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Is Survey Savvy Legit? [2020 Review]

Welcome to my Survey Savvy review! If you are wondering is Survey Savvy legit or maybe a scam that will just waste your time, I’m here to help you find out!

First of all, congratulations for taking the time to do your research on an online opportunity. The truth is that there are so many scams out there that it’s almost impossible to find the money-making opportunities that actually work.

Survey Savvy is actually one of the oldest survey sites. If you are new to survey sites, they pay you for filling surveys that companies use to gather consumer opinions.

The problem with most survey sites is that they pay you very little compared to the time investment. More importantly, you don’t really learn or hone any skills while filling random surveys.

Now the question is if Survey Savvy is any different? Read on to find out.

Before we continue, I want you to know that I’m not affiliated with Survey Savvy in any way or form. I just check out online money-making opportunities for my readers and share my opinion.

From time to time I recommend programs that I personally have used successfully and known for a fact they are legit. I never recommend anything I haven’t used extensively myself, so you can rest assured my recommendations are based on real-life experience.

What Is Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy is a survey site that pays you for filling surveys from all kinds of companies. Survey Savvy has actually been around since 1999 so they have over 20-year track record in offering surveys to members.

Their business model is gathering consumer opinions for companies. In case you didn’t know, consumer opinion and behavior are extremely valuable for marketing and companies are willing to pay good bucks to increase their sales with this information.

So Survey Savvy gets assignments from companies that are looking for opinions on a subject related to their industry or products. Survey Savvy matches the correct audiences with the correct surveys.

The client company gets the opinions and information and pays Survey Savvy for it. Survey Savvy then gives a portion of that money to the people that filled in the surveys. It’s a system where everyone wins.

Survey Savvy is owned by Luth Research LLC, a market research business that resides in San Diego, California. They’ve been in the business of market research since 1977.

How Does Survey Savvy Work?

So how do you actually make money with filling surveys and how are they able to pay you if it’s free to join?

Well, it’s of course about market research. Companies of all sizes are willing to pay good money for consumer opinions on their products and niches.

But random answers are of course not very valuable to these companies, so Survey Savvy does it’s best to match target audiences with the right companies.

So when you join, you will need to fill a rather detailed member profile. Survey Savvy uses the information on your profile to target different demographics depending on the criteria provided by their client companies.

When your profile matches the criteria you will be invited to join a survey through email. You will then usually need to pass an additional screening portion and of course, complete the survey to earn the payment mentioned in the invite.

So there are no guarantees about how many daily or weekly surveys you will receive for example. It depends on your personal profile and the assignments Survey Savvy gets from the client companies.

You can also participate in behavioral research by installing SavvyConnect on your computer. It monitors your behavior unobtrusively and you can receive additional paid surveys for the time the software is active.

Finally, you can make money through their referral program and contests. The referral program compensates you for referring people into the program and the contests are occasional.

Is Survey Savvy A Scam?

No, Survey Savvy definitely isn’t a scam. It’s been around since 1999 and any business that is fraudulent wouldn’t be operational that long. It’s actually one of the better survey sites out there with a good track record.

But the more important question is, is it worth your time? To be honest, in my opinion, it isn’t.

The truth is that filling surveys pays very little and it takes a lot of time and sometimes effort. You’d be hard-pressed to reach even half of a minimum wage job hourly salary.

Then again, if you are looking for a way to make a few additional bucks online every month without the need to learn new skills, Survey Savvy could help you achieve that especially if you combine it with other Survey Sites.

But if you are looking to make a substantial supplemental income or a full-time income online, you need to be focusing your efforts on more lucrative opportunities.

One of the key issues with filling surveys or clicking ads on PTC sites is the fact that you don’t learn or hone any skills. I’m a firm believer in working on things where you can improve daily.

A good example of this is blogging, which I do on a daily basis. Writing is slow and clumsy at first but you get better at it over time. You write more and better in the same timeframe.

You also become better at talking to your readers and finding interesting topics and keywords. With filling surveys this doesn’t happen.

In case you might be interested how to earn honest money online with blogging, I’ll show you in the next chapter.

One last thing about Survey Savvy I don’t really like is the SavvyConnect. I personally feel like we already give too much of our information to large corporations and they make big bucks with data mining.

So installing a piece of software that specifically monitors my behavior online feels like a breach of my privacy. Of course, everyone has the right to decide for themselves but please think twice before handing over your privacy for a few bucks. Even if it’s anonymous.

There’s Potential For Greater Income Online

So like I said, I make money online by blogging. While many people seem to think that blogging was a shortlived thing in the mid-2000s, they often don’t realize that many of the websites they read are actually blogs or at least started at ones.

I actually don’t really like the term blogging, but it’s familiar to most people. Some call certain kinds of websites niche websites instead of blogs for example, but I think the terminology isn’t very strict in this space.

But here’s the important part. You can create a website from scratch and grow it in a year or two to produce a full-time income and beyond if you keep working at it.

As you can see, it’s not some get rich quick scheme, but a legit business model where you have to put in the work to reap the results.

In a nutshell, it works like this:

  1. Pick a niche you are passionate about and/or people are interested on.
  2. Create content around keywords that have low competition and people are looking for information on.
  3. Provide value and solutions to people.
  4. You start receiving traffic through Google organically and you can also run paid ads for faster results.
  5. Once you have content and traffic, you can monetize the website through affiliate marketing, displaying ads, selling your own products, email marketing, etc.
  6. Once you create a piece of content, it has the potential to produce income for years to come. This means that the income potential is massive and cumulative.
  7. Your website works for you 24/7. You can earn while you sleep and while you take time off from working on your site.

So as you can see, there are some pretty awesome benefits like passive income and huge income potential. And of course, the freedom to work from anywhere in the world.

But the thing is that you have to be initially willing to work for months without any compensation. Many people give up way to early. But the truth is that this stuff works and anything worth having in life requires effort on your part.

Don’t be afraid of the writing part either. It’s a skill you can learn. I did. I’m not a native English speaker but I’ve managed to write over 600,000 words in English on my websites. Wasn’t easy at first but now I don’t even think about it.

If this sounds something you might be interested in, definitely check out my Wealthy Affiliate review, it’s the best one-stop-shop for training and tools for bloggers in my opinion and it’s where I learned these skills.

Also, consider checking out my free 7-day online marketing course where I walk you through the steps of setting up your initial website.


I hope you found my Survey Savvy review useful. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through the comments section below and I’ll see if I can help you out.

Survey Savvy is definitely a legit survey site, but unfortunately, the income potential is so low that I can’t really recommend it as the main income source.

But if you want to make a few bucks here and there, this is probably one of the easiest ways to do it. Just be aware that you are not learning any new skills and you are subjecting yourself to advertising while doing it.

But Survey Savvy definitely wins over wasting your time clicking on ads on PTC sites for example. But if you are looking to make any kind of significant income online, I recommend you check out my recommendation about an alternative business model.

Thanks for reading and remember to share on social media if you found the post useful!

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Hi Jukka,

Thanks for this article. I think all survey sites are like Survey Savvy that is not worth our time spent on completing one survey after another. If you want to make a stable online income, I would agree with you that building your websites with quality content is the best way to proceed. You can choose the topic/niche you have a passion so that you will feel like you are just sharing your thoughts to help others who have the same interests, right?

Thanks for sharing today; it’s good to read.

Glad you found the article Matt! Yes, definitely, having your website about something you are passionate about is a good way to create sustainable income only.

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