recommend you consider how much your time is worth. For example, if it takes you 2 hours to earn $2 dollars that's a $1/hour.

That's definitely not worth it in most parts of the world. Only if you enjoy actually using these apps is this in any way reasonable.

Unlike AppNana, EarnByApp doesn't currently include smartphone games. I can kind of understand getting paid for playing but not for installing and running apps you don't need.

Well actually if you live in a third world country and can earn a few dollars for a day through PayPal, this might actually be worth your time.

That said, I don't think EarnByApp is a scam. You can earn a few dollars using it. I just think there are a lot of better options for using your time.

I also want you to know that I'm not affiliated with EarnByApp even though they offer an affiliate program. So any links leading to their website or app download in this review won't be affiliate links. This allows me to give an honest opinion.

What Is EarnByApp

EarnByApp is a GPT (get paid to) smartphone app that is available currently for Android on the Google Play store and for iOS in the Apple Store.

It allows you to earn income in turn for performing actions within the app. In this case, the actions seem to be mostly installing apps.

You can make money by four different methods I'll cover in a second. They pay you through PayPal, Paytm, UPI and Google Pay in India.

They have a minimum payout of $2 that you will receive on average in 3-4 business days. Users from all PayPal supported countries can use the app.

All in all, it's similar to other smartphone apps like AppNana, that pay you pocket change in exchange for actions.

My guess is that they get paid by the sponsor apps and they pay a small percentage of the sponsor money to the app users.

So it's basically an ad platform that pays you for using apps.

How Does EarnByApp Work

Naturally, you start by installing the app. The app is free and available through the Play Store and Apple Store.

Once you have the app set up on your smartphone there are five ways you can make money with EarnByApp.

  1. iOS Direct installs
  2. Android Direct Installs
  3. iOS keyword Installs
  4. Android Keyword installs
  5. Referrals

Now you might be wondering what the heck is a direct install and a keyword install, I sure was.

The direct installs you can do straight from the app. You just select the direct installs menu inside the app and select the app you wish to install.

When you click on the app it will automatically redirect you to the store. You then need to install the app, open it, take a screenshot and upload the screenshot at the EarnByApp website.

The keyword installs work in an almost similar fashion. You click on the app you want to install but this time you should memorize the app.

The app takes you to the store again and there you have to search for the app, download and install it. You then take a screenshot of it and upload it once again.

I guess with the keyword installs they want to increase the number of searches for the sponsored app. This probably has something to do with the store algorithms.

If an app is being searched more, it will be shown more you know.

Finally, you can earn money by referring people to the app which is fairly basic functionality in apps like these.

The only additional rules they seem to have are that you are only allowed one account per device and you have to keep the apps installed for at least 24 hours before uninstalling them.

Failing to comply with these rules will result in a ban by their automated algorithm.

How Much Money Can You Make With EarnByApp

So how much money can you make with this app? Well not much really.

As of writing this, the app is still very new so they are still looking for more advertisers and this will limit how many actions there will be available.

They disclose on their website that a rough estimate of a realistic income expectation currently is $10 to $25 per month and they are expecting the maximum income potential to go up to $100 within 6 months.

Current rates are

  • iOS keyword installs: $0.15
  • iOS direct installs : $0.10
  • Android keyword installs: $0.10
  • Android direct installs: $0.06
  • Referral Commission: 10%

The greatest earning potential is by referring people to the system. You will get 10% of any income your referrals get within the first year.

So if you could refer hundreds of people and all of them would use the app to earn close to the max. the amount, you could actually earn several hundred dollars each month on automation.

I just think the real problem is that most people will try apps like these for a minute or two. It's very hard to get referrals and to get them to stay in the system with these low payouts in my experience. But it's possible at least on paper.

Is EarnByApp A Scam?

No, it doesn't seem that EarnByApp is a scam. They seem to payout when you reach the $2 cash out limit.

Often people who claim these apps are scam have unrealistic expectations or they don't read the terms of operation.

For example, it's very common for apps like these that you won't earn any income if you have already installed the app before. They want unique installs.

That's actually likely how the creators of the app actually make money. They are sponsored by the apps they market. They share a part of the revenue they get from the advertisers with the users.

So the company and the users get paid and the advertisers get users and searches. Since probably the vast majority of EarnByApp users won't actually use the apps, they are basically doing this to game the App and Play Stores.

They are getting traffic, downloads, and visibility but the EarnByApp users are actually working as "bots" that emulate actually interested users.

This is just my guess and I'm not claiming there's any foul play going on here. It's no different from building a backlink for SEO. The competition is tough these days and businesses have to make use of any strategies available.

I still can't really recommend you using this app. Do you really want to be a bot working for cheaper than a minimum wage worker?

I think you are selling yourself short using these kinds of apps.

The Problem With Money Making Apps

And this is where the real problem with money making apps is. You can't earn any significant income with them even though you will need to invest a rather significant amount of time to actually make some money with them.

They don't teach you any skills you can apply in business or work elsewhere. You are essentially wasting your time.

I honestly think you are better of doing something you actually enjoy, even if you have to pay for it. I would rather play actual games I like than use apps like these.

That said, I don't really play that much these days because I think my time is too valuable.

The reason I'm saying this is because you can earn a lot more for a similar time investment.

You could actually use one of the legit survey sites, Fiverr, writing jobs, etc. to work an hour a day to earn a couple of hundred dollars each month.

But you could also use your time more wisely by working for something long term. How does full-time income that can replace your job sound?

How To Earn Real Money Online

Here's the thing. The online world is full of opportunities these days. The problem is finding the business models that still work in 2020 and avoiding all the scams.

And boy is there a lot of scams in this space. If you type "how to make money online" into Google and start following all the gurus that come up, you will be shown endless amounts of products that promise online passive income on almost complete automation. You just have to buy their product first.

There are many types of products out there ranging from straight out scams to overpriced "high ticket" programs and MLMs that aim to just market their system forwards.

I personally wasted time and money as a complete beginner a decade ago. I wasted so much actually without seeing any results that I gave up.

Then a couple of years ago I just stumbled upon a program that was recommended by a blogger I was following. 

I knew his site was legit, it was useful, it was the type of site I could create. So I checked out the program, researched it, found it was exactly what I was looking for and decided to join.

Two years later I have two money-making websites I created following their step-by-step training.

I'm not going to lie to you, it takes work. But if you can invest couple hours of efficient work every single day, you can make some serious dough with this stuff.

I personally created another site in a completely different niche (strength training) so I know this stuff works in other niches than just marketing making money online.

So I recommend you stop selling yourself short by wasting time with apps and actually invest in a better future. Decide to work for yourself.

You know a ton of useful stuff you can share with the world and actually get paid for it.

Online business offers everything you've probably heard about. Make money anywhere in the world, passive income from the content you created months or years ago and the possibility of unlimited growth and financial freedom.


I hope you found my EarnByApp review useful and it answered most of your questions. If you have any additional ones, feel free to leave them in the comments section below and I'll get back to you.

EarnByApp is not a scam, it's just another money-making app that's designed for app creators to get traction for new apps.

The real problem is that the users will give away a lot of their time for a few dollars. It's not worth it in my opinion, but if you are someone living in a third world country, you could actually earn some much-needed extra dollars every day if you have the means.

I personally use a business model based on affiliate marketing and search engine optimization. It might not be what you came to actually look for, but I want you to know this opportunity exists.

But I'm not going to lie to you, it takes serious work to succeed with this stuff.

But it's a lot easier than being stuck in a job you don't like for 30 years. So I recommend you check out my recommendation, join my free 7-day course and start working hard today. I promise you that a year from now you will thank me for it!

Thanks for reading and if you found this post useful, please consider sharing it in social media. See you next time!

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Interesting article. Thank you for sharing your review on this particular app. I don’t typically download apps on my phone, but I appreciate know a little about the ones that are out there.

I’m glad you found the article useful Anette! I don’t really recommend you start downloading money making apps. There are just so many ways to use your time more productively.

Thank you for your review. Even if this doesn’t fall in the scam category, the payout is very low. I may not be going with this.

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