Reviews Work from home Review 2020: Is It A Legit Way To Make Money?

Welcome to my Review! If you are looking to earn money by writing Text Broker might be interesting to you. But can you make real income with it? Let's find out!

I'm glad to see you doing your research before jumping in on an opportunity as the online world is full of scams and programs that pay you next to nothing. It's almost impossible to find the legit opportunities out there. offers a service that matches customers and writers for different writing jobs. If you are proficient in writing and editing, it might seem like a perfect opportunity to earn money online.

If you are new to earning money online, I want you to realize that you don't have to simply think in the terms directly exchanging your time for money. You know, the conventional way to work. Do a job and get paid. Once.

The online world offers the possibility of creating value through content creation, that pays you over and over again on automation. I'm sure you have a vague idea of how search engines work and how bloggers make money? Writing is still the best media for achieving this.

I'll talk more about that at the end of this review, so definitely check it out if you are interested in making money with writing.

Before we continue, I want you to know that I'm not affiliated with Textbroker in any way. I'm creating this review to give you my opinion if it's a legit way to make a substantial income online.

My site is about helping people to find ways to earn significant income online on their own terms.

That's why I review these opportunities. But let's get on with the review!

Textbroker Summary

Product Name: Textbroker

Product Type:  Earn to write service

Product Price: Free


Textbroker is a legit Paid To Write service that offers freelance writing jobs. They've been around since 2005 and have a well-established clientbase so you won't run out of writing jobs.

I can recommend Textbroker for earning some extra if you are in need for imminent cash. Keep in mind that it can take a while to get your account registered though.

But for writers I recommend investing in your own online business on the long run. As in creating your own website and writing content on it.

This business model has a lot higher income potential on the long run and it will allow you to earn passive and cumulative income instead of getting paid only once.

You can find my top recommendation for learning this stuff by clicking the button below. 

What Is TextBroker.Com

Textbroker is a platform that offers customer jobs to writers. It's essentially a content creation service that matches freelance writers with customers looking for content writers and editors.

The typical jobs involve writing articles, blog posts, advertisement copy, news stories, etc. Writers are free to choose from the pool of open customers jobs the ones that suit their skills the best.

If you are new to how Search Engine Optimisation work, content creation is actually a huge business.

For any website, online magazine, blog or other online content to rank in Google and other search engines, they need to build authority.

To build authority they will need to accomplish a few things. They need to stick around long enough, they need to publish enough high-quality relevant content (several hundred individual sites usually) and they need to get links from other relevant sites (so-called backlinks).

The best and fastest way to achieve this is obviously by hiring writers to create high-quality content to increase the amount of content of the site. This increases both the authority and the likelihood of getting links from other websites.

The aim of this is, of course, to get rankings for different search phrases (called keywords) to the first page of Google. When a site can achieve that, it will have an endless source of automated, free traffic.

This traffic is naturally worth a lot of money. Depending on the keywords and amount of them, a website can generate up to several million in revenue. Either through selling their own products, through advertising or as an affiliate to other companies.

I want you to know this so you understand why services like TextBroker exist and why they are willing to pay for online content.

TextBroker is based on this idea. They offer content creation services and freelance jobs for writers to improve SEO through content creation.

The service includes a quality rating service, so you can increase your demand by getting good ratings and customers know what they are getting when choosing a writer.

The writing jobs include things like:

  • High-quality product descriptions
  • Blog posts
  • Press releases
  • Social media posts
  • News stories
  • Technical articles
  • Other writing jobs

Textbroker is available in many languages, the main ones being:

  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Polish
  • Portugues
  • Finnish
  • Danish
  • Swedish
  • Norwegian
  • Russian

The clients vary from small local businesses to global publishing houses. I would suspect there are individual bloggers and website owners there as well.

The business is physically situated in Las Vegas and Mainz, Germany.

People Behind

I always like to check the people behind a company or a product when I'm reviewing them. I think it's important to know what are the expertise and motivation behind the company.

The founder of TextBroker is Jan Becker-Fochler. He started the company in 2005 as a preliminary platform for content creation for SEO. In 2007 Textbroker was launched as the Internet's first content marketplace.

So it seems Textbroker is definitely a legit business with a well-established client base.

How TextBroker Works

Let's start by looking at how TextBroker works for writers looking for writing jobs.

Getting Started

To get started using the service, you will have to apply for it first. It is free to register an account but you will need to write a signup article, where they rate your writing on a scale ranging from 2 to 5 stars. I guess they won't accept you if your writing is 1-star quality.

The minimum word count for a signup article is 200 words but I would guess you should write a significantly longer article to stand out. 200 words really is nothing. They recommend you write about something you are familiar with but recommend travel reports and blog articles.

Textbroker is particularly rigorous about their writers. You will be asked to prove your identity and it can take some time (up to several weeks) to get your application approved. You will also need to complete your author profile.

Using The Service

Once you have an account, you can start selecting writing jobs. There will be different kinds of jobs available depending on the quality rating.

There are three types of assignments or orders you can complete.

OpenOrder: These are open projects you are free to choose from. The orders available depend on your quality level. There are typically thousands to choose from and they are your go-to option when getting started.

Open orders offer the ability to work when suited for yourself as you can choose a project when you have time and you don't need to commit to more than one order at a time.

DirectOrder:  Clients can also approach you directly on Textbroker. They will generally contact you based on the information on your profile and your quality rating.

DirectOrder also makes it possible to create more regular employment with clients that are satisfied with your work. DirectOrder also has a higher minimum payout, meaning that you will generally get paid better through direct orders.

TeamOrder: It's possible to also form them in Textbroker. TeamOrders are available to any author on the Team. They are served on a first-come, first-served basis within the team and the client sets the earning per word for the team.

For Clients

So how about if you are a publisher looking for content? Well, the service provides you with all kinds of written content you can imagine, including translation to up to 36 languages.

Textbroker also goes a step beyond and offers content project management. This means that a company can essentially buy their whole content through Textbroker.

How Much Money Can You Make With TextBroker?

Textbroker has several levels of order quality rating that will dictate how much you will earn per word on the OpenOrders. With Direct and Team orders the price is set by the client, but I guess there will be room for some negotiation with the DirectOrders if they really want you/want to keep you.

So how much money you can make depend on your writing quality and experience with the open orders:

  • Two stars: 0.7 cents/word
  • Three stars 1.0 cents/word
  • Four stars: 1.4 cents/word
  • Five stars: 5.0 cents/word

As you can see, the price increase from four to five stars is over threefold. What this tells us is that the expectation for quality will be as well. 5-star writers will generally be people who have years of experience in writing. They write thoroughly researched, compelling copy.

That's why you can't expect to get a five-star rating very easily even if you have some experience in writing.

But how do these numbers add up to real-world income potential?

Let's look at an example. Let's say you become a regular writer with Textbroker. You write 200 pieces of content, about one per workday per year, counting in some holidays and sick days.

Let's say on average your content is 1700 words in length. Since you are writing professionally at this point, let's say your quality rating is 4 stars. This would add up to $23.80/article according to Textbrokers calculator on OpenOrder earnings:

This would add up to about $4760 over 200 days.

If you managed to get mostly DirectOrder orders or 5 start quality OpenOrders that paid closer to 5 cents/word. You could make about $17 000/year. Not bad to be honest.

But keep in mind that it would be full-time work at this point. If you are really proficient (and efficient) you might be able to even double that. 

There are similar writing services for bloggers that offer closer to $80/1000 words for professional writers. The problem is that they might not have as many orders and it takes time to get quality ratings to drive your pricing up.

But that's not actually what I recommend if you want to make a living writing. As you see, it's hard to make a full-time living of these freelance writing platforms. Sure, they can offer some very nice extra income but you are probably looking to make between $30k to $100k to call it a full-time income source.

But if you are a writer that needs a supplemental income to pay the bills or you are in dire need for cash, I think Textbroker is one of the best places to get started.

It will improve your writing skills and increase your confidence so you can start working for yourself in the long run. Oh, and of course it will help to pay the bills if you have the time to spare.

Is A Scam

No. Textbroker is not a scam. 

The company has been around for about 15 years and they are actually one of the first content creation services around.

There are tons and tons of user experiences online and there are people who have made a full-time living through Textbroker or at least become a professional writer after establishing their personal brand through Textbroker.

That said, the earning potential is actually quite small in my opinion, considering the fact that you can get a lot better return for your time investment in the long run by writing for your own online business.

I guess the greatest value TextBroker offers is that you can get experience in different kinds of writing jobs you might not realize or need to do on your own.

They also give you feedback on the quality of your writing from both the editors and the clients, which is great if you want to improve your copy.

But in all honesty, I personally think you should invest your writing on a website of your own. This is because the income potential is so much higher in the long run.

Another Way To Earn With Writing

So what do I recommend instead? I recommend you create your own website and focus your writing efforts there. There are several benefits in the long run.

First of all, you get to decide what to write about. It's very likely you will need to write about awkward topics while working as a freelancer as there won't be always assignments available in your preferable niches.

With a website of your own, you have much more control over this. But to be honest, you will probably need to write about stuff you don't know much about from time to time unless you pick a niche with endless topics for yourself.

But here's the real kicker. While the imminent income potential for your own website is non-existent to minimal, the long term income potential is way more than working as a freelance writer.

You see, the income model with your own website/online business is different. You generally don't get paid straight away for your content and the income drips in over a longer period of time.

Let's look at our 1700 words / 200 days/ year example:

  • You write 200 1700 word long blog posts on your website per year.
  • For the first 6 months, you will likely make zero income
  • After a while, the traffic starts to pick up and you start making affiliate commissions and ad revenue.
  • At the end of the year, 200 posts in, you will very likely be making consistent income but it completely depends on your niche and other efforts how much. Could be $200/month could be $4000/month. There are o guarantees, this is just an example.
  • But this is a consistent income that comes in even if you stop working on your site. For years to come.
  • Then you write for another year, 400 posts. At this point, your website will most definitely have some substantial income unless you are doing everything wrong. We are talking about the $20k to $50k range per year. Potentially much more if you are smart and/or lucky.

So as you can see, the income model is very different. With freelancing you get paid once right away, with your own business you get paid very little in the beginning but you get residual income for years to come.

This means that a single 1700 word post might net you several thousand (or even tens of thousands) over the course of several years.

And this is where the real beauty of this business model comes in. If you have 400 posts working for you, you can take time off as much as you like and the income stream won't go away. Your content is online after all. Just keep everything updated for security reasons or hire someone to do it. You can also at this point outsource your writing. To places like Textbroker ;).

This is something you can't achieve with freelance writing. You write the content, you get your payment and that's that. I, of course, understand the need for imminent payment so there's a time and place for this business model as well.

I'm talking about averages and just example figures here. Everyone's experience is different and highly dependent on yourself. But I want you to grasp the potential here. Oh and don't be afraid of the whole running a website thing. It's extremely easy these days and requires no prior technical skills. Content writing is the hard part.

If you want to learn more about this business model, check out my number one recommendation through the link below:

Also, check out my FREE 7-day course that shows you how to setup your own money making website:

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I hope you found my Textbroker review useful! If you have any additional questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below and I promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

Textbroker is a legit writing platform for freelancers and I can genuinely recommend it if you need to earn some extra income right away by writing content.

But I can't really recommend it as a long term solution as I know how much potential having your own niche website has. For similar time investment and writing effort, you could create a serious authority site over the course of a year or two.

This kind of site will work as a passive income source for years to come and it's possible to grow the income to full-time and more over the long run.

So definitely consider it as an option. If you are wondering why isn't everybody doing it, it's because not everyone can write out several thousand-word articles several times a week relatively effortlessly. More importantly, most people aren't aware of this opportunity.

You are in a privileged position as a writer because you can, in fact, write that type word counts and probably even enjoy it most of the time! And remember that with your own site you can pick the topic.

Thanks for reading and remember to share in social media if you liked the post!

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I honestly like your expression and recommendation here – “But in all honesty, I personally think you should invest your writing on a website of your own. This is because the income potential is so much higher in the long run….. … I recommend you create your own website and focus your writing efforts there. There are several benefits in the long run.”

Please how do I start? Include me in 7 days free course, then we go on from there. However, I don’t have a website yet. Thanks

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