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Is Prosperity of Life a Scam?

If you are looking for information on the Prosperity of Life program look no further. Is Prosperity of Life a Scam? Read on to find out.

If you are in a hurry, I can tell you straight away that the company is not a scam. But there are definitely better options out there for both self-development and building an online business.

I want to start by stating that I have not actually tried their program extensively. I'm basing this post on the research I've done on their company and products. This is also not an actual review of their products as I have not tried them, I'm just making an informed guess if their company is legit based on my research. I am in no way affiliated with them.

I also want to be upfront that this article contains affiliate links to products that I recommend. If you click an affiliate link and make a purchase, I will earn a commission with no extra cost to you. It's in my interest to recommend only products I truly believe in and that I think are beneficial to you, because your trust is my most valuable asset. Are we good? Good.

Prosperity Of Life Summary

Company: Prosperity of Life / The Prosperity of Life Network

Product Type: Self development digital products and live events.

Profit Potential: Up to several thousand dollars per sale. 

Summary: PoL is a network marketing business that sells self-development digital products and live seminars. It is also based on high ticket affiliate sales and offers a "business in a box" type of solution to it's members. 

The products are very expensive and from what I can tell, you need to buy them before you can market and earn affiliate commissions on them. This means you need to invest several thousands of dollars before you can actually earn any significant income.

Furthermore, the main business model seems to be selling the same products to new recruits. I haven't tried the products, but they seem very expensive even when compared to high ticket personal development seminars from more famous speakers, so I can't really tell if they are worth the investment. 

Recommended for: Rich people who have the cash to spare for the self development courses and rich friends to recommend the product to.

Regular Joes and Janes should definitely use their money more wisely. Check out my number one recommendation for starting a side hustle for a much more affordable price on a proven system I use myself. 

Video Summary

If you prefer video over reading, I made this short video of Prosperity of Life where I summarize why I don't think the program is a scam but not something I recommend either. 

In short: I don't think PoL is a scam. They are simply a self-development business that uses network marketing and high ticket affiliate marketing as their business model as far as I can tell.

That said I don't think you should invest in PoL unless you have the cash to spare. I haven't tried their self-improvement products so I don't know how effective they are but in my opinion their products seem very expensive. You could probably use that money elsewhere unless you are loaded.

Also, if you are not loaded, I don't recommend spending your money on these high ticket courses expecting to go from rag to riches overnight. That said, there ARE people who have successfully turned their life around with PoL and similar products.

There are much more affordable ways to getting started that allow you to build a successful online business while making the ends meet by working a regular job.

To be truly successful with high ticket affiliate marketing businesses you likely need to have a good knowledge of online marketing and existing networks already. 

On the other hand, if you are someone with a ton of cash to spare and want to invest it in self-improvement, PoL might just be the thing. If you are loaded and only market this to other rich people for self-improvement, I see nothing wrong with that.

What Is Prosperity of Life?

It's very likely you ended up on my site because someone recommended Prosperity of Life to you and some alarm bells went on in the back of your head.

"Is this legit?"

"Is this an online scam?"

"Is this a pyramid scheme?"

"Not another MLM?!"

or something along those lines.

So what is Prosperity of Life?

In their own words, Prosperity of Life is a personal development company that focuses on "life transformations".

They are marketing their company to positive, prosperity-minded people that want to own their own business and become successful entrepreneurs.

They promise to teach you how to turn your passion for personal development into income by marketing their life-transforming programs to people who are interested in creating results in their lives.

They create innovative top-end personal development training programs and seminars, prices ranging from $997 to over $12 000.

The creators behind the company are Gregory Stromn and Shane & Rachel Krider. Shane and Rachel are a couple that have created several successful self-development businesses in the past.

According to the PoL website, Gregory Strom has directed and produced over 1,000 television commercials, features films, and music videos. So I guess he has a big part in directing and composing their video material.

Rachel Krider is credit as an avid personal development student. Shane Krider is credited as the host of Born To Prosper and the Mind Power Podcast.

Companies Associated with PoL

Liberty League International

One fact that causes concern is that Shane Krider was formerly involved in a company called Liberty League International. While the company apparently was highly successful, it was also sued for being a pyramid scheme that took over $5 million of its member's money.

Apparently Liberty League International promised members affiliate fees for some kind of business plan when in reality members were required either to pay thousands of dollars for conferences or they had to find other people to attend the paid events.

Some of these conferences cost more than $12 000 according to Federal court records.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find how the lawsuit ended, so it's always good to remember that a lawsuit is not the same thing as a court ruling.

If you are not familiar with the term pyramid scheme, it basically means a system where you need to pay money to join it and then your job becomes to recruit more people into the system. You earn commissions from the people you recruit and also from the people they recruit. If you recruit enough, you can earn your money back and even make big profits.

The problem with these systems is that the company at the top is always the real winner. They often use products that are way overpriced and sell them only to the members of the system.

They often also involve a cult-like mentality, the people who have paid could money to come in usually convince themselves the business is legit or they are simply too ashamed to admit they got suckered in and just desperately keep going in an effort to make their money back.

To be completely clear, I'm not claiming Prosperity of Life is doing this. 

Polaris Global

To add more confusion, Prosperity of Life seems to consist of several companies or at least it has changed its name a few times.

Liberty League international used to be called Polaris Media Group and after that Polaris Global. Now they use two names for the company, Prosperity of Life and The Prosperity of Life Network.

With a bit more digging it becomes apparent that all these companies have a bit different ownership. So they are actually subsidiaries with additional business partners for different purposes.

It also seems that Polaris Global still exists. Polaris Global seems to be used for their customer service, tools & support while PoL is their "front" i.e. public brand under which they run their content and products.

While there are people speculating if this is because of shady business endeavors I think there's a much more logical reason for this. It's typical in the corporate world to decentralize a larger organization into smaller subsidiaries.

This could be for legal reasons, fox tax purposes or simply because of ownership agreements. The company structures can be extremely complicated and designed by lawyers. Of course, there is usually some financial advantage or legal reason they are doing this but it's so commonplace that I wouldn't assume a company is dishonest simply because it's not running under one roof so to speak.

The business model of Prosperity of Life

From their own marketing material, it seems they are offering high ticket personal development courses, programs, and seminars. Essentially they are teaching you how to think and build a correct mindset for becoming a better version of you. This is called self-development or personal development.

The way their business model works from what I can gather is that you are required to be invited into the system, after which you can join a free account. That's a good thing, you can get a glimpse of what the company is actually about for free.

I'm not part of the program so I can't invite if you are interested in joining. I bet you can simply Google or search YouTube for someone in the system and they will be glad to invite you.

On their marketing material they display a 5 step "Road To Success" that has the following steps:

  1. Earn while you learn. The market this as a unique feature of PoL. Most of their directors apparently earn the majority of their income from the sales of their products. You can begin selling the products right away as you join the system
  2. Finding clients is simple. They train you with web-based and interpersonal methods that make finding new members easy.
  3. Life Transformations techniques. This part is about learning extraordinary techniques for personal transformation. You get to experience the difference between ordinary problem-solving strategies and their life-changing transformations. Apparently this involves uprooting limiting beliefs and paradigms.
  4. Time Leveraging. This part of the road to success is about scaling your coaching and selling. Apparently successful coaches rarely trade time for money by doing one-on-one coaching. They have seminars, classes, instead and build sales teams to do the work for them. Apparently they offer with the Prosperity of Life Financial Opportunity also the possibility of becoming a "Director", which if understood correctly means allows you to do the actual scaling. They are essentially offering you the possibility to join them in the business building side of the Personal Development industry.
  5. The community and its mission. The finals step for your success is apparently their community and mission. They have a growing community of positive and optimistic people who share a passion for growth, abundance, and knowledge. They are also on the mission to transform the personal development industry and transform millions of lives to better.

Sound pretty exciting and that's not an accident. The personal development industry is all about creating hope for a better tomorrow. I'll talk more about that in a minute but let's take a look at some numbers.

As of writing this review, according to PoL website they are:

  • Active in 132 countries
  • Impacted 127 000 lives
  • Won 10 Industry awards

Before we examine the actual PoL products I want to say a word or two about the self-development niche.

About Self-Development Products

Self-development is something I recommend everyone to invest in. The unfortunate truth is that there are a ton of overpriced, low-quality products in the niche and some are downright scams.

Self-development is one of those fields where it’s very easy to make people think something is not right in their life and that everything could be very different if you just apply these couple of principles in your life etc.

Real self-development always takes a ton of work. Make no mistake. This is because development lives beyond the soothing edges of your comfort zone.

No matter if you are trying to develop your physical performance, mental clarity, productivity, mindset, social skills, family dynamics or to simply earn more money, you will have to get out of your comfort zone to see results.

You see, when you do something enough, you become comfortable with it. Public speaking is a good example, while some people are natural at it, to most of us it’s uncomfortable or downright terrifying at first.

However, if you do enough of it, you will eventually start to feel comfortable or even enjoy it. It is the same with everything else in life.

Once you are comfortable with something that was demanding at first, it’s time to find new challenges. That’s how you develop yourself.

A good personal development program will help you save a ton of time in achieving your goal. Someone has been in your shoes, made a transformation, taught that to other people successfully and is selling you the information so you can achieve the results the fastest way possible.

I see nothing wrong with this, I have found several self-help books and programs very useful.

Unfortunately, many self-development products are sold with false promises, usually claiming to contain a “secret” that allows you to become a superior version of yourself in no time i.e. transform.

I’m not saying personal-development products are all scams, not at all, but I’m saying there are a lot of false promises in that space.

The prosperity of Life Products

So what are the self-development products they actually sell at PoL? Let’s find out.

There seem to be two kinds of products in Prosperity of Life, digital products and live events. Digital products are basically video courses.

The main product series at the moment seems to be a series called Master of Destinies that seems to be about understanding the mind to become a better leader.

They talk about how the biggest obstacle for change is the belief in incremental change and that real change is rarely incremental. I.e. transformation instead of incremental self-development.

They also talk about how most people see themselves as victims and this affects everything they do subconsciously, true or not. Of course, a victim mentality will hinder your development so a transformation is needed. This is actually something I believe to be very correct information.

Apparently they accomplish this through changing your story instead of affirmations, which would only make things worse.

This change in your story will apparently cause a total shift, not a transition, which will make all the issues that were being created by operating in a “reduced role” go away. They claim this is personal growth on a totally different level.

So they are essentially telling they can teach you how to achieve personal growth and development on a whole new level and it will make your problems go away much faster than traditional methods. 

The Master of Destinies is broken into seven stages that are:

  1. Know for yourself
  2. Departure
  3. Decision
  4. Action
  5. Foundation
  6. Sovereignty
  7. Influence

To achieve those steps, you need to buy products in four different stages: M1, M2, M3, and M7.

Not so surprisingly, the price tags on the products are pretty steep as you'll soon learn.  Typically in these kinds of programs, you need to buy the products first before you can market them to others.

The Master of Destinies series includes the following products:

  • M1: Master of Destinies
  • M2: Sovereignty Live Event
  • M3: Influence Live Event
  • M7: Live
  • M7: Fast-tracked

M1: Master of Destinies

This product costs $2,855 and contains the first four stages of the program. Know for yourself, departure, decision, and action.

Apparently those elements make up your home study curriculum and you will also receive recorded content from their live seminars M4 Foundation Live, M2 Sovereignity Live and M3 Influence Live.

As far as I can tell this is a fully digital product.

M2: Sovereignty Live

The Sovereignty Live Is a live five-day wealth creation master class that retails at $9,940 USD. So it's apparently a live masterclass of the same seminars you get at recordings with the M1 digital product.

In the marketing material the M2 covers these topics:

  • History of money
  • How money is created
  • Prosperity consciousness
  • Unlearning the myths of the middle class
  • Why and how to take the leap
  • Making money work for you

Basically it seems to be about changing the way you think about money. While this information is actually probably beneficial, the price tag definitely makes you change the way you think about money if you decide to buy-in.

Read Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kyosaki is you want a more affordable option (about $5 for Kindle).

M3: Influence Live

This is another live event, this time eight days long. It's about advanced personal development and coaching techniques. The price also keeps going up at Retail of $16,190 USD.

The course seems to dive into more abstract new-age stuff like:

  • Epi Genetics
  • Vibration, Perception, Attraction
  • The field of infinite potential
  • Change your story, change your role
  • Intention and attention
  • Delineation and Confront

While I do believe in the power of the mind and that what you believe tends to come true, my alarm bells always go off with topics like these.

I'm an engineer by profession and I have a very scientific world view. Using pseudoscientific and complicated terms is the oldest trick in the book to make false promises to unsuspecting and uneducated victims.

Fancy terms that seem to have some scientific background can give the false sense of something spectacular and unique you want to be a part of.  That said, I don't know the actual content of these seminars. They might teach very valid information.

I do believe that the way you perceive your self and the world will affect your success and the world around you.

If you want to learn more about this for a lot cheaper, my recommendation is the book Synchronicities by psychologist Kirby Surprise. He lays out very science-based reasoning as to why our thoughts seem to affect the world around us.

M7: Recorded Event Content

The M7 product costs $5,740 USD and contains recordings of all the additional M2 and M3 live seminars. You will apparently receive two additional M2 and M3 recordings.

So you are essentially receiving two additional recording of both of the live events. I guess they change the content enough from seminar to seminar, so that the recordings contain some additional value as they are asking quite a bit of cash for it.

 M7: Fast Track

This is an additional upsell as far as I can tell. It contains both the complete M1 and M7 programs but if you buy them together, you save $775.

I don't know about you but I got confused what each of the products contains. I tried my best to summarize them for you from their website but go check it out yourself if you want. Maybe you can understand the structure better than I can.

All in all it's difficult to really make up what the courses and events actually contain from the marketing material alone. I can't really review them because I haven't tried them myself.

But it's obvious they are asking quite a bit of cash for the courses so I would only consider taking them once it's very clear what they are about and that they are actually something I'm interested in.

And above all I wouldn't even consider them unless I had the cash to spare without causing a significant bump in my finances.

Is Prosperity of Life a pyramid scheme (MLM)?

So is PoL a pyramid scheme or multilevel marketing company? From what I can tell, No. They are simply doing high ticket affiliate marketing.

The key difference here is that there is no multi-level commission structure. In pyramid schemes, you not only get a commission form every people you bring into the system but from everyone they bring to the system as well.

This of course mean that the lover you get in the pyramid structure, the less your commission will be. The company and the people at the top will always make the most money.

But as I said, it doesn't seem the PoL would have an MLM structure. That said I haven't seen the whole program from the inside so don't hold my word for it.

The growth of the business is based on members recruiting new members so it can be described as network marketing or affiliate marketing business. I don't think there is nothing wrong or dishonest in these business models if the marketing is done ethically.

The biggest problem with high ticket affiliate marketing is that some people get unreasonable expectations and invest a lot of money. On the other hand, some people make huge income with systems like these but it's likely not the majority.

Is Prosperity of Life a Scam?

It seems that the Prosperity of Life is not a scam. For a product to be a scam it would have to be completely useless for the buyer. A true scam is designed simply to get your money without providing any real value in exchange.

It seems that Prosperity of life is simply teaching affiliate marketing centered around their own high ticket products. This means that if you know what you are doing and follow their lead, it's possible to earn a lot of money.

Keep in mind though that it appears that they ask you to pay for the very expensive products before you can market them. This is, of course, means you need to invest quite a lot before you can make significant revenue. There are much more affordable ways to get started with an online business that is just as successful.

Also keep in mind that the whole thrill is selling these expensive products to people in hopes of making huge affiliate commissions. While they might offer good value and production quality, you have to think about if they provide enough value to your customers on their own.

Unless the buyer is just buying them so they can promote the products as well. You probably get the problem at this point. In my opinion there is a risk that the high resale price creates a false incentive to buy and sell the product. The only way to find out if this is the case with PoL is by trying their products I guess. 

I personally only market products that provide enough value on their own to the customer without the requirement to resell them. After all, most affiliate companies allow affiliates to market their products even if they don't own them themselves.

On the other hand one could argue that it's a good thing that the affiliate has to buy the product, so they actually know what they are selling.

In this video (The link went dead while writing this article, I'll leave it here in case it comes back online) Shane and Rachel explain why there are so many negative reviews of their business.  

I actually think they have a very good point. Many, if not most, of the reviews of their business on the front page of Google are bashing the company on presumptions and with affiliation to another company.

So you need to keep that in mind when you read through the negative reviews and give the company a benefit of a doubt. 

I'm not going to play a saint here. I, of course, have a financial interest in writing this post and I'm affiliated with several other businesses as that's how I monetize my site. I don't have any interest to claim otherwise because I believe in the products I recommend. I also believe in honesty and your trust is very important to me.  

I want you to take away from this post that there are endless ways to makes money online. One of the most profitable ones being teaching people how to make money online. Personal development courses being right up there as well.

What I want you to realize is that there is no need to pay thousands of dollars upfront to learn these skills.

My mission is to share with you what I have learned and the most cost-effective tools for producing an income online. I also want you to realize there are other ways to make money online than to just market the same products and information all over again.

Q&A for Prosperity Of Life

Q: What is Net Worth of Prosperity Of Life?

A: Sorry, I could not find any information on the net worth of Prosperity of Life or The Prosperity Of Life Network.

Q: Is Prosperity of Life a pyramid scheme?

A: It doesn't seem to be. At least not a pure definition of a pyramid scheme. It's a self-development system with a high ticket affiliate marketing business model that could be described as network marketing.

Q: Is Prosperity of Life a Scam

A: No. I wouldn't say it's a scam. But I wouldn't invest in the business myself because I think there are much cheaper better programs out there for both self-development and making money online.

Q: Are there better options for the Prosperity of Life out there?

A: In my opinion, yes. My number one recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate if you are looking for ways to earn an income online. I am affiliated with them, so keep in mind that I generate income by recommending their service.

That said, I have used their program successfully to generate income in completely different niche than marketing their product. There are thousands of people that have built successful online businesses in countless niches within the community.

Wealthy Affiliate is also incredibly affordable considering it has all the tools you need to start an online business. The training programs and community training also teach you everything you need to build a successful business.

That's why I believe in them and recommend them to anyone getting started in online business. They simply offer the best bang for the buck.

If you are interested in Wealthy Affiliate, please consider taking my free 7-day course and I will walk you through the initial steps and help you avoid common beginner mistakes.

You can contact me anytime through this site, at WA or by replying to my emails and I will promise to help you out. Your success is my mission!

For self-development, I would honestly buy actual books.

Two books I would recommend are Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and Synchronicities by Kirby Surprise. You can thank me once you've finished them.


Well, there you have it, my take on Prosperity of Life. Once again, I don't think it's a scam but I don't it's something that a regular joe should participate in.

The risk of losing a ton of money is real and there are no guarantees that you make the money back. That, of course, means the financial risk is high and the main selling point for them is that if you do succeed, the rewards will be high.

It's probably very possible to make a ton of money with the system if you are smart enough, work hard and don't mind the fact that you are mainly getting other people to join the program and buy the same products.

On the other hand, if you are a millionaire or a successful entrepreneur looking for self-development products, the products might offer you some self-development skills and you could sell the courses to your rich friends as well.

But please don't market these products as an easy way to make money for regular people that can't afford to lose the money. 

Finally, if you have the cash and aren't looking at this as a business opportunity, the actual personal growth information in the products might be very useful.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it in social media and bookmark my site. Also, if you are interested in making money online and that's what got you interested in PoL, please check out my 7-day online marketing course. It's completely free and teaches you everything you need to get started.

Also check out my other MLM posts "I Primerica a Pyramid Scheme?", "Income Shift Pro Reviews" and "Is AppNana a Scam?" as well!

See you next time.


8 replies on “Is Prosperity of Life a Scam?”

It looks like you’ve done your research into this company and the people behind it. It seems as though there could be a few questions about their integrity with their links with pyramid systems. And what’s with the expensive price tags? Seriously it’s over the top expensive. Thanks for pointing out what the costs involved are so that others will go in with their eyes open and be after reading your post about this self-development and business building. There are more affordable ways to build your personal growth, even for free or reading a good book etc. Thanks for doing the hard work and sharing your discovery about this system.

Thanks Kat! I agree that it’s never a good sign if the owner of a company has been involved in lawsuits about pyramid schemes before. But like I said in the post, I haven’t tried their program and I couldn’t find any additional information on the lawsuit, like what the court ruling was, so I would give them the benefit of a doubt. Innocent people get sued sometimes after all.

But I do agree that you could read more books than you have time for in your life for the price of all those courses.

Hi Jukka,

This is a very thorough and informative review of Prosperity of Life. I agree with you that this seems to be something that can not be recommended for most people. There are many free resources for self-development and better ways to earn money than this one.

Thanks for a great review! I hope people who are planning to join Prosperity of Life will read your review and think twice before doing it.


Thanks you Joonas! Glad you found it useful. I agree that there are just a ton of much more affordable self-development programs out there. That said, not every program works for everybody and I would give PoL the benefit of a doubt even though there are seemingly lot of negative reviews. As I stated, I haven’t tried the programs myself after all.

Thank you for this review

I have been looking to see the authenticity of the company ro see if it works or not.
I love the fact that the company has real creators who are creditable themselves. This makes it better to join.
However the cost is a bit too much to start.

Thank you for the comment Thabo! Yes, the people behind the company are very real and you can look up their background as well. Like I stated in the post, I also think it’s a bit overpriced.

Hello, thank you for this very informative review on the Prosperity of Life. Recently, I’m studying this company to see whether I can have self-improvement or not. You know, this kind of training is very expensive. When I go to the official site, I find the information is confusing because I’m new about that. It’s difficult to decide it works or not.

Luckily I landed on your site. The thing most impressive for me is what you write is in-depth that saves me a lot of time. You review every detail about this company so I don’t need to research it one by one online. All you say is reasonable and logical. I can see you put a lot of time to research that.

After reading your post, I find I don’t need to spend more time in this company. I think I will read more books first. Thx a lot. Your post helps many people to save their money. Please keep sharing with us.

Glad you found it useful CT! I know the information can be very confusing in this space. That said I believe in doing your own research and trusting no-one online, including me.

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