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Is InstaGC A Scam? [2020 Review]

Welcome to my InstaGC review! If you are wondering is InstaGC a scam or a legit way to make some money online, I'm here to help you find out!

InstaGC Is not a scam. They are one of the best GPT sites out there. They pay you the earnings as gift cards that are available to over 340 locations and you can also get paid through PayPal. That said, the earning potential is minimal and I can't really recommend it as a business opportunity. Unless, you can refer a ton of people into the system. You can make serious money through referrals. To get referrals, you might want to check out my other recommendations. 

First of all, congratulations on taking a second to do some research. It's the best way to find the products that work and to avoid all the scams out there.

If you are new to making money online, so-called "get paid to" or GPT sites for short, are probably the easiest way to earn some income online.

GPT sites include paid to click (PTC) websites that pay you for clicking ads, survey sites, typing and transcription sites and similar sites that pay your for very simple actions.

Because completing these actions is very simple and requires no skills, they will naturally pay you very little for them. Generally speaking GPT and PTC sites aren't worth your time investment if you are an adult living in the western world.

You can usually make more money in a couple of hours in a minimum wage job than you can make with a PTC site in a week.

Most sites allow you to earn commissions from your referrals and this is pretty much the only way to make any meaningful amount of money from these sites.

I personally think that referring people to a low-value opportunity like this is unethical as they will end up wasting their time. That said, they won't usually stick around long enough for you to make any significant commissions.

Because of the above reasons, I'm not sharing a referral link in this post. I'm simply checking out if InstaGC is different from the thousands of other PTC sites out there. Can you make real money with it?

InstaGC Summary

Product Name: InstaGC

Product Type:  GPT Website

Product Price: Free


InstaGC is a well established get paid to site with several ways to earn income. There's a legit company behind it and it's been around since 2011. It's definitely not a scam.

That said, the income potential by completing the actions is minimal. You will make a lot better income in a part time minimum wage jobs.

But if you can refer enough people into the system, you could generate some significant income over time. But that's easier said than done, you need a system for that.

If you want to learn a system that can turn search engine traffic into referrals in any program or niche, check out my number one recommnedaiton through the link below. 

What Is InstaGC

InstaGC or Instant Gift Cards is a GPT site that has been around since 2011. InstaGC is a bit different from many other GPT sites in the fact that it pays you in gift cards instead of money.

While gift cards might seem like a worse deal than money, they are actually a better option for GPT sites because they can offer more value because the sponsors get customers as well.

There are over 340 gift cards to choose from, ranging from Amazon gift cards to iTunes and JC Penney. The gift cards are digitally delivered so there is no waiting for mail or anything like that.

The gift cards can be used online or in-store and they are not personal, so you can also send them to a friend.

InstaGC does also payout in money through PayPal in case you don't prefer the gift cards, but the payout is smaller with the gift cards.

There are over 207 000 members in InstaGC and they have paid out over 1,290,000 gift cards.

Who's Behind InstaGC?

When I'm reviewing a company or a product, I like to check the people behind it because it goes a long way in showing how legitimate the business is.

InstaGC is owned and operated by a company called Day Online Solutions, LLC that is registered in Sellersburg, Indiana.

Many PTC sites I've reviews don't have any owner information and I suspect most of them are run my individuals instead of companies.

It's a good sign to see that InstaGC has an actual company behind it. Day Online Solutions seem to own the affiliate marketing service SparkLeads and security software ProxStop as well.

According to their website the company was established in 2007 and they specialize in website modification as well as complete website redesign.

How Does InstaGC Work?

InstaGC is pretty straight forward to use. It's free to register an account and you can use your existing Facebook, Twitter or Google account to sign up.

Beware that you are required to have a PayPal account in many countries to be able to register an account.

You can see how InstaGC looks in action in this great video by Eddy from Work At Home No Scams:

There are several different ways you can start earning through InstaGC:

Completing Surveys

Filling in surveys that are essentially customer behavior research is one of the key ways you can earn income with GPT sites. InstaGC offers a lot of surveys to fill, but it's important to keep in mind that you have to qualify into the target audience.

Surveys generally pay about a dollar or two for an hour of work, so not really worth the effort in my opinion.

Watching Videos

Watching videos is becoming a more common feature in GPT sites and InstaGC offers this opportunity as well. Unfortunately, the videos won't be from your favorite YouTube content creators.

The videos pay you about 1 point for a few videos. The videos last a couple of minutes on average. When you consider that 1 point is one cent of a dollar, it becomes obvious that this will not get you rich.

Shopping Online

Third way to make money is by shopping online. Well not actually make money, but save money, because this is actually saving coupons to online stores.

These are actually probably one of the most valuable features of InstaGC as they have some decent deals.

Searching The Web

One of the most interesting features is InstaGCs own search engine that pays you for doing searches online. So if you are willing to let go of Google, you can earn some cents by using their search engine.

I don't know about you, but the main reason I use Google is to save time. So I want the best and most relevant search results to save my time. That's why I can't really see this as a valid way to earn money, not to mention the fact that it pays very little.

Referring People

Finally, you can also earn income by referring people. You will earn a 10% share of their income at InstaGC and 10 points when they sign up.

If you can manage to get a lot of referrals, you could actually make some meaningful money. The best thing is that it's passive since you don't have to do any manual actions yourself.

Is InstaGC A Scam?

No. InstaGC definitely doesn't seem to be a scam. The service has been active for almost a decade and there is a legit company behind it.

There are several reviews online that testify that the service works. At the online rating website, FoxyRating InstaGC has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 296 comments.

So I would say InstaGC is as legit as GPT sites come. The sis trusted and proven to pay out your earnings.

All that said, I can't really recommend InstaGC as a business opportunity. This is because it simply offers too small of an income potential. This makes it a bad time investment in my opinion.

The only way I could justify spending my time on a GPT site like InstaGC is if I actually enjoyed using it. There's nothing wrong with making a bit of money while enjoying yourself. But if it feels like a chore, it really isn't worth the time investment in my opinion.

I personally think there are better business opportunities in the online world that can allow you to earn significant income for a similar time investment if you do it consistently on the long run.

How I Make Money Online

If you want to learn how to make meaningful amounts of income online or even full-time income, my recommendation for beginners is search engine optimization based affiliate marketing.

It's basically like blogging except that you focus more on the SEO and marketing side and less on personal rants.

How this is done in practice is you choose a niche, which is basically your main topic. Let's say tennis shoes for the sake of example.

You then create a website around that niche, e.g. "BestTennisShoes.Com" (this is an example I just made up, so if that site exists, it has nothing to do with my site).

You then find out what keywords people are looking for in your niche. When you find a bunch of keywords, you create content around them.

So you might create a post about "best tennis shoes for older women" and "best tennis shoes for running" "does anyone play tennis in tennis shoes?" etc.

Once you create enough those posts, your website builds authority and starts ranking in Google. You start receiving traffic. If you don't understand how this happens, just think how you wound up here. Through Google, right?

Now that we have traffic, we need to find a way to turn it into an income stream. This is where affiliate marketing comes in.

In our example, you could become an Amazon affiliate and recommend relevant tennis shoes through Amazon affiliate links. When a visitor would click on the link and buy a pair, you will earn a small commission. When a thousand visitors do that, you earn meaningful income.

Pretty simple right? Well, there's of course a lot more to it and it takes quite a bit of work to get to that point. But it's completely doable.

But you can't probably do it on your own. You need training and tools. If you want to find out the best resource for learning this stuff, click the link below:

Also, check out my free 7-day course. It's very actionable and it will teach you how to set up your initial website in less than a week.

You can enroll for the 7-day course by submitting your email address into the form below. I will not spam your email and you can unsubscribe anytime. 

I want to be completely clear, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme, this involves serious work and is a legit business model. So please join only if you are willing to accept that.


I hope you found this InstaGC review useful and it answered most of your questions. If you have anything to ask, feel free to contact me through the comments section below.

InstaGC is definitely one of the better GPT websites out there but it has the same problem as the smaller sites have: The income potential is simply too small to be worth the time investment.

I personally prefer investing my time in my affiliate marketing business and I recommend you check out the opportunity as well. It takes time to start getting income so the sooner you start, the sooner you will finish.

Thanks for reading and if you found this post useful, feel free to share it on social media!

See you next time!

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Jukka, thank you for shedding light on InstaGC as I’ve come across it myself, but was skeptical as to whether or not it was “legit”. As you described, there are many similar sites out there that aren’t quite what they are described to be, or “low opportunity” as you stated in your post. I appreciate the detail for which you researched InstaGC and I came away with a great insight as to the business and opportunity there. Keep on doing what you’re doing! I will be following along.

Glad you found it useful Jonah! It’s unfortunately true that most GPT sites aren’t worth the time investment. InstaGC is definitely one of the better ones though.

I read your valuable content and enjoyed it very much. Even I learned something that I never knew. So thank you so much.

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