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EarnX Review: Is It A Legit Way To Make Money?

Welcome to my EarnX review!  EarnX is a brand new GPT site that offers income for simple tasks. But is it legit and can you make money with it? Let's find out.

Welcome to my site. I review online opportunities and the aim of my site is to help as many people as possible to make money online. I'm glad you are doing your research as it's the only way to find the programs that work!

If you are new to making money online, PTC (paid to click) and GPT (get paid to sites) are sites that are designed to drive traffic to websites, youtube videos, social media etc.

They achieve this buy actually paying the members of the system to click and visit these opportunities. The way they get their money is from the advertisers that want visitors.

This creates a win-win-win situation. The advertisers get visitors, the service company receives revenue and the members get a share of that.

But there's a bit of a problem in my opinion. The people visit the sites to earn money, not because they are interested in them. This won't generally convert into sales/customers/members very well because the motive is wrong.

Since PPC (pay per click) traffic is relatively cheap in Google and Facebook, advertisers aren't willing to pay much for traffic that doesn't convert as well, like is the case with PPC. This is why the income you can earn per click on most PPC and GPT sites is extremely low.

Typically fractions of a cent to a cent or two. Many of these sites also pay cryptocurrencies. But the question is if EarnX is different on the income side. Let's see how EarnX stands out!

EarnX Summary

Product Name: EarnX

Product Type:  GPT Website

Product Price: Free to join


EarnX seems to be a brand new and legit GPT site that offers you small income through simple actions like clicking ads, offers and watching videos.

The company behind the service is located in the Netherlands so this isn't a run-of-the-mill EvolutionScript based clone PTC site so I would recommend this over them.

But I can't really recommend this as a way to make any kind of sustainable meaningful income online. If that's what you are looking for, check out my top recommendation through the button below. 

What Is EarnX

EarnX (not a referral link) is a brand new PTC/GPT site that offers it's users a possibility to earn income through a multitude of tasks like watching videos, offerwalls, cahsback offers, PTC ads etc.

The company is based in the Netherlands by the company Venict. There isn't much information on the company online, but it seems to be a software company.  The main thing is that there's a physical address and a registration number, which is actually pretty rare with PTC sites.

The services they offer currently for members:

  • Four different offer walls
  • PTC ads
  • Cashback offers
  • Get paid to watch advertised videos
  • 0,10€ sign-up bonus
  • Referral system

For advertisers the system offers:

  • PTC packages starting from 0,10€
  • Traffic exchange packages
  • Banner ads
  • Cashback offers / Jobs

The referral system offers lifetime commissions on four levels. 20% direct, 5% second level, 2% third level and 1% fourth level.

The minimum payout is currently 1,00€ through PayPal and 0,75€ for Dogecoin.

How EarnX works

Using EarnX is pretty straight forward like with most GPT sites. Just register a free account, verify your email address and you can start earning.

I created this short demo video that shows how the system works:

I have to say that the site was loading really slowly when I tried it and there was a lot of pop up ads, which is something that really takes away from the user experience in my opinion.

Also some of the PTC ads I clicked reported they were not connected with the site.

Is EarnX Legit Or A Scam?

The service is very new so it's a bit early to tell if it's completely legit. But since there aren't any major red flags and I believe in innocent until proven guilty, I'm going to say EarnX is legit and not a scam.

The only red flag was that their website contains some questionable pop-up ads at the moment of writing this review. Their Terms Of Service and about links, for example, took me to add sites with the first click that wanted me to accept notifications before displaying a video.

I think it's bad practice to put pop-up ads on important company links. Now there is the off chance that my browser is actually infected with malware but that doesn't seem to be the case as EarnX is the only site popping up ads.

EarnX still seems more trustworthy than many of the clone EvolutionScript based PTC sites like PushpBux, PayuBux, and Picoclix. There is an actual business based in the Netherlands behind it.

If you are wondering, EarnX is not EvolutionScript based but uses something called Titan Script. Titan Script seems to be very similar to EvolutionScript. It offers a software base for creating a PTC or GPT sites and revenue sharing. They essentially offer a ready-made PTC platform software.

But I can't really recommend any PTC sites as a serious business opportunity. They simply offer too little income potential in my opinion.

The GPT and PTC functions pay you a few cents and even if you invest significant time in them, you can't make any significant income in my opinion. And these sites never even claim you can, so that definitely doesn't make them a scam.

But my site is about earning a significant, full-time income online. PTC sites simply can't achieve this unless you can refer tons and tons of people.

You can earn some little extra change with EarnX but when you consider that you are subjecting yourself to advertising, I would recommend investing your time in a business opportunity that can create real long term wealth.

My Recommendation

So what do I recommend instead of PTC and GPT sites? Well, my go-to business model for beginners is Affiliate marketing.

It's easy to learn and doesn't require large investments. It's also a proven business model for earning honest money online.

While it's easy to learn, it's hard to master and does take serious work to get going.

But if you like content creation and have a hobby or passion you've been wanting to turn into an income source, online affiliate marketing is your best bet in achieving that.

It involves creating your own website around a niche of your choosing. You then create content in the form of posts on topics people are looking for. This involves keyword research.

You then include affiliate links in your content to products and services you recommend to your readers. The beauty of this model is that it's pretty much automated after the content is written.

But you need to constantly create new content on a new site. This is no a get rich quick scheme, this is a legit business model so you need to invest time in it.

My number one recommendation for learning this business model and for all the tools is Wealthy Affiliate. Check out my Wealthy Affiliate review by clicking the button below if you got interested in this business model.


I hope you found this EarnX review useful! If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below.

EarnX seems to be a legit GPT site that can help you earn small amounts of extra money. But I can't recommend it as a serious business opportunity.

If you do decide to invest time in EarnX or other PTC sites, I recommend you complete the best paying offers daily as fast as you can. In this method, you can earn the most money for the least time investment.

I then recommend you invest most of your time in creating an online business of your own. It will work as an asset for years to come and it's up to you if you keep it as a supplemental income or make it a full-time thing.

If you found this post useful, feel free to share it in social media!

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

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