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PINCstyle Review – Can You Make Money With PINC?

Welcome to my PINCStyle Review! PincStyle is a new fashion-oriented social media platform that allows you to earn money with your content. But is it legit? Let's find out!

I want to take a second to congratulate you on doing your research before jumping in on an opportunity. It's the only way to avoid scams and succeed with your online business!

PincStyle is a brand new social media platform that has a very interesting built-in marketing functionality that allows you to recommend fashion products, clothes and probably all sorts of things in the long run.

If you are new to making money online, social media platforms that offer you built-in income potential seem to be the next big thing. Social Media 2.0 if you will (feel free to use that term).

They are an easy way to get your feet wet. What I likey about PincStyle is that it seems to have basically an affiliate marketing platform built into it.

If you are new to my site, affiliate marketing is my number one recommendation for people looking to make money online. It's relatively easy to learn (but not to master) and a proven way to make honest money online.

It also has the potential for full-time income and much more when combined with the right business models. But can PincStyle achieve that? Read on to find out!

PINCstyle Summary

Product Name: PINC or PINCstyle

Product Type:  Social media platform with earning potential

Product Price: Free to join


PINC is a brand new social media site that offers you the possibility to earn with your content.

It's mainly targeted for the fashion niche. The system works so that you post a picture, for example an outfit and then you can recommend similar products from partner online stores. You will earn commissions if people buy through your recommendations.

PINC is very new, so there are very little third party testimonials online but when you consider there's a professional team behind the company and that it's free to use, it's fair to say they are legit. 

The only problem I see with PINC from a business point of view is that if you base your business solely on it, you will be dependent on them.

That's why I recommend you build your online business on your own website and only leverage social media platforms for outreach and traffic. You can learn how through the button below. 

What Is PincStyle

PincStyle or PINC is a brand new social media platform that seems to be catered more for the ladies with the pink layout (hence the name I guess) and orientation to fashion.

Now I'm all for gender equality so if you are a dude or transgender, don't get offended for this generalization. But it seems the platform is targeted mainly for women and I would guess most of the users are/will be female.

PINC apparently consists of three elements:

  • The social platform, which gives users the ability to monetize their social media content while providing brands with data to better interact with consumers
  • Social Agency, PINC 360 focuses on brand management, branding, marketing, social media, and PR.
  • Influencer Network, PINCfluence

PINC offers services for creators, brands, shoppers, and analysts.

Creators can earn income from the content they create. Brands can increase audience reach and generate sales. Shoppers can find inspirations and ideas.

For analysts, the platform offers facts and figures that allow for accurate reports for marketing.

PincStyle is available naturally as a modern smartphone app as well as accessible through a browser on your computer.

People Behind PincStyle

When I check out online opportunities I like to look at the company and people behind the product or service. I think it goes a long way to showing how legit and transparent a company is if they have real people behind it.

PINC definitely falls in the category with a legit team behind it. They actually have a 31 person team and the company seems to be based in Singapore. At least that's where most of the team members are from.

Some of the main players are:

  • CEO Sabrina WAng
  • CTO Francis Sim
  • CFO Grace Tang
  • CAO Lee Wei Ling
  • Co-Founder Edmund Lee
  • CMO Daniel Rajesh

How PincStyle works

PincStyle Is super easy to use like most social media platforms. The basic process of sharing content has four simple steps:

  1. Take a picture and upload it. In the examples, they use pictures with people and clothing, because these are one of the main products to recommend in step two.
  2. Search a list of products and tag the ones that you feel are related, similar or the same you have in the picture and want to recommend.
  3. Write a short description and tag your friends for the picture.
  4. Earn an income from your recommendations through content creation and socially interacting.

You can see how the system works in this simple video I created:

If you checked out the video, I just created a free account and published a post about tennis shoes. I used a simple stock photo of sneakers.

When I uploaded the photo, I searched for related products. It seems the platform offers products from their partner online stores. I found a pair of remade vintage tennis shoes from ShopBod, retailing at whopping $425.

I guess if someone clicks on the link on my post and buys, I will earn a commission. So it's a form of affiliate marketing.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any information on their site about what kind of commission they payout and what is the minimum payout. Feel free to enlighten me if you have the answer.

I can definitely see how this could turn out to be a huge success if they can get enough coverage. The fashion business is a huge and very profitable niche but hard to get into.

Is PINCstyle a scam?

While PINC is still very new, I'd say it's highly unlikely it's a scam. There isn't any investment required on the users' part, so I guess they get their income from the partner companies.

The people behind the platform are clearly well-educated professionals and It's unlikely they would risk their name with a fraudulent business endeavor.

The only problem I see with the platform is that if you become a "social media influencer" like some Instagram stars are, for example, you can get some serious revenue going. BUT, you don't really own your brand, you are completely dependent on the platform.

They can change the rules, limit your content and dictate many things. Of course, a serious "influencer" will always have some leverage, but if you've been watching what's going on with YouTube, you will understand the house always wins.

Social media and content platforms are dependent on their users creating content but they often don't want to take legal risks of any sort and the companies also want to increase their profit margins.

This has for example in YouTube caused people to monetize their channels through Patreon because YouTube monetization has become unfair for the publishers.

As long as you don't own your own platform, you are taking the risk that your business will vanish overnight. And while content platforms offer great tools for improving your brand, let's face it, it isn't very easy to become a social media influencer.

That said, I think it's very wise to diversify your income sources and leverage social media platforms when possible, just don't make them your main source of income.

PINC being a brand new social media platform, only time will tell if it will become a popular platform. But if you want to earn money with fashion and own your platform, I have a suggestion for you.

How To Make Money With Fashion

If you are into fashion and want to earn income with it, there is another business model you can leverage in addition to social media like PINC.

You can create your own website and combine that with affiliate marketing. It takes quite a bit of effort, but the upside is that you will actually own your business. Your website becomes your base of operations and your own brand. You call the shots.

And I know what you are thinking. That you don't know anything about creating and running websites and you don't want to run an online store. Well, you don't need either, let me explain.

Creating websites is really easy these days. WordPress has made creating websites literally as easy as setting up your social media account so don't worry about that part.

But what you really need to understand is that you don't need to run your own store to create income online on your own site. You can combine affiliate marketing, just like PINC does, with your own content.

You can create content on your own terms and recommend products from thousands of online stores and affiliate networks, you can find almost anything these days with an affiliate program.

How this stuff works is that you create keyword-targeted content on your website, people find it on Google (or social media), read your content, click on affiliate links and if they end up buying you will earn a commission.

This business model allows creating pieces of content that pay you on automation for years, as there are no manual actions you need to take after the initial creation of the content.

Since this is all online and the vendor takes care of the regular resource-intensive business functions like customer service and shipping, you can actually work anywhere and at any time.

The resource where I learned this business model is called Wealthy Affiliate. They have the training and all the tools you need, including website hosting under the same roof for an unbeatable price.

It's possible to scale this business to a full-time income and beyond like you can see from these success stories (affiliate link). But it takes time and effort.

If you got excited about this stuff, definitely check out my free 7-day course because I will walk you through the initial steps of creating your own online business:

You can enroll for the 7-day course by submitting your email address into the form below. I will not spam your email and you can unsubscribe anytime.


I hope you found this PINC review useful. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

PINC definitely seems like an interesting and novel social media platform if you are interested in fashion. It has built-in affiliate marketing features that allow you to make money while sharing your content which is of course a great thing!

But if you want to create a serious online business, you want to own your assets.

That's why I recommend focusing on your own site and to only use social media platforms to drive additional traffic and increase brand recognition.

It takes time to build a successful online business so I suggest you start working on your site right away. If you invest time on it every day, a year from now you can have a striving online business that will produce you income for years to come. What's not to like about that?

If you liked this post consider sharing it in social media! Thanks for reading and see you next time!


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