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Is Viper Cache Scam or Legit? [Honest 2020 Review]

Welcome to my Viper Cache review! If you are wondering is Viper Cache a scam or a legit product for speeding up your load times you've come to the right place.

Viper Cache is a caching software that promises to significantly increase your WordPress site's loading speeds by using advanced caching technology.

If you are new to SEO you might not know just how important page load times are for your rankings. In short, Google aggregates so much data every single second that they don't want any bloat on your site.

They also expect your site to load instantly to provide a good user experience. They don't want to show sites that load slowly on their search results.

So it's obvious that PageSpeed (the metric Google uses for loading times) is extremely important for your SEO. You just can't rank with a slow site.

That's why you are seeing more and more simplistic site designs, fewer images, etc. these days compared to the past. But it's not actually the web amount of data that matters so much but what is being loaded on the first glimpse.

You see caching software makes this "first glimpse" of your site a lot smaller. What you see above the fold will load a lot faster.

Before we continue with the review, I want to be completely transparent and admit I haven't tried Viper Cache myself. I have used WP Rocket extensively and do understand how caching software works and why they are important for your SEO.

I'm not affiliated with Viper Cache, so unlike many other reviews, I'm not trying to sell it to you. I'm just presenting my opinion based on their marketing material and third party information I could find online.

I do recommend other products that I have used and believe in myself, beware those are usually affiliate links. That means that I will earn a small commission if you decide to buy any of them through my links.

I only recommend services I truly believe in and buying through my links won't cost you any extra. I even offer my full support for any products you buy through my links, you can contact me any time and I promise to do my best to solve your problems.

Now that we got that covered, let's move on with the review!

Viper Cache Summary

Product Name: Viper Cache

Product Type:  WordPress caching plugin to improve site load speed

Product Price: $47 (on sale for $37 as of writing this)

Summary: Viper cache seems to be a legit WordPress cache plugin that allows you to improve your PageSpeed scores.

I don't think it's significantly better than WP Rocket for example, like they claim in their sales page but it's more affordable. I would keep in mind that WP Rocket is the Industry standard for caching plugins and there's probably a good reason for that.

I haven't tried Viper Cache myself so I can't really compare the too though. I also want you to know that you might not need a caching plugin at all, as there are hosting services that include this in their hosting. You can check my top recommendation by clicking the button below. 

What Is Viper Cache

Viper Cache is a caching plugin of WordPress. It promises to speed up your WordPress site and thus make it rank better in search results.

You can find their website at (that's not an affiliate link because I haven't tried their product enough to recommend it to you).

The key selling point they are making over the competition is that their plugin is super simple to use, it works with a single click.

The go to as far as saying:

  • their competitors require a degree just use them and a single wrong click can break your site.
  • Free cache plugins are easy targets for hackers and pose a security risk
  • Their competitors require rebuilding the whole cache if any page is edited
  • Many Cache products don't work optimally with popular themes and plugins

If you don't know what web caching means, in short, it makes your pages load faster by creating (compressed) copies of your HTML content.

You see, without a cache when you enter a site, your browser requests for the information and the server compiles the page. A cached page is this compiled data that can displayed a lot faster.

This will save tons of server-side work, especially if you have a lot of visitors requesting the same page.

Viper Cache costs $ 47 dollars with a year of updates for 25 sites, so it's definitely cheaper than WP rocket for example.

I have used WP Rocket myself and it did significantly boost my PageSpeed scores. Very significantly actually.

So if Viper Cache can achieve the same or better results, it's definitely a useful tool.

How Does Viper Cache Work

You can see how the Plugin operates in this video by Mark Garrett:


If you are new to the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), page load speed is one of the most important factors these days.

You can test your own load speeds at or with PageSpeed insights

If there are two pages with the same authority, exactly as comprehensive content the one that loads faster will likely rank first in Google search results.

This is very easy to understand when you consider the fact that Google wants a good user experience above anything else.

This means they want to display the page that answers the search query the best. But they want the top page to load instantly, look nice and be easy to read.

That's why you need to write comprehensive content, avoid using too many ads and have good PageSpeed scores.

The other reason is that the amount of data that is being moved around the Internet these days is incredible. Every single byte of data you can save is a plus in the eyes of Google.

Your PageSpeed scores will depend on a lot of things, some of which you can influence and others you can't.

Things like the code on your site is something you can influence. You can also make sure you are using the latest image compression technologies. Finally, using a caching plugin that allows lazy loading is something you can do.

Things like server speed, PHP versions etc. you can only influence by choosing your hosting correctly. It is important to realize how and what you can change so you don't invest in tools you might not really need.

Is Viper Cache Scam or Legit?

I would say based on what I've seen is that Viper Cache isn't a scam. It appears to be a legit software for improving your page load times.

That said, I would keep in mind they are a pretty new player so there doesn't seem to be that much third party experience.

My recommendation is to always be very skeptical about sales promises, testimonials, and sales proofs. Trust only third party review and be skeptical even about them. They might be trying to sell you the product.

The good thing about WP Rocket, for example, is that it's so well-established that it has tons of third party data to prove it actually works.

On the other hand, every business has to start somewhere and the great thing about new companies is that because they don't have the reputation yet, they might offer some serious bang for the buck because their pricing doesn't include a brand premium.

So it's really up to you if you want to give Viper Cache a chance. It's likely they will provide most of the benefits of WP Rocket for example.

The only thing I really don't like about Viper Cache is how they claim that other plugins are really complicated to use and theirs works on a press of a single button.

If you watched their sales video, you will see that they show how on the standard settings their plugin offers superior results compared to WP Rocket.

I'm not even going to go into the whole problem with doing single comparisons like this because the load time will change on every request because of server loads. You would have to take tens of loads with both plugins and count the average load times to get any meaningful data.

But the real problem is that WP Rocket is pretty light on its standard settings. It doesn't compress your images, minify .css and Java, etc. If you apply those, you will get better results but run a higher risk of breaking your site.

That said WP Rocket actually has built-in safety mechanisms that prevent you from breaking your site, so their claims don't really apply to WP Rocket in my opinion.

On the other hand, I understand that they have to try to stand out some way but I don't really think they are giving an honest comparison between their product and the competition.

You Might Not Need a Plugin

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I hope you found this Viper Cache review useful and it answered most of your questions. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me through the comments section below and I promise to get back to you asap.

If you have a WordPress site on a regular hosting plan I have no doubt Viper Cache can help you improve your loading times significantly.

That said I don't really believe it's significantly faster than WP Rocket but it's definitely more affordable.

Just remember WP Rocket is a very established product so it might be more trustworthy.

Also remember there are hosting services like Wealthy Affiliate, which include these caching features on the server-side as a standard so you don't need to invest in additional services.

That said, caching is a surefire way to improve your site's loading speeds and it's very important for SEO so Viper Cache is definitely a legit product.

Just keep in mind that caching isn't the be-all, end-all of PageSpeed even though it's a crucial part of it. You need to have optimized images, optimized code, and fast servers as well.

Then to make things as fast as possible, you will have to utilize a service called Content Delivery Network or CDN like Cloudflare. They are paid services that cache your whole website data locally.

It's not something that a beginner marketer needs but if you own a huge website, especially something with lots of data-intensive content like high-resolution images and videos, you will need a CDN to optimize your load times.

So caching plugins like Viper Cache definitely have their place but I suspect most premium hosting services will start implementing caching services straight into their hosting as this is a significant market competition advantage.

If you found this post useful, I would really appreciate it if you shared in social media, don't forget to bookmark my site and join my newsletter by joining the free 7-day online marketing course!

See you next time!

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I have heard that the choice of theme will also have a large impact on your loading times. Is this right? Where can I find information on fast-loading themes?

It is true if you use themes with a lot of animations and visual content. You might have noticed that most website these days are moving to a more minimalistic approach. It’s because minimalistic layouts load faster and work better on different screen sizes, i.e. are more responsive and better for mobile use.

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