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Volutic Review: Is It Scam Or Legit?

Welcome to my Volutic review! If you are wondering if Volutic is scam or legit I hope I can help you decide!

Volutic is a brand new paid to read (PTR) service that offers you income in turn of reading advertisement letters. But is it legit and can you make any real money with it?

First of all congratulations on taking the time to research before potentially wasting your time on a scam. Doing research is the only way to find the legit opportunities to make money online.

I check out and review online business opportunities because I want to teach as many people as possible to make an income on their own terms online.

To be honest most "business opportunities" in the online world are nothing but scams designed to take your money.

If you are new to making money online you should be extremely critical about every opportunity because of this.

While most of the free paid to click and paid to read services and platforms do what they promise. They pay you pocket change in turn of your actions there are problems with them I'll also talk about.

Before we continue I want to be completely transparent and tell you that I'm not affiliated with Volutic in any way, I will not include referral or affiliate links to their service. I'm simply offering my opinion based on the information I could find and my experiences with the program.

Volutic Summary

Product Name: Volutic

Product Type:  Paid to read (PTR) service

Product Price: Free


Volutic seems to be a legit PTR service that pays you a few cents per read email and pays you in BitCoin.

The only concerning thing was that I couldn't find who are the creators behind the program. That said there seem to be legit proof of payment.

I can't recommend Volutic as a business opportunity. The earning potential is simply too little and you aren't actually adding any value by using it.

I recommend you invest your time in creating and actual online business that can create life changing income. Check out my recommendation through the link below and thank me later!

What Is Volutic

Volutic is a brand new paid to read service. Quite simply they pay to read emails. If you are like me, you get tons of emails every day and spend up to an hour reading them daily, it would be great to get paid for that right?

Well, of course, they are not going to pay you for reading emails sent to you by your mom. They pay you to read emails from their sponsored advertisers.

Basically advertisers buy newsletter space from them and they send their content through email to you and you share the revenue.

They also have a 6 level referral system so you can earn money by referring people into the system.

Volutic can be used on desktop, tablet or smartphone through their responsive browser-based platform. There's no iOS or Android app as far as I can tell.

They pay you through in BitCoins and their minimum payout is 0.2USD.

Who's Behind Volutic

Like with many of these brand new PTC and PTR companies, I couldn't find any information on the owners or creators of the company.

I always wonder what's the reason for not sharing your identity if you are running a company unless you have something to hide.

But who am I to judge. I only share my first name on my site because identity theft is a real thing and I don't want nosy colleagues, employers, and acquaintances to find out what I'm doing in my free time.

It might be that these businesses are just a small side hustle to someone who would prefer to keep their identity secret from their employers for example.

Considering the fact that most YouTube videos I could find about the company seem to be either in Arabic, Spanish or some languages I can't recognize instantly, I'm guessing it's created somewhere in the Middle East. That's just my speculation so feel free to enlighten me.

How Does Volutic Work

So let's look at how Volutic works exactly. The platform is browser-based and you can access at (not an affiliate link).

Before you start you will naturally have to register. You will need a username, email, and a password so pretty basic stuff.

Vollutic registration

You can then access your account and the Volutic interface.

Under money, you will find your earnings, under referrals the people you have referred, under people your contacts and under statistics well statistics.

The referrals are actually interesting because it shows all the people in your downline in a pyramid fashion.

Volutic pays you the following commission percentages per level in your downline:

  1. 100%
  2. 90%
  3. 80%
  4. 70%
  5. 60%
  6. 50%

They also have an introduction promo referral bonus at the moment of writing this and pay $1 for every referral when they earn $1.

Once you have registered into the system, Volutic will start sending you emails.

When you receive an email from them, it will say it's a paid email from Volutic.

Once you open the email, there will be a link your will need to click and stay on the target site a moment to earn a commission.

You can see how the system and interface actually works in this video by r j:

Is Volutic A Scam

There is proof of payment on their website but also on Foxyrating, so I would say they are definitely not a scam.

To be honest I did not register for the service so I can't confirm personally if they payout. But you're not going to lose much trying.

They do incorporate an MLM (multi-level-marketing) referral system meaning that you will earn commissions from people you refer and the people they refer. If you understand a tiny bit of math, you will realize this has potential to turn cents into significant income.

So If you want to make any more than a couple of dollars with the system, you will have to recruit a lot of people. That way I can imagine you could earn some actual money.

I know, I know, how can I review a free product without even putting in the effort of trying it?

Well, I appreciate both my time and email inbox too much to expose them to never-ending advertisements just to get compensated for a couple of cents. And I think you should too.

Like I said in the beginning, I already get way more email than I'd prefer. I don't want to receive any more and it's my experience that sharing your email with marketing services doesn't end there when you unsubscribe. I'm not claiming Volutic is doing that.

And I do have throwaway email accounts for stuff like this because I review services like this. But I only bother to register if the program has more to offer for my trouble.

I could find enough information on the program to make a quick write up without actually using it. And to form an opinion that it really isn't something I could recommend using even though it doesn't seem to be a scam.

Why, you ask? Well, it's because I think there's a huge problem with using PTR, PTC and survey sites.

The Problem With PTR Opportunities

Here's the thing. I want to teach people how to earn an income online. Not pocket change, not a few hundred bucks but actual long term income that pays the bills and puts food on the table and much more.

Above anything else, I want to teach people to appreciate their time and value their skills. I want my readers to realize that a whole world of opportunity exists out there and it's for you to take.

The online world has made it possible to access the global economy from almost anywhere in the world. I don't matter if you live in India or Nepal or Switzerland. If you can access the Internet, you have the opportunity.

But if you want to create actual wealth and success online, you need to learn high-value skills. Skills like Search Engine Optimization, Copywriting, Lead generation.

Those are things almost anyone can learn. Certainly anyone with average intelligence, even without any formal education. There are actually tons of success stories in the online world of people who "made it" even though they had no education.

Besides learning high-value skills you have to learn how to provide value to people. How to find solutions to their problems.

Using your time clicking on ads, reading ad emails and filling surveys isn't a high-value skill. It also isn't something that will add value to other people's life.

What you are essentially doing is selling your self short to the marketing conglomerates. They pay a few cents but you pay with your time and mind. The get to affect your subconscious. Just think about it, why else would they pay for it?

Yes, reading emails is a lot easier than creating an actual business. Reading emails is also a lot easier than most work. But it isn't something I can recommend spending your time on.

The biggest problem with this kind of services is that they make you feel like your doing something constructive with your time when they are actually worse than procrastinating.

You earn next to nothing while you are subjecting yourself to the manipulation of the advertisers. 

And I can understand that a $1 can be significant money in some parts of the world. But here's the thing, I can show you a way to make an income that's could be full-time in the western world and a fortune in third world countries.

Use Your Time Wisely

Since you are looking for ways to make money online, I want to show a proven way (that's an affiliate link to service I use) to earn a substantial income online. 

It's called affiliate marketing. The business model I use combines affiliate marketing with search engine optimization to create a powerful system that works for me on automation 24/7.

It allows me to work on my business from anywhere in the world and to even earn money while I sleep! Compared to a regular business the benefits are just crazy.

Complete freedom of time and location, no huge risky investments, no time consuming and annoying customer service etc.

And while this stuff is more difficult than reading ads, anyone can learn it! You can use the time you'd use to earn a few cents to create a business of your own.

I learned this stuff at Wealthy Affiliate. The stuff they teach there are the high-value skills I talked about earlier. The stuff they teach is something everyone should know because it's very useful in the job market as well.

Your odds of success with online business are much better than with any typical business if you are willing to put in the work. But that's the thing, this doesn't happen overnight or without effort.

But if you want to learn this and are determined, check out my free 7-day course to learn everything I know in simple step-by-step manner. I promise to have your back, you can contact me anytime for advice!

You can enroll for the 7-day course by submitting your email address into the form below. I will not spam your email and you can unsubscribe anytime. There are no hidden costs during the 7 days. 



I hope you found my Volutic review useful and it answered most of your questions. Volutic doesn't seem to be a scam but I think the only way to earn any significant money with is by using the MLM referral system and recruit as many people as possible.

If you are someone living in a third world country and in dire need of a little extra cash, I guess this could be an easy way to earn a few dollars in BTC.

But if you live in the Western world I honestly wouldn't bother. The earning potential is simply too small.

There's also the problem with programs like this that they make you feel like you are doing something productive even though you are just subjecting yourself to the manipulation of the marketing and wasting time. In my opinion, of course.

You can use that time much more constructively by learning how to create an online business of your own.

Thanks for reading and please consider sharing this in social media if you found the post useful!

8 replies on “Volutic Review: Is It Scam Or Legit?”

What a thorough review, I feel as if I’ve become much more familiar with Volutic, having not even heard of them before this article. The way you describe it also gives me peace of mind and I feel I could trust your other reviews.

I look forward to your next article.

I’ve tried a few of these very low paid ways to make money and they are mind numbingly boring! You are so right that building your own online business is the best way to make a decent income. I’ve not heard of Volutic, but will avoid them after reading this review. Thank you for sharing

Thanks for the input Kathy! Yeah I don’t really think they are worth your time. Even if you can earn a few dollars you are subjecting your self to mindless advertising.

Спасибо, что делитесь своими исследованиями о возможностях онлайн-бизнеса

Trust me, I’m familiar with volutic and I agree with you. It’s a total waste as without referrals, it will take you months to make $1.00.
*very tricky
*time consuming
*doesn’t pay well.

Thanks for the input Melody! Most ptc sites are like that unfortunately. But I guess you can make some significant money if you have the stamina to keep systematically clicking on ads on several sites daily.

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