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Is TrazeAll Scam or Legit? [Honest Review]

Welcome to my TrazeAll review. If you are thinking about getting TrazeAll you might be wondering is TrazeAll a Scam. In this review I'll give my honest assessment on the product.

TrazeAll is marketed as a newbie-friendly Viral Traffic System that supposedly gets you, red-hot buyers, on 100% autopilot. Can TrazeAll live up to these promises? Read on to find out.

First of all, congratulations on taking the time to researching before buying. The online world is full of scams and sub-par products and researching is the only way to avoid falling for them.

Unfortunately scamming beginners is big business, especially in the online marketing world. Besides the lost money, this is extremely unfortunate because there are also legit products that can help you create a successful online business.

I want you to know this because I was once where you likely are now, looking for easy ways to make money online. I was essentially looking for shortcuts.

I want you to know right off the bat that there are no shortcuts. Not in life, not in making money online. If you want to create a successful online business, you need to hear this so you can change your attitude.

While this might sound discouraging, don't let it. It's actually a good thing. Just hear me out.

I want you to know that if you change your attitude, follow a proven plan and put in the work, you could be running a successful business a year from now. Not tomorrow, not next week, but maybe six months to a year from now.

That's a realistic time span for a beginner to create a money producing online business. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Now that we are on the same page, let's get on with the review!

Before we continue I want to disclose that I have not tried TrazeAll so I'm basing this review on their marketing material and third party information I could find online. Thus, it presents only my opinion based on those facts.

I'm in no way affiliated with them so I'm not writing this to sell the system to you (like many people are) but I do recommend products I truly believe in.

I want to be completely transparent about this because your trust is my top priority. My mission is to help you succeed online.

TrazeAll Video Review

If you are in a hurry I made this short video review of TrazeAll that will cover the main points.  

TrazeAll Summary

Product: TrazeAll

Product Type: Viral Traffic generating software (cloud based).

Product Creator: Mosh Bari and Jason Fulton

Product Price: $197 full price, $26.00 as of writing this. 


TrazeAll is a cloudbased traffic producing software that's based on viral traffic. It allows you to create contest campaigns with different kinds of prizes and includes tools like adding action based winning, which is great for increasing social shares and making the contest go viral.

That said, I'm having a hard time believing this software could bring you thousands of converting visitors consistently.

If it did, I think it would be priced a lot more aggressively. I'm just wondering why aren't they asking more for it or simply scale the system for themselves?

The fact is that it takes work to actually see success in online marketing. Don't let anyone tell otherwise. If you are willing to put in that work, it's completely 

So if you are ready to stop chasing shortcuts and actually invest in your future, check out my top recommendation below. 

What Is TrazeAll

TrazeAll Is a cloud-based automated viral system that supposedly drives traffic to your website or any other online offer.

TrazeAll was created by Mosh Bari and Jason Fulton. You can check out their sales video at the TrazeAll Website. That's not an affiliate link by the way because I haven't tried the program and thus don't feel comfortable recommending it to you.

They created TrazeAll because they were trying to find new ways to drive traffic to their website. They tried a ton of courses and paid ads and got frustrated.

What most courses apparently don't tell is that there 100s of steps you have to take to drive traffic. You need to join programs, learn things, etc. before you can get any traffic.

They thought that was too much work and decided to spend months creating a system that would actually work without having to learn new methods or tactics or spending a lot of money and wasting your time.

This is how TrazeAll got created. It's supposed to be a simple solution to all your traffic problems.

Their sales video says it doesn't require creating videos, writing content for SEO, building backlinks or spending money on Facebook and Google ads.

Apparently you can drive thousands of visitors to any website in just 60 seconds. And the system apparently works even if you don't have a website!

You can use the system to drive traffic to any funnel, store or affiliate offer as well. They apparently accomplish this by using viral referrals and social media.

Supposedly they can drive thousands of people to your site or offer using this method, leading to unlimited commissions, sales, and traffic without spending any money on traffic.

They also show proof on the website how a student of theirs got over 3400 real visitors to his site in 6 hours. And not just any traffic. Traffic that converted into sales and made him $1200 in just one day.

Another customer using TrazeAll apparently make $1,128 in a single night when his website went viral because of a TrazeAll campaign.

He received over 450 leads and over 400 people had gotten into his sales funnel. This all supposedly happened without any manual work. Sounds pretty amazing to me!

The sales page goes on how you don't need to:

  • Write articles for your websites ever again
  • Invest huge amounts of time and money into your websites
  • Do time-consuming manual labor to rank websites and videos
  • Learn life-draining tech skills
  • Do boring, repetitive tasks ever again
  • Follow complicated training material

So how does TrazeAll create traffic to your site if it doesn't require content creation for SEO or paid traffic? Let's take a look.

How TrazeAll  Actually works?

So let's take a look at how exactly does TrazeAll work. It's apparently as simple as following three steps:

  1. Login to your TrazeAll account
  2. Select your traffic campaign type and some information
  3. Push one button and your traffic campaign goes live

After this supposedly you will receive targeted, converting traffic in the next few hours.

You can find a demo of the system by scrolling down on their sales page and you can see how the system operates in this video by Dan Bradley:

In essence, it's about creating contests that attract viral traffic. How you do this with TrazeAll is as follows:

You create a new campaign that can be a contest, a giveaway or a friend referral.

You give the campaign a name and duration and link it to your offer URL. In the example on their sales page, they had created a custom page with Elementor.

You then set your Prize and method of delivery. In the example a 50% Off Coupon as the Prize and coupon code as the method of delivery (the other options are a custom URL or an instruction).

You can then customize how the winner is chosen. You can set it to be based on action points or randomly. Using action points for signing up

Then you can set up your autoresponder information and select the social platforms for easy sharing.

Finally, the software creates a host script for the campaign that you can share anywhere you want. On your website, on social media, on YouTube descriptions, etc.

That's apparently how easy it is to create traffic campaigns with TrazeAll. But wait a second. How does this create traffic for you?

It seems they left out that you need to get this script into front of people. So you need to either manually market it or you need a significant following on social media or YouTube for example.

That said I like the whole contest idea and action points because it's great for creating viral traffic.

Is TrazeAll Scam or Legit?

From what I've seen, TrazeAll will likely produce you some traffic, so I wouldn't call it a scam. The strategies it uses are sound for creating some viral shares.

That's said I'm having a hard time believing that the software could actually consistently produce enough traffic for you to create a sustainable online business. 

Just think about it, if they have a system that can produce endless amounts of traffic that converts into sales, why would they be selling the information for next to nothing?

Contests can get shares and some traffic without a doubt but you have to remember it's 2020, not 1995. People are kinda resistant to online contests.

The other problem is that people who enter contests are looking for free or cheap stuff, they are rarely interested in buying stuff in my experience.

Thus it's unlikely they would convert very well.

That said, I could be wrong, they do share some proof. But keep in mind that we have no information on how those proof campaigns were run and if they present a realistic result.

I'm very skeptical because I have learned the hard way that there are no short cuts in online marketing. You can't create a successful business with automated software.

It requires you to learn no skills, apply those skills and do a lot of manual work. Or to have a lot of money to invest.

This is exactly the opposite of what TerazAll is claiming you need. If they truly had a solution to those problems, I can guarantee they could ask a lot more for the product.

So feel free to try TrazeAll but please have realistic expectations. If it could make you rich on automation, it would have to cost a lot more.

How To Succeed Online

Now if you want to actually create a successful online business, you are going to have to work for it. Sorry to break it to you.

But the good news is that it's totally doable and not as difficult some marketers make it seem to make you a quick sale.

You just need a change in your mindset, a proven plan and enough dedication to trust the system in the beginning.

Anyone who claims you can become a successful online marketer is very likely just trying to make a quick sale out of you.

The thing is, it takes time to see success. Especially as a beginner.

I have no doubt that an already successful online entrepreneur could start from scratch and create a successful business in a couple of months, especially if they had money to invest, but not a complete beginner.

There are essentially two ways to go about creating an online business. The first is through SEO and content creation and the second is through paid traffic. They can be combined as well.

The first one is low risk but takes a long time. The second one is high risk but can get you rolling faster.

My recommendation to any beginner is to take the low-risk route. You need to learn the skills first before you can apply to paid traffic.

If you go into paid traffic head first, you can lose a ton of money and your motivation. This is something I don't want for you!

Having an online business has so many incredible benefits that I don't want you to miss out on them. You can work anywhere you want and you get to decide when and how to work.

But with great freedom comes great responsibility. You are your own master and you need to make yourself accountable if you want to succeed.

My mission is to get you to succeed online and it's in my best interest to tell you honestly how things work honestly. I want you to know I have your back if you follow my advice.

So if you want to make money online I want you to know it's completely possible. My recommendation is to follow a proven plan that has made thousands of people successful and rich.

My top recommendation for a proven training is Wealthy Affiliate. You can check out my review of WA hear.


I hope you found this post about TrazeAll useful and it answered some of your questions. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below and I promise to get back to you.

TrazeAll definitely seems like an intriguing tool for creating viral contest campaigns to drive traffic to your website. I have no doubt it might get you some traffic and a few sales.

But I'm very doubtful it could be scaled enough to create a sustainable online business. Even if it could, you don't want to be dependent on an automated process or a single source of traffic.

To succeed online you need to learn multiple strategies for producing traffic. The sad truth is that nothings free in life, you have to pay for traffic and results with either work or money.

But the great thing is that in the online world things are salable. It's completely possible to create a thriving online business that can make you rich with a fraction of the work involved with a regular job.

But don't let anyone tell you it doesn't require any work. It actually requires a lot of work in the beginning. Anyone telling otherwise is just trying to sell their shortcut to you.

If you want to learn a legit way to make online, check out my Wealthy Affiliate review and join my  FREE 7-day course  where I walk you through the ropes. It will save you a ton of time and frustration, I promise you.

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