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AdsClaimer Review: Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Welcome to my AdsClaimer Review. If you are wondering if AdsClaimer is a legit PTC site or a scam, you’ve come to the right place!

I’ve been recently reviewing new PTC (paid to click) sites as there seem to be tons of them popping out like mushroom after rain.

Most of these PTC sites seem to pay you the few cents or dollars you earn. The real problem is with the low-income potential, senseless clicking on ads and the fact that many of these companies don’t disclose who owns the company.

To make things worse some of these networks ask for a copy of some form of identification to allow payments to you. In a worst-case scenario, you will not get paid and have just given your email address and personal information to god knows who.

I want you to know this and be extremely careful with PTC sites that haven’t been around for years with a legit reputation.

But the $1000 dollar question is if AdsClaimer is one of these websites? Read on to find out.

Before we continue I want to be completely transparent that I’m not affiliated with AdsClaimer in any way or form. I will not have referral links to their service in this review.

I’m just offering my unbiased opinion if AdsClaimer is a legit way to make money online.

AdsClaimer Summary

Product Name: AdsClaimer

Product Type:  PTC website

Product Price: Free to join. Minimum investment of $1


AdsClaimer is a new and novel system that pays you for investing ads. To be honest I don't really understand how the system is supposed to work and the information on the site is very scarce.

For now I can't recommend AdsClaimer because it's unclear how it produces money from your investment. They also don't seem to offer the PTC type of "free" earning potential that's hinted on their page.

If you want to earn real money online I recommend you invest in a proven plan that can produce life changing income like it has for thousands of people. You can check my top recommendation by clicking the button below. 

What Is AdsClaimer

AdsClaimer is a free to join Paid To Click site that offers you income with & without investment.

They offer three ways to earn income. The first one is investing in some form that apparently offers up to  154% profit.

The second is by bringing referrals to the system. You can earn 15% when they invest and 7% of their daily earnings.

The third way is by bonus ads. You can click on ads on their bonus ads page and once you have 1600 BAP you will then start earning profit apparently as it's seen as your investment capital.

In their website they are very vague about how and on what you are expected to invest for the 154% return of investment. They also don’t state at what time frame that 154% is so it’s a bit fishy in my opinion.

Apparently you need to go to their deposit page and deposit a minimum of $1which you can buy “ad-packs” with and you will get 3080 BAP for each ad-pack.

And what’s a BAP? It’s their internal currency that’s short for “Bonus Ad Points”. They allow you to earn BAPs through the Bonus Ads Point page as well, i.e. by clicking ads.

You will apparently start earning daily profits (as interest?) when you have 1600BAPs. This will be $0.12 daily.  51000 BAPS will earn you $1.32. So these BAPs are essentially your capital that earns you interest through a fixed rate.

"What is Bonus ad points (BAP) ?-Bonus ad points (BAP) is a credit that allow you to receive daily earnings,
** for example : - when you have 0 BAP you will not receive daily earnings.
- you will start receiving daily earnings when you have at least 1600 BAP.
- when you have 1600 BAP you will receive $0.12 daily earnings
- but for example when you have 51000 BAP you will get $1.32 daily earnings
- and for 200000 BAP you will get between $4.9 daily
*conclusion: the more you have bonus ad points (BAP) the more you get daily earnings."


AdsClaimer pays you through Payeer, PerfectMoney and different cryptocurrencies like BitCoin and Ethereum. The minimum withdrawal amount is $5 and the maximum withdrawal is $6500.

How Does AdsClaimer work

Using AdsClaimer is pretty straightforward. You just need to register a free account, log in to the system and then either invest some money so you can buy BAPs or get some BAPs to start earning some daily interest.

You can see how the system looks inside in this short video I made:

You will need quite a bit of BAPs to make any significant money as 200 000 BAP will earn you $4.9 apparently. 200 000 BAPs would be about $65 if the ratio is fixed $1/3080 BAP.

What's a bit ridiculous is that there actually isn't a Bonus Ads Page where you can click on ads within the system. So currently it seems the only way to try the system is by investing. Something I wasn't going to try out.

Of course, if you have enough capital and don't mind taking the risk, that's a nice return on investment. But To be honest I wouldn't feel comfortable investing more than a few dollars in a system that doesn't disclose how it makes you money and who owns it.

Is AdsClaimer A Scam

To be honest I don’t really understand how this system works so I'm not going to claim it's a scam.

As far as I can tell it basically turns the money you invest in the “ad packs” into profit somehow. I think they need to explain this very clearly on their website.

The website is extremely short on information and their “Help” page is written with bad grammar and punctuation which is always a red flag for me.

Like you can see from the previous chapter, I did register into the system but I didn’t invest anything. There seems to be some proof of payment so they might be actually a legit system in that regard.

But to be honest I’m really put off by the lack of detail and I don’t feel comfortable investing in it in its current state. Or sharing my personal information with the company. Only time will tell if they can step up their game as the system is very new.

I also think the earning potential is fairly minimal so I will keep investing my time and money in business models I understand and that I know will produce a lot more income over the long run.

This isn't your typical clone PTC site because they are essentially offering an investment potential as the main product. You just have the possibility of earning through clicking ads as far as I can tell. A function that doesn't seem to exists within the system as of writing this.

Either way, PTC networks aren't worth it in my opinion because of the mindless advertising and low earning potential and if you have significant capital to invest I'm sure you will feel as suspicious as I do.

Finally, at the time of writing this article, the system is supposedly very new as not all features and information seem to be present, but their front page shows that there are 8,540 members and $82,749.35 paid out, which seems awfully lot for a new system. It's just suspicious for myself but I have no way of confirming those numbers so I'm going to give them the benefit of a doubt.

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I hope you found my AdsClaimer review useful. I’m sorry that I can’t really tell you how the system works because I couldn’t figure it out myself.

That’s why I can’t really recommend the product. If a company has a complicated system I expect them to explain in simple steps how it works before I’m willing to invest in it. This is of course just my opinion and I might be a lot dumber than you.

But I do know the income potential seems pretty small and the spelling and grammar mistakes, as well as the lack of information on the owners, are red flags for myself.

I’m already using a business model that works and brings in a lot more income than AdsClaimer seems to be capable.

The best thing is that this business system is something you can learn and apply as well. It takes work but the system simply works. So are you ready to work?

Thanks for reading and if you found this post useful, please consider sharing it in social media!

See you next time.

8 replies on “AdsClaimer Review: Is It Legit Or A Scam?”

Just wanted to say thanks for the good information. I’ve actually been dabbling in affiliate marketing for about 5 months now and have never come across this system. Going to look at it, but seems like there would need to be a significant amount of invested to see any real results!Thanks again!

No problem Dan, glad I could be of assistance. Yeah I think you would have to invest significant money to see any real results and when you consider they don’t tell pretty much anything about the company I’d be very careful.

Great information. I did not know there were companies out there that scam people but, it makes sense that if money it to be made there is a chance of scams.

Thank you for this wonderful information!

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