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PushpBux Review: Is It Scam Or Legit?

Welcome to my PushpBux review. If you are wondering if PushpBux is a scam or a legit business opportunity, I hope I can shed a little light on the subject.

First of all, I’m glad you’ve decided to take the time to do research before jumping in on blindly on a business opportunity. It’s the only way to avoid wasting time on scams.

If you're new to making money online, there are all sorts of legit opportunities that range from simple tasks to expensive “high ticket” opportunities and running actual online businesses.

Then there are of course scams that are usually very expensive or in the case of task-based scams just time-consuming.

PushpBux is a very new task-based online opportunity that promises money in exchange for simple tasks. But is it a legit way to earn some extra or just a time-consuming waste of your time?

Before we continue I want you to know that I’m not in any way affiliated with the company. I’m creating this review as an unbiased third party opinion if the service is something worth your time.

I’ve reviewed dozens of online business opportunities as I’m interested in making money online and my mission is to teach as many people as possible how to earn a living online.

So I’m not here trying to sell you the program or convince you to join it.

PushpBux Summary

Product Name: PushpBux Summary

Product Type:  Paid To Click platform

Product Price: Free to use. Silver membership $29.99/ month, Gold memebership $199.99/year.


PushpBux is a PTC platform that pays for clicking on ads and different kinds of


UPDATE: Several people have reached out to me stating that the program is a scam. I don't have any hard proof of this so I'm not going to claim it as a scam but I want you to be aware of these claims. You can check the comments at FoxyRating for more information.

The program seems to be legit as I tried using it and users have already reported withdrawing money from the system.

But there are only few ads to click every day so you can expect to earn a dollar or two per at max currently.

I can't really recommend this as a business opportunity as you can use your time much more productively in my opinion.

If you want to learn how create life changing income online, check out my recommendation below.

What Is PushpBux

Pushpbux (not an affiliate/referral link) is a brand new Paid-To-Click (PTC) platform that has the slogan “Get Paid For Simple Online Tasks”.

They offer the opportunity to earn money by performing tasks like viewing ads, points contests, heads or tails games, Glix Grid, and referrals.

They offer payments in via PayPal. Payeer, Skrill, Coin 2 Send and Bitcoin.  They have a legal EvolutionScript license. EvolutionScript is a software service for PTC / GPT (Get Paid To) sites and services.

"It's not just a business. Our software is the best and most popular PTC/GPT script on the net from 2010. Others try to imitate, but no others can replicate our success." Evolution Script

For members, they claim to offer lightning-fast payments, fast and stable income, enhanced affiliate system, daily upgrade commissions, no minimum payout, and instant payments.

For advertisers, they claim to offer business solutions, limitless potential clients, affordable rates, geo-targeted filters, live and detailed statistics and new anti-cheat protection (probably the EvolutionScript).

They claim to have a leading team of experts, creative innovations, friendly and & efficient support, 256 bit encrypted with DDos and top-ranked EV SSL certificate.

Who’s behind PushpBux

I couldn’t find any information on the founders of the company. It seems there's an admin named Raju on the forum and I suspect that this is the person behind the company.

It's always a bit concerning when you can't find who is behind a company. They claim to have a leading team of experts on their home page but I couldn't find any information who these experts are.

Then again their website is literally just published so they might be adding more information in the coming weeks.

How does PuspBux work

So how does PushpBux work? Well, it's a typical paid to click service where you are compensated for actions you take within the system.

The system is very new and there are currently only a few ads you can click but according to their TOS, they accept any kind of advertisement expect pages that break out of frames, have malicious codes, redirects, adult content, MLM opportunities, gambling or contain referral sales.

They also have a minimum webpage load time requirement of 10 seconds and the site must be capable of supporting multiple visits per second.

Why I'm telling you this is that it means if this service picks up and grows, we can expect all sorts of PTC opportunities in the future.

But using the platform is pretty straight forward:

  1. Go to their website
  2. Click on the join us button and create an account
  3. Start clicking on ads and lotteries
  4. Withdraw your earnings.

I made a short demo video of the interface so you can see it in action here:

You can see what kind of ads they have within the system from this picture:

screenshot of ads

A few important rules to know are that each advertisement will pay you once every 24 hours so you can't just keep clicking on one ad.

You are recommended to use a high-speed internet connection with a unique IP address to avoid registration errors.

You are only allowed one account per computer/IP address and you aren't allowed to use VPNs or proxies in an attempt to game the system.

They seem to have pretty strict rules which is actually a good thing because many PTC platforms are full of people trying to game the system and cheat with bots and proxies.

Besides clicking on ads you can make money by  referring other people into the system. You will earn a referral upgrade bonus from all your referrals depending on your membership.

There are three memberships. A free one, a silver one that costs $29.99/month and a gold one that costs $199.99/year. 

pushpbux account table

Is PushpBux a Scam?

UPDATE: Several people have reached out to me stating that the program is a scam. I don't have any hard proof of this so I'm not going to claim it as a scam, but I want you to be aware of these claims. Tread carefully and use caution. You can check out FoxyRating reviews for more information.

No, I wouldn’t call PushpBux a Scam. They are just another paid to click service that offers advertisers a platform to share their content and users the possibility to make very little cash.

That said the system is literally brand new. It has only around 60 members as of writing this so it’s really too early to tell If they are a legit company or not. That remains to be seen.

They do have a legal EvolutionScript license. I did check with the EvolutionScript License checker that their license is valid:

A screenshot of valid pushpbux EvolutionSripct License

They also have a forum where members share the payments they have received.

But when you consider they payments are in cents or few dollars the program will no likely be worth your time if you live in the western world. It’s simply too time-consuming to keep clicking for cents.

It’s definitely not a way to earn a consistent income that could pay the bills and put food in the fridge.

On the other hand, if you live in a third world country and can consistently earn a few dollars daily through the system, it could definitely be a way to earn some significant extra.

I have no idea if that’s possible because the opportunities are usually regional and I honestly didn’t have time to try out how much you can earn with the system.

But here’s the thing. I all for creating life-changing income that allows you to quit your job. Not change that can buy you a beer or two.

The opportunities for achieving this are real and something you should take advantage of. Especially if you live in a third world country!

You could actually create a successful online business that will allow you to live like a king in places where a single dollar is a valuable asset.

Want to make real money?

If you think you couldn’t possibly run your own business or have the skills to create an online business, hear me out.

When I talk about online business, I’m literally talking about running a website. Such as this one.

It requires almost zero technical skills to run a website these days. If you can use Pay-to-click software, you can build a website.

An online business allows you to earn an income on automation from the content you have created. You work once and get paid for years.

You can also work from anywhere in the world and you don’t need huge investments. All you need is a hosting service and some tools.

But the real part about your business is the content. This is the most important thing and why most people don’t succeed with this stuff.

This is definitely not a get rich quick scheme, this is a legit business that takes work. In the form of creating content people are looking for.

You see, new sites don’t really rank well in Google these days. You need to create an initial amount of content and let the site age before people can find it and you can convert the traffic into sales.

This is the part people are not willing to stand for. They give up too early. But I know you can because I have done it myself.

I created a free 7-day course where I show you how to get started and I’ll share my tips on how to create the initial content so all that you have to do is put in the work, following a simple plan. Cool?

You can enroll for the 7-day course by submitting your email address into the form below. I will not spam your email and you can unsubscribe anytime. There are no hidden costs during the 7 days. 


I hope you found my Pushpbux review useful and it answered most of your questions about the opportunity.

There’s really nothing that would suggest it would be a scam. I especially like the fact that they have acquired an EvolutionScript license which makes the company a lot more credible.

That said I just can’t recommend it because I think these kinds of  Pay-To-Click services pay too little to be worth your time.

Your time is your most valuable asset, you can’t get it back. So use it for something productive that can change your future for the better if you are willing to put in the work.

That’s why I recommend starting your own online business from the bottom of my heart. It will allow you to achieve passive income and financial freedom over the long run.

Thanks for reading and consider sharing this post on social media if you found it useful!

See you next time!

4 replies on “PushpBux Review: Is It Scam Or Legit?”

from the Admin of greatest scam in PTC history…Grandbux…better check it at foxyrating and beermoney

Thanks for the heads up Steve! I couldn’t find any confirmation about the creator of PushpBux from either BeerMoney forums or Foxyrating. Do you have any confirmation or a source that they are from the same creator? I wouldn’t be surprised but I need a source to confirm it. Either way, I don’t really recommend spending your time with PTC systems because the profit potential is minimal.

Thanks for informing me Waseem. Could you elaborate a bit? Do you have some proof of this? I’m more than happy to fix the review but I need something more substantial.

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