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EarnHomeBux Review: Is It Legit?

Welcome to my EarnHomeBux review! If you are wondering if EarnHomeBux is a legit way to make money online, I'm going to help you decide!

I'm glad to see you doing your research. If you are new to making money online, it's almost impossible to actually find the products that work and aren't scams.

PTC (paid to click) sites are one of the easiest ways to get started making money online, as they offer immediate income and a very low learning curve.

You can start earning money literally within minutes. The problem is that most PTC sites pay you extremely small fees. So small that they are generally not worth the trouble in fact.

We are talking about amounts like $5/week or even $1/week. If you live anywhere in the western world, this is definitely worth the time investment.

But some PTC sites offer interesting bonus rewards and lucrative referral systems that might make them worth the trouble. But is EarnHomeBux one of them? Let's find out.

Before we continue, I want you to know that I'm not in any way affiliated with Earn Home Bux. I'm just reviewing it to give my honest opinion of what I think about it as a business opportunity.

My site is about helping people to find online income streams that can help them to live on their own terms.

So I generally will only recommend products that I know for a fact have the potential to create full-time or at least substantial supplemental income. You can find my number one recommendation through the button below:

What Is EarnHomeBux

Earn Home Bux is a free to use PTC (paid to click) website that is accessible globally. It is an EvolutionScript based Website that has similar features to many other EvolutionScript PTC sites I've reviewed.

There is no information about the owner of the sites and the domain is WHOIS protected. It seems to be registered to a US service but that doesn't really tell anything about the whereabouts of the actual owner.

For members EarnHomeBux offers the possibility to earn from:

  • PTC ads
  • Completing offers
  • Playing ClixGrid
  • Referring People
  • Winning contests

They pay up to $0.02 per own click and up to $0.02 per referral click.

For Advertisers EarnHomeBux offers:

  • New types of advertisements
  • High-quality advertising
  • Anti-cheat protection
  • Statistic with geo-location information
  • Affordable pricing

Advertisers can't advertise content with adult content, frame breakers, spamming, racism, forced downloads, illegal software or excessive pop-ups.

The minimum withdrawal depends on your level. On the free standard subscription, the minimum payout is $3 and on higher levels, it varies between $4 and $10.

The payment processing time can be up to 30 days but generally, on the standard account, they are processed on the 12th day of the month.

The supported payment options are PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, AirTM, Neteller and Skrill.

One of the ways you can make more money with EarnHomeBux is through referrals. You can both refer people directly into the system and you can "rent" users that have joined directly, i.e. without a referral.

EarnHomeBux also offers something called AutoPay that increases your income if you have enough Rented Referral.

There are currently over 21 000 members in EarnHomeBux and they have paid out over $27,000. So over a dollar per user!

How EarnHomeBux works?

Using EarnHomeBux is simple as with all PTC sites. Just register a free account and start clicking on ads.

The PTC ads work so that you click on the ad and it takes you to a sponsored website. There is a loading bar that you will have to wait to finish. Then you solve an easy captcha and you will earn your payment.

I short this short video that shows how EarnHomeBux works:

Is EarnHomeBux A Scam

There are a couple of red flags for EarnHomeBux but it seems they are mostly legit and pays out its earnings. At FoxyRating they have an average score of 4.7 out of 5.0 with over 490 opinions.

EarnHomeBux is running a legal EvolutionScript which is, of course, a good thing. You'd be surprised how many EvolutionScript based PTC sites are running on pirated licenses.

The only real red flags are that there is no information on the admin of the site and the fact that there seems to be some controversy on the payouts at FoxyRating which has resulted in a "Doubtful" rating.

But both of these flags are easy to explain as most of these EvolutionScript based sites have no information what so ever about the creators.

I suspect this is because people are running these sites as side hustles and don't want to attach them to their name for one reason or another. This still always makes me a bit suspicious as there is no other information than the contact address. Then again I value my online privacy as well, as Identity theft is a real thing.

It seems that the few negative reviews are mostly from people who haven't really understood the rules of the system. Or actually it seems that EarnHomeBux isn't clear enough about its rules, so it causes confusion with some users.

But it still seems that the vast majority of people have got their payments so it definitely doesn't seem that the service is a scam.

That said, I can't recommend EarnHomeBux as a business opportunity. I simply think the income potential is too small considering the time investment.

Because I know that you can make actual useful income online, the kind that helps you pay the bills, I can't recommend investing your time on services that offer minimal income potential.

What I Recommend Instead

I personally use online affiliate marketing as my business model. I mainly get my traffic through SEO or search engine optimization.

In short, I create content that people like you find online mainly through Google. Just think about how you wound up here.

The main way I monetize my site is by recommending affiliate products. If a visitor clicks on my affiliate link and decided to buy the product or service, I get a commission without any additional cost to the visitor.

The great thing about this business model is that you can work on it anywhere anytime and it allows you to make money without the hassle of customer service, shipping, etc. labor-intensive work. Once a piece of content is online, it will produce your income on automation.

So what affiliate product am I going to recommend to you? Well, the place I learned this stuff is a service called Wealthy Affiliate. I recommend you check out my Wealthy Affiliate review. That's not an affiliate links, but there is one within the review, I want to be completely transparent about that.

Why? Because I believe in honesty and I also believe Wealthy Affiliate teaches a superior way to earn money online compared to PTC sites, so I think you might be interested.

If you want to check out the service without giving me any credit, just search it through Google. But remember that it costs you nothing if I get a referral and I also offer my full support to my own referrals. So if you think my experience might be of value to you, consider joining through my link.


I hope you found this EarnHomeBux review useful. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through the comments section below.

EarnHomeBux is another generic PTC site running on EvolutionScript. They do have more users and have paid out more than most PTC sites I've reviewed recently, so I would say they are legit.

That still doesn't change the fact that I can't recommend them or any other PTC site as a serious way to make money online. The payouts are simply too small.

I recommend you invest the time to learn and create your own online business and within a couple of years, you will have a striving online business of your own.

Thanks for reading and remember to share on social media!

2 replies on “EarnHomeBux Review: Is It Legit?”

Hi Jukka,

Wow, this is a very detailed review, thank you!

I always wondered how the pay to click sites work, it does seem like it takes a lot of time to earn any form of money at all.

It seems like (being generous) in the video it took you about 30 seconds to complete each “offer”, is that the average time for most? If so, at 100% efficiency with a payout of $0.02 per click you’d make about $2.40 per hour – I think I’m worth more than that!


Hi Lisa! Glad you found the review useful. Yeah, it typically takes between 10 to 60 seconds to complete a single task in PTC sites. Your math seems correct, albeit a bit optimistic ;).

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