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I don’t want to go back to work

Today I’m going to write about a little bit of a different topic and more from a personal point of view: I don’t want to go back to work. I want to share my thoughts about going back to work in case it might help someone else dreading returning to their job.

I’m on my summer holiday from my day job and I have been working on my side business here on I Hate Working. The summer has been crazy good so far. We have had actual sunshine and warm temperatures after two cold summers.

I’m enjoying every second of it and really don’t want to go back to work. Fortunately, I still have a couple weeks of holiday left.

Just the thought of endless days at work during the dark winter months makes me physically nauseous. It feels like a different world compared to the one I am living in right now.

This takes us to my first tip.

Don’t think about work until you really have to

When you are on a holiday or some other break from work, it really doesn’t help to think about work. You probably can’t (or shouldn’t) do anything to contribute to your job so it’s no use to think about it at all.

Sure it can be tough to not think about work, but if you actively try to avoid it you can be pretty successful. Returning to work after a break is probably going to suck as much regardless how much you think about it while away.

Don't think about work until you really have to

Worrying about it the whole time you are away doesn’t make it any easier, it actually makes it harder. You are enforcing a negative though pattern you have associated with your job. So once you do return to work, all that built up anxiety is going to make it even harder.

So focus on relaxing and doing things that make you happy. You deserve it!

Avoid everything related to your job

Like I said, just the thought of my day job and winter makes me physically nauseous at this point as I’m enjoying the freedom and summer so much. It makes my stomach turn.

That’s why I’m doing everything in my power to not to think about my day job.

This means I avoid going to the part of the town where my office is situated at.

It means I avoid reading the local news as the news are full of stuff associated with my work.

Avoid everything associated with your work

I have actually taken this so far that I have almost stopped following the news all together during my holiday. Not just the local ones. News are full of stuff reminding of my work, if not directly then indirectly.

News are full of negative and stressful stuff and I really think it’s good take a break from them also every now and then. Even though I do think intelligent people should follow the news and be aware of what’s happening in the society, locally and globally.

I also avoid socializing with people from my work place. If I bump in to some one, I say hi, but I refuse to talk about work related stuff.

I also avoid giving professional advice related to my work to people and tell them I’m on my holiday.

So I try to avoid anything that reminds me of my day job really. This way I get a real break from work and my mind get’s to refresh.

Like I mentioned before, dreading returning to work is complete waste of time. You could be using that time to enjoy yourself or do something productive, like building a business or educating yourself on something useful.

I know some of my colleagues check their work email every day during their holiday and have their work phone with them. This is something I can’t understand. It’s like you never left the office in the first place.

Things that help me go back to work

The biggest thing that helps me go back to work is to know that I have a contingency plan. I’m building a business to work for myself.

Even though I’m on my holiday, I have dedicated time almost every day to work on my online business. This doesn’t feel like working though. It gives me a great feeling of accomplishment and makes me happy knowing I’m pushing my business forward every day.

If I were to stop working on my business during the holiday, I know I would feel hopeless returning to work. It would seem so much more permanent as I would know I’ve lost the momentum in building my online business. It’s very important to work on your business every day to get things rolling in the beginning.

During my holiday I also spend time doing other things I love. I hang out with family and friends, I play music, I lift at the gym, I walk in the nature, I go swimming, I travel.

Things that help getting back to work

Doing as much of these things as possible, now that I have the time, helps me remind me there are other things in life besides work.

During the winter it feels there’s just work and chores. It’s easy to get depressed and stressed when you lose sight of what life is really about.

It’s about the good times in case you missed it!

Knowing these things will be there even when returning to work makes it that much easier. You have to remember that work is just one small bit of your life, not its purpose.

Why I don’t want to go back to work

The biggest thing that makes me dread returning to work is the stress. I work in an expert role and have quite a lot of responsibility.

There is always something that’s gone wrong from someones point of view. Lot of the stuff I do includes many parties and the end results rarely pleases everyone.

This is something that gives me quite a bit of stress. Many times I get complaints even when I did everything right. Fortunately I rarely get any complaints from my own organization. It’s the customers and associates.

I know logically I have done my work well but emotionally I feel like I have failed because of the constant negative feedback.

Why I don't want to go back to work

The last thing I don’t like is the lack of freedom. I love to travel and having full time desk jockey job means I only get to travel couple times a year.

If you are in a similar situation you should really think about what exactly are things that cause you not to want to go back to work. Then do your best to change that.

If you really hate the thought about going back to work it might be time to think about quitting your job. I wrote a post about how to do that correctly. There are other options so don’t lose hope!


There you have it. My reasons and tips for not wanting to go back to work. I hope they offer you some home help. Tell me what you think about them in the comments section below. I promise to get back to you!

So what are your reasons for not wanting to get back to work?





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I left the full-time employment world back in 96′ and went freelance because of politics and a load of other stuff and decided 4 years ago to jack that in and focus in other areas so I can relate to your story. I can imagine living in Finland when the weathers not so good how depressing everything all seems as I remember my 2 years in Stockholm, but in my case, it was like being on holiday but the locals just looked so depressed when I travelled on the Metro until summer came around that is. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the comment Mick! The winter and the weather is definitely depressing. It’s no wonder so many Finns are alcoholics… Fortunately it’s summer and the weather is great! Last summer was just horribly cold and we really need a good summer just to survive the long dark winter.

For me it’s a little different. I’m not on a holiday. I’ve been a stay at home mom and now I have to get a job to help supplement our family’s income.

The thought of having to give up time with my sons makes me want to cry.

But I totally agree with your point about momentum and having a contingency plan. Knowing that it won’t be forever because I’m building something else gives me hope.

Thanks for the comment Malika! I think my tips apply no matter what the reason is you are out of work. The greatest point is remembering that you’re life isn’t about work, work is just something that enables you to live a satisfying life. Even if you have to go back to work you know your son will be there regardless and you know you’ll be working to offer him a better life. Just remember that and it makes going to work that much easier. It’s great motivation for your own business as well!

I grew up thinking work, your career was extremely important. I soon realized after a bout of traveling that work is the exact opposite for me. I have never longed for a successful career, but only to feel good about the work I was doing. I am a minimalist and feel as though work puts constraints on the things I really want to be doing with my life. I work a satisfactory job right now and my goal is to be able to work from home (home being wherever my bus takes me). I don’t dread work because of stress or even lack of challenge, but because I feel like it takes away from my personal life.

Keeping my head high and working towards my dreams and goals every day!

Thanks for the article!

Thanks Ciara! I share your views about work taking away from my personal life. That’s what I mean with lack of freedom. That’s why i’m working on my online business to be able to choose where and when to work, on my own terms. One thing I’m very thankful how ever is my education. If there wasn’t pressure to succeed in working life and have a career I don’t think I and many others would have gone as far with education. The skills I have learned and the way it has affected my thinking is really what makes it possible to work for myself and see the bigger picture. I also think education is very important for personal growth, self-knowledge and self-respect.

I took some annual leave recently for a few days and was stressed out about jobs I should have done before going off.I am currently working full time and would love to reduce my hours, or eventually work from home. I am slowly trying to build my online business when not working, but it take up so much of my time.
Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the comment Mark. I know it can be hard to work on your online business while working full time. I try to do something every single day and couple times a week I dedicate few extra hours on content creation. I have found that setting realistic goals and working towards them constantly leads to success eventually.

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