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I’m tired being unemployed – If you’re thinking that, read this

UPDATED: 01/01/2019

If you are tired being unemployed I want you to read this. I have been in you situation and I want to share with you what I would do if I was in your situation with my current knowledge. I will also talk about why it’s highly unlikely your unemployment is due to your own shortcomings.

The working life has changed and you should not blame yourself if you are unemployed. That’s the most important thing to remember.

That said, getting employed might not even turn out to be the real solution to your problem. Sure it helps with the financial stuff but as the demands of working life have gotten very high, being employed full time can be worse at times than being unemployed. Believe me, I know from experience.

So read on to find out what happened when I decided I’m tired being unemployed and decided to start working on online business, found a job and almost had a burnout before truly starting to work for myself.

And of course I will share with you how you can start working for yourself today. I assure you I’m not talking about some make instant money online scam. This stuff requires actual work and requires minor investment and time if you want results, but anyone can do it. I’m doing it right now by writing this article.

Thousands of people are doing it from everywhere in the world and so can you. Read on to find out how.

Being unemployed can make you passive

The thing about unemployment is that it tends to make you passive if it stretches out. You lose focus, motivation and the sense of accomplishment. This can be very hard on your psyche and easily leads to depression.

Depending on your financial situation unemployment can even feel relaxing in the beginning, if you have savings. It can also be extremely stressing if you are already struggling to make the ends meet. In the beginning you have a lot of energy to send applications, be it from excitement or from necessity, but as the unemployment stretches out you start to get tired.

You run out of money, motivation, ideas and eventually hope.

Prolonged unemployment

Most governments are aware of this fact and try to do their best to get people back to work as soon as possible even if they aren’t willing. Every unemployed citizen is essentially another mouth to feed if they are not bringing money in the table in the form of taxes. Of course there are differences in how things are governed in different countries but most civilized nations have some form of welfare model.

Even if your country doesn’t hand out unemployment benefits, high unemployment leads to smaller GDP and social problems like alienation and crime. Clearly a bad deal for society.

The problem is that there simply aren’t suitable jobs for every profession available at a given time, so people are going to have to make compromises. It can understandably make you angry and frustrated if you are forced to work at a local burger joint with a masters degree.

Now if you aren’t able to find a job that matches your profession and education, it can be very hard to stay motivated and keep looking for suitable work or do something else to keep yourself active.

It’s funny how most of us hate getting up for work when that is actually the one thing that keeps as active and moving forward even in the days we don’t feel like it. If there’s not enough pressure to do anything, you can easily became passive and down right lazy. You decide to sleep late, skip cleaning and other chores and maybe have beer or two just for one day. Next thing you know that one day has turned to six months. Think about what that would do to your self esteem?

This is essentially how social alienation happens. It’s especially prevalent with young men who can’t find work. If there’s no motivation to find work or suitable work available and not enough income from welfare benefits, financing your living through criminal means becomes a tangible option. Once you cross that line it’s almost impossible dig yourself out of the hole.

That’s why it’s extremely important to stay busy! So if you don’t have work, find some or better yet, employ yourself.

Why finding work is so hard these days

Work has changed. Not long ago there were manual jobs available to all willing and getting an academic education meant certain employment and a comfortable income. It doesn’t work like that anymore.

Automation and unemployment

Manual labor jobs have all but vanished due to automation and digitalization and they will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Not long from now we will have synthetic workers to do the jobs that still require human locomotion and dexterity like construction work.

The only work we humans will need to do is to program and oversee all the automated processes. Ok, I’m sure there will be a ton service jobs for long time to come, but you get the point about manual jobs reducing by the minute.

The problem is that every person on the planet can’t be a software engineer or a systems specialist. Manual labor is good for our bodies and mental well being and some people actually choose to do it over sitting in front of the computer all the time. The unfortunate fact is also that everyone doesn’t have the mental acuity to perform demanding specialist work.

So the loss of manual labor jobs and the oversupply of workforce has demanded a need for more people to get a higher level of education, which in turn has led to more competition and risen job requirements in many fields.

So in essence education has been inflated and a diploma no longer means instant employment, it has become the bare minimum requirement. This has made working life and finding a job very competitive and stressful.

I'm tired being unemployed

Polls in many countries have shown that young people are more pessimistic about their career possibilities than ever. The high demand of constant education and competition has led the age of giving birth to rise to an all time high and many young adults are choosing to not get children due to career demands.

When you are closing thirty, without ever having worked a permanent job, having offspring can feel quite daunting.

This all means you can’t really trust in society or your employer to take care of you. You have to take the matters in your own hands and rule your own destiny. This requires educating yourself on how to employ yourself in a way that is sustainable now and in the future so you are not dependent on others.

My story

Back in the beginning of 2012 I had just gotten my degree and was sending job applications everywhere. The economy had just took a serious dive in and finding a job even vaguely related to my field turned out to be a lot more troublesome than I had anticipated.

After about three months I was out of money and really tired being unemployed. That’s when I remembered a few sites about making money online and working from home I had stumbled upon maybe half a year before.

Back then I did not take it seriously, as it seemed too good to be true, but after being unemployed for months I felt desperate and decided to try to start an internet business.

I created my first internet site without really understanding too much about the business or without having any real experience in web design or other technical stuff. I managed to work on the site for couple of months before finding a temp job that lead to a full time employment and I forgot about the site and making money online for a couple of years so it obviously was not a success.

My story


Due to financial uncertanties, like lay-offs at work, it became apparent that I need to have a back-up plan.

Back to business

That’s why couple months ago I made a comeback to working online for myself. That’s when I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate, or WA for short. I did some research and found out pretty much all of its users were very satisfied with the service and especially the training and community. It’s essentially a step by step education to making money online by content creation and affiliate marketing. WA also offers all the tools you need to run your own sites from hosting to content creation and wordpress installation to keyword research tool Jaaxy.

You really don’t need to understand about the technical stuff as it’s all explained very simply in the training. I ran the free trial for a week or so before going to premium to get on with the training and building my first site.

The thing is – this stuff works. For the first time I have a clear plan for how to get traffic and find topics and keywords people are looking for and the best thing is the WA community, they will help you with any problems or questions you may encounter. The only thing the community expects in return is that you help others out when possible – it truly is a win-win situation for all involved.

And the best part is doing this is fun! If I get to help people by writing about stuff I actually enjoy writing about and simultaneously creating a cumulative income for myself while working from anywhere in the world – count me in! Btw I actually wrote this whole post on the plain and train while returning from a holiday in Spain.


In hindsight if I had had the knowledge I have now and knew I was going to be unemployed for 6 months I would have worked very hard as I now know I could have made a comfortable living that way by now. You have so much more time when you are unemployed. But then again, hindsight is always 20-20.

I am seeing results with the system but don’t have enough content and traffic to be able to make this my main source of income. That takes time and work but my goal is to be able to make this a full-time income source within year from now. You need to have realistic goals with this stuff.

If I was unemployed currently I would find a way to pay the bills with minimum time commitment, join Wealthy Affiliate, follow their training and bust my ass working night and day creating content to start making money for myself, on my own terms without outside demands. I highly suggest you think about it too!

If you have any questions, suggestions or maybe just want to chat with someone who has been in your situation please drop a comment, I promise to get back to you.




20 replies on “I’m tired being unemployed – If you’re thinking that, read this”

We’ve definitely all been there. Heck, the reason why people try so hard to make money online is because the issues with employment that you outlined.

You really hit the nail on the head. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the way to go when it comes to starting right. Like you also said, wandering this landscape of the internet without any guidance is a recipe for failure. Wouldn’t want that, would we?

Thanks for the comment Denver. I think the competition online and in affiliate marketing is getting harder by the day so you can’t really make it without a good training if you don’t have prior experience.

Things like SEO and google keyword ranking are changing almost daily and without a community of like minded experts you really are on your own guessing what to do next. That’s the biggest thing about WA, up-to-date education and a very active and helpful community to help you solve your problems and motivate you.

Yes, times have changed. 30 years ago in the US, one can land a good job just armed with a high school diploma. Today, a college education can guarantee huge student loans for most but not employment.
I’m very interested in WA. Please post a link to the site so I can check it out further.
Thanks for your post.

Hi Gigi! I agree student loans are another huge problem with education in many countries. Fortunately here in Finland education is pretty much paid for with tax money, but you pretty much have to work or take a loan to make the ends meet while studying. You can read more about Wealthy Affiliate here.

I can identify with what you are saying, being unemployed. Thankfully being in the situation I am in, it hasn’t affected me in serious ways but been depressing. It is very tough today and with education, it does not guarantee employment. Wages are not high enough, people have to work so many hours in a week and are like zombies when it gets to Friday. I have joined Wealthy Affiliate because I don’t want to be stuck in the rut and really achieve success. A great post you have written that will help a lot of people.

I know what you mean Eden. I truly feel like a zombie after a full week of work and one weekend is not enough to recover from the stress. That’s why I have decided to take things in to my own hands and work for myself.

Jukka,, Great article, I like the perspective you add to the situation. If a person kicks themselves for being unemployed, it’s counterproductive. Best of success to you with this new endeavor!


Thanks for the comment Steve! I agree that it’s usually counterproductive to blame yourself for your situation. Of course it’s always productive to analyze your situation and try to figure out how to improve it and yourself.

Great post mate. I definitely know what you mean about being unemployed with no clear sign of a future. It makes it hard to concentrate on other things and you just get sucked into this spiral of depression. There is a job network out there though. I do it for a living and there are HEAPS of jobs if you know where to look but the WA community is definitely a win win like you said. Its a great community and has great people there to help you out when you get stuck on something technical or something stupid and minute.
Great post again.
Love & smiles,

Thanks Adam! I know there are heaps of jobs out there to people willing to work. The problem is that many times those jobs don’t match your education and it can be very hard to get started with your “real” career. If you take the chance and become self employed you won’t ever have to be dependent on the job market. All the best to you!

What a great article, so relevant in our times!
Thank you Jukka it give us hope.
I sometimes think it is better to think of this situation as being between jobs than rather be unemployed?
It sounds so much more positive on the ear.
Thank you for emphasising the need for a purpose and WA is an excellent solution!
Bush Lady

Thank you Stella! I know at least British people like to use the between jobs more than unemployed or on the dole to give it a positive spin. As positive as we Finns are portrayed (not), believe it or not we don’t have a positive term for unemployment. There’s literally one word describing unemployment which literally translates ‘without a job’ or ‘without work’. Then again historically work has been the staple of our culture so I guess it fits. With out a profession you are usually seen as a slacker and a loser.

Great article! This is a fresh new perspective for the new year and is a definite motivation-booster!
Thank you!

Very insightful article Jukka, I enjoyed the read. You are absolutely spot on with your recommendation to join Wealthy Affiliate and get down to work with it. I have personally taken that path and want to endorse your recommendation. It’s work, it will take time but I have learned from my own previous online experiences is Wealthy Affiliate is in a league of it’s own and is worthy of anyone’s involvement if they are truly desiring building an online business/income. All the best to you in 2019 and onward. Thanks again for this great article.

Sure thing Myles! I’ve been seeing some exciting results for the past month and 2019 is definitely going to be the year for online success! All the best to you too.

I actually gave up looking for a job.

Not because I’m lazy but because it just doesn’t make much sense to me anymore.

Why trade nearly all of my time for a fixed sum of money – but with a potentially unlimited amount of work and stress?

Especially now that job security doesn’t really exist.

Working yourself to exhaustion to make someone else rich is a pointless way to live IMO.

I prefer running my own online affiliate business because I like the creative process and I can leverage my work multiple times over using passive income strategies.

Good post,

You pretty much summed every point I have for turning to work online on my own business. I just have to keep working for a while to meet my mortgage payments and other expenses you know :D. I hope to get where you are at Dan by the end of 2019. That is working and earning a full time income on my online business. All the best to you!

Great article!
I have done alot of research online looking for a way to make money
you may not get rich right away but Wealthy affiliate is for sure the way
to go.That is why i joined

Thanks for the comment Laurie! Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the place to get started. I use other resources as well but WA is my go to online resource. I’m love to use their platform and like the hosting service and community as well.

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