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PTCShare Review – Is PTC Share A Scam?

Welcome to my PTC Share review! PTC Share is a popular PTC site that offers you ways to earn money for free! But is PTC share a scam?

I'm not going to keep you in suspense. PTC Share is not a scam. It's a fairly standard Paid To Click site that can help you earn some pocket change. But I can't really recommend PTC Share. Why? Because I think PTC sites pay way too little for your time, you are selling yourself short. 

I'm glad to see you are doing your research. It's the only way to avoid all the scams out there and to find the legit online business opportunities

Clicking on ads and online lotteries might seem like a good idea, but you are actually giving away your most valuable asset. Your time.

Clicking on ads doesn't provide any value to anyone really in my opinion, not even to you other than the few cents you "earn". PTC sites can be addictive and make you feel like you are doing something useful with your time and not slacking around.

There are simply better ways to spend your time. Like creating an online business that can earn you a life-changing passive income in the long run for similar daily time investment.

But let's take a look at the full scoop if you really want to learn what PTCshare is about and what it offers.

PTCShare Summary

Product Name: PTCShare

Product Type:  Paid to click site

Product Price: Free to use

Summary: PTCShare is another PTC site with similarities to the other clone PTC sites I've reviewed recently.

But PTCShares actually has a decently sized user base, professional looking site, proof of payment and good ratings on third party sites so it definitely seems legit.

They have a bit funny system where you first have to earn Bonus Ad Points before you can click actual money earning ads. But the system rewards you for being active so this is probably a part of that system.

Either way it's still a PTC site which means that the income potential is very little. That's why I can't recommend it as a business opportunity.

My mission is to help people start working on their own terms. That's why I only recommend products that can realistically achieve that. Click on the link below for my top recommendation. 

What Is PTCShare

Before we continue with the review I want to be completely honest with you and tell you that I'm not affiliated with PTCShare. I'm not going to share a referral link to their service.

I'm just reviewing the service to give my opinion if it's a good way to make money online. That's kinda what I do you know. I do recommend a product I truly believe in though.

PTCShare is a Paid To Click site that promises the possibility to earn money online in just a few minutes in their own words.

The basic way you can earn money through PTCShare is by clicking on "cash ads" i.e. advertisements that pay you money for a click. There are also other ways to earn that we will talk more about in the chapter "How PTCShare works".

PTCShares ideology is that it's possible to provide effective advertising while offering a business opportunity simultaneously.

They set themselves different from other PTC sites by offering a system that lets you earn according to your involvement within the target sites. I.e. if you are more active on the site, you will earn more money.

They do this through something called Bonus Ad Points system or BAP for short. The more BAP you hold the more and better-paying ads you will receive. So BAPs improve your income potential within the system.

They also strive on having a system that only takes minutes every day because well, you know, people are busy.

Besides clicking the ads they also offer the possibility to earn by referring people into the system. They will pay 7% from all the advertising they buy and 3% of every Paid Ad they view.

Creator PTCShare

PTCShare seems to have a lot more finished looking website with information about their business model than most run-of-the-mill PTC sites running EvolutionScript that are basically clones of each other. These include sites lie PushpBux, SharkClix, PayuBux and dozens of others.

I'm a bit surprised PTCShare doesn't have any information about the ownership and creators behind the company. Like most PTC sites they have decided to remain faceless.

I always find this suspicious but I guess there could be a ton of reasons for this. Either way, unlike many sites they do have and an actual listed physical address and company number that's based in Scotland. The company is called Linstow LP.

A quick search on the company number confirmed the company is in fact registered in Scotland as a limited partnership that's been registered 16th December 2016.  but there is no public information about the actual ownership.

I also found information that the company Linstow LP actually runs another PTC site called

A quick search on Paidverts confirmed it's a legit PTC site with good reviews so that's of course promising. They have actually paid out almost $9,000,000 since 2014 so that's some serious dough for a PTC site.

How PTCShares Works

To start earning money with PTCShare you will naturally have to start by creating your account. It's free to create an account.

Once you have an account set up, you will receive a welcome gift of 100 BAP on your account. The BAP system works so that you can get more ads to view with your BAPs = more money to earn.

You actually have to earn enough BAPs before you can get ads to click. But they typically pay more for a click.

They also have an achievement point system. You will receive achievement points by being active on the ad sites.

You have to watch at least 15 adds to get access to the additional income opportunities which include offer walls, surveys, "ClixGrid" and all the typical stuff of PTC sites.

Here's a demo review by PaidFromSurveys that explains really well how the system works:

How Much Money Can You Make With PTCShares?

I didn't use PTCShares long enough to have any real first-hand experience of the maximum earning potential of PTCShares.

With most PTC sites you can earn a few dollars per day. Typically less than $10.

When you take into consideration that PTCShares pays you a few cents to a dollar for each click, it seems their income potential is right around the $10 limit.

You can probably go over that if you manage to get a lot of referrals and have active people below you as you earn a part of their sales. But you have to keep in mind it's only 3%.

Is PTCShare A Scam

No. PTCShare doesn't seem to be a scam from what I've seen. But the system a bit strange as you have to earn the BAPs before you can view ads and you have to view ads before you can use the other means of income.

The company seems legit as attested by their other successful PTC site. The website is well finished with a good amount of information about their business model and how it all works.

This is actually surprisingly rare, especially with the more suspicious PTC sites. PTCShares also has an excellent score at

FoxyRating score of PTCShares

But to anyone who is looking to make any kind of meaningful income or to actually quit their job, this is not the right program.

I'm talking about the kind of income that puts a roof over your head, groceries into the fridge and pays the electric bill. That's the kind of income I'm after as this site is about getting out of the rat race and living on your own terms.

Well, there is actually one way to earn probably a decent supplemental income, as in high three figures per month (just a guess), with PTCShare.

You can leverage the referral system of PTCShare. If you can refer hundreds of thousands of people and even if a fraction of them stay active, you could earn significant passive income.

The problem with this model is that the sad reality is that people generally give up on PTC sites after a week or two. And who can blame them, clicking ads is no way to live in my books.

This, of course, means that most of your referrals won't make any significant income, which means you won't make any significant income from them.

Finally, I think that PTC sites can be addictive and give you the illusion you are doing something constructive and useful with your precious time when in reality you would be better off reading a book or even doing just something you enjoy.

There are ways to make money by actually providing value to people. The more value you can provide, the more successful your business will be.

I don't know about you but I'd much rather make money by helping people out instead of clicking on ads. You can learn how to do that too!

How To Make Money By Helping People

So like I said, you can in fact make money by helping people out. And what's even better is that you can create an automated business over that! Interested? Good. You should be.

Let's play a little game. Think back the last time you needed to solve a problem. Maybe you needed to decide what smartphone or headphones to get, find information on some country, how to perform an exercise in the gym.

All odds are that if you didn't have the solution already in your head before you did anything else you Googled it.

And what showed up? A results page with ten articles from different domains. You clicked likely one of the top ones that had the most relevant and captivating headline.

If you paid attention, you might have noticed that in all likely hood the site you visited had at least one way to turn your visit into money. They might have recommended a product, display ads that might interest you or even try and sell their own product.

If you already know all of this I'm sorry for being so obvious but it surprises me that most people have no idea how and especially how much people are making money on these Google searches.

And I'm not talking about huge corporations with millions to put into marketing. I'm talking about single-person operations. Regular people like you and me that just have a website with awesome content.

That's how I make money. I have two websites, this is the other one and another one is about strength training. 

I know this business model works from my own experience and because there are thousands of people who have succeeded with this business model.

The place I learned this stuff is called Wealthy Affiliate. You can check some of the success stories by members of WA if you don't believe me. That is an affiliate link, by the way, if you end up joining Wealthy Affiliate through it and become a premium member, I will earn a small commission.

You will get me as your sponsor within the system in return. I promise to give my full support to all people who join through my link.

There's a lot of information in WA and it's really easy to get overwhelmed or sidetracked. Having someone who has walked the path before you is extremely beneficial when you are feeling stuck, so don't take my offer lightly.

I also created a free 7-day course you can join to fast-track your progress and avoid all the fluff.


I hope you found my PTCShare review useful. The program seems to be as legit as PTC sites come. That, unfortunately, doesn't change the fact that PTC sites aren't worth the trouble in my opinion.

You simply can't earn enough and there isn't any real added value in clicking ads in my opinion. You probably can earn a lot more through referrals than clicking on ads yourself but I still wonder if there's any serious money to be made.

It's my mission to help as many people as possible to start working on their own terms so I only recommend business models that can achieve that.

Currently, I recommend online affiliate marketing as it's proven to work and you can earn full-time income and more through it.

It also offers the potential for true financial and locational freedom. You can work from anywhere in the world and your business will produce passive income even when you sleep or take a vacation.

This will eventually allow you to free up time to do the things you want like to spend time with your family, play games, do sports, think, etc. Because you are your own boss, there's no one telling you what to do either.

Thanks for reading!

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The more I read about these earn-from-clicks sites the more I am put off by the whole concept. As you so rightly say – you are giving up your time for a few cents and hour. And what could be more valuable than your time. Even if, as you say PTCShare isn’t a scam its not really a great business model. Thanks for another solid and straight-forward review.

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