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Best sales jobs of 2018 – Jobs for natural sellers

Are you good at selling stuff? But you don’t have a college degree and are having tough time finding work? Or maybe you are a hard-boiled sales veteran looking to change employer and want to find the best sales jobs of 2018? No matter what you situation is, it’s a fact that finding decent work […]

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Why do people want to work from home? – 5 reasons to avoid the office

Updated 19/12/2018 Many people fantasize about working from home. The reasons are many but sometimes you can’t help wondering why is it exactly? Why do people want to work from home? Today I will talk about some of the most common reasons to avoid the office or what ever your workplace is and staying home […]



  Hello Stranger! My name is Jukka and I’m the proud owner of The site dedicated to helping people who want to work on their own terms instead of a regular career. I’m not here to tell you that you don’t need to work for a living. But I am here to tell you […]