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Ayocer Review: Is It A Pyramid Scheme?

Welcome to my Ayocer review! Ayocer is a social media platform that offers the possibility of earning money. But is it legit and can you make real money with it? Let's find out!

Before we continue I want to take a second to congratulate you on doing your research! It's the only way to find legit opportunities to make money online and avoid all the scams out there.

Ayocer is a new social media platform that seems to be mainly targeted to the African audience and offers the possibility to earn income through a referral system.

But is Ayocer truly a social media platform or an elaborate attempt to mask a multi-level marketing system into a social media platform?

And more importantly, can you make money with it and how much? Read on to find out.

I want to be completely transparent, I'm not affiliated with Ayocer in any way and I'm not trying to get you to join the system.

I'm just giving my opinion based on the information I could find about the program. I review online business opportunities because I want to find the best opportunities for my readers.

While I sometimes recommend a legit system to make some pocket change, I generally only recommend products that have the potential of full-time income.

That's because I find the opportunity of the online world just fantastic and I want to help as money people as possible to realize the potential and change their lives for better by diversifying their income sources.

Ayocer Summary

Product Name: Ayocer

Product Type:  Social media platform with multi-level referral earning opportunity

Product Price: Free to join, to earn three levels $10, $50 and $100


Ayocer is a novel social media platform that offers an earning opportunity through a four leveled referral system.

The social media side of Ayocer seems to be legit and functional and I don't see any problem with using it.

The business opportunity they offer is based on the premium features they offer for their paying subscribers. The only concern I have is that it's a multi-level structure with a participation fee.

I would still classify it more as a referral commission plan/affiliate marketing and not categorize it as a pyramid scheme, since the Wallet service is not mandatory and the referrals get the premium service in addition to the business opportunity. 

Ayocer is still a very new platform and only time will tell how it will evolve. At it's current stage you will not likely earn a full-time income through it unless you can refer a ton of people who are willing to go for the premium subscription. 

If you want to earn significant income online, I would recommend affiliate marketing as your best bet. You can check my number one recommendation for learning this business model through the button below. 

What Is Ayocer

In their own words, Ayocer is a social earners platform. At its core, Ayocer is a social platform that has the typical features most social media platforms include. But it also includes the possibility of making money.

Ayocer is accessible through most browsers on your computer and through a Smartphone app.

I created this very short video that shows how the platform looks inside:

As you can see the layout is very similar to Twitter or Facebook for example.

The features of Ayocer include:

  • Blog: Ayocer allows you to blog about your interests, hobbies, passions, etc. or to use the feature as a way to give more information about your business or brand. Blogs are organized and can be searched.
  • Linex: Linex is a link exchange tool for blogs and website audiences and it's designed to help users and website owners to reach more audiences and customers. If you plan on using backlink exchange for SEO, be extremely careful, it can cause more harm than good if you don't know what you are doing.
  • Chat: Your basic direct messaging system. It allows you to discuss privately with other users within the system.
  • Connect: Connect is a social integration tool that allows users to link their Twitter and Pinterest accounts to Ayocer so that when they are followed on Ayocer, they are also followed on the other platforms as well.
  • Front-facing profile: And intuitive user profile page that's designed to make it easy for users to engage and connect with your brand.
  • Wallet: I saved the most interesting feature last. The waller feature of Ayocer is what makes it possible to make money with the platform. It allows you to get paid for your posts and to receive monthly payments for every user you refer to the system.

Ayocer features


The company seems to be based in Nigeria, Africa and the CEO of the company is a man named  Ayodele Patrick Ogunlana.

It took a bit of digging to find out the information about the owner as it wasn't stated clearly on the site at the time of writing this review.

How Can You Make Money With Ayocer

So the most interesting question in your mind is probably how can you make money with Ayocer. Before we continue, I want to be clear that Ayocer discloses on their site that it's completely possible and acceptable to use their service as a social media platform.

But one of their key selling points definitely seems to be the "Wallet" feature that offers you the possibility to earn money through the platform.

At their Terms Of Service Ayocer discloses that:

"we not only intend to build tools that helps people connect and socialize, we also aim to assist users grow financially with our social earning infrastructure.

We believe social networks shouldn't only be for socializing, but also used as a tool to help reduce global unemployment rate and aleviate poverty."

That's why they offer a free "Wallet" for every user at sign up. They state in the TOS that the wallet is not a bank or a payment system. It's a system that allows transactions within the system only. The is no obligation to use the wallet, however.

But it is in fact possible to withdraw money out of wallet through PayPal or Skrill for example. You can also use the money to send it to others or buy services within Ayocer. You can also create money tokens, as links to send money to people outside Ayocer.

Ayocer is a "freemium" social media platform. It means that the basic features are free to access, but there are also premium features that you can access by paying a premium subscription, which happens by activating your wallet. 

You can earn money by referring people into the system. If they decide they want the premium features, you will earn a commission from their Wallet activation fee. 

UI/UX Designer

"In order to give users the opportunity to earn on the platform, one of the primary ways we go by, is to develop high end products that usually costs hundreds of dollars on other platforms to access or use, and simply subject it to a wallet package. This force users in need of those products to activate their wallet and consequently helps the referring users to earn."

There are three levels of Wallet plans:

  • Starter: $10
  • Premium: $50
  • Apex: $100

Your wallet level affects how much you can earn from your referrals. The key thing here is that any time a user subscribes to a wallet plan, the company actually only takes 30% of the money. The remaining 70% is distributed to referring upline up to four generations.

And speaking of generations, there are four of them within the Wallet system:

"You would notice that there's a percentage following the number on each level. L1 - 40%L2 - 15%L3 - 10%L4 - 5%. The percentages mean that for this particular level you'll get that percentage of the wallet activation fee from anybody in that line - capped by your active wallet plan. 

Explaining it further, let's use L1 as an example. If anyone in your Level 1 referral line activates his/her wallet, you get 40% of the wallet activation fee. Meaning if a user from L1 subscribes to Apex wallet you get $40 on that wallet activation charge. I'm guessing you're already calculating how much that would amount to if you have hundreds of people in you L1 subscribing to different wallet packages. And the fact that wallet needs to be (re)activated monthly, simply means you can be getting that much money on users in your L1 only. Whereas there's also L2 where you get to get 15% on every activation, L3 where you get to get 10% on every activation and L4 where you get to get 5% on every activation."

Keep in mind that you will also have to have an active Wallet plan to be eligible for referral commissions. The higher your wallet rating, the higher the commission potential.

One pretty neat feature they have added to Ayocer is that you don't necessarily have to introduce your referral code to people.

The platform uses implicit tracking for non-logged users that visit your profile page or blog and you will earn a referral from them if they join within 30 days without being referred by someone else.

How Much Can You Earn?

So how much money can you make with the Wallet system? Well apparently the upper limit you can make from a single person you refer, is $40 (USD) / month. This is if you have the Apex wallet activated and they activate it as well, otherwise you will make less. 

But since it's a multilevel system, if you refer several people and they refer several people you could potentially make some significant money, IF the people in your downline decide to use the Wallet feature.

Like we established, Ayocer has a four-level or generation model, meaning that you will make money from people four levels beneath you.

Is Ayocer A Scam?

No, I wouldn't call Ayocer a scam based on the social media features. The earning potential it offers does seem to be a multi-level referral model, the kind that is used in pyramid schemes.

But you need to realize that everything that is multi-level isn't automatically a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme is a  multi-level marketing system where the main source of income to the system comes from the participation fees, not from the actual product or service sales.

Pyramid schemes are illegal in many places around the world because they are essentially means to transfer money from the bottom of the pyramid to the top. They provide no real value to the end-user.

With Ayocer the people who activate their "Wallet" are paying for premium services. The upline will receive a share of the Wallet fee.

So it's basically a multi-level affiliate/referral program. Every people who joins the program is a consumer rather than a sales rep like in pyramid schemes.

The only way Ayocer could become a pyramid scheme, is if the premium features they offer are mainly about referring people into the system. But you have to keep in mind the fact that there is no obligation to use the Wallet feature.

Still, this earning system is something that has me a bit worried and it might be something authorities might get interested in some countries. I want to be completely clear that this is just my opinion. So give them the benefit of a doubt. 

But in my books anytime a service provider includes a multilevel system in their business model, they need to be very clear how money is introduced into the system and what users get in return to their investment, and what consists the business opportunity.

You need to remember that they could avoid the risk of being thought of as a MLM or pyramid scheme simply by offering single level referral system. But multilevel commission plan is great for viral growth so I understand the attraction. 

You also need to keep in mind that different countries and regions have different policies when it comes to pyramid schemes. Something that would be illegal in one country might be completely acceptable in another.

The Internet makes things global, so it becomes even more complicated to determine if a company is running a pyramid scheme and on whose jurisdiction. So I'm not definitely going to claim Ayocer is a pyramid scheme.

In my understanding, they are a "Freemium" social media platform, that offers you the possibility to earn income by referring people to the platform and get commissions if they go premium. Nothing more, nothing less.

So if Ayocer becomes a popular social media platform and they will offer true high quality premium services people are willing to pay for, you could make nice side income by referring people into the system.

But this site is about making life-changing full-time income, which Ayocer in its current form likely can't achieve for most users. That's why I want to introduce another business model to you. 

How To Make Long Term Profit Online

If you want to learn how to create legit and honest long term profit online, I personally recommend affiliate marketing.

If you like writing, online affiliate marketing offers you the possibility to create full-time income over the long run. And much more.

The business model involves creating search engine optimized targeted content on your own website and recommending related affiliate products.

People find your content through Google or paid advertising, click on your affiliate links, buy and you receive a commission. Simple as that.

Of course, it takes a lot more work than it seems at first glance but the great thing about this is that it's a skill you can learn and once you apply it, there's an almost unlimited possibility for income.

But the price is that you have to be willing to last through an initial phase without any income. You see it takes time to start getting any revenue.

A new website won't receive any organic traffic through Google. It takes time and a lot of content to build authority to start receiving organic traffic from search engines.

If you have the money and patience, you can learn how to master paid traffic. Then it becomes a matter of just making a profit through your Pay Per Click campaigns.

All this might seems complicated or even suspicious but let me assure, this the most legit business model there is for earning an honest full-time income online.

If you got interested, please check out my Wealthy Affiliate review for more information. It's the place where I and thousands of others learned these skills.


I hope you found this Ayocer review useful. Ayocer seems to be a very functional social media platform with some novel functionalities. The only thing I'm concerned is their multi-level referral system.

It might offer a potential for some side income through its business model, but at this point I think it still remains to be seen how the platform will evolve as it's still fairly fresh.

My goal is to help as many people as possible to create income online by offering value to the marketplace.  

That's why I recommend affiliate marketing. You can recommend awesome products to people who are already looking to buy them. It's a true win-win situation to all parties involved.

Thanks for reading and feel free to share this post on social media if you found it useful!

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9 replies on “Ayocer Review: Is It A Pyramid Scheme?”

Great review of a very different thing unlike I have ever beard of… It has some cool features but with the multilevels and all that, I would be careful as well. I’m not saying I know for sure but I do tend to stay away from these things. Affiliate Marketing goes further that most think when it comes to making money and a living through online business that can grow you in the real world too. Writing, tying, it’s all inclusive!

Hello Jukka,

My name is Ayodele Patrick Ogunlana, and am the founder and CEO of Ayocer.

First of all, I want to personally thank you for your honest review of Ayocer.

I could deduct from your review that some little yet crucial aspect of the platform are still unclear to you. Hopefully I can use this medium to enlighten you a little bit more on the Ayocer platform.

First of all, Ayocer is not a pyramid scheme like you fear. As a matter of fact, Ayocer is a freemium social media platform. What this means is that, although most of the features you’re used to on social media are offered freely on the Ayocer platform, however, there are some premium services on the platform that requires a user to pay a certain monthly fee which is charged as a monthly wallet activation fee.

We work hard to keep Ayocer running beautifully, but to do that effectively, we have to charge for some of our services.

Its quite understandable that some people might misunderstand the Ayocer generous monetization strategy as a pyramid scheme because this model is unprecedented in the social media industry, but we can only continue to enlighten people more on the Ayocer platform so they know better.

Something users should try to understand is we are not obligated to share with our users the money we charge on our services. And even if that were to be the case, people would still continue to purchase our premium services (now available or developed in the future).

But why do we choose this approach of giving users part of the money we earn?

Its simple, we want a way to reward our users for choosing our platform for their social needs. Since people spend countless wasted hours daily on existing social media platform, without nothing to show for it, monetary wise.

Ayocer is an attempt to change the annoying greediness trend that currently dominate the social media industry.

We are probably among the youngest in the industry, and we understand we still have a long way to go and a lot of battles to win.

Also we understand we need to sensitize users more on the Ayocer platform and its features.

Fan Tip: We are working on some awesome new products to incorporate into Ayocer. The products will be launched before the end of April. So stay tuned!

If you need more clarification regarding the Ayocer platform, please do not hesitate to reach out to me personally or contact our support team at

Thank you once again Jukka for this honest review of Ayocer.

Yours faithfully,
Founder & CEO of Ayocer

Thank you for contacting me Ayodele! I think I understood your concept a bit better now. I truly appreciate the fact that you took the time to explain it. I will update the article with your information and leave your reply here unedited for visitors to see.

So just to make things clear: You offer premium products on your platform to the people who activate their wallet? And other people who refer them into the system earn a commission. And the commission structure has four levels? So it’s more like multi-level affiliate marketing. I see nothing wrong with this if your service is such that people would pay for it even without getting access to the referral system. It’s no different from the affiliate marketing I do personally then.

To be honest, I think you explained the business model better here than on your website, so I would definitely go over the information there. I think some infographics would be really valuable for your potential new users. Good luck with the launch, it ain’t easy to start a new social media platform!

Yes, that’s the concept exactly.

More so, its my pleasure to be able to clarify things with you.

Regarding the infographics we will definitely have it available as we launch the new products in April.

Thanks again Jukka.

Yours faithfully,
Founder & CEO of Ayocer.

Ok, thanks for the clarification Ayodele. I rewrote parts of the article to better match your description of the business model. Glad to hear you are incorporating the infographics, feel free to keep me updated on your progress!

Hello Jukka,

My name is Ayodele Patrick Ogunlana, I’m the founder and CEO of Ayocer.

As promised, we’ve recently launched some new awesome features on our platform and upgraded the already existing features.

Now users can:

1) Crowdfund on the platform
2) Create and/or benefit from giveaways
3) Connect more social media platform to Ayocer and manage them all from within the Ayocer platform. User also get auto followed on connected platforms when followed on Ayocer
4) Blog more effectively with the completely revamped UI and functionality. We even added a way for earning for Blog creators.
5) Navigate platform easily with the completely revamped site UI

There’s even lots more than can be mentioned here.

We also updated our Help articles to make it a little more clear where the money comes from and the limits and restrictions on the services we offer based on subscribed package by the user.

I promised to keep you updated on the progress of the platform, and I’m writing you to fulfil that promise.

You can find more information from our help center

You will also find it a lot easier to understand the platform with the updated and newly added help articles.

I’ll be available to clarify whatever questions you may have regarding the platform or the new update to our sites features and functionality.

Thanks for contacting me Ayodele! I’ll leave your update comment here for visitors to see and update the information to the article.

Thanks Jukka,

I forgot to mention there’s a video that better introduce the Ayocer features


More about Ayocer:

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