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MedexAds Review: Is It Scam Or Legit?

Welcome to my MedexAds review. If you are thinking about trying MedexAds to make some money, you might be wondering if it's legit or a scam. Read on to find out!

MedexAds Summary

Product Name: MedexAds

Product Type:  PTC website. 

Product Price: Free

Summary: MedexAds is another Clone PTC website that offers the possibility to earn pocket change in exchange to clicking ads. You can also earn money from referrals.

MedexAds seems to be legit as there are good ratings at FoxyReviews and fairly good amounts of proof of payment.


The only major red flag is that there is no information about the people behind the website.

I still can't really recommend it as a business opportunity because the income potential is so small.

I recommend investing your time in creating something valuable and a long term asset that has the potential to produce life changing income. 

You can check my number one recommendation by clicking the button below.  

MedexAds Is a relatively new Paid To Click (PTC) site that promises income from clicking ads and through referrals.

PTC sites are generally not something I recommend because the earning potential is usually very low and you can't make a real living through them.

The reason why I think they are generally waste of your time is that for similar investment daily, you can actually create an online business the produces full-time income.

But is MedexAds an exception to this rule? Well, let's find out.

Before we continue, I want you to know that I'm not affiliated with MedexAds in any way. I'm not writing this review to get you to join the program so there will be no referral links to MedexAds.

I just review online business opportunities, that's kinda my thing and what this site is about. My mission is to help as many people as humanly possible to become self-employed online entrepreneurs.

So I strive to find the best opportunities out there. I only recommend products that have extensive evidence to be effective and offer an honest income potential. I don't like scams and overpriced products.

But I do include affiliate links from time to time to services I know for a fact to work and that I truly believe in.

What Is MedexAds

MedexAds is a fairly new PTC site that offers income in exchange for clicking ads. As of writing thei review it has been around for about two and a half months and has just shy of 3000 members. The network has paid out a total of about $2,600 according to their website.

The business seems to be EvolutionScrip based and it's essentially a clone of dozens of similar PTC sites. EvolutionScript is a software that allows a company to create a Get Paid To service.

These Clone PTC sites vary very little in the earning opportunities they offer, so MedexAds has all the common income opportunities.

you can earn money by viewing ads, through a type of lottery called Clix Grid, another lottery called Mediumpath and a third one called Clixwall.

They will pay you up to $0.02 per click for ads and up to $0.02 per click of your referrals.

MedexAds has extensive anti-cheat systems including a Comodo SSL certificate and AntiDDOS. It's also running on a dedicated server.

MedexAds is completely free to register and you can accept payments through Perfect Money, Payeer, Skrill, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

How Does Medex Ads Work?

So how does MedexAds Actually work? Well, the basic stuff is that you need to register into the system. It's free and all you need is a valid email address as it's verified upon registration.

You can then start earning by clicking ads on the View Advertisements page. There are fixed ads, standard ads and tiny ads, a few of each every day. While they promise up to $0.02/click, the once that were available for me were between $0.0001 and $0.0011.

There is also an option to get paid for signing up for offers but there were currently no offers available so I'm not sure if this is something they have already implemented.

You can also read money with the ClickGrids up to $1000. I seriously doubt anyone has ever won anything that high from these systems. Recent winners seem to all have won $0.001.

Mediumpath is an offer wall that has different kinds of chores, mainly surveys. Completing tasks here can earn you up to $0.49. ClixWall is another type of clickable ad as far as I can tell.

You can also advertise your own company or website through MedexaAds. Just keep in mind that you will likely receive clicks but they are unlikely to convert because they are doing it for the money, not out of interest to your ad.

Finally, as always, you can earn money by referring people into the system. You will earn commissions from the earning of people you have referred. It's a bit like multi-level marketing. Beware that you need to click at least 4 ads per day to receive referral earnings the next day.

I shot this short video that shows the interface in operation:

Whose Behind MedexAds?

I could not find any information on the site about whose behind MedexAds. No company CEO, creator or even contact address. All their news are signed by MedexAds Admin but there's no information who that person actually is.

This seems to be very common with these EvolutionScript based cloned PTC sites. I don't know why they want to keep their identities a secret if they are running a legit business. That's why this is a red flag for me.

That said, it's possible people are creating these PTC sites as small side businesses and don't want nosy employers and other people to find out they have these businesses. Who knows...

Is MedexAds A Scam?

No, it doesn't seem that MedexAds is a scam. It's just another clone PTC site that uses the same basic framework like PuspBux, SharkClix, PayuBux, and many others.

The only real red flag is that there is no information about the people who are behind the company like is the case with many of these programs.

They do seem to be paying their members as there is payment proof on their site and at FoxyRating they do have a 5/5 score based on 99 opinions.

When you take into consideration that these systems actually make money to the creators from the advertiser money, it wouldn't make any sense for them to not pay the users who actually click the ads.

That said I can't really recommend MedexAds as a business opportunity because the income potential is so small. Just think about, if you click through all the ads every day, you can likely make a few dollars.

If you live anywhere in the western world, that's not enough compensation for your time. The other problem being that you aren't actually creating anything valuable or better for your future. You are just trading your time to money by clicking on ads.

I only recommend products that can offer real and honest income.

An Honest Income Online

So what can you do if you want to earn an honest full-time income online? Well, my recommendation is affiliate marketing.

There are thousands (if not millions) of people making a full-time income online from their websites, YouTube channels and Instagram accounts with affiliate marketing.

I know, I know... "I'm not a YouTube star" "I'm not an Insta model" "I'm not a programmer". Well, you don't have to be any of those.

Regular people just like you and I have learned these skills and created their online businesses from scratch. In short, it involves creating targeted content on websites and including affiliate links to relevant offers within the content.

Your content will be found through Google and convert visitors into sales on automation. This creates an automated system that creates true passive income and allows you to work from anywhere.

If you base your affiliate marketing business on a website, you can create content about almost anything.

Maybe you are into strength training and want to create content about lifting? Maybe you are a sports nuts and want to write about your favorite teams? Maybe you love books and want to review them?

Your niche can literally be almost anything. The main thing is that it should be something you are passionate about. I'm passionate about strength training and helping people make money on their own terms so that they can quit the jobs they hate.

That's why I have two websites, one about strength training and this one where I teach people like you how to start working for themselves. Anyone can do this stuff with the correct training. It's not rocket science.

If you don't believe me, just check out these success stories from Wealthy Affiliate. It's a service where I learned this stuff from. That's an affiliate link btw, so if you end up joining WA, I will earn a small commission. In return you will have my full support, I will become your sponsor and you can contact me anytime for help.

If you want to get serious about this stuff I recommend you join my 7-day course that will fast track your progress:

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I hope you found this MedexaAds review useful. MedexaAds seems to be yet another PTC clone site that seems to deliver what it promises.

But unfortunately what it promises isn't much. Not enough for me to recommend you spend your time on it at least.

I just think there are so much better business opportunities out there, like affiliate marketing and I would hate to see you feeling like you are doing something worthwhile with your time by clicking ads when in reality you aren't progressing anywhere.

That's why I recommend you stop wasting your time with anything that involves working for someone else. Change your mindset and decide that you want to create assets over the long term instead of instant gratification.

Creating an affiliate marketing business doesn't happen overnight, on the contrary. It takes several months of consistent work to earn real income. But in the long run the benefits are definitely worth it.

If you can push through the initial phase, you will be rewarded with passive income and unlimited earning potential. And all from writing about stuff you are passionate about!

Your time is limited, so definitely be mindful where you spend it. It's completely up to you to decide what you want to do of course. So how's it gonna be?

Thanks for reading and if you found this post useful, please share it on social media!

See you next time!

6 replies on “MedexAds Review: Is It Scam Or Legit?”

PTC sites earning potentials are like that of survey sites, just horrible. I agree fully affiliate marketing is a much better way to spend your time online to earn a significant income. Great post

Glad you found it useful Sean! Yeah PTC sites really don’t offer that much of earning potential.

I was never a fan of PTC platforms. Mostly because the wager is so low, basically non-existent. The bigger issue is the work you have to put in to actually get paid. It is not rocket science, but after some time it gets really annoying and you just started.

It is good to know about them and some people do enjoy this, definitely legit opportunity.

Thank you for showcasing them.

Glda you found it useful Strahinja! Yeah the earning potential is really low. I guess there might be people who enjoy using PTC sites but I still think they could use their time more productively.

Hi Jukka,

Thanks for this detailed review of MedexAds. I completely agree with you – I always want to know who is behind anything that I’m going to work for or with online, it’s too easy to hide behind the impersonal nature of the medium and that rings huge alarm bells.

I’m in the process of leaving “standard” employment, so I’m really interested in and researching all potential opportunities that can be leveraged remotely, but this does just seem to pay too little for all the effort involved. If I’m going to put my heart and soul into something I do want it to eventually generate some reasonably returns – I’m not willing to do it for pennies!

I’m a really hard worker – and even more motivated if I’m not sharing the fruits of my labour with an employer – is the Wealthy Affiliate opportunity that you mention suitable for me? I’m a complete internet beginner, but I’ve always been taught that nothing is for free and you get out of any endeavor what you put into it.

Thanks in advance!

Glad you found the review useful Lisa! Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is most definitely suitable for someone like you who is willing to work hard for their own success. The great thing about online business is that you really get what you put into it, unlike in a typical career where hard work is rarely truly compensated. Usually, someone else takes the credit for your hard work in my experience.

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